The Summer ABCs

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Everyone in the story is over 18 years old. Any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. This story includes scenes of graphic sex needed to further the plot, and should NOT be read by minors or anyone that might be offended by such filth. You cannot publish or post this story anywhere else without my permission.

Thanks to Lord Byron for his poetry, and apologies for sullying it in this story.

The length of this story is around 9641 words and takes up 3 pages on Lit.

Tags used on this story are: Student, swingers, bikini, first time, romantic, seduction, male virgin, masturbation.


It was warm that day, spring was definitely gone and the sun was heating the world up. It was Saturday and Bill had only worked a half day. His mom was out with a few of her friends and Bill was laying on top of his bed dozing and daydreaming.

The next door neighbors, Gladys and Roy, were an older retired couple, Roy was puttering somewhere and Gladys was practicing with her saxophone. She and a few friends would get together and play old tunes.

As Bill lay on his bed he heard the slow notes coming through the open window. They were faint enough not to bother him, but the tune was vaguely familiar and was lulling him into a nap.

In the warm afternoon he lay there thinking about how things seemed to be working out for him, when just five years earlier he felt like his world was crashing down. Back then he was just starting his freshman year in High School. He turned fourteen halfway through the first semester at school and a week after his birthday his parents told him they were getting divorced.

His first thoughts had been selfish back then. He had counted on getting a nice car in two years when he turned 16, now his dad, Ken, was telling him that he was selling his half interest in the car dealership to his partner John. Ken and John were partners in several dealerships across the region, and now Ken was taking over a dealership over in Omaha in exchange for giving John all of the local one.

Bill’s mom, Sarah told him that they would sell the house and were going to move into a smaller place. At least he was still going to stay in the same school district. His mom was going to keep her job as a legal secretary.

The move was disruptive, Sarah did as much as she could to keep Bill concentrating on school. It took a couple of years for Bill to appreciate his mom’s efforts and accept that there was no-one to really blame in the whole thing. She explained how two people can drift apart, and that’s what happened with she and his Dad.

Sarah was very careful not to blame Ken, but Bill assumed that his dad had probably been fooling around with different girls for a while. He had certainly married a woman, Kelly, within a year of the divorce. Bill now had a baby half-sister that he saw for a couple of weeks every summer and every fourth weekend.

Bill’s thoughts moved on and he thought about Imogene, how the two of them had virtually grown up together since kindergarten. A few years ago he had been talked into dating her by his mom, how both he and Imogene knew it was a set-up, her being John and Jenny’s daughter — how before the divorce John and Jenny spent so much time with mom and dad. After all dad and John had been partners and saw each other at work, but the families still socialized a lot.

Imogene was a nice girl, a grade ahead of him, but the same age. Back then she didn’t mind telling everyone that she had skipped the fifth grade. Bill had a crush on her when they were little, but their few dates during Bill’s freshman year in high-school didn’t go on past a few pecks on the cheek.

It didn’t help that either Jenny or Sarah always seemed to be there, driving them to a movie, picking them up and driving them home. A few times they had hung out on the weekend. But it was a little forced. Half the time when they went out on their own, riding bikes, Sarah came out of Imogene’s parents’ house just as he tried for a clumsy kiss at the end of the date.

His Mom never explained what she had been doing there, not that he ever asked, some instinct told him never to delve into that subject. Not even while she drove him home after stuffing his bike in the trunk of her car. He and Imogene sort of drifted apart, hung out with different people after a while.

Now, a few years later Imogene seemed a lot more friendly, and he had to admit, flirty. She had been attending the University at Ames for the last school year, but came home a lot of weekends. Now she was home for the summer. He had graduated high school and his job at the local lumber yard had gone to full time for the summer. He wanted to save money for his foray into higher education in the fall.

He had to admit that back in high school Imogene’s nickname of ‘I’m a genius’ fit her most of the time. But now she wasn’t at all stuck up. She was mostly just friendly and fun. She had been sending him friendly little cards and a Ataşehir Escort few full letters since she went to college and this summer she seemed to be going out of her way to spend time with him.

