The Son Who Loved Me Pt. 02

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Aunt Nephew

Donnie opened his eyes. He was exhausted. The room was dark save for the city skyline through the window wall. Still, the electric lights from the neighboring high-rise buildings cast a glow on his mother. She was spread-eagle across the bed and the pink satin sheets over the honeymoon bed. A wave of guilt came across him. There she was. Donnie could see her reddened folds of skin below the patch of hair on her crotch. There was no doubt that it was his creamy liquid that was oozing out of her exposed vagina. The image of her face was seared in his memory as his manhood pumped massive amounts of semen deep inside her. There was no stopping his penis from squirting. His mother was on top. She had ordered him to make love to her. She did not bother with a condom and Donnie was almost certain that she was not on the pill. His mother had even bragged about her lack of sex with her father. Obviously, his father had not fulfilled his duties as a husband.

Unfortunately, Donnie felt even more guilt when he looked over at his unclothed mother. Her perfectly perky breasts were enticing him again. Sure, Donnie had seen bigger breasts in his time in the Army, but his girlfriends always ran for the door once he pulled down his pants. Even in the dim light, his penis was tingling. It was starting to awaken like an ancient snake looking for another cave to explore.

True, he was not a virgin anymore, but what if his mother was pregnant? There was no escaping family. Donnie had enlisted in the Army just to escape his family, but that never happened. The family Christmas gather would be very different if his mother was pregnant.

Looking down at her angelic face, Donnie sighed. He wanted more. Still, he felt sick and twisted. He had ejaculated into his own mother like some depraved lunatic. Donnie knew he should have stopped everything. He should never have licked her crotch. Only a perverted person put their tongue on their mother’s private places. On the other hand, Donnie’s gaze lingered on her perfectly lithe body. His mind wandered. He started to salivate. He wanted desperately to violate his mother in so many ways. Donnie really wanted her warm, inviting sensuality, but he knew he had to tear his eyes away from her naked body.

“What have I done?” murmured Donnie.

Donnie could still picture his mother’s face as her eyes rolled back in her head each time he thrust his hips forward. He could remember each moan and groan as she rode his penis like an an electric bull. Clearly she had been enjoying herself. This only made him go faster and deeper. Her screams of pleasure were still ringing in his ears. The entire honeymoon suite smelled like perfume, wine, and semen.

“She’s going to kill me,” said Donnie.

There was no clock in the honeymoon suite, but Donnie felt like he had spent an eternity in the bed. Slowly, he swung his feet off the bed and onto the carpet. As soon as his feet hit the floor, Donnie could feel the pain of over-exertion from his hips down to his toes. His testicles felt empty and his penis felt a little raw. Carefully, he made his way to the bathroom to wash off the scent of sex on his body.

Donnie returned to find his mother crying. Immediately, he panicked. Did he hurt her? Why on earth would she be crying? Her mascara was running down her beautiful face and Donnie sat down beside her. Immediately, Donnie put his arm around her.

“Mom, mom, are you hurt?” asked Donnie.

His mother looked up from her tear-stained sheets. He waited breathlessly for her answer. Instead of speaking, his mother wrapped her arms around him in a cheerful embrace.

“Are you okay?” asked Donnie.

“I thought you left,” said Janine.

“Why would I leave?” asked Donnie.

Janine stopped herself. This was a question she did not want to tell her own son. For moment, Janine felt lost in the dark. In her exhaustion, Janine did not realize what had happened. Still, his eyes focused completely on her. To her surprise, Janine blurted out her reason for the disorientation.

“Your father left me after he got me pregnant with your older brother,” said Janine.

“What are you talking about?” asked Donnie.

“Your father got me drunk and got me pregnant in a hotel room,” said Janine, “When I awoke, he was gone.”

“What happened after that?” asked Donnie.

“He found out later that I was having the baby with or without him,” said Janine.

Donnie nodded. Even though he had no respect for his older brother David, Donnie respected his mother for wanting to keep the baby. Despite David Junior’s reckless and arrogant stunts, Donnie knew that she loved her boys very much.

“What changed his mind?” asked Donnie.

“His father found out and practically marched him to the altar,” said Janine.

“Way to go, grandpa,” said Donnie.

“He was a good man,” said Janine.

At that, Donnie found some facial tissues and wiped off the runny mascara. Janine smiled. It was not often than someone pampered her. The only people who pampered her expected a tip. Playfully, Janine slid her hand down gaziantep escort ilanları to Donnie’s exposed member. Her son’s penis seemed to react quickly to her touch.

