The Submissive Husband

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My name is Chris, I’m twenty five years old and married to my gorgeous wife Amy.

We met at University when I was twenty one and she was nineteen. I was on my last year of an Engineering course and she in her second year of her Teaching degree.

At first I thought she was a prick teaser as I always saw her flirting with a load of guys then just walking off. I told myself that I wouldn’t even try to talk to her.

Don’t get me wrong. She was stunning to look at. About five feet four, slim with long brown hair, large tits and a very nice arse. I just didn’t think she was a very nice person to get to know.

I had a bit of a routine in those days.

I used to work hard at my Engineering Degree Monday through to Friday, doing my additional course work on evenings in my bedroom in the house I shared with three other guys.

Friday nights were the our lads night out. We would hit the Student Bar early on then have a wander around the pubs in the town centre. This was a strictly guys only night.

Saturday was different. Again we all went out and most of us would end up with either a student or one of the local girls.

I’ve always guessed that I was more well endowed than most blokes as I played football on Sunday afternoons for a local pub team and I used to get stick in the showers after matches about the size of mt cock.

I think my reputation managed to get around the university too.

One day I was in the Uni library researching something for my course work when Amy walked in and up to my table.

‘Do you mind if I sit here?’ she asked in a very cultured voice.

‘Er,,no, not at all,’ I replied a bit bewildered.

‘I’m Amy. Amy Cox.’

‘I’m Chris. Nice to meet you,’ I replied.

‘Really? I thought you were avoiding me. You never come and say hello when I’m in the Bar.’

‘Oh I thought you always seemed too preoccupied with all those other guys around you.’ I told her.

‘Those pricks. Good God, no way.’

‘Oh.’ I replied shocked.

‘Look why don’t we go for a coffee in town and chat. You might get to know the real me’ she declared.

‘Yes, OK. I’m finished here for the day. Why don’t we dump the books and meet at the Entrance Lobby in say fifteen minutes?’

‘You’d better turn up!’ she said with a smile on her face.

We had a great afternoon and I realised I actually did like the girl and after three more proper dates I found I really did like her.

One Saturday night we were sitting in a downtown bar and she told me she knew of my weekend routine. She said she wouldn’t expect me to give up my Friday nights with the boys or for me to stop playing football on a Sunday but she thought it might be a good idea to spend Saturday nights with her.

I smiled and shook my head in amusement. This girl had me bang to rights.

Our relationship continued and then it was time to get up close and personal. In my room she dropped the bombshell.

‘By the way, I’m a virgin!’

Well I didn’t expect that!

She told me about her family. Her father died when she was fifteen and after that she had been privately tutored at home until she was of age and could attend university. Her family were incredibly well off and with her father’s money and life assurances her mother spent her life looking after Amy. That included chasing local boys away. No one was good enough for her daughter!

‘I think she’ll like you though!’

I’m a good looking guy. I’m five nine with broad shoulders and a trim waist courtesy of swimming plus gentle weights at the gym and my thighs are muscular due to playing football.

‘So that’s why you’re still a virgin?’ I asked.

‘It’s just that I’ve never met anyone that I wanted to do it with,’ she replied. ‘Until now. Don’t worry I don’t have a hymen. That went years ago thanks to all the horse riding I did. Oh, and masturbation with anything that would fit!’

She giggled.

‘Come on stud. Get your clothes off and show me what I’ve been missing.

We both undressed and she laid down on the bed naked.

I slipped of my polo shirt then peeled my jeans and underwear down.

‘Fuck!’ she said as my big soft cock came into view.

She grabbed her clothes and said, ‘I think I’ll come back when I’ve had practice with smaller guys!’

I could see she was joking by the smile on her face.

‘ big is it?’ she asked.

‘A touch under nine inches when hard but it does get quite thick.’

‘Oh my God, you’re going to split me in two.’

‘Don’t worry I’ll be gentle.’

And gentle I was that first time. Although it wasn’t great sex it was very emotional. I realised then that I was falling in love with her.

After that first time it got a lot easier with Amy often playing the lead role in our love making. Her favourite thing was to have me pinned down on the bed as she rode me. I found I loved her being in charge.

As it was my last year at university and it was only her second I didn’t think the relationship would go anywhere. Unfortunately.