Well, that wasn’t hard, her complexion had cleared up, she had filled out into a very pretty figure, and her face had lost that weird beaky look. His mother had made the comment that her face had finally caught up with her nose. She wouldn’t ever be a movie star or a model but she was cute, and she was smart, and fun to talk to. He had put his arm around her last night at the movie and she snuggled right up to him, her hand on his thigh for entire film.

Bill started to get a semi and his hand found its way into his sweats. He thought about how Imogene’s breasts had looked, how he had peered down the top of her blouse in the darkness of the theater. How when she snuggled up to him the material seemed to poof out a bit and he could see just that little bit further between her boobs. At least when the scene in the movie was bright.

And no-one came out to interrupt as soon as he started a good night kiss. Especially since they stayed in the cab of his pickup. Yes, his. He hadn’t gotten it until he was seventeen, and he had to give his Dad the money he had saved up for a car, but that was so that he wouldn’t take the truck for granted, at least that was what his Dad had told him.

It was a much better truck than what he paid for it. After all Dad was still partners in several dealerships, and the owner of one. It was only a year old when he got it, and had four wheel drive for the winters. That big bench seat and huge leg room was nice too.

He thought that Imogene must have been practicing kissing at the University. And she didn’t block him when his hand slid along her side and up to her breast. She even moved so that he had better access. And moaned her approval.

As he had suspected, she wasn’t wearing a bra. It wasn’t long before she lifted his hand off her breast and guided it under her shirt. It was hard to concentrate on feeling her breasts and nipples when her hand was doing such a good job stroking his cock through his slacks.

She actually had his zipper down and together they were working on his belt when her mother came out the front door and asked if everything was all right. Imogene was panting as she left and told him to be ‘ready’ the next time they got together. He was frustrated at the interruption, but then sex in a pickup truck wasn’t the best way for your first time he guessed.

That was last night, and he had rubbed one out as soon as he got to bed. Now it was Saturday and he was laying on his bed, showered after a half day at the lumber yard and was thinking about masturbating again. Then his Mom came home. He didn’t know where she had been but she came right up the stairs and knocked on his door before pushing it open.

“Hi honey, have you got plans for tomorrow?” His mother asked. She seemed a little flushed and glowing with excitement.

“No Mom, are you OK?”

“I’m fine. I just came back from Ken and Jenny’s place, they say hello by the way.”

“Uh, thanks,” Bill was wondering what was going on. His Mom and Dad used to spend all their spare time, seemingly, with Ken and Jenny before the divorce, he guessed that she still got together with Jenny now and again. He didn’t keep track of them like he used to.

“How would you like to go to the lake tomorrow?” Sarah sat down on Bill’s bed and patted his foot.

“Um, OK, what’s the plan?” Bill answered as his Mom flopped down on his bed and rested her head on his thigh, her body at right angles and her legs hanging over the far side of the double bed. Her breasts stood up, supported by her bra he assumed. He automatically checked her out.

“They got a new pontoon boat, last summer, apparently it’s got all the bells and whistles, it’s huge and even has a small bathroom, uh, head is what Ken called it. And a mini kitchen, galley. Most of it is open, except for the back area with the, uh head, and galley area, but they can rig an awning over the rest. I could use some sun.” She laughed when she said it and sat right up.

“Sounds great,” Bill answered.

His Mom came around to his side of the bed and turned her back to him.

“Sweetheart can you do the zipper, I want a shower. I got all hot and sweaty over there.”

Bill dutifully sat up and reached for her zipper, but first unhooked the latch at the top. As he pulled it down on tab he watched the top of her dress seem to split apart and reveal her back. He saw that only one of the two hooks holding up her bra weren’t connected, and the one that was connected, was hooked through the wrong ring.

She must have been in a hurry to put it on. This wasn’t the first time he had noticed something like that. And he knew that she had plenty of time to get dressed this morning since she was up early enough to make him breakfast before he went to work. And she didn’t have to Kadıköy Escort work today. Where did she get those scratches?

