The Shape of Her Body

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Big Tits

I walk into the room and see Rebecca with her back to me, wearing nothing but black high-heels. Her long, brown hair hanging down her back. I am wearing dress clothes and shoes. I come up behind her, wrap one hand around her stomach, and the other goes to her neck as I bend my mouth down and kiss her low on the neck. She stands there and enjoys it, while I work my way up to her mouth and hold her tighter to my body. I run my hands up and down her body and squeeze her butt on the way back up. I move my hands around to the sides of her waist, and slowly move them up along the curve of her chest while kissing her. She moves her hands over mine and guides them up to her breasts.

After a minute, she moves her hand down to her legs and begins to pleasure herself. I go back to kissing her neck, and she arches her head back. Then she takes both my hands and moves them down to her clit, where I begin to massage her sensually. I am getting rock hard at this point, but continue to work my fingers into her until she shudders and moans, coming to orgasm while we are both still standing.

As she comes down from climax, resting back against me, she reaches her hand down and massages my solid erection, closing her eyes and smiling.

My heart is pounding now, my breathing heavy.

The pressure on my erection is uncomfortable at this point, so I reach down to unzip my pants, but Rebecca grabs my hand. She turns around and opens up my belt buckle. Then she moves on to the zipper, slowly sliding it down while İstanbul Escort she looks into my eyes and smiles.

The zipper is finally down, and she gently works my cock out from my boxers. The slight brush of her fingers on my shaft send waves through my body. She can tell she has my attention, and she continues staring into my eyes as she kneels down and moves her lips close to the tip of my cock. She has one hand holding the shaft and the other pressed to my chest, which I place my hand over. My other hand goes to her head and I run my fingers through her hair.

She moves her lips closer to my throbbing cock and she reaches her tongue out to touch the tip. She slides it around, slowly moving her lips to surround the entire shaft. We continue to stare into each others eyes as she moves her mouth rhythmically, sending waves of sensation flowing through my body. Just as I feel like I am about to let loose, she pulls away and smiles at me. Not sure what to say, I stand there with my mind spinning, not sure what to do. She gets to her feet and puts her hand on my chest, and leans closer. She puts her arms around my neck and kisses me passionately while I wrap my arms around her tightly and kiss back. I feel my cock press against her skin and I grunt. She releases me and takes my hand, leading me to an easy chair. I walk awkwardly, with my cock still pointing out. I get a good look at her ass as she walks forward. Then she puts her hands on my shoulder and chest, pressing me toward the chair. Anadolu Yakası Escort I sit down, and she kneels before me, placing her hands on my thighs, rubbing back and forth.

I am still extremely aroused, and she seems to be waiting for me, so I place my hands on either side of her head and guide her to my pleasure point, just waiting to be sucked to completion.

As she begins sucking and licking again, I understand why she led me to sit down.

Suddenly, I throw my head back and tense my neck muscles. My balls clench up and I feel the muscles between my legs tighten. My hands grab the chairs armrests and I gasp in a breath as hot semen launches from my groin, along my shaft, and into her mouth. After the first strong blast and wave of release, my groin muscle spasm in waves, releasing successive blasts of cum into her mouth. She continues to suck me off as the repeated waves of orgasm flow through my body, causing involuntary jerking motions. After a minute, my pulse has slowed a little and I realize that I had lifted my feet off the ground and I set them back down. She continues to suck me until the hardness begins to leave my cock and looks back at me.

“Wow, you…”, I begin, but she just reaches up and puts a finger to my lips before I can continue. She stands up and kisses me again, and then puts her hand around my tie and pulls for me to get up. I do, and she pulls me into another kiss, holding onto the tie. I place my hands on the side and back of her neck Kartal Escort as we stand there.

Then she begins to undo my tie, and I begin unbuttoning my shirt. She whips my tie off and throws it to the side, and I pull my shirt off. Now that my torso is exposed, she runs her hands along my chest and puts her hands on my shoulders. She rests her head on my shoulders, and I run my fingers through her hair. After a moment I whisper, “Your turn.”

She nods and leads me to the next room, sitting down at the edge of the bed. I kneel down in front of her and put my hands on her thighs, feeling the smooth skin of her upper legs. She leans back and lies on the bed closing her eyes and relaxing. I move my fingers to her groin, moving in circles. As her skin becomes more engorged, I lightly run my fingers along her skin on either side of her slit.

I slide my arms under her legs, and support her knees on my shoulders, placing both hands on either side of her body. I tilt my head down and place my mouth over her. I slowly slide my tongue along her slit, and she smiles. I continue to work my tongue into her and suck her clit. As she moves closer to orgasm, she begins clenching her fists, moaning and tilting her head back. Then her body goes tense, and shudders, and she closes her eyes. I keep moving my tongue, as she grunts and exhales like she just finished a race. As she comes down, breathing hard, she lets her arms rest at her sides.

I get up and climb into bed next to her. I put my arm across her body, and rest my head on the pillow. She presses her body in close to mine, and we lie there without saying anything. I trace my fingers along her back

After some time, she says “You feel ready to go again,” and I realize that I am.

She rolls over and we become one…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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