I had gaziantep escort telefonları planned to go on a gap year travelling to the Far East and Australia with a mate, Tim, when we finally left uni.

Towards my Graduation we talked about it, and where as I was ready to split up and hope my travels would heal my wounds, Amy would hear nothing of it.

‘Look I can’t demand that you are faithful to me while you are away but I want you to promise me you won’t fall in love with anyone and you will come back to me!’ She said it in the most serious tone I had ever heard from her.

‘Wow!’ was all I could say. I smiled and thought hard before I replied.

‘OK I promise that I won’t fall in love and I promise that I’ll come back to you. As long as you want me to’

‘We have phones so we’ll be able to keep in touch. Send me lots of photographs, as long as there’s no girls in them.’ she giggled.

It was that night I told her I loved her. Fortunately she was delighted and told me the same.

As it happened Tim whom I was supposed to go away with had found out his girlfriend was pregnant and his parents told him that under no circumstances could he go away for a year to leave her coping with the pregnancy and motherhood.

Tim negotiated with his girlfriend and his parents that as he had booked and his parents had paid for his outward bound flights he would go away for a couple of months before returning.

I was a bit gutted but I understood. I didn’t fancy travelling on my own but I was determined to see my trip through.

We set off at the end of July with tears from Amy and although I tried to be brave I choked on my goodbyes.

We left London Heathrow Airport on flights paid for by our parents to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. We had already booked a hostel online before we left and managed to find a dorm for six pounds a night each. Although not great we were only going to be there for a couple of nights before we set off for Penang on the West coast. Kuala Lumpur was a busy city with no girls interested in two backpackers.

When we reached Penang, which was a long journey by public transport, we had an idea of hostel costs and had picked two or three to go to. The first one was a definite no no but the second one was acceptable so we booked for the week.

After a week of lazing on the beach and visiting the cheap beach bars during the day and the bars around the night markets in the evening we realised that if we wanted to stay longer we needed to get a job. Luckily we did, Tim in a bar and myself in a restaurant working evenings. This still left us all day to go to the beach and hit the bars after work.

We stayed until the end of August then decided to head across to Thailand.

Bangkok was busy and humid. We found Khao San Road, where most backpackers go to for cheap accommodation, and quickly found a hostel in the heart of the action for little money.

We met other like-minded people and partied all night and slept all morning before venturing out for cheap street food.

Two weeks later we decided we needed to recharge our batteries so we caught a cheap bus ride to Pattaya.

Pattaya is a city, not as big as Bangkok but it is on the coast.

Accommodation was cheap and easy to find and as we had saved enough money not to work for a few weeks we hit the town.

Luckily most bars had free wifi and sold cheap beer so I could chill and keep in touch with Amy. I actually missed her a lot. We’d been away nearly seven weeks by now and I realised Tim would soon be heading back home.

On our last night together we had a great time and I was sad to see him leave the next day after a farewell beer.

Being a lone Westerner in Thailand was quite daunting I found. Whenever I went into a bar I would be joined by a young bargirl who would smile, ask me my name, where I came from and all the time rubbing my thigh. It was when I refused to buy her a drink that she moved on to a more hopefully generous tourist.

One night while I was having a beer in a bar just off Walking Street a gorgeous petite girl came into the bar, bought herself a Cola and grabbed the stool next to me. She was stunning with high cheekbones, perfectly made up with bright red lips and a slim sexy body with nice sized breasts.

I’d not bothered with girls up to then although I had jacked off to some of the photos Amy had sent me of her naked self but that night I was so tempted to find out if I could afford it or if I could justify the expense of fucking this girl.

It was only when she asked the regimented two questions of ‘what’s your name’ and where you flom’ that I detected her voice didn’t match her appearance. I would have bet all my money that I wouldn’t find a pussy to pound. Well, not a female one. Again she lost interest when I refused to buy her a drink.

Although I met up with some Aussies around the bars I was starting to get homesick. I had a decision to make, did I go on to Vietnam before Australia or escort gaziantep telefonları did I go home.

By then I’d been away three months and having spent the last month on my own I really had lost the love of backpacking especially when I had the love of my life back in England.

