The Storeroom

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It had been a long day at work, I was tired and thinking about going home to you and of the fun we would have. I was the last one left here and had just got to sort out a couple of boxes from the storeroom before my working day could end. I sorted out the boxes, which were small and not too heavy, so I decided to carry them back down to the storeroom and put them away, always finish what you start.

I got to the bottom of the stairs and realised how dark it was in the basement, a slight shiver of fear ran down my spine, as I fumbled to find the light switch, juggling the two boxes. I couldn’t reach the switch and managed to drop a box in the process, cursing I put the second box on the floor and clicked on the light switch, nothing!! Damn, the bulb must have blown. I hesitated for a moment and thought, oh well, the boxes only need to go just inside the storeroom door, to the right, so I opened the door and put one box down, as I reached for the second box I thought I heard something and stopped. Then I laughed at myself for being sacred of random noises in the dark. I reached for and found the second box, then stepped into the storeroom. I jumped as the door clicked shut behind me, and put the second box down quickly. I knew I was being silly, but I felt really scared now, as I reached for the door handle in the dark, I heard a sound like breathing behind me. I grabbed the handle and pulled, nothing happened, then just as I was about to try again, I felt that someone was behind me…I turned slowly, I don’t know what I expected to see, I hoped nothing, but as I turned I felt the warmth of someone’s breath on my face and a pair of arms grab me…..

I screamed and started to shake, as the arms tightened around me and a soft whispered voice said “gotcha!” I felt total relief and anger in equal part…I kicked back at you shouting that you were an idiot and that I had been really scared. You were sweet, but finding it hard not to laugh, until I calmed down slightly, when you apologised and said you hadn’t meant to scare me that much. I was telling you off for locking the door, when I realised I had tried to pull it open, when I should have pushed it, I laughed too.

As we stood laughing tension going, I realised how good it felt to be in your arms and how relieved I was that it was you. I leaned in and kissed you softly. Your arms tightened around me and you deepened the kiss, slowly pressing harder against my lips, gently probing with your tongue, until I yielded my mouth to you. I opened up and surrendered to your assault on my mouth, leaning against you. My breasts flattened against your chest, our pubic areas Maltepe Yabancı Escort pressed together too. I felt my body temperature start to rise as you gently massaged my back, while continuing the kiss.

As we slowly ended the kiss and parted slightly, you whispered, “Are you up for a game?” I felt all excited and breathless and hoarsely whispered back “Yes”. You chuckled softly and said, “Then run little girl, because the devil is going to get you. Go on, try and escape me, for when I catch you I will take everything I want”. I gasped in pure delight at the idea of you catching me in the dark and having your wicked way with me. Playing up I said in a quivery voice “No, please, let me go…please don’t hurt me”…then I pulled away from you (you let me) and I ran into the darkness. As I turned you managed to land one tingly slap on my ass…I gasped in shock and pleasure as I felt my whole body tighten in desire.

I ran a short distance then I hid behind some boxes, why I am unsure, as it was still dark. I couldn’t hear you moving about; you obviously have the skills of a ninja for moving silently in the dark. All I could hear was the sound of my own breathing, it sounded really loud and I was sure you would be able to find me by that and the sound of my heart beating so loud in my chest. I moved forward to head over to the next stack of boxes, or rather where I thought they were. As I started to move I felt something holding me back and turned as you pulled my back into your arms. I shuddered in delight as you growled “Take off your blouse, now, or I will rip it off.”. You sounded evil and I fumbled with the buttons but did as I was told, realising that it wasn’t completely pitch black in here, I could see your face, as you leered at me, in my bra…you roughly fondled my breasts, as I put my blouse on the pile of boxes. As soon as I had put it down, I ran again, but you caught me, as I started.

You grabbed my arm and pulled me hard back against you. I gasped as I hit your chest, and you put your hands in my hair, pulled my head back and kissed me roughly. I felt your teeth grind against my soft lips, and your tongue invade my mouth…I bit your lip (not that hard, but hard enough to make you stop)… then I pulled myself from your grasp and ran…. You chuckled and said into the darkness “Run while you can, next time I catch you it will be more than a kiss I take from you”.

