The Truth Will Come Out Pt. 01

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I’ve had number of stories published on here, some are based on fantasies and some on part truths, with a slight bit of embellishment here and there. This story, however, is one hundred percent true and something I’ve always wanted to put down in words. I have of course changed the names, just to be on the safe side, you never know who could be reading!

My girlfriend Samantha (Sam), who I’m glad to say is now my wife of many years, had booked to go on holiday to Spain with her best friend before we had met. We were both besotted with each other and having recently taken each others virginities, and unable to keep our hands off each other, I had no qualms about her going away for a couple of weeks without me.

I knew I would miss her like crazy, but was happy in the knowledge that I could take care of myself in the meantime. This was way before the dawn of camera phones, but she managed to take some nice sexy pictures of herself to help me on my way. I sometimes wonder what it must have been like working in a photo developing shop back in those days, you certainly must have been privvy to a lot of personal pictures. Anyway, I digress.

The two weeks seemed like an absolute eternity to me. I think I pretty much masturbated every day thinking about Sam and her beautiful body and tight pussy that I was still getting to know. Bizarrely I found myself fantasising about her having sex with other men whilst she was away, and although I couldn’t genuinely imagine anything worse, it made me horny as hell.

On the day they were due back, I had arranged to get her friends boyfriend and pick them up from the airport. We parked up and made our way to the departure lounge, both really keen to get re-acquainted with our other halves. The flight was actually on time, so that was a good start. It wasn’t long before we saw them both heading towards us with their cases on a trolley.

Sam looked as gorgeous as ever with a deep tan and her dark curly hair tied back behind her head. She had a yellow vest top and a short skirt on, showing off her lovely legs. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them and explore my way to her white bits. I sincerely hoped she had some, I didn’t think it likely she would have been sunbathing naked, but a nice thought nonetheless.

I was expecting Sam to bounce up to me, as excited to see me as I was her. That wasn’t the case though, if anything both her and her friend Jenny looked decidedly frosty. As they reached us, I took hold of Sam and gave her a big hug, which wasn’t exactly reciprocated. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and she seemed to freeze a little before pulling away.

“Is everything okay?” I asked, letting go of her and feeling a little uncomfortable as to her reaction.

“Yeah of course, just tired. Had a late night and had to be up early for the flight home.”

“One last big night out was it?” I joked.

“Er yeah, something like that,” she replied, not looking me in the eye.

There was definitly something amiss here, but I decided not to push it. If she had been on a final night blowout, she probably was just hungover and tired. I decided to accept that as the most likely situation and left it at that.

We drove back home, but it was weirdly quiet in the car, with only a few one or two word answers when I asked questions about the trip. I could tell her friend Jenny was acting the same way in the back with her boyfriend. It was all very odd, they were not the bubbly chatty pair they had been before they went and I had an uneasy feeling.

Having dropped the other guys off, we made our way back to Sam’s house. Her parents were on holiday, although her younger sister, Trisha, was at home. Trisha was waiting in the kitchen when we got there and I noticed Sam run straight to her and give her a huge hug and burst into tears. Trisha looked at me inquisitively, assuming something was up, possibly caused by me, which of course wasn’t the case. I shrugged my shoulders to indicate I had no idea what was going on.

Whilst Trisha was consoling Sam I made my way to the kitchen and made us all some sandwiches to give them time and ponder what was up. The girls eventually appeared and we sat around the dining table to eat. Trisha gave me a look to suggest she wasn’t quite sure what was going on either. Trisha had only come back from her own holiday a week earlier, so began regaling us with tales regarding her friend Nikki who had gone with her, to try and change the mood.

“I couldn’t believe it, she met up with this guy on the second night we were there and stayed in his room with him. Apparently she wanked him off,” she said taking a mouthful of her sandwich, “she’d only met him a few hours earlier.”

I had never heard Trisha use this kind of language and it nearly caused me to choke on my food. I have to say that it also made me feel quite horny. I noticed that Sam was keeping her head down and not saying a lot.

Trisha carried on. “They were pretty much inseperable most of the holiday. She even fucked him in our escort bayan bursa room. I wasn’t there of course,” she quickly added.

