The Sexual Dominant Ch. 01

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They’d expected an awkward moment when they first met Him. No matter how many pictures and texts they’d exchanged, there’s always that hesitation just before physically meeting someone you expect or at least hope will be a new sex partner. It was all pretty new to them, really. Oh, they fiddled around with the idea before, read erotic stories, watched pornos, talked until they got themselves so worked up they had to fuck like dogs in heat, but…the thing was…they were unprepared for His actual physical presence. Now don’t get me wrong, He wasn’t some super buff sex god come down to Earth, but he was a Dominant man, experienced, creative, sensual, and as erotic as their imagination could go and then some.

After the first glass of wine, she leaned close to her husband’s ear and whispered, “I’m so wet right now it’s dripping down my thigh.”

He smiled with a reply. “I’m harder than I’ve ever been and the precum is soaking my cockhead.”

The Dominant man smiled quietly in silence.

Halfway through the second glass of wine, she placed her glass on the table and stretched sensually, looking Him directly in the eyes.

“You don’t say much, but you sure have sexy eyes,” she murmured, running a forefinger between her breasts to slick the droplets of sweat forming there.

The Dominant looked at her husband, then back at her. “Take your clothes off. Both of you.”

The Maltepe Sınırsız Escort atmosphere grew tight and the husband nearly choked on his own saliva. He quickly fumbled his shirt off, pants down and plaid boxers — with a large cock poking against the fabric — slid down to his knees. He actually felt his face flush with heat as he took of his shoes and socks. First he started to stand up and then looking over at the Dominant man’s stern face, he quietly slid down to his knees, his eyes focusing on the crotch of the man’s black Denims.

His wife — peeling off her lacy panties — looked at her husband in surprise until she glanced at the Dominant man’s slight smile. The crook of the lips made her take a deep breath. It was almost as if he’d sauntered into her mental parlor of secret desires and took a look around and found her unimaginative and frustrated. “Oh, god,” she whispered to herself and felt herself shocked at her buckling knees.

“Are you sure you want this?” He asked them.

“Yes!” they both cried in unison.

She hushed her voice to a whisper. “What do we call you? Sir? Master? Lord?”

His hands brushed down their faces, fingers trailing down the soft cheeks. “For now, you will call me ‘Your Cock’ to remind you what’s important now.”

Both of them swallowed deeply, lowered their heads, spread their thighs and bowed to Him. Maltepe Suriyeli Escort “Your Cock” they chanted softly. He sat back on the chair with a loud mock sigh. “You want to bring back the feelings you had before when you made love, when you fucked and sucked at the beginning. Exciting then, wasn’t it? Stolen erotic moments in Time when all you cared about was cuming and making someone else cum. The thrill of it — almost getting caught in public, almost arrested, almost crazy — made it all seem so real and unplanned. Spontaneous sex with a half-stranger. You know what I mean. We’ve all lived it. So….you believe I can do that magic for you.” He nodded. “I can.”

“Do you know…” he began and suddenly slipped his right hand beneath her moist pussy. He massaged her lips open deftly, caressing and gliding on her wetness, one finger, then two slipping inside her while his thumb rolled over her clitoris. Her pelvis sank onto his wrist and she writhed her hips. But in an instant his fingers were gone from her. Her head jerked back to see the Dominant man’s fingers smearing her juice over her husband’s lips.

“Do you know,” he continued without a pause, “a bold surprise can be very erotic? No!” He pointed at the husband’s glossy lips. “Don’t lick that off. That’s mine now. And so is this.” He slowly dragged his tongue across his own fingertips still wet from her Maltepe İranlı Escort pussy. “My rules,” He said with a wicked smile.

He glanced at her and gestured with his fingers. “Come here. Suck my cock and show your husband what he can’t have right now.” With a slow flouish, he unzipped his black jeans and removed his cock. It was longer and thicker than her husband’s and she suppressed a giggle. The husband looked at the Dominant man’s cock and shivered. He hadn’t thought of a cock that big.

He looked down at the husband and grinned widely. “Now…slowly…very slowly you’re going to lick that pussy wetness off your lips while you watch your wife suck my cock. Well, to begin with…I want to see if she’s doing it proper. But either way, I’m going to fuck her mouth. Oh, not like you do. Because I want her to gag on it and choke and drool and slobber and gasp for breath and fucking remember it after I’m done. You reading me?”

The husband felt his own cock aching and swollen and his balls tightening. At that moment, the Dominant man’s hand shot out like a bolt and His fingers tightened around the husband’s throat. The husband didn’t know what came over him, but he trembled hard and felt a small gush of hot cum spurt from his cockhole.

The Dominant man’s thumb rubbed the husband’s chin back and forth. “Good boy,” he said with a smile. His fingers uncurled from the husband’s neck and went immediately to the back of the wife’s neck. He plucked her mouth off his shaft and strongly guided her head to her husband’s thigh. “Lick that clean,” he growled. “Then when it’s good and clean, put the head of his cock in your mouth and show him what your tongue’s been doing to my cock.”

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