The Show, Act 03

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When I woke, Cory was already gone. Initially I wasn’t sure where I was, but then as the memories of the morning’s activities came back, I had to smile as the mess that surrounded me. The kitchen table was on its side, the butter and it’s dish were broken and melting on floor as was our coffee cups and saucers and the sugar dispenser.

I got up slowly hoping to avoid the broken shards of china with my bare feet and made my way into the living room. Upstairs I could hear the shower going and figured I might as well join Cory there. As I entered the bathroom, I stripped off my shirt and threw it along with my slacks into the clothes hamper, before opening the shower door and stepping into the shower.

“Hi Daddy,” greeted Cory as she took my already hardening member and led me against her, “gosh, you’re hard again? It’s a good thing there’s two of us, ’cause one would surely not be enough!”

“Oh, Stop!” I admonished lightly. She pressed her warm, wet body against my chest and raised her chin offering her sweet lips and slightly protruding tongue. I felt her nipples harden as we kissed long and passionately.

“Okay, wow, we’d better stop.” Cory exclaimed breathing heavily. Cory looked at the puzzled expression on my face. “It’s just that Amy will be home any minute, and I think she’d love it if you were to use this on her!” she said giving my cock a gentle squeeze.

“Okay,” I acquiesced, “then let’s finish up here and go make some dinner. We’ll have something special to celebrate our new relationship.”

“Okay, I’ll run out and get some wine.”

We soaped each other up and scrubbed each others back, with me paying close attention to Cory’s still very bruised and red backside. I tried to be gentle, but I still got some high-pitched yelps.

It was almost four thirty in the afternoon before Amy returned home. I was in the kitchen finishing cleaning up and getting things prepped for dinner and hearing the front door open, put down the dish I was cleaning and went into the hallway.

Amy gaziantep escort bayan reklamları came in and seeing me standing in the kitchen doorway stopped short, while at the same time Cory came downstairs stopping on the bottom step. We all looked at one another momentarily in a tense silence.

“Daddy, Cory is, uh, everything cool?” I had to smile.

“Yeah sweetie. I think you could say everything is very cool. Come to Daddy!” Amy squealed, drop her bag to the floor and leapt into my arms and kissed me.

“Cory tells me you have a little problem that you’d like some help with.” I said after we broke the kiss.

“Oh yes Daddy. Make love to me, please Daddy!!” With her legs still wrapped tightly around my waist, I carried her over to the couch where I sat her down, as I knelt between her long, tanned legs.

I then kissed her lips, her cheek, and her neck as I pulled her t-shirt up revealing her white lace bra. She removed her shirt and bra as I continued to work my way down her torso, licking and nibbling on her pointy nips.

“Yesssss, that feels so good!!” Amy moaned as Cory came forward and sat next to Amy. She then took Amy’s hand and kissed her on the lips as I undid Amy’s shorts. Lifting her legs up, I pulled her shorts and panties over her hips and up her toned thighs, leaving her socks and sneakers on as I removed the garments.

I kissed my way down her calf, lightly nipping the area behind her knee before slowly continuing to her dripping honey pot. Pushing her legs back to her chest, I had full access to her weeping cunny, as I stuck my tongue out and ran it through her labia and dipped it into her convulsing hole. I slowly fucked her hot hole with my tongue before running it up through her slit to her hard nub of a clit.

“Oooooohhhh Daaadddddyy, IIII’m gonna ccccuuuummmmm!!!” Her ass lifted off the couch as her climax coursed through her body, while I firmly attached my gaziantep bayan escort reklamları mouth to her cunt trying to catch as much of her squirting secretions as I could. God, she tasted so good as I continued eating her delicious pussy.

“I’mmmmm cuuuummmmiiingg again….oh Gawd…..fuuuccckkkk!!!” Amy screamed as her legs locked my head in a death grip.

Suddenly I felt Cory’s hands undo my pants, reach in freeing my hard schlong and then sliding it between her wet lips. After Amy had calmed down a bit and released my head, I looked down and watched as a fully clothed Cory suckled my cock like a newborn to a mothers teet, coating it with thick sheen of saliva.

“Fuck me Daddy. I need your fat cock in me now!!! Please Daddy, fuck me!”

Cory rose to her knees and holding my engorged, slick cock in hand, guided me to Amy’s fuck hole. It was intensely erotic watching the large, mushroom shaped head of my penis stretch my Amy’s cunny wide as it slowly enveloped my rampant cock. We were both breathing hard as I slid another couple of inches in reaching her hymen.

“Okay baby, this is going to hurt a little but it won’t last long, ready?”

“Yes Daddy, make your baby girl a woman!” Amy moaned as she gripped Cory’s hand tight.

“Okay, on the count of three! One…two….!!” I pulled a little back, then on two thrust in hard breaking her hymen, sinking in her paradise to my balls.

“Ooooowwww!!!” Amy cried, “that really hurt!!!”

“It’ll pass Amy,” Cory said, “you’ll see. Once Daddy starts fucking you, the hurt will go away.”

As I let Amy’s poor, ravished puss get used to having my cock in her, she was so unbelievably tight, Cory kissed her on the mouth while I kissed her tears away, then Cory turned to me and we shared a kiss. I had never felt so emotionally close to my daughters in my life and like an epiphany, I realized I never wanted it to end.

Feeling Amy had had enough escort gaziantep bayan reklamları time to get use to my size, I slowly withdrew till the head was almost completely out then slowly pushed all the way back in. As I continued this rocking motion, Amy closed her eyes as a look of intense pleasure replaced the one of pain.

“You liking this baby?”

“Oh yes Daddy, very much. You feel so good inside me!! I feel so full of your beautiful cock!!”

“Oooohhh Amy, baby, I’m not going to be able to last much longer!” I groaned as I felt that familiar stirring in my cum filled nutsack.

“I’m gonna cum too. Cum with me Daddy. Fill my belly with your seed!!”

“Swwweeeeettt Jesus,” I grunted as Amy wrapped her legs around me and flexed her hips fully impaling herself on my cock, as I felt my cock jerk and pump spurt after spurt of warm cream deep into her womb. Simultaneously Amy screamed as her own powerful orgasm tore through causing her to squirt her sweet juice all over my cock and balls. While we shook through our respective climaxes, I leaned forward and kissed Amy deeply, our tongues fighting for superiority.

“That was the most beautiful and hottest thing I’ve ever seen!!” Exclaimed Cory.

As I pulled my softening member from Amy’s saturated pussy, Cory quickly kneeled down and sucked my cock into her mouth cleaning the vestiges of our coupling and getting me hard again in the process. Amy’s puss was a sloppy mess as it leaked both my healthy deposit of sperm, Amy’s own juices, and a small amount of blood. Cory didn’t seem to mind in the least as she dove into Amy’s cunny and sucked it all down.

“God, you guys taste good!!” Said Cory, her face wet and shiny from all the cum she’d just swallowed.

“Maybe we should take this to our bedroom.” I suggested. After Cory and I helped Amy to her feet, we made our way to the staircase. As we proceeded to go up, Amy tapped Cory on the ass causing her to yelp and jump almost a foot into the air.

“Jeez Cory, what happened to your ass?” Amy asked.

“I’ll tell you about it later.” Replied Cory smiling at me.

They both moved into my bedroom that night, and we wound up forgetting all about dinner as we made love till the wee hours of the morning, and we never looked back. The past was past, and all we cared about was the present and future.

We’ve had many more adventures since that pivotal talent show and it’s aftermath, but that’s for other stories.

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