The Supermarket Surprise Pt. 02

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As I took the last of my things from the trolley to the checkout counter, a male voice said, “Hello. Fancy seeing you here.”

I looked up to see a face that I recognized from administration in my course. “Hello indeed.”

He only had a few things and by the time I’d packed my stuff up he was packed up too. We walked out together to the parking lot from the air-conditioned supermarket into one of the hottest days for a long time. I was carrying my stuff and he said, “It’s very hot. If you like I can drop you back at your place and save you a walk in this heat.”

“That would be great. It’s just so hot. I’m Jennifer. What’s your name?”


I was in the final year of my psych course and I’d seen Jim around in the office but I don’t think we’d spoken. He was a bit older than me but looked good.

“Would you like to come home with me and have a swim and a cold drink? It’s too hot to do anything in this weather.”

“Sounds like a great idea. The cold drink especially.”

The moment I accepted I knew I should have been a bit more wary. He wasn’t a complete stranger but I hardly knew him and I was accepting to go home with him. He lived in a small house with his brother who had gone off for the weekend. There was a small pool at the back – enough to swim a few strokes and get wet and that’s about all. Jim took two beers out of the fridge and we drank them and then Jim said, “I’ll meet you in the pool.” I went off to change into my two-piece costume which was not a bikini by a long shot. I made sure that no pubic hairs were peeping out and went to the pool and jumped in. Jim was already treading water and we spoke. It must’ve taken me a full two minutes before I realized that he was naked. I couldn’t believe it. The water was clear and I could see his penis clearly. I tried not to register any shock. Jim behaved as if nothing special was happening and we just splashed around for a while. After a while the sun beating down was just too hot and Jim lifted himself out of the pool and dried himself before laying down on the grass facedown. I knew I couldn’t stay in the pool forever and I got out and lay down on my towel next to Jim.

The sun was beating down and I asked Jim about rubbing his back with some sunscreen. He got up to get it and came back and that’s when I saw his penis for the first time. You could tell by demeanor that this was the way he always dressed for the pool, as if everybody did. My eyes were locked on to his penis as he handed me the sunscreen and lay down for me to rub his back. Eventually he rolled over and I put it on his chest and his legs as well. By this time he had a very large erection but it didn’t seem to bother him one little bit that I was looking. He rolled over and I lay down next to him and he asked me whether I would like some sunscreen. He started rubbing my back and my legs and then I rolled over and he rubbed my tummy and my legs and my inner thighs, all the way up to my costume. şişli escort I still had my top on. When his hands started rubbing my inner thighs, I could feel myself getting more and more excited. I tried to stay calm but the alarm bells were ringing that my pussy was getting wet. I had been fingered only a few months previously by a couple of fellows but it wasn’t serious and I never saw them again. The fact was I didn’t like their grubby little fingers in my pussy – I didn’t like them. I wondered what my response would be to somebody that I liked. The dilemma was here and now. I liked Jim. What should I do? What should I do if he started to finger me?

His hand returned to rubbing my stomach and the next thing I could feel his fingers trying to roll my swim shorts down. To let him or not to let him? I hesitated and in that short time my shorts were over my pubic mound and he was motioning me to lift up my bottom so that he could take them off altogether. “You’re still wet.” Jim picked up the towel and began rubbing my pubic hair until it was glistening and dry. I hadn’t demurred in any way and the next thing Jim’s hand was applying for sunscreen between my thighs and his hand was cupping my pussy. He looked at me as if to ask for approval and I looked back giving no answer. It was as good as approval at the next thing I could feel his finger in my slit moving up and down, searching for my clitoris and rubbing on it.

Jim stopped for a moment, lifted me up and undid my top, revealing my breasts. They were largish with a nice shape and my nipples were sticking out as never before. Jim pushed me down again and began sucking on my nipple while his finger kept working its magic between my legs. I had had an orgasm just once before and I could feel myself getting closer to another one. Jim’s finger slipped into my vagina and I went to a new level of heaven. I have no idea why I felt guilty about all this but I did and when my orgasm came, I tried to suppress it. I couldn’t completely stop it but I could sense that it was very small. Jim knew that I had one and he stopped rubbing. I lay there wondering what might happen next. What had happened was not supposed to happen. I’d come for a swim and now I had just had an orgasm. I was a little confused as to what to do next. I liked Jim. He was nice and treated me gently. I was sure he wanted to stick his dick into me. That’s what all men wanted to do. Did I want that to happen? I didn’t know. The more I looked at it, the more the ideas of it penetrating me become attractive. I was still unsure.

“I think I should go home. I’ll get changed.”

“Sure. You should have a shower to wash the chlorine off.”

“Good idea.”

