The Vacation from Hell Pt. 03

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Copyright (c) 2018 James Miehoff, All Rights Reserved.

This work may not be published whether for fee or free without this copyright.


This is one of a series of stories set in what I call Universe-J. Universe-J is very much like this universe with a few exceptions.

First the people tend to be a little more sexual and less hung up on sex that they are in our universe. This does not mean that monogamy is the exception. James and Heather were monogamous for a significant amount of time before they “accidentally” swapped partners.

Second the repercussions of unprotected sex are less severe than our universe. Not to say that STDs and unexpected pregnancies don’t occur, just that they occur less frequently and in the case of STDs, a good shot of antibiotic will put you right again. HIV has yet to be introduced so STDs aren’t a death sentence there.

Lastly, pedophilia and incest (which I will not be writing about) are virtually unknown. Children are to be protected and loved not abused. When they reach the age of consent, they can join in the adult games if they so desire, but there is no pressure on them to do so.


This is the third part of the three part story, ‘The Vacation from Hell’. If you haven’t read the first two parts I strongly urge you to read them, otherwise much of what is discussed won’t make much sense.


Chapter 22 – A Day at Sea is a Day to See

On the second sea day, Heather and I headed up to the lido deck after our massages.

She was wearing her red, white and blue string bikini and I was wearing a non-descript pair of board shorts. As we walked near the bar, I saw two gorgeous ladies sitting in string bikini tops with their backs to us. The lines of their curves were achingly beautiful.

I was definitely glad I was wearing very loose board shorts. There was nowhere to hide the erection that was forming.

As I stared at the backs of those visions of loveliness, I noticed Lilly and Frank sitting next to them. It was Cheryl and Sheryl. I nudged Heather and we went over to say hi.

When we got closer I could see that Cheryl was wearing a sheer white wraparound sarong around her waist and Sheryl was wearing a dark blue one around hers. Sheryl had hers tied strategically so that her thigh poked out and it was impossible to tell if she was wearing the suit bottom that should go with the top.

Just as we got up to the table a young lady in a “Camp something unintelligible” shirt and a short skirt came up to the kids and asked if they were ready for their afternoon activity.

“Hurray,” said Lilly. “Mommy, can me and Frank go play?”

“Yes you may,” Cheryl said. “But you have to listen to Miss Linda and Miss Joyce or you can’t go tomorrow.”

“We’ll be good Mommy,” said Frank. Cheryl just waved and blew them each a kiss.

When Cheryl turned to Sheryl, she saw us and jumped, startled.

“Oh, sorry! I didn’t see you guys,” she said breathlessly and Sheryl chuckled.

“We were just coming up here to see what was going on this afternoon,” said Heather. “And we saw you sitting here and came by to say hi.”

I saw Lauren and waved at her and she headed over too.

Once the kids were out of earshot Cheryl leaned over to Heather and asked, “Continuing our discussion from last night, did you really mean it when you said you liked getting fucked in the ass?”

“Well” started Heather, “I didn’t really care for it a lot for a long time. I used to do it just to make James happy. But over the last couple of years, I’ve had a couple of good teachers in Sissy and Lauren. Both of them really get into it when they are in the mood.”

Lauren jumped in, “It’s one of those things. You have to be in the mood. Guys are always in the mood. But girls like to have variety. Sometimes I just want it because it feels ‘nasty’ and I’m in a nasty mood. And sometimes when my lover slides a finger in and is gentle and touches me just right, I’ll get in the mood. But you can’t do it fast. You need a slow gentle lover the first few times and despite the pornos where they just bend the girl over and stick it in. That is not the way to go. Slow and gentle and smooth is the key. Plus it actually feels much better missionary style the first few times. The angle of their dangle fits your anatomy better or something.”

Cheryl looked thoughtful and then said, “Sheryl has been after me about it ever since I told her that was why my ex left me. I still don’t see the appeal in it, but if it makes the guys happy, I guess I’m willing to try it.”

Sheryl leaned into the conversation and said, “I’ve been trying to explain it to Cheryl for the last couple of days and Lauren has just given the best explanation I’ve ever heard.”

Feeling left out, I offered, “Part of it is that the area around the asshole is just full of nerves. One article I read said that there are more nerves in the area around and just inside the anus than there are around a woman’s clitoris. So if mobil porno they are played with the right way, it can cause an anal orgasm.”

Lauren got a big grin and said, “I don’t know about the number of nerves, but if I get stroked the right way, I can have an orgasm that leaves me shaking like I’m having a fit. Rick is good and I love having his dick up my ass. But if you want the best, ask Heather if you can borrow James.”

Cheryl blushed and said, “I already owe Heather way too much for letting us borrow James on the day we left.”

About then I lost the thread of the conversation.