I couldn’t believe I was hearing her talk like this. She generally came across as extremely innocent, although as she and her boyfriend had got together the same time as Sam and me, I’m guessing she probably wasn’t as innocent as I suspected. She then went on to say how unfair it was on Nikki’s boyfriend, but Nikki had told her it was just a holiday romance and nothing more, you were only young once and all that sort of stuff. Trisha said she had felt like a spare part and spent most of the holiday with a group of other girls, but hadn’t cheated on her boyfriend and seemed quite upset about Nikki’s behaviour.

Sam mainly nodded in agreement but didn’t have much to say on the subject and after a bit more talk of Trisha’s holiday, Sam said she wasnt going to have a shower and headed off upstairs.

Once she’d gone her sister came and sat next to me.

“What’s going on with Sam?” she asked. “She’s acting really strange. Has she told you anything?”

“Nothing at all Trish. Jenny was acting the same way. Something is not right but I don’t know what.”

“Hmmm,” murmed Trisha as she took a slurp of her tea. “You don’t think she, you know met someone else do you, I mean it didn’t take Nikki long when we were away. I got plenty of attention but didn’t do anything, as tempting as it might have and Sam hasn’t exactly been short of attention since she started work.”

Of course I already been thinking exactly the same thing and as I had met Sam at work, I knew only too well that there were others that would jump at the chance of asking her out if we weren’t together, or in some cases even if we were.

“I really don’t know, I can’t even bear to think about to be honest, but yeah I guess it would make sense,” I sighed in resignation knowing it was a definite possibility and would explain her mood. “Do you think I should ask her?”

Trisha looked uncertain, “Wait until she’s out of the shower and go upstairs and see how she is. Don’t know if you should ask her outright if she met someone. You’ve not had a chance to really be alone with her yet, so just try and find out what’s going on and see if she opens up. It’s not fair on you,” Trisha said putting her hand on my thigh touching bare skin as I was wearing shorts. I felt a jolt of something that I knew I shouldn’t be feeling.

I quickly got up, leaving Trisha a little surprised. I grabbed the plates off the table and took them over to the sink. I then heard the bathroom door open and listened as Sam went to her bedroom on the top floor of the house.

“Okay, I’m going to go and speak to her,” I told Trisha.

“Good luck, I hope it’s nothing that can’t be sorted. You know where I am if you need me,” she replied with a smile.

I wasn’t quite sure what she meant by that, presumably just to chat though. My mind was already racing with mixed emotions, and Trisha’s touch on my leg had thrown in a few more for good measure. Trisha was a good looking girl, but she was also my beautiful girlfriends little sister so I’d never seen her as anything else. Best not to dwell on that right now though.

I made way up the stairs to Sam’s bedroom, where the door was slightly ajar. I could hear her moving about so I knocked on the door, which made it feel like I was going to a job interview not to see my girlfriend, and poked my head around it. Sam seemed to jump a little. She was getting dressed and had just put on her bra and knickers. She looked stunning with her dark wavy wet hair hanging down over shoulders. Sam seemed a little flustered and grabbed her dressing gown to cover herself up and wrapped her hair in a towel.

Was she trying to hide something? She usually had no problem with me seeing her naked. I knew I had to find out what was going on here, whether I liked the outcome or not. Sam tied the belt on her gown and went and sat on her bed.

“Can I join you?” I asked cautiously.

“Sure,” Sam nodded and I went and sat beside her, neither of us touching each other.

This was all new to me and I really didn’t know what to do, but knew we couldn’t sit there in silence.

“Sam, what’s going on? You clearly aren’t yourself, or at least how you were before you went away. Jenny was also acting weird with James. I need to know what’s happened.”

Sam looked me in the eye, finally, and I could see apprehension there as if she was having an internal battle with herself. She took hold of my hand and I could see tears welling up in her eyes, but she said nothing. I waited there for a minute or two letting her entwine her fingers in mine.

“Samantha please talk to me, tell me what”s wrong,” I begged her.

She still said nothing but suddenly grabbed me in a fierce embrace and kissed me like it was the first time all over again for us. Her mouth was ravenous and hungry, and she pulled me down onto the bed and lay on top of me. We must have been like bursa sinirsiz eskort this for a good three or four minutes, just kissing each other, tongues exploring each others mouths as though our lives depended on it.