When Jim had spoken to Jennifer at the supermarket he had hoped against hope that she just might come home with him and that he would fuck her. She was no different to every girl that he met. He always weighed up his chances and hoped that he might get his end in. It was a long shot but you never knew. You could never tell when you started off with a girl what would happen. And right now he felt that success might be at hand, or it might not. At least she was smiling at him. He had the feeling that Jennifer was in a quandary what to do. He felt she couldn’t make up her mind whether to let her body rule her mind or her mind rule her body. Her body was sending messages of pleasure and enjoyment and they were encouraging her to continue on.

I got into the shower and so did Jim. I hadn’t expected him to do that. His hands were all over me soaping me everywhere, including between my legs, and I began to get aroused again. I could feel his hard dick touching me from time to time. Was it on purpose or accidental? His hands were everywhere and I was really getting aroused again and then he suddenly bent me over and I could feel his dick entering me. It was what I wanted and what I didn’t want at the same time. Jim was behind me and both his hands were playing with my breasts and then he said, “you’ve got a beautiful bottom.” It was funny because I hadn’t really considered that my bottom was sexy and yet I knew it was. I was quite happy to bend over because I didn’t really understand what was going to happen. Within seconds I could feel the tip of his dick moving up and down between my lips the next thing it was in the vestibule of my vagina. How did he find the entrance so quickly? I felt it slip in and before I knew it he was right in up to the hilt. Oh God. What a beautiful feeling. I asked myself why I had been resisting the inevitable so long and when it happened, was so enjoyable. I kept calculating in my mind whether I was safe or not. I was. Jim came and I felt him spurting into me and I dried myself. He drove me home.

“Could you pick me up again later this afternoon and I could have another swim.” They both knew what she really meant.

Jim came home and had another beer and congratulated himself on another conquest. She was nice and he thought he had pleased her. All things considered, it was one of the best starts to any day he had ever had. Kimberly went home and had a bite to eat. She had every intention of studying but her mind kept contemplating the surprising turn of events in the morning. That morning, when she left home, she had intended to shop and study for the rest of the day. She thought to herself how so many of her expectations had gone pear-shaped that morning. The last thing on her mind was that she would have been fucked by lunchtime.

It was not the only expectation that had gone wrong. She had had some romantic expectations of the way that she would lose her virginity, not that it was important to her, but it was important purely as an event in her development as a woman. She had expected to be wooed and seduced and end up on her back with her legs open looking into the eyes of a man who was about to poke his thing into her bottom. She was looking forward to that, not anxiously, but something that would naturally happen in the course of time. She had taken a photograph of her bottom, just as the man would see her before penetration. She thought she looked attractive.

Instead, it didn’t happen like that at all. There was no romance and the demands of her body had overtaken all her other expectations. The last thing she expected was that she would be fucked doggy style. She didn’t even know what her bottom looked like from behind. How would he find her hole? She had watched porn a few times and seen it happen but it didn’t seem the normal, regular way to her. When his penis touched her in the shower she thought it might happen but it was nevertheless a surprise when she felt it sliding up and down her crack and then suddenly it was opening her up and inside her. The only sensation she could concentrate on was the feeling. She couldn’t see him – just feel his long thing deep inside her and then she felt the pulsing as he emptied himself inside her. She was pretty sure she couldn’t get pregnant and hoped that was truly the case. After what seemed an eternity of pleasure Jim finally pulled out and washed himself in the shower and she did too.

All afternoon she tried to study and lost count of the number of times she just stared into space sucking her pen, unable to concentrate and occasionally thinking that she would be going back for another swim and more fucking. Kimberly had watched porn but not often and then purely to satisfy her curiosity. She had never done it to amuse herself but as the afternoon wore on, she kept looking and looking. She wasn’t sure why she was looking and jumped from here to there and back again. It slowly dawned on her that what had happened that morning had happened without her enjoying it very much but it was becoming apparent, the more she read and looked, that you could really enjoy sex if you did it right. It seemed to her that Jim had enjoyed himself a lot and that she could have a lot more pleasure than she had had. It was all about having orgasms.

Until this point in her life she had rarely taken an interest in sex – it was something to put off for when you got married but those ideas were changing very quickly. She wondered why nobody up to now had explained to her that that little button between her legs was designed for pleasure and nothing but pleasure. She had watched with great interest as two older lesbians had played with each other’s clitoris and how they had moaned. When she came back with Jim, she was going to lead and he was going to concentrate on giving her pleasure. It was a simple plan – she would go over and have another swim and then come out and lie in the sun and give Jim her vibrator. She didn’t care whether he got a surprise and if he didn’t know, she would show him how to use it. Next she would encourage him to go down on her and lick her clitoris and give her an orgasm and then as a reward she would give him the fuck of his life.

It all went to plan and her visits for a swim became a regular thing. And of course, so did the fucking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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