The Steam Room

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I joined the health club at the Westin because I was sitting on my ass too much and needed to tighten up. I wasn’t fat. But I didn’t want to get any heavier either.

After all, I was only 31. It’s not as if my gut should have been spreading. But, sitting in one place for hours at a time sure doesn’t help you keep svelte.

It was a small health club, but had all the machines I needed. It also had a sauna in the men’s locker room, men only, and a steam room near the pool. The steam room was co-ed. I had always loved steam rooms, the hot, swirling fog hid you from the others. There was something erotic about that. You could be groping yourself, almost exhibiting yourself, and no one really knew.

I’m married, and have two kids. My wife is gorgeous and loves sex. But, it’s the same kind of sex. And that is what I blame my actions on, the need for something, anything different.

I had cranked the steam way up. A man had been in the room before I entered. He was older, and just had a towel around him. He was actually pretty fit, and fired my imagination a bit. I had fooled around with guys when I was younger and my fantasies would sometimes go this way. This guy was my perfect fantasy.

Probably in his mid fifties, he was in damned good shape, really lean. He had silver hair and was pretty damned handsome. I angled for a shot under his towel, I wish we had been in the men’s sauna most guys were naked in there. I never did see what kind of package he had. We talked some, and I surreptitiously rubbed myself through the towel I had on. Ten minutes later, he was gone.

I took a break, there was a shower stall right next to the steam room. The cold water over my heated body felt great. I went back into the steam room refreshed. I had brought a bottle of baby oil with me and I covered myself. I loved the feel of it all over me, the slippery, erotic feeling. I made sure to put lots around my cock and in between my ass cheeks. I shaved escort gaziantep bayan reklamları my crotch and ass so both were baby smooth. My wife loved it like that.

I was really getting to a good point in my fantasy, it was of the man who had been there before. I was covering his strong back and buttocks with baby oil and he had just turned around, showing me his big, vein covered shaft.

I was lazily stroking my cock and balls. They felt great, so slick from the oil and smooth as I had just shaved that morning.

Suddenly, the door opened and I had to throw the towel over my crotch. An older woman came in. At first I could barely catch a glimpse of her, but as the steam swirled I saw she was probably in her early sixties. She was quite short and slim, her legs actually looked pretty good. I suspected she must work out pretty regularly.

She saw me, nodded, and then took a seat across from me. Great, I thought, there goes my wonderful jerk off session.

There was quiet for a minute or so. I was tentatively touching myself under the towel. Who knows, maybe I could jerk off without her knowing about it?

“Hot,” was all she said. And it was. I loved it very hot, too hot for lots of people. Plus, it resulted in people not staying long. “Yes, I don’t know if it can be turned down.” I was hoping she would leave and I could get back to paying real attention to my prick.

“Oh, I love it hot. In Europe, the steam rooms are a lot hotter than this.” Damn, was all I could think.

“Do you mind if I stretch some? I love to stretch when it is this hot.” I told her I didn’t. She got down off the tile seat ledge and began to stretch in the middle of the floor. I watched. She was very flexible and I could also tell that she was very busty, even though she was so slim. She looked like fine china, actually, very fragile, except for the large breasts swaying escort gaziantep resimleri under the robe. How that towel stayed on with her contortions, I had no idea.

She was quiet as she stretched, and I was touching myself, very carefully so she couldn’t see me. I was perverted, I thought to myself. First the older guy, now this older woman!

I realized she had stopped moving and was standing only a foot or so away. I quickly stopped whatever movement was going on under my towel. She smiled, it was a strange smile. In fact, the whole scene was strange, steam roiling around.

“You don’t have to stop.” With that, she took off her towel. Her breasts were huge, they hung down to her belly button, but they still seemed as if they had firmness to them, they were just big. Her crotch was shaved, and looked very neat. She reached forward and grasped my towel, exposing my erection.

“I love that I excite you enough for you to masturbate.” She reached down and, spreading her legs slightly, slid a finger up between her naked lips. “Please, don’t stop.”

And so I didn’t. It was weird, sick, perverted, and as hot and sexy a moment as I had ever experienced. My cock was stone. I applied more baby oil, and she held out her hand for some. I squeezed quite a bit into her open hand. With one finger up her, she dripped the baby oil on her breasts, then began to massage it in. She pulled her finger out of her slit, likced it, and then reinserted it. I could see that as she fingered herself, her thumb was working a very prominent clitoris.

“As you sat there, did you think of fucking me?” I nodded. “Say it,” she asked. “Yes, I thought of fucking you.” “Did you think of feeling my tits?”

I realized she liked to talk, and so I talked. As I stroked my cock I described how I wanted to finger her, suck and bite her thick nipples, play with and fuck her big tits. The more graphic escort gaziantep bayan sitesi I got, the more she moaned and the faster her finger and thumb moved.

Suddenly, she turned around, bent over. “Do it.”

I did not hesitate. I moved behind her, grasped her hips, and inserted myself into her wetness. She grunted, moaned, writhed around my heated flesh. I reached around, grasped her tits, massaged them. “Pinch them, HARD.” And I did. I tore at her nipples, they were long, thick.

When she came, her fingers were playing with her clit as I fucked her from the back, she made weird yelping noises, like a dog that desperately wants to get out of the house.

Moments later, I thrust into her hard. I was close to coming as well. “My ass, stick it there when you cum!” She said. I guess she could tell I was close. I really had no idea why she wanted me to do this, did she really think she could get pregnant? But I didn’t care. I was too hot, too excited. I wasn’t very gentle. I pulled out of one hole and in one thrust buried myself in her anus. She grunted. And I came, and came and came.

Finally, it was over. She was half slumping over one of the ledges. I slowly withdrew. She quickly stood, squeezing her buttocks together. “Be right back.” I heard the shower a moment later, and then she was back.

She seemed shy now. She put the towel back on her. I didn’t. I was still hard. I wanted more. “Youth.” She simply said. She came forward, leaned over and kissed the head of my penis, the penis that had just been in her bottom.

“No time, but thank you.” I protested, it was me that should thank her. She smiled, and was gone.

It took me twenty minutes to shoot off the second time, but it was almost as good as the orgasm I had when I was in her ass.

I showered, dressed, and went back to work. I figured she was staying at the Westin, so I left work at 5:00 and went to the bar there. She wasn’t there. Just as I had decided to leave, she came in. On her arm was the man who had been in the steam room before she had come in. When our eyes met, I saw surprise, then the small smile that was on her lips filled her eyes.

There was no chance, though, of another episode, I read that as well. I went home with an experience I would never forget, and a fantasy, her and her husband together, that lasts me to this day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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