He never really thought about it, and just filed it away as he had been doing since the divorce when he took over the job of doing up or pulling down the zippers on the back of her dresses. She seemed to make a point of asking hm whenever he was around.

Maybe he had gotten old enough to think about things, or it was just the sexy mood he had been in before she came in, but he started to wonder if she might have a lover. He was thinking that she would do up her bra properly unless she was in a hurry.

Sarah left her son’s room and headed into her own to get a change of clothing. On her way back to the bathroom he called out to her. She stuck her head into his room.

“Mom, did you see Imogene?”

“Oh, yes, I was going to tell you, can you go down to the marina at arrowhead lake? She went down earlier to get the boat cleaned up and to make sure the marina people get it out of it’s winter storage and launched. Ken said he was going down as well and could use your help. He said he was going to go by the dealership then swing by here to see if you wanted to go with him.”

With that Sarah headed into the bathroom that she and Bill shared. It was a small house with two bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs and another bedroom downstairs. She used that as an office and Bill had used to do homework there as well.

Bill pulled his khakis on and had just gotten his shoes tied when he heard Ken’s car honk from the driveway, he stuck his head into the bathroom and told his mom that he was leaving. He could see her silhouette through the shower curtain. He watched her for an extra second mentally comparing what he thought her breasts would be like to what he felt of Imogene’s last night.

When Ken and Bill got to the marina, they could see that the pontoon boat had just been floated and Imogene was thanking the workers there for getting it out of the winter storage shed and into the water.

“I used to store the old one in the back lot of the dealership, and trailer it out to the public use ramp and put her in every time we used it. But this one’s a bit bigger and they have covered storage right here at the marina, it cost’s a little more but it’s worth it to have it in the water and ready to go whenever we want.” Ken explained as they parked.

He saw Imogene wave at them as she went to her car to get pails and mop and cleaning gear. Meanwhile the marina crew were towing the pontoon boat over to the slot assigned to Ken.

By sunset the three of them had dusted, mopped, de-cobwebed and made sure that the chemical toilet worked and the tank was prepared. Ken had shown both Bill and Imogene how and where to fill the fuel tanks and got both the outboards to start up.

They took the boat out for a short shakedown and Bill brought it into the slot on the pier after they have filled up the fuel tanks at the gas dock. He and Imogene tied up and shut things down to Ken’s satisfaction.

“Well, I guess you two want to head off in ‘Gene’s car,” Ken said.

“Of course Daddy,” answered Imogene with just a hint of exasperation.

They were both a little grungy and sweaty when Imogene pulled up to a lookout above the lake. They watched the sun go down in silence before Imogene spoke.

“Bill, this has been fun the last few weeks together, but where do you see us going?” Imogene said, with just a little worry in her voice.

Bill sighed. Part of him wanted to get out of the car and bend Imogene over the hood and have his way with her. But he knew that wasn’t the way to act with her. And he knew it wouldn’t work. He chuckled to himself.

“That was kind of an evil sounding laugh, like the villain would use in an old melodrama just before he tried to ravage the heroine.” Imogene said.

“Well to tell the truth, I was thinking along those lines, well not seriously, but ….”

“I hope not seriously, and anyway, I’m tired and grungy, but just what were you thinking, in a strictly hypothetical sense that is.”

Bill laughed. Surely she wouldn’t want to know that he thought.

“You really don’t want to know. And you would probably make me walk home and never talk to me again.”

“Oooooo, now you’ve really got me interested, in the hypothetical sense. I have to know, I promise you can’t shock me.” Imogene almost whispered as she leaned closer to him.

Bill was quiet for a while, but heck, she asked for it.

“I was thinking how you would look naked, on the hood, all spread out.”

“Oh, that would be fun, with the warm engine under my bottom, would you just pull me forward enough that you could just stick your cock in while you stand there? Pull me back and forth? Or make me push and pull myself on and off your cock?”

Bills face went red. Imogene could see it in the post sunset afterglow of the day. She smiled to herself, thinking of all the things she had Ümraniye Escort discovered about sex her first year at the University. She didn’t think Bill had ever had sex with a girl before. But she smiled to herself imagining him masturbating while thinking of her last night. She wanted to ask him. But then would have to admit that she was thinking of him while she did it herself.

