The Social Media Show-Off Ch. 01

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NOTE: All characters in this story are 21 and older.

Chad Sundberg was an entrepreneur in the truest sense of the word, a man of many talents. He worked primarily as a pharmacist, but that wasn’t his passion in life. Being a PharmD was strictly his day job.

Chad had many interests outside of the pharmacy. He loved fitness: weight training and cardio, which he did religiously. Chad enjoyed traveling, snorkeling, and fine dining. He was a devoted caretaker to his little dog, Milly. It was rumored that Chad had a boyfriend, but he never talked about his dating life.

His hard body sculpting paid off in spades. He was a foodie focused on clean eating and living. Chad viewed his body as a temple not to be messed with. The man was obsessed with his hot physique. Who could blame him for being a bit conceited? Most guys would spend too much time masturbating with a body like his!

Chad oozed sex appeal and machismo, standing 5 feet 10 inches and weighing 190 pounds. Chad had little hair on his head, sporting a ‘Mr. Clean’ look, but that didn’t detract from his incredible allure. There was hair elsewhere on his masculine body, although Chad appeared to manscape to keep everything tidy. When the stud flashed his crooked smile, it was sly and instantly drew you in. You just wanted to be with, near, or ‘inside’ the stud. He had a magnetizing allure!

Because of his good looks and charm, he dabbled in modeling, seeking opportunities as soon as he hit his early 20s. Eventually, he designed his own underwear and swimwear line and proved successful with it. Of course, he was the signature face of his own brand. Why wouldn’t he represent ‘The Chad Sundberg Line’?

With social media, he built up a massive following on Instagram. The truth was, he loved the attention and adoration. He was a bit of an attention whore. Sometimes, one should be careful of attracting the wrong notice when one shows off. But Chad was oblivious to that. He thought any recognition was a good thing. Little did he know of the dangers of internet stalkers, mighty ones with unimaginable wealth, power, and means.

Chad loved to travel to exotic locales with his best bud and photographer friend, Shane Stevens. Shane was his lensman for photo shoots for the underwear and swim line. No one other than Shane could capture Chad’s essence better.

Shane and Chad frequented exquisite luxury villas during their travels. Many of the estates were extended to Chad at no charge by fans of the handsome Instagram celebrity. No doubt these generous admirers wanted to gain his favor and possibly even get into Chad’s pants.

On this particular occasion, he was traveling to Jamaica with Shane. Their first night was a quick overnight stay before heading to their borrowed villa. Chad typically liked to head out and explore solo. Shane had his suspicions about what occurred on those excursions. He wished he could hang out with his bro. Chad never allowed Shane to hang out with him.

Chad headed out to a club. He was on the prowl. You see, Chad was a closeted gay man. In the States, he didn’t seek any action. Chad had to compensate for lost time by fulfilling his sexual desires when traveling. He dressed in tight-fitting clothing to display his muscular torso and butt.

He sauntered to the bar and ordered a virgin cocktail. Chad never drank alcohol. The bartender flirted with Chad. “It’s on the house,” the bartender smiled. It wasn’t unusual for Chad to be given free drinks.

Chad was surveying otele gelen escort the scene, which was a happening tourist spot. Other young men were taking notice of him in return. Across the room, he spied a young mid-twenties man with a decent build, thick blond hair, and a nice perky butt. The man was smiling back at Chad. His blue eyes twinkled at Chad.

‘Time to make my move,’ Chad thought. He cozied up the guy. “Hey there,” Chad said. He sported his usual sly, crooked smile. “I’m Chad.”

The young man replied, “Nice to meet you, mate. I’m Tom.” His accent was Australian. Chad was studying him. He stood 5 foot 8 inches, weighed 150 pounds, and had a slightly muscled build. He was the twunk type that appealed to Chad.

“You’ve gotta be from Down Under,” Chad grinned. Chad had dirty thoughts of putting Tom down under him.

“Ah, yes. That I am!” Tom replied. “I’m getting strong American vibes with you. And also strong, sexy Daddy vibes as well!” Tom was bold and brushed his hand on Chad’s arm and shoulder, admiring his muscular, solid build.

Chad was pleased with the boy’s admiration. “May I buy you a drink? Do you wanna dance?” he asked.

The two men set off and had a great time together. It wasn’t long before they headed back to Tom’s place to seal the deal. Chad was eager to fuck!