It would be fair to say at that point my cock was absolutely solid and I could already feel it dribbling. I was desperate for her to grab hold of it, I knew she could feel it digging into her. She didn’t though, but I was so turned on I moved my hand inside her dressing gown and began to massage her firm backside. As I tried to move my hand around the front, Sam suddenly pulled away and sat up.

My erection vanished as quickly as it had appeared and I felt it going soft and sticky inside my shorts. I sat up next to Sam, both of us breathing heavily.

“Do you want me to wank you off?” she suddenly asked me, rather sheepishly.

“Of course I would, I’ve missed you so much,” I answered breathlessly.

Sam asked me to take my shorts and pants off, which I quickly did. We then lay down on the bed next to each other. Sam started to caress my flaccid cock, which didn’t stay that way very long. I went to put my hand inside Sam’s gown but she moved it away.

“I’ll just do you if that’s okay?” she said.

“Of course,” I replied a little disappointed. Truth be told I was desperate to feel her body and explore every inch of her.

Sam held my cock just how I liked and began to work my shaft with long slow hand movements. I’d really missed this. I could feel my balls tightening and was sure I wouldn’t be able to hold out too long, but wanted to savour every moment.

“I met someone else,” Sam suddenly blurted out.

“What?!?” I exclaimed. My cock suddenly softening as my brain tried to compute what she had just said and also the timing of it as she was wanking me off.

“On holiday, I met someone else,” she relpied, with a genuine hint of sadness in her voice. I moved slightly away, stunned into silence as Sam let go of my cock.

“Say something, please,” she begged and I could see tears welling up in her eyes again.

“I don’t know what you want me to say. I’m not sure why you’d even tell me this,” I replied, grabbing my pants and shorts.

“Don’t,” said Sam grabbing my arm.

“Don’t what?” I answered, trying to get away and compute this information.

“Don’ put your clothes back on. I want to touch you.”

“This is really weird Sam, I don’t know what’s going on here. When you say you’ve met someone what exactly do you mean?” I asked her putting my clothes back down.

“Well there were two guys actually,” she said looking at me with trepidation on her face.

“Jesus Sam, this just get’s worse, did you actually do anything with them?” I asked not really wanting to know the answer, but my cock betraying me otherwise as it twitched slightly.

“Do you really want to know?” Sam said.

Part of me most certainly didn’t want to know, but another part of me most certainly did. My emotions were clashing inside my head, but it was the feeling down below that won out. I nodded.

“Okay, but if this upsets you please tell me, but believe me I never set out to do anything or to hurt you, you must know that?” she implored me, but it was already a bit late for that. I didn’t say anything and just folded my arms so she took that as a sign to continue.

“Well not much happened with the first lad. We were on one of those pub crawls on the second night…..”

“Second night! You didn’t waste any time did you?” I exclaimed moodily.

“I know, I’m sorry, but it was such a great atmosphere. We’d been doing party games and I got paired up with this lad and nearly everyone around us was getting off with someone so it just sort of happened.”

“What did?” I asked, probing for a response that I wasn’t sure I wanted to hear.

“We went round the side of the bar where it was bit quieter and started kissing.”

Those emotions were going wild again, my girlfriend cheating on me filled me with rage, but it also made me so horny and my cock was now semi hard, which Sam had noticed.

“We were only kissing for a couple of minutes and I felt him tensing up and making noises.”

“Noises? What sort of noises?” I asked.

“Basically he’d just cum… his pants,” she answered, suddenly bursting into a fit of giggles.

“Wait, he came without you even touching him?” I said, slightly disbelievingly.

She assured me that was the case, that she hadn’t touched him down there. She admitted that he had his hand up her top playing with one of her breasts and she could feel his cock pushing into her belly. Even I started to laugh a little at this, Sam causing him to blow this load in this way. In fairness I could well imagine her having this affect on someone.

As Sam now seemed to feel a little more comfortable she reached over and took my now very hard cock in her hand and started to stroke me again.

“That wasn’t so bad was it?” she asked apologetically. escort bayan I’d been on a lads holiday the year before so I knew how things worked, albeit I had no such luck myself. Whilst this incident was a bit upsetting, but passable, I had a bad feeling worse was to come, if you’ll excuse the ill timed pun.