When I rang Amy just before she went to lectures the following morning and said I was coming home I’m sure I could have heard her screams in Thailand without the help of my phone.

I flew home and after a week at my parents I headed up to the university town and found a job in a pub/restaurant with accommodation covering the lunchtime shifts and some evening work. It didn’t pay much but it mean I was near Amy.

The first night we had sex after I got back was amazing. Poor Amy didn’t know what hit her. The feeling must have been mutual as she fucked me rotten.

The rest of the term went quickly then it was time to return home for Christmas. We had agreed that I would go down to Amy’s mother’s home in Hertfordshire the day after Boxing Day. I was not looking forward to it but it meant I saw Amy again.

Her mother lived in a small but wealthy little village. I drove up a long driveway to a huge six bedroom detached house, parked my mother’s car and leaving my overnight bag in the boot just in case I wasn’t welcome I walked up the steps and rang the bell.

I was delighted that Amy answered so we hugged and kissed as if we hadn’t seen each other in ages.

‘Where’s your bag? She asked.

‘Oh it’s in the car…’

‘Don’t worry about that you can get it later. Come and meet Mummy, Are you ready?’ she asked as she squeezed my hand. I nodded so she led me down a corridor and into the sitting room where there stood her mother, Julia.

I can only describe Julia as being a glamorous older woman. She was tall, about five feet ten in her stocking feet with past the shoulder length brown hair, slim with large breasts. It was obvious from the first time I saw her that Amy took after her mother in looks but her father, I later found out, in height.

She was classically dressed in a knee length tweed skirt and a silk blouse with a twin set of pearls around her neck.

Mum, this is Chris. Chris this is my mother Julia.’

I extended my hand and said,’ pleased to meet you Mrs Cox.’

I could see a small thin smile develop on her lips when I called her by her married name.

She didn’t take my hand but told me to take a seat.

‘Amy bring three schooners of sherry will you?’ she asked her daughter.

Amy left and there was a pause.

‘So you are the young man who my daughter is infatuated with, are you?’

‘Er..yes. I hope she is. I’m quite enamoured by her myself,’ I replied in my most confident but I thought warm manner.

Julia looked at me coldly and murmured, ‘we’ll see about that.’

My stomach dropped. It was just as Amy predicted, I was getting a hard ride. It turned out to be the only ride I got over the next three days as I was placed in a guest room as far away from Amy’s as possible with Julia’s room between us both.

We walked in the countryside, drank wine and even went to the village pub a couple of nights. When we did eat all together at their home it was a stinted affair. Although once Julia did ask me what my prospects were.

‘I believe you work as a barman?’ She asked snidely.

I just beat Amy to answer before she could defend me. I told her about my Engineering degree, a First, and that I was only working as a barman to be near her daughter and if our relationship continued after Amy had completed her course then we would need to talk about where we went from there.

As it happened after Amy had left uni we moved in together, much to Julia’s annoyance, to a flat not too far from Julia’s house.

Amy got a job as a legal secretary and I began working for a medium sized construction company not too far away.

After a year we decided to get married so with our joint income we bought a house only thirty minutes from Julia but easy distance from Amy and mine’s places of work.

The wedding was a fairly quiet affair with my parents, a couple of aunts and uncles plus a few of my uni mates with on Amy’s side just Julia and her older sister Alice. Amy was particularly close to her Aunt Alice and it was her who in fact gave Amy away at the wedding.

We had ten days away in the Maldives paid for by Julia as a wedding present.

Life settled down and I only saw Julia once a month when we went over for Sunday Lunch. She was as frosty as ever to me.

Our sex life went overboard as a married couple. Amy found she liked to be the dominant one in the relationship and I found I actually loved it. She would buy sexy dominant clothes like a latex mini skirt, latex stockings and long shiny black latex gloves that came up to her elbows. We played tie up games where I was tied to the bed and teased until I begged her to fuck me. I was relishing the submissive role.

We behaved gaziantep escort bayan telefonları like silly newly weds. We would send each other saucy and some downright naughty pics of one another’s private parts on WhatsApp. She would pop into the toilets and snap a pic of her tits and I would pop in and make myself hard and send her some of my rampant cock.

