The Surprise Visit

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We met online. I got a wild hair and I visited KinkFo on Craigslist. I was intrigued by the fo, so I created a handle and started posting. I put my favorite picture up in my profile. It’s a great shot of my ass. You emailed me about the pic and it snowballed from there.

We emailed tons every day. We talked on the phone a few times. You sent me naughty pics and videos from your phone. I took more pics and sent them to you, too. A nice fling we were having, but I wanted something more. So I hopped on a flight.

I took a plane from Ohio to Oregon. I left my kids and husband behind to explore myself for a few days. Visiting a few friends is on the agenda as well. I land in Oregon and call you. It is after school and you’re at practice. You answer the phone for me, though. I tell you taht I’m in your town and your gobsmacked. You tell me to not move, you’re coming to pick me up. I tell you not to worry, I have a rental car and I have something to do before we meet. You agree and give me directions to your house in a beach town over an hour away. We make plans to meet in a few hours.

I call my girl friend, S. She gives me directions to her place, so I head out of the airport. Her hubby has taken their kids out to the park so us girls can chat and so I can get ready. I tell her about my call to you. She gets excited for me and helps me prepare.

An hour later, I’m on my way to the beach. I find it quickly and locate the spare key. I let myself in and I lean against the doorway leading to the living room. This is it. I take a deep breath and try to calm my nerves when I hear a car door slam.

I hear your keys in the lock and you come rushing in. “Are you here?!” you shout as you fumble with your keys, extracting them from the lock. You look up to see me in the archway. You take 3 strides over to pull me into your arms. You kiss me like you are starving for me. I start to tremble. You just can’t stop kissing me, assaulting my lips and tongue with yours. You finally break our kiss and drop your bag. Taking my hand, you lead me through the living room and into the bedroom.

Entering the bedroom, I see your bed on the right. On the wall to the left is your dresser and desk. In front of us is the biggest window I’d ever seen. Outside the window I see the rippling ocean and crashing waves. The Pacific Ocean is stunning. You watch me as I gaze at the sun setting, making the most brilliant shades or orange and yellow on the water.

I feel your presence behind istanbul escort me. I can feel the heat of your body on mine and we aren’t touching. Your breath is on the back of my neck and you whisper to me, “You are so gorgeous” as you place your hands on my shoulders.

I can’t believe I’m here. All thoughts then leave my head as you move your hands to my hips. You’re kissing my neck as you tell me how beautiful I am. “Baby, I can’t believe you are here and that I finally have my hands on you” you whisper as you take my left ear lobe between your lips.

My eyes start to drift close as your hands leave my hips and start unbuttoning my blouse. I open my eyes and see you watching me in the window. The sight before me is so hot, I can’t tear my gaze away as you unbutton the last button.

You slide the shirt away from my breasts and down my arms. My breasts are overflowing the black lacy cups of my bra and your breath catches. “Such a good little slut” you murmur as you trace the edge of the lace. My head falls back against your chest and a sigh escapes my lips. “Did I say you could make noise?” you snap as you yank my head up.

“N-n-n-no” I whimper.

“Keep your mouth shut” you growl in my ear.

Your hand glides down my stomach and you trace around the edge of my jeans. Finally, you unbutton them and peel them down my legs. I lift up my right foot and you slide my shoe off my foot. You caress my foot while whispering, “Poor baby, those heels have been on far too long.” You stop rubbing my foot and move to the other shoe. You slide that shoe off and caress my foot. You stop after a few blissful moments and remove my jeans.

As I stand in front of the window, clad in black panties and black lace bra, you take out the camera and start snapping photos. Content with about a dozen, you set the camera down. You move back to me and I turn to face you. You growl at me to turn back around. I pout, but do as you say.

“Awww, look at my pouting cockslut” you say as you unhook my bra. My breasts spill out and you lick your lips. “What does my little slut want?” you ask as you pull the bra from my arms.

“I want to touch you. To fuck you. To have you fuck me” I gasp as you grab a nipple and start to pinch.

“You’ll get your chance, slut, not to worry” you say as you trail kisses down my spine.

My panties are dripping as you trace your tongue around the top edge of my panties. You turn me around so you are face to face with my escort bayan pussy. You lick your lips, take a deep breath and look up at me. I’m biting my lip so I don’t pant out loud. I’m so turned on, my pussy is throbbing and quivering. “All right, slut, you may now move” you say standing up.