As soon as they set foot in the hotel room, Chad started peeling away Tom’s clothes, starting with his tank and shorts. Their lips were locked in a frenzy. Chad’s tongue was engaged with the boy’s, intertwined. This didn’t deter Chad from continuing his mission as he rubbed his hands over the smooth, exposed torso. The boy was wearing a thong, which Chad approved. “Gotta get you in some of my underwear!”‘ he announced.

Chad’s lips kissed Tom’s perky nipples. He bit playfully at them, sucking and pinching them. He worked his way down the Aussie’s firm abs, caressing them, and buried his nose into the bulge of the thong, breathing and inhaling deeply. “You smell wonderful!” he announced. Chad stripped the thong away to Tom’s ankles. The boy’s cock sprang to life, 6 inches, uncircumcised with glorious veins. Chad kissed the glans and sucked it gently, licking some pre-cum. “What I really want is your ass!” he declared, grasping it playfully.

Tom replied, “And I want your cock, Daddy!” Tom assisted Chad with undressing the stud. Chad was soon in one of his signature jockstraps displaying his muscles in true Adonis fashion. “Damn!” Tom salivated. “You are a fucking God!” The boy kneeled before Chad. He stripped away the Chad’s jock. He opened his mouth and eagerly devoured Chad’s 6-inch phallus, taking it deep in his gullet.

Tom was working on Chad’s erection with gusto, staring up at Chad. He wanted to swallow this man’s cum ravenously. Chad grabbed the boy’s blonde hair shocks and started to skull fuck the twink. “Oh fuck! Take my cock!” he commanded. “Aussie boys sure know how to suck cock!” he moaned.

Tom was a pro with fellatio. He grabbed Chad’s hips to steady himself while relaxing his throat, letting the glans strike his tonsils repeatedly. Finally, Chad reached his orgasm and flooded the boy’s throat with a massive eruption of splooge. “Fuck yeah! Take it all!”

Tom slurped and swallowed Chad’s cum until it sated the void in his stomach. “Mmmmm, thank you,” he said as the cock left his mouth, peering up at Chad. “You were delicious!” he smiled up at Chad.

“Thank you balgat escort for sucking my cock like a champion,” Chad said. He pulled the boy up and kissed him passionately. “But now I need to fuck that sweet ass of yours.” Chad lifted the boy up and placed him gently on the bed. He hovered over him and leaned in, kissing him. “Are all you Aussies so fucking delectable?” he asked.

“Of course not. I’m the best one!” Tom declared as he pulled Chad back into his embrace and kissed him. He wrapped his legs around Chad’s body. Chad could feel the twink’s hard cock rubbing against his 8-pack abs.

Chad was ready to plow the boy. His erection was throbbing again. “Are you ready for me, Tom?” he asked.

“Fuck, yes!” Tom stated. “I need you! Come and take me!”

Chad raised the twink’s legs and spied the puckered hole. “Beautiful!” he muttered. He spat on his finger and probed the orifice gently. “Your pussy is fucking spectacular!” Chad worked it open as the boy moaned in lustful appreciation. He placed his throbbing cock at the entryway, poking it. “Let me in,” he pleaded. “Fuck yeah!” His cock eased into the tight hole slowly and surely. “Oh, God. You feel so good.” The cunt wrapped tightly around him like a vise. He bottomed out and nestled his pubic bone against Tom’s perineum. Tom’s legs were resting on Chad’s shoulders, and as their gaze met, Chad placed his hands forward onto Tom’s shoulders. “I’m deep inside you. Relax, boy. Damn, you have one sweet hole.”

Tom whispered, “Your cock feels so good inside me. I’m ready. Fuck me, Chad! Don’t hold back!”

Chad began thrusting and fucking the boy, slowly at first. Their bodies were enmeshed as Chad picked up the intensity. He needed this, for it had been too long. His fire ignited, and he fucked the boy with furious need. Chad could feel Tom’s hard cock wedged between them. Their mouths remained locked. Suddenly, Tom’s orgasm came. “OH FUCK!” Tom cried out. Chad felt the warm cum fill between them. He also felt Tom’s body convulse with pleasure.

Tom’s rectum clamped down, sending Chad’s penis over the edge. “FUCK! I’m filling you up, boy!” Waves of cum emanated from Chad, filling Tom with his seed. Chad collapsed on Tom. He kissed the boy gently. “Thank you, Tom. You are a wonderful man.”