One week Amy asked me if she minded her staying over at her mother’s as it was her mother’s birthday on the Saturday and she was taking her out for a meal and a few drinks. She said she would be home early Sunday morning as she would need to get changed to go back to her mother’s for a celebratory Sunday lunch. I was just glad I didn’t have to go out on the Saturday night so I readily agreed.

Amy returned home on Sunday morning still in the clothes she went out in the night before and hurried up to the bathroom for a shower.

As Amy was in the shower the phone rang, it was Julia.

‘Can you tell my daughter she left her phone here. She can collect it when you come for lunch.’

The phone went dead. No hello or goodbye.

‘Stuck up cow!’ I thought.

With Amy freshly made up and me in best trousers and shirt we made our way back over to her mother’s.

I noticed Julia was dressed differently. Instead of her below the knee skirts or her tight knee length pencil skirts she wore a shorter black skirt to just above the knee with a white silk blouse that showed a lot more cleavage than normal. I could see she also had on fully fashioned black stockings on by the line up the back. She was wearing three inch black heels too.

I don’t think Amy noticed but I certainly did, especially as she leaned forward to pick up her pre lunch sherry from the coffee table. I got a great view of her tits encased in a shiny while silk bra that held her huge jugs in place. It was starting to turn me on. For a forty one year old woman she looked really good.

I stood up to go to the bathroom when Julia told me to use the one upstairs as the downstairs one was out of action.

I trotted upstairs and into the bathroom where I couldn’t wait to jack off into the sink to make my cock deflate in case Julia saw it.

I was stroking myself standing over the sink when out of the corner of my eye I saw something shiny and black hanging out of the washing basket. I went over and found a pair of Julia’s silky panties. I automatically put then up to my face while I wanked.

Then I heard a click.

I turned quickly and there in the doorway was Julia taking photographs with me in one hand holding her panties and the other stroking my rock hard cock.

Before I could say anything she just said, ‘I’ll be in touch.’ then left to go back downstairs.

I stopped what I was doing, my cock totally deflated, stuffed the knickers back in the basket and washed my hands prior to going back to join the others.

During lunch Julia acted as if nothing had happened and she even seemed nicer towards me, although when she smiled at me it did seem a bit sinister.

On the way home Amy, with her phone stuffed in her handbag, remarked that it all seemed to go very well and that she thought her mother had enjoyed it.

I just grunted.

Two days later I was at my desk working on a project when my phone rang. I saw it was Julia and I could feel knots in my stomach.

‘Hello?’ I answered more cheerily than I felt.

‘After work you will come to see me. Tell my daughter you are working late. Do you understand?’

I told her I understood but before I could ask her what it was all about she hung up.

I made my way over to my mother in law’s house, parked next to her silver Mercedes E Class Convertable and rang the bell.

I heard the click clack of heels on the hallway’s wooden floor.

The door opened and Julia glared at me.

‘Come in!’

She was dressed conservatively in a knee length navy blue pleated skirt with a white silk blouse, black nylons and black four inch heels.

I followed her into the sitting room where she told me to sit on her brown leather three seat sofa, in the middle.

Nervously I sat down and looked at her standing in front of me.

My heart flipped and my cock swelled as I noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her tits swayed in the confines of the shiny blouse and her nipples were erect.

She just stood there and glared at me.

Suddenly she spoke.

‘Take off your shoes!’

I looked at her enquiringly.

‘Did you not hear me young man? I said take off your shoes.’

I did as I was told and placed them away from the sofa.

‘Now your socks!’

I didn’t bother to argue so I removed my socks and threw them in the direction of the shoes.

‘Undo your belt!’

‘Look,’ I responded. ‘This is crazy I…’

‘I wouldn’t argue if I were you. Just do as you are told. I hear you enjoy that!

‘Shit.’ I thought. ‘Has Amy been talking about our sex life?’

‘Now undo your trousers!’

I stared into her eyes as I unclipped the waistband of of my pants.

‘Now pull your zipper down and push your trousers and underwear off!’

I hesitated. This was going too far. I must admit I was getting aroused but being half naked in front of my mother in law plus knowing she hated me I thought it was a set up and Amy would walk in at any moment.

‘Don’t worry little boy, I’ve seen your cock before. They were really nice photographs you sent my daughter by the way!’

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