“I guess not, I mean it is pretty funny that he came in his pants,” I laughed relaxing a little.

“Yeah, he was staying at our hotel as well, he look really embarrassed anytime I saw him and didn’t speak to me again.”

“So, what about the other one then, what happened there?” I asked, bracing myself.

“I want to be open with you, if that’s okay?” she said.

I wasn’t sure I liked the sound of that. I suppose years later when I’ve read agony aunt columns they say you shouldn’t share your guilt, better to leave these things unsaid if it was just a holiday fling, but turns out it was more than that.

“Well I ended up spending the second week with…..”

“Don’t tell me his name,” I jumped in, thinking that would make it more real.

“Sorry. Well we spent the second week together and he wants to carry on seeing me now we’re home. He lives in North London so not that far away.”

There was the bombshell.

“Say something,” she begged as squeezed my cock which was now beginning to soften once again.

“I don’t know what to say,” I answered with a tine of resignation. “Do you want to see him again?”

“No…..I don’t know, I think I just wanted it to be a holiday thing, but he says he wants to write or call to see if we can…….”

“Can what?” I asked, wanting to know exactly what he was after.

“See each other, you know as boyfriend and girlfriend.”

“Great, and is that what you want?” I said accusingly, assuming it was. At this point I pulled away from Sam and got myself dressed.

“I honestly don’t know. I love you and I did miss you I promise.”

“Obviously not that much,” I replied angrily. “So what exactly did you and whoever he was get up to then?”

Sam looked decidely nervous at that question and spoke very softly.

“What I do with you,” she replied.

“Just now? So you wanked him off is that it?”

Sam bowed her headly sadly.


“How many times?” I demanded to know, genuinely not understand why I would put myself through this.

“Four times.”

“Anything else?”

“We slept together a couple of times, I mean in the same bed, nothing more,” Sam looked away as she said this, making me suspect there was more to it.

“Did he touch you?” I asked her, full well knowing the answer.

“Yes, he fingered me whilst I was….well you know,” she replied.

“And he had a nice cock for you to play with did he?” I said angrily.

“Erm, well it was a bit bigger than yours I guess, but nothing special,” she quickly added.

Of course he had a bigger cock than me, way to knock my confidence Sam. This was messing me up big time and again I had feelings of disgust, but yet this was turning me on and all I wanted to do was rip Sam’s clothes off and fuck her like I’d never fucked her before. Why would knowing she’d done things with someone else turn me on so much, it made no sense. Even her almost inadvertently mocking the size of my cock, which I knew wasn’t the biggest, turned me on.

“Okay, what now?” I said getting up and going over to look out of the window.

“I just need some time that’s all, to decide what I want.”

“Who… mean,” I said accusingly, without turning back to look at her.

I heard her make a noise in acknowledgement.

“Yes I guess so,” she said, genuinely sounding torn. “I’m so sorry I really didn’t know this would happen and I feel horrible for doing this to you.”

“Did you enjoy it?” I demanded to know.


“Did you enjoy letting him finger you and playing with his cock?” I demanded to know, again feeling a stirring below as she spoke. I really needed to cum, but didn’t want to do it with Sam right then, she needed to make that choice before I let her touch me again.

“Yes, yes I did. I’m so sorry,” she said with a sniffle.

I suppose being virgin’s when we met and had opened a sexual awakening in her, I already knew that, but wished it hadn’t led her to someone else. I really didn’t want to lose her, but I couldn’t let her have cake and eat it so she would have to decide. I knew if she picked me I would come running.

I went back and sat in the bed with Sam and we just held hands for a little while. I really didn’t know what to say. Eventually Sam told me she was really tired and wanted to have a sleep. She asked me to stay with her but I needed my own space to process what I’d heard and left her to fall asleep. Once she was out of it I made my way back downstairs.

When I got to the kitchen Trisha was just heading in from the back garden where she’d been hanging out washing. She could see I wasn’t right and asked me what had happened. I left some of the finer details out, but told her about Sam going with two other lads and now not being sure if she wanted to carry on seeing one of them, or me.

“I can’t believe she’d do that to you, it doesn’t sound like her at all, but explains why she was acting so weird when she got home,” Trisha said trying her best to comfort me.

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