“Are you horny again?” asked Janine.

“Mom, what are you doing?” asked Donnie.

“I’m flattered,” said Janine.

“About what?” asked Donnie.

“That I’m your first,” said Janine.

“Mom, what if you’re pregnant?” asked Donnie.

“I don’t think I’m pregnant,” said Janine.

“What would Dad say?” asked Donnie.

“That son-of-a-bitch would not care less,” said Janine.

“Mom, don’t say that,” said Donnie.

Janine was fascinated with Donnie’s penis. She marveled at the thickness of his member. It was exactly like someone else’s penis she knew.

“It’s definitely not like your father’s penis,” said Janine.

Donnie could feel the blood rushing to his penis. His mental facilities seemed to decrease as she stroked his engorged member. He shivered with delight. He told himself this was not right. Still, Donnie could not deny his attraction to his own mother. He saw his mother offer up her nipple to him. Without thinking, Donnie took the nipple into his mouth as his own mother smiled.

“Do you like it?” asked Janine.

He nodded in agreement. After that, his mother offered up her other nipple. Hungrily, he devoured the hardened nipple.

“You hated me when I stopped breast-feeding you,” said Janine.

“I can’t help myself,” said Donnie.

“I can’t help myself either,” said Janine, “I hurt down there.”

“I’m sorry, Mom,” said Donnie.

“No need to be sorry,” said Janine, “I loved every minute of it.”

“I don’t want to hurt you,” said Donnie.

“I don’t care,” said Janine, “Only one other man has ever made love to me like that.”

“Who?” asked Donnie.

Donnie looked at his mother. There was a wicked smile on her face. He waited. She giggled until Donnie pressed her for the answer.

“What’s so funny?” asked Donnie.

“David is your half-brother,” said Janine.

“What are you talking about?” asked Donnie.

“Your uncle got me pregnant,” said Janine.

Donnie’s eyes grew as big as saucers. Janine put her hands across her mouth, but Donnie noticed the wicked smile on her face.

“I wanted another baby,” said Janine, “But your father refused.”

“What did you do?” asked Donnie.

“I didn’t do anything,” said Janine, “Your uncle got me drunk and screwed my brains out.”

Donnie didn’t know what was worse. Perhaps it was her choice of words. Perhaps, it was her bold attempt at honesty.

“What are you trying to say?” asked Donnie.

“Your uncle had the biggest penis I had ever seen,” said Janine.

“Are you trying to say that Uncle Phil is my father?” asked Donnie.

Janine looked down at Donnie’s large penis.

“His penis was just as large as yours,” said Janine, “I’m almost certain he was your biological father.”

“Why?” asked Donnie.

Janine shrugged his shoulders.

“I was sore for weeks,” said Janine.

“Why were you sore for weeks?” asked Donnie.

“He was always trying to get into my pants,” said Janine, “He used to dress up like your father and trick me into having sex with me.”

“How often did he do that?” asked Donnie.

“Your uncle would get me drunk every time you father was not in town,” said Janine, “He wasn’t as nice as you, either.”

Donnie was shocked. He could only imagine what his mother had been through.

“He wanted me in the worst way,” said Janine, “All that stopped after he got me pregnant. After that, he didn’t want anything to do with me.”

“Is that why he never comes to any of the family gatherings?” asked Donnie.

Janine nodded.

“He just wanted to fuck my brains out,” said Janine.

“Is there anyone who has ever wanted to be nice to you?” asked Donnie.

At that, Janine moved forward and wrapped her arms around Donnie. She pressed her lips to his and he felt all of his resistance melt away. Donnie wanted those lips and he kissed her back like a long lost lover.

“I love you so much,” said Donnie.

“I love you, too,” said Janine.

“What are we going to do now?” asked Donnie.

Donnie was starting to regret opening up this new story about his real father. Donnie already had problems with one father. He didn’t need another father to complicate his life further.

As he waited for an answer, his mother laid down on the bed. She pulled him down onto her beautiful body. Quickly, she reached down and guided Donnie’s erect member into between her legs. To his surprise, the walls of her vagina were wet and slippery. He watched his mother’s mouth open as she inhaled. Her eyes rolled up. Her legs went up and she was doing a split.

“Whoa,” said Donnie, “I thought you were sore.”

His mother opened her loving eyes. Her lips pouted.

“Kiss me, Donnie,”said Janine.