“I, uh, I, uh, hadn’t, uh, gone that far.” Bill said blushing even more.

“Did you imagine me with a full bush? Or completely shaven? Or a landing strip? Or just my labia shaved?” As she talked Imogene pushed off her sneakers, each pushed off with the toes of the opposite foot. Bill didn’t notice. She knew they were both grungy, but suddenly she was hot for him.

She was ready for anything, suddenly turned on even more than last night, and she could tell that Bill, even though nervous, was erect under his slacks. She hadn’t felt like it earlier since they were so grungy, but suddenly the thought of doing it out here in the open had her wet.

“Well, I wasn’t sure. I guess with a full one, I was thinking that it would be a little darker than your head hair.” Bill said, now thinking that they were joking.

“I’ve got C cup breasts, I know you liked them from last night? Care to take a bet on how long my nipples stick out when I’m excited?

“I, uh.” He stopped and looked at her. She winked back at him. She was having fun. He hoped she wasn’t making fun of him. Suddenly he thought she was. His face fell. And went completely white. He had been shot down so many times in high-school that he had no confidence.

Imogene saw his face, saw him start to fumble for the latch to open the car door. She remembered him in High School. Just about everyone liked him. But after his parent’s divorce he put on a lot of weight and he knew the girls laughed at him about his weight. Especially the cool girls, so did the guys as well. He had some unflattering nicknames.

She suddenly realized that he didn’t know how buff he looked now. Her Mom had told her earlier that he had finally lost a lot of weight the last semester of high school, but the comment Jenny had used was that he acted as if he was unattractive.

She knew it was easy for her. The summer before College, last summer, her face had cleared up. It seemed to get better every time she fucked a guy. So did her confidence. But she had always been outgoing, while he had been an introvert, always thinking through things.

And in college she fucked a lot. She enjoyed it, she loved it. And now back home she remembered the awkward few dates that the two of them had been coerced into during high school. Her Mom taking pictures of the two of them before going out to a dance, how his Mom would dote on him.

How they both were forced into it because their parents liked each other. Most of all how Bill had always looked at her with such awe, even when her face looked like a pizza and her nose seemed to stick out like the Matterhorn, he was always mooning over her.

Even before that, when their parents were going to some party or function together, His parents would bring him to her house, or hers to his, and one sitter would look after both of them. They got along fine then, when they were little kids. Even took baths together when they were in kindergarten. Her Mom, had pictures to prove it.

She remembered how she figured out what their parents were doing together that was important to have both of them together, so one house or the other was ‘kid free’. He probably never figured it out. His Mom really enjoyed their activities and kept it up for some time after the divorce. She had managed to find out by sneaking out of a sleepover at a friends house once and sneaking into her own home.

But right now she figured that he assumed she was teasing him and that any minute he would find the latch and run. And she didn’t want that, because she wasn’t teasing, well she was, but he was going to be getting a reward for being a good sport. Oh yes, she had planned a reward for both of them now.

She heard the latch click and reached for the dome light, quickly finding the light and switching it so that it wouldn’t come one as the door opened. She got to it in time, just as he spoke.

“OK, I can make it back on my own.” He mumbled as he bailed out of the car.

Meanwhile she leaped out her own door and ran around the back of the car in her socks.

She ran to him and crashed into him, wrapped her arms around him.

“No, No, you’re not getting away, I’m not teasing you. I’m serious. I shouldn’t have been so bold, but you’re such a dunce, I thought after last night you would know how much I like you!” She practically ran the words together she said them so fast.

He stood there. Frozen, not moving.

‘Yes’, she thought to herself, ‘like a dunce. The poor sap. He’s so damn innocent.’ Then she thought as held him tighter, he head turned to the side and tight against his chest, ‘Wow, he is really built, he’s all muscle. That lumber yard has worked wonders with him.’

She felt him run his hand over her hair, down her back. She shivered with desire. Tonight! She thought to herself, sweat and grunge or not, tonight on the hood of the car.

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