The Small Package Ch. 01

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Asa Akira

Lisa?… Lisa? Hello? LIsa…

The voice persisted. Her attention was drawn from her headset to the young man at her side. She looked over a bit startled to see the office delivery boy with a small box in his hands. Lisa spent the majority of her day on the phone in a call center.

“For you ma’am.” he stuttered nervously presenting the small cardboard container over to her. She reached out and looked at the address label that had a return address that read “Daddy.” She smiled as her heart began to race.

Her imagination ran wild with what it could be. She held it up and figured it weighed only a few ounces. She shook the package lightly trying to ascertain from the sound what this mysterious box may hold. It made no sound and she smiled knowing her Daddy enjoyed teasing her with a good surprise. She smiled thinking of him as she was never disappointed with him and delighted in him knowing her so well.

BUZZ! BUZZ!! Again, she was startled by the sound of her phone on her desk. That must be my Daddy, she though and gleefully picked up the phone turning it over to see a new text message.

“Baby?” the message read.

She knew that this text was almost always preceded with a task that she was to carry out. It made her cunt wet at the mere thought of doing whatever he asked. Once he asked her to masturbate and edge for him while she was at work.

She recalled that time when she anxiously finished Maltepe Ukraynalı Escort her last call and nearly sprinted to the woman’s bathroom where she immediately and obediently pulled down her blue panties, slipped her fingers in her pussy and began to fuck herself. She felt like such a wanton slut. The mere thought made her heart race and she blushed. She remembered imagining he was watching her while she was in the stall, legs spread wide for him. As he instructed, she came close to an orgasm and reluctantly stopped. She had gleefully relinquished control of her orgasms to him early in their relationship. When she was done, she pulled the panties back up and enjoyed the squishy wetness and wet stain she made at her cunt. She was dripping wet and yearned for more.

Shaking her head to come back to reality, she typed: “Yes Daddy?” And awaited his response. She looked from side to side at the empty cubicles on either side of her and casually reached up to her breast lightly flicking her erect nipple confirming her arousal.

“You may open the box, baby.” Her hands trembled in excitement as she looked at the screen. Carefully, she laid her phone back on her desk and put the box in her lap. She was both nervous and excited as she looked around to see if anyone was looking at her.

Her face flushed in embarrassment as she opened the top of the box to find buried in a bunch of white packing peanuts Maltepe Üniversiteli Escort another smaller heavy box. She laid the first one carefully in her wastebasket and carefully opened the inner box. It contained a solid metal butt plug. It was shaped just like the head of his bulbous cock and had a larger curved handle to prevent the plug from slipping inside her ass. She smiled as he had sent her a picture of the plug earlier in the week.

She held it in her hand and admired how smooth and shiny it looked. It made her pussy twitch just thinking of it filling her ass. She desperately wanted to have her ass fucked and would fantasize about his cock pushing and stretching her. It excited her further just thinking of stretching her ass for him. She was a common woman to so many at her office, but behind closed doors, she was his slut doing things that a “good girl” would not dream of doing. She wanted him to use her body. She wanted him to fuck her throat so she could taste his delicious seed.

She craved and desired that feeling of something forbidden, something taboo made her heart race and her pussy ache for more. She sensed her breathing had increased and deepened as her fingers traced over the curves of the beautiful plug. She knew that she would need to train herself to accept the large plug.

This thought alone caused a soft moan escape her lips. Her pussy throbbed as she Maltepe Vip Escort imagined his hard warm cock pushing inside her ass. Stretching and sliding into her. She closed her eyes and imagined herself on the bed with her wrists tied to get ankles.

Her head buried in the sheets as her ass was up in the air on display for him. It was his asshole she though, “Fuck me in my asshole!” she imagined herself saying. “Fuck me hard, please daddy! I need your cum in my asshole! Fuck my tight slutty hole. Please!”

She imagined herself begging for him to fuck her, begging to let him spread her ass wide to accept him. It excited her even further thinking of how much she liked licking her asshole. His warm soft tongue would probe at her. Trying to get inside her tight little asshole. Her “dirty hole.”

The last time they were together, she wiggled her ass for him and he had her spread her cheeks wide for him so he could lick around the soft pucker of her anus. She felt the folds of her swollen pussy lips squish together between her thighs as she sat.

Her bottom grew hotter and she pressed her thighs together hard as it stimulated her further. BUZZ! BUZZ! She was startled back to reality as she realized her phone was going off.

She placed the plug in her palm and closed her fingers tightly around it hoping her coworkers hadn’t noticed. She picked up her phone and read the text message: “We shall begin your training tonight baby. I will see you in a few weeks and I need to know that all of your holes will be ready for me. Are you ready?”

Nervously she entered the letters one at a time: “Yes, Daddy.” She smiled as she pressed the send button.

End of Chapter 1. Would you like more? Please send me feedback…

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