Without hesitation, Donnie accepted the lips with love. He felt like gaziantep escort bayan ilanları a puppy running after his new owner. He loved everything about her. When she offered him her breasts, Donnie sucked on them hungrily. Needless to say, her nipples were hardened. Her vagina was sopping wet and his mother moved her hips up and down on his imbedded penis. Donnie shivered with pleasure as his mother moved the muscles in her vagina.

“Do you love me, Donnie?” asked Janine.

“I love you, mom,” said Donnie.

“Donnie,” said Janine.

“Yes, mom,” said Donnie.

“Call me Jan,” said Janine.

“Okay,” said Donnie, “Why?”

Donnie looked into her loving eyes. She gave him sweet kisses on his face. He was confused. This was not the same mother who scolded him when he was misbehaving. This was not the same mother who walked him to kindergarten. This was not the same mother who tried to mold him into a fine young gentleman. No, this was a sexual being that wanted nothing better than to feel carnal pleasure.

“You were always a naughty boy,” said Janine.

By this time, Donnie was thrusting his hips between his mother’s slender legs. Even though there was probably no more semen left in his body, Donnie found himself moving faster and faster to orgasm. He was starting to lose control. He knew this was wrong, but he wanted nothing more than to shoot another load of semen into his mother’s forbidden furrow.

“Just pretend that I’m your lover,” said Janine, “Can I be your girlfriend?”

“What about dad?” asked Donnie.

“He doesn’t need to know,” said Janine.

“He’s going to know if I get you pregnant,” said Donnie.

She kissed him on the lips and Donnie stopped long enough to give her a proper kiss. In the back of his mind, Donnie told himself that his mother was already pregnant. There was no way that a woman can be injected with so much semen and not be pregnant.

“Then you will take care of me,” said Janine.

“You know I will,” said Donnie.

“You said that to me a long time ago,” said Janine.

“I was still in grade school,” said Donnie, “How do you remember that?”

“You wanted to take me to school and tell everyone that I was your girlfriend,” said Janine.

“I didn’t understand what a girlfriend was all about,” said Donnie, “You were my best friend and you were a girl.”

“I can still be your girlfriend,” said Janine.

“I’d like that,” said Donnie.

“You used to take my used panties and sniff them,” said Janine.

At that, Donnie remembered those fond memories. When other boys were sneaking around looking at girlie magazines, Donnie was trying to get his hands on his mother’s underwear. It used to make give him such an erection.

“Sorry about that,” said Donnie.

“Don’t be sorry,” said Janine.

With no warning, Janine reached to the nightstand and pulled out her underwear. For fun, Janine placed her dirty underwear under Donnie’s nostrils. The intoxicating scent of her juices suddenly made Donnie shiver with excitement. His penis swelled and Janine felt the walls of her vagina enlarge to accommodate his engorged member. To make matters worse, Donnie’s penis arched upwards. The tip of his penis rubbed directly on her G-spot.

“Oh my God,” yelled Janine.

Donnie started to lose control. Furiously, the young man thrust his penis repeatedly into his mother’s slick vagina. Janine could hear the sloppy liquids making lewd noises between her legs. She closed her eyes and saw stars. Once again, Janine was having another earth-shattering orgasm. Her legs flailed around helpless as her son’s penis assaulted her exposed vagina with extreme vigor and force.

In the height of their passion, something fell. Donnie turned his head for a brief moment. To his surprise, the mirror across the room fell. There was a rectangular hole in the wall where the mirror had been. Through the hole, there were people sitting around in their boxer briefs. They were standing behind a camera on a giant tripod. They were all focused on the action on the bed.

“Oh no, not again,” said Donnie.

He lost control and ejaculated into his mother’s vagina. Donnie pulled his mother close to him and put himself in front of the camera.

“I’m still coming,” said his mother.

She was like a ragdoll in his hands. From the broad smile on her face, he knew she was enjoying herself immensely. Within minutes, his mother closed her eyes and collapsed in his arms. Her vagina had clamped onto his penis was not letting go. Donnie shivered as he felt more and more sperm explode into his mother’s forbidden furrow. If she wasn’t pregnant before, she was pregnant now, thought Donnie.

With this beautiful woman in his arms, Donnie sighed. Once more, he had violated his mother once more. His felt so helpless to her charms. He had always lusted after her body, and he regretted it. To make things worse, someone was filming their incestuous lust.

Now it all made sense. Mr. Crumb was escort bayan gaziantep ilanları not letting them stay in the honeymoon suite out of the goodness of his heart. The dirty old man was making his own sleazy films for his wicked pleasure.