I wrap my arms around your neck and tilt my head so I can kiss your lips. You move your head and the kiss deepens. I moan and you start grinning. I unwrap my arms and reach down to the bottom of your t-shirt. I pull it up and off your body. I lick my lips as I take in the sight of your hot body. “You are so fucking hot, master” I say and run my hands across your stomach and chest.

Placing my trembling hands on your shoulders, I stand up on my toes to kiss your lips again. I trail my kisses down your neck, all over your chest and down your stomach. Through the thin material of your shorts, I can see the outline of your pulsating cock. My mouth starts to water and I grin devilishly. I look up at you. Your eyes are hooded and glazed. I pull out the waistband of your shorts and your cock jumps. I pull them down just enough so all that is sticking out is the head. I stick out my tongue and catch the drip of precum. I look up and you are captivated.

You step out of your shorts, your cock throbbing, and you’re muttering how you can’t take it any more. I giggle and you shoot me a look telling me to shut up. My mouth falls open. You are much bigger than I thought. “Perfect” you breathe as your eyes are locked on my open mouth. You grab the back of my head and force your cock into my mouth. I look up at you and you grown. “I love it when you look up at me. I love the way my cock looks in your hot little mouth” you groan. Not missing a beat, I grab your camera and hand it to you. You take just a few pictures before you close your eyes, groan, and then shoot your hot cum into my eager mouth and throat. I can’t catch it all so it drips out of my mouth and onto my chin and breasts.

Your cock pops out of my mouth and I lick my lips. You reach down and with your finger, you wipe the cum off my chin and breasts. I stick out my tongue and take your finger into my mouth. You groan and pull me to my feet.

You lead me over to the bed. I crawl onto the bed, almost making it to the headboard when you grab my ankle and pull me back to you and the edge of the bed. “Nice try, slut” you say as you pull me to my feet. You sit on the edge of the bed and pull my panties off.

Now Kartal escort exposed to your mouth and fingers, you lightly blow on my erect clit. I shudder and moan softly. “Such a pretty pussy my little cumslut has” you murmur.

“Th-th-thank you, sir” I reply, shaking as your thumb lightly grazes over my clit.

“What do you want? you ask.

“I w-want you to lick and finger fuck my pussy” I reply with a pant. With a little grin, you pat my butt and push me down onto the bed.

You spread my legs and run your tongue up the length of my slit. “Mmmmm. Your pussy tastes sweeter than I could ever have imagined” you say as you take my pussy lips into your mouth. I can’t even form words, so I nod my head and pant.

You begin the assault on my pussy. You slip two fingers inside me and lap at my slit like a cat at a bowl of milk. I’m thrashing around on the bed as I am hit with a huge orgasm. My eyes close and I see stars. I’m loudly moaning your name while you are hanging on to my hips, still licking me.

I feel you move on the bed. Before I can catch my breath and open my eyes, your cock is sliding into my soaking wet pussy. My eyes snap open and the look on your gorgeous face is indescribable to me. Your cock is filling me up, I arch up to meet you thrust for thrust. You slow down and pull out. You lay down and I take my cue and climb on top of you. I slide your cock inside me and start to grind on you. “Turn around, slut, I want to see your ass” you snap. I do as I’m told and turn around. I slide your cock inside my pussy once again, but this time, you have a nice view of my ass and back. I’m bouncing around on you and grinding and playing with your balls. Then I feel it. You have a wet finger against my ass.

I gasp and my head falls back. You grin and say, “I am going to be the first to play in your ass and you will like it, my cock slut.”

“O-o-okay.” I stammer.

“Relax for me, baby, it will be okay, I promise.” you say.

With one hand, you are lifting my bottom up a little. With the other hand, you are teasing my ass hole. I begin to relax. You notice and you slide in the tip of your finger. I involuntarily tighten up and a moan escapes my lips. “See, baby, I told you that you’d like it” you say with a devilish grin. I relax again and you push your finger in deeper.

“Oh, God, I love it!” I moan in between pants. I start bouncing up and down. The feeling of your cock in my pussy and your finger in my ass makes me cum in a heap of sweating, gasping, twitching, hot mess. One last little bounce and you cum deep in my pussy. I lift up and plop back on a pillow next to you. We don’t speak, we just enjoy the stickiness. We smile at each other, cuddle together, and fall fast asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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