The Shower

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Footsie Babes

It has been way, way too long since I’ve been fucked. I think about you and how you used to make me cum so easily. You were so good to me.

I get into the shower. We always got into the shower together first. Our foreplay before the foreplay. I let the water run all over me. My hair is wet and I reach up to shampoo it. I rub my scalp knowing it pushed my breasts out. I remember how you used to pinch them as I did this. I rinse, letting the suds slide down my body. I apply my conditioner and using a clip pin it up. At this point I would take the shampoo and wash your hair, but I think wistfully, you’re not here.

Instead I grab the puffy and pour body wash on the puff. I squeeze it a couple of times, letting the suds run down my hands. I start with my shoulders like you used to, my neck, letting the suds run down my breasts. I cup them and cover them with suds, letting the scratchy puffy run over my nipples. They harden them instantly. I start rubbing şişli escort down my belly to my bald mound. It’s waxed, the way you like it. Completely bare, the suds and water can easily reach my clit if I move just so. You should be doing this for me now. I hear your voice in my head, telling me to spread my legs. I do, just a little. I can hear the amusement as you tell me, no…farther… I spread my legs farther and rub the puffy between my legs. A shiver runs through me as I brush my clit. I can imagine what you did here. You would check, your hands playing with me to make sure I was clean. Finger fucking me, you would make me gasp; beg for more, holding me up as my legs went weak.

I shake myself out of my reverie and wash my legs. Then reach behind me and start to wash my back. I imagine you turned me around and washing it for me, making me bend over in the shower as you wash my ass. Your finger would tease the ring escort aksaray of my anus, playing. Covered in suds sometimes you would push one in, just to tease. Sometimes…

I should be washing you now. I imagine my hands over your neck, your shoulders, your chest. I imagine getting on my knees in front of you, the water running over us, as I wash your cock. It would be soft still. I would start by cupping your balls, gently washing them. Then reach between your legs and wash the crack, letting my fingers play over the skin, rubbing where you’re most sensitive. Your cock would begin its little dance, getting bigger and bigger for me. Finally when it was standing straight up, I would lick my lips and take you in my mouth. I would run my tongue the length of you, letting my teeth nip your tip oh so gently. I would look up to see your face, but you always had your head thrown back when I did that. I would let my hands and the puffy wash your legs kağıthane escort while I sucked you, my head bobbing up and down on your cock. Finally I would let you slip from my mouth and wash your hard cock oh so gently. The water would rinse us both and you pulled me to stand with you.

The water is turning cold and I quickly rinse the puffy, then myself. I watch as the suds run down the drain. I release my hair and quickly rinse it. The cold water has made goose pimples cover my body. I wish you were here to warm me again. The shower is off and I pull back the curtain. I wrap my hair a towel. You used to tease me about using two towels. I can imagine you twirling one and whipping my ass with it for being oh so wasteful. Another towel and I pat dry my body.

My body needs release and you’re not here to provide it. Do you miss me? Do you miss my body? Do you miss my blowjobs? Do you miss me screaming in your ear as I squirted my juices all over you? Do you miss the marathon sex sessions where I would have so many orgasms I lost count and wore you out? Do you miss fucking me doggy style from behind, my ass in the air, inviting you? Do you miss tying me down and teasing me for hours? Do you miss me? Because God do I miss you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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