I ran away again and as I continued around the boxes I could hear you running after me. I could feel my breath quickening again, and I knew it was excitement and a touch of danger. I ran around a couple Maltepe Yeni Escort of stacks only to realise I couldn’t hear your footsteps any longer. I ran around a third stack only to run right into you… you laughed. I struggled to get away but you kept hold of me and managed to get both my hands into one of yours. Suddenly I was aware that you were undoing my skirt, and then it fell from my hips and landed around my feet. You growled at me menacingly and told me to step out of it…I did and suddenly felt very exposed in my bra and panties. You took a quick but hard kiss, before dropping your face to my breasts and nibbling at my nipples through the material of the bra. I could feel my nipples hardening as you bit them. I felt my pussy heating and tightening, then you suddenly slapped my ass hard and let me go.

I stumbled away from you, uncertain where to run, but wanting to be caught so badly. I suddenly decided to run for the door, so stood up and ran straight for the door. You ran into me quite hard from my left as I ran for my escape route. You laughed again and slapped my ass, as you told me to remove my bra; I did as I was told. I expected you to release me then, but you hadn’t finished with me yet. You told me to remove my panties too. I hesitated and you slapped me quite hard across my ass cheeks, it was hot and stung and I jumped, but I felt the answering heat in my pussy rise too. I slowly removed my panties, and was left wearing only my shoes. You moved quickly, like a snake striking, I was amazed when I felt your hand on my mound, and suddenly you thrust a finger inside me…I wasn’t ready for that and I gasped in shock. But you just chuckled as you felt the heat and wetness of my tunnel.

Suddenly I was thrust backwards until I hit the storeroom wall, as you pressed your fully clothed form against me; you pulled my arms up over my head, still holding them in one hand. You forced my chin up as you plundered my mouth. I kissed you back, as my body craved the attention, and there was something very erotic about being naked against your clothes. You moved suddenly again and pulled me away from the wall and turned me to bend over a low pile of boxes. I was suddenly bent over in front of you and I felt the first slap sting my ass. Then you spanked me quite hard, my ass was burning and I was begging you to stop before you finally did. You then bent to kiss my aching, hot ass cheeks…. and I heard you lower your zip. Then you moved again and pulled my legs apart before placing the head of your wonderfully hard cock against my wet opening.

I sighed as I felt you pressed so close, Maltepe Masaj Salonu and I hoped you would take me there and then. It was as if you could read my thoughts, because you thrust forward and with one push stretched my cunt, filling it full of your rock hard cock. I groaned in pleasure as my aching cunt was filled. You slapped my ass and growled at me to be quiet as you started to fuck me… long slow but hard strokes, filled and emptied my pussy… first stretched and full and then just empty and aching to be filled again. You grabbed the back of my hair and pulled my head back as you continued to fuck me hard and deep. You forced me to arch my back, almost painfully, so you could kiss me and thrust your tongue deep into my mouth, while thrusting your cock deep into my pussy.

I felt my insides turn to jelly, as you entered my mouth and my cunt…. suddenly you released my hair and I slumped forward onto the boxes. You forced my ass cheeks apart and ran a finger around my tight ass hole….I whimpered and as you picked up the pace of the thrusts, you slowly slid a wet finger deep inside my tight hot ass. I couldn’t help myself I pushed back against you loving both holes being filled… you slapped my ass with your free hand and continued to fuck me and finger my ass…. I felt my ass stretching as you added a second finger and cried out in delight when you thrust those two fingers in and out of my ass in time with you cock sliding in and out of my pussy.

Suddenly I was empty and I felt so shocked and bereft of you that I started to turn to look at you and to ask why. When you grabbed my hips and pressed your hot, hard and wet cock against my tight ass hole. I sighed in pleasure as I felt you force your way in, slowly and determinedly. I pushed my ass back against you, wanting to have all of your erection buried deep in my ass. Just as you filled me up and stopped before starting to fuck me, you reached around and started to rub my hard clit. I cried out again and you started to thrust in and out of my ass. You rubbing my clit, my seriously wet pussy, my tingly ass as well as the feel of you fucking me…all made my pleasure come quickly. I was begging you not to stop and asking you to fuck me harder, while I felt the pleasure and pressure rising….then it was there, I was over the edge, trembling, gasping for breath and crying out like a wild thing. Then I felt you tense slightly, and come at me harder faster deeper…as you too cried out and came, shooting your cream into my ass.

It felt like hours later, when we finally moved away from one another. I was shocked when you turned on the light, suddenly naked in the bright light in front of you. Then I realised it was the corridor light that was out, I had never even tried the light in here. We laughed as we went looking for my cloths and as I dressed, you told me all the things you wanted to do to me when we got home. I couldn’t wait……..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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