Both guys were in postcoital bliss. They cuddled together for a few minutes. Chad excused himself, stating that he had an early photo call. He expressed hope that they might meet up again. “I am staying here for the week,” he told Tom. “Might be fun to do this again.”

Tom was hopeful as he would be in Jamaica for a few more days. He would definitely keep an eye out for Chad. Neither man could possibly know that a future meeting would be impossible.

Chad returned to his shared hotel room with Shane, who was sleeping peacefully. He slept soundly that night after his hook-up with Tom. The encounter was just what he needed.

Chad was confident that he and Shane would procure some incredible shots for the newest additions to his product line. He had collaborated with Shane for years. Shane knew precisely how to capture Chad’s sexy, playful essence. In some ways, Shane knew Chad better than even Chad knew himself. He always proved to Chad that the shots he was framing were superior to what Chad would try to dictate to himself. It was a testament to Shane’s keen eye. Shane was fiercely protective of his friend and always wanted what was best for Chad. Chad elvankent escort trusted Shane enough that he had even allowed him to photograph nudes on several occasions. Together they had produced three coffee table books showcasing his gorgeous naked body. The books were a hit with gay men. There was no one more in this world that Chad trusted above Shane with his own body.

The latest additions to ‘The Chad Sundberg Line’ included some new underwear, thongs and jockstraps, and new prints of swimwear. Chad hoped his followers on Instagram were excited to see the latest product and hopefully purchase items generously!

Chad and Shane were off to a good early start the following day. Chad was a bit tired from only 4 hours of sleep after his hook-up. They headed to a villa that was on loan to them. The villa was another ‘freebie’ Shane had lined up. The weather was perfect, sunny 85F, with no clouds in the sky. They drove their rented jeep to the secluded, private villa to begin their shoot. As usual, Shane was the driver. It was so hot and humid already, but Chad did his best to maintain hydration by drinking his bottled water. Shane had the necessary cooler of provisions ready and prepared for Chad. They made small talk on the way. Chad was basking in the warm sun. He loved the tropical weather and couldn’t get enough of it!

They arrived at the gorgeous villa, where Shane busied himself getting things set up quickly for the photography session on the pool deck. Chad peeled off his shorts and tank top, revealing a new skimpy swim bikini. “I’m almost set here, Chad. Just give me a few more minutes,” Shane called.

“No worries,” Chad assured him. He started to do some pushups to get a good muscle pump going. The exercise helped to engorge his chest and arm muscles for the upcoming photographs. In between sets, he took some chugs from his water.

Shane commented, “The new suit looks fantastic, bro. It’s sure to sell well, especially with you modeling it.” Shane smiled at Chad. Shane could feel his own cock swell in his shorts as he spied Chad working out.

Chad replied, “Thanks, bud.” He continued his routine until Shane was ready for the shots, throwing in crunches and a core workout. Chad was incredibly proud of his 8-pack abs.

“Okay, Chad,” Shane interrupted. “I’m ready for you now.” Shane took pleasure in framing Chad in his sexy product line. He considered Chad his muse.

“Great!” Chad replied. “Let’s get to it.” Chad was always ready and willing to pose in underwear and swimwear, especially for Shane.

Shane was adept at posing Chad in various ways to get the right angles. Chad looked naturally great in the swimwear, but Shane made him look even better. He could capture all the well-defined muscles. Chad was a Greek God under the lens of Shane! “We are getting some awesome, sexy shots here, Chad. It may be time for you to switch to a new piece.”

Chad replied, “You know, Shane, I may need a minute. I’m not feeling the greatest. I feel kind of lightheaded.” Chad was losing a bit of color in his face. He was glistening with beads of sweat.

“You don’t look very good, Chad. Maybe you should sit down,” Shane offered. He looked worried as he assessed Chad.

Chad sat on the expansive pool deck and then sprawled out on his back. “I don’t know, Shane. I’m not feeling well at all,” he murmured softly. Chad was staring up at the hot sun and then began to lose all consciousness.

Shane started shouting at Chad. “Chad! Chad! Are you okay?!?” He lightly slapped Chad’s face to arouse him but got no response. When he realized the model was entirely unconscious, he whispered, “I’m sorry, buddy. I had no choice.”


Thank you for reading. Any feedback, suggestions, or story ideas are welcomed/appreciated. Please leave comments.


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