“Oh shit,” said Donnie, “She’s going to kill me.”

The men behind the fallen mirror froze. They watched in horror as Donnie glared at them. He was in no mood to have his private life exposed. Donnie knew that his face was already on camera. If his face was on camera, his mother’s face would be there, too. Donnie and his mother would have a hard time trying to explain why the two of them were having sex.

Carefully, Donnie pulled his penis out of his mother’s vagina. His member glistened with her juices. This caused his mother to emerge from her post-orgasm reverie. She whined like a girl who had just lost her new toy. Her vagina made a lewd sound when his penis finally came out of her forbidden furrow.

“I think we have company,” whispered Donnie.

Janine looked up. Her eyes grew as large as saucers. To his surprise, his mother slid off the bed and grabbed a pillow from the bed. She headed straight for the fallen mirror. Naked and not afraid, Janine popped through the opening in the wall and started swinging he pillow at the men with the giant camera.

“You fucking perverts,” yelled Janine, “How dare you peek into my bedroom?”

To her surprise, the men tried to ask her questions. They seemed more interested in her sex life than in Janine actually causing them bodily harm.

“Is he really your son?”

“How long have you two been doing this role-playing?”

“Aren’t you sore?”

“Is this really your first time to have sex in how many years?”

“Is this your first big cock?”

Janine continued yelling at the men.

“Where the hell is Mr. Crumb?” asked Janine.

“He’s watching from his hotel room,” said one of the men.

“Where is his hotel room?” asked Janine.

One of the men pointed to a window on the opposite side of the tiny room. To Janine’s surprise, there was another honeymoon suite on the other side of the wall. There was another camera pointed through this window. It did not take Janine long to figure out that this was not just any window. This was another one-way mirror like the one in their own honeymoon suite.

Still naked, Janine peered through the one-way mirror and gasped. By this time, Donnie was making his way into the tiny camera room. He was wondering why his nude mother was peering through the glass.

“That’s Phil,” said Janine.

She pointed to the couple that were having sex in the other room.

“Uncle Phil?” asked Donnie.

“Yes,” said Janine, “And he’s screwing some bimbo.”

Without warning, Janine pushed on the one-way mirror. It came crashing onto the floor in the other honeymoon suite. The men in the tiny room were yelling to her stop. Before anyone could stop her, Janine had slipped through the hole in wall where the one-way mirror had been earlier. She stomped right up to the man and started yelling at him.

Donnie pushed the men in the tiny room back. He made a dash towards his mother. Without thinking, Donnie put himself between the men and his mother.

“Back off,” warned Donnie.

Janine started yelling at the man. Since he had never seen his Uncle Phil except in photographs, Donnie could not verify the identity of the man.

The man was older, perhaps in his fifties. He was standing between a young woman’s shapely legs as she lay at the edge of the bed. There was a look of panic in his eyes. Suddenly, the young woman started to yell.

“Oh no, daddy,” said the young woman, “Did you come inside me?”

“I’m sorry, baby,” said the older man.

“Oh, shit,” said the young woman.

At that, the young woman separated herself from the older man. There were tears coming from her eyes. Her fingers were between her hairless crotch in a vain effort to extract the semen dripping down her legs. She rushed by Donnie without a word.

“Is that your daughter?” asked Janine.

The older man was breathing hard. There was semen dripping from his half-erect penis. To Donnie’s surprise, it looked a lot like his. It even had the size and girth. Could this really be his biological father, though Donnie.

“Who are you accuse me?” asked the older man.

“I asked you first,” said Janine.

“Mr. Crumb said you were fucking you own son,” said the older man.

“He’s your son, too,” said Janine.

“You don’t know that,” said the older man.

“Yes I do,” said Janine.

“It could have been David’s baby,” said the older man.

“He’s your son,” said Janine, “Because I wasn’t fucking anyone else.”

“I don’t believe you,” said the older man.

“Of course not,” said Janine, “You’re too busy fucking your own daughter.”

“I didn’t want her to be a slut when she was in college,” said the older man.

“But it’s okay to fuck daddy dearest?” asked Janine.

“Isn’t that the same deal you gave your son?” asked the older man.

“Watch it,” said Janine.

“David won’t fuck you so you decided to get the next best thing,” said the older man.

At that, mom slapped the older man on the face. She picked up an empty champagne bottle and started to chase the older man around the room.

“You left me after you got me pregnant and this is what I find you doing twenty years later,” said Janine, “I’m going to kill you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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