I still couldn’t figure out if Sheryl was wearing a string bikini and the string was under the knot of the sarong or if she was up on deck bottomless just flaunting her coochi. I must have been staring hard enough for her to feel it. She discretely adjusted the wrap to show me a teeny thong that was slipped perfectly between her pussy lips and glistening with pearls of her love juices. There was no mistaking the little smile she flashed me as she saw my dick throb under my swim suit or maybe it was just her nipples trying to burrow through the sheer fabric of her tops.

Before my head (either one) exploded I said, “What is everybody drinking? I’ll go fetch a round.”

Three pina coladas, a cuba libre and a JD on the rocks appeared on the bar and I shuttled them to the table where the girls were busy giggling and whispering like teenagers. I stood alongside the table (did I mention it was one of those tall ones) sipping my drink and admiring the hot women next to me.

Suddenly Heather snapped her fingers in front of my face saying, “Wake up Zoned Ranger. You have a quest.”

“???” said my face.

Heather lowered her voice conspiratorially and said, “You are going to take these fine ladies back to our room and show them a good time, while Lauren and I go to her balcony, take our tops off and get some sun on our poor pale girls.”

Heather was right about the zoning out. I had been having a very lovely daydream about all the wonderful things that can be done with a pair of identical twins.

“Well then, drink up ladies and we shall endeavor to show you a good time,” I said.

The four of them just looked down at their empty glasses and back at mine.

“Fine” I said and chugged the rest.

After the coughing passed, I held out my elbows and said, “Ladies, shall we?”

The each grabbed an elbow and we headed off to the room.

Once we got to the room, I had to endure a double dose of, “Oh my fucking gawd, who did you sleep with to get this room?”

They went nuts looking at everything and I was just about to show Sheryl the balcony when a blood curdling scream from Cheryl made us both run to the bathroom.

“This is bigger than the bathroom in my house,” Cheryl said. “It’s got a fucking hot tub and a bidet and, and, and, it’s amazing. I’m speechless.”

Sheryl gave me a hug and said, “It is amazing. I have only been on one other cruise and it was never this nice. How did you get this place?”

I explained about the upgrades due to the other ship and the hurricane. After I got done, Cheryl was just standing looking around so I stepped up to her and pulled her to me and kissed her. There is nothing like the feeling when a beautiful woman melts into you while you are kissing her. We just kissed for an eternity when I ran my hand up her back and untied her bikini top and slid a hand around to cup her breast.

I felt some fingers fumbling with the buttons on my shirt and when they were done, I leaned back and slipped the shirt to the floor. Cheryl had removed her top by the time I went back for another kiss and I leaned my bare chest into hers.

We kissed like that for a few moments until I reached around, grabbed her ass and lifted her up and gently place her sideways on the bed. Sliding down I kissed my way down her body until I could grab her bikini bottoms and slide them down until her legs were free.

At that point, I spread her legs and buried my face in her pussy. She gasped as my tongue slid between her pussy lips and violated her inner sanctum, or as much of it as my tongue could penetrate. She tasted delicious and ready.

While I busied myself with Cheryl’s pleasure, Sheryl came around behind me and bent down to hug me. I could feel her naked tits press on my back as her hands gently slipped my shorts down. She reached around and grabbed my erection and began to slowly jack me off.

Just as I slid two fingers into Cheryl’s snatch she arched her back and began to shake. Her hips began to buck and she grabbed my head and ground it into her crotch. She must have been wound up pretty tight because her orgasm went on and on. Finally, she slumped back down on the bed and began to purr.

Once she released her grip on my head I began to work the two fingers into her pussy again and ran my tongue up and down her pussy paying special attention to the little nub at the top of the lick. As she began to alman porno climb orgasm hill I let some spit slide down her taint and rubbed it in circles around her rosebud with my thumb.

When I could just start to feel her cunt muscles begin to squeeze my fingers I slowly began to slide my thumb into her ass just as she started bucking her hips again. Once in, I began to make circular motions with my thumb and rubbing my thumb and two fingers together.

With my tongue attacking her clit and my fingers and thumbs attacking her holes she began to scream between her clenched teeth, “Oh, you are in my ass aren’t you? That feels so good. What did you just doooooo? Oh my gawd I’m coming.”

Like Duh! She started humping my hand and face and thrashing from side to side until finally she arched her back off the bed and screamed. I mean really screamed. They probably heard her two decks down at the front of the ship. Her bucking hips had become random thrashings and her screams had just become guttural moaning when she suddenly flopped back on the bed and lay still.

I looked up to see if she was ok and I heard her say softly, “Please don’t stop. I want more. Please. Please. Please.”

The rest was cut off when Sheryl climbed up on the bed and smothered her face with kisses.

A moment later I heard Cheryl quietly say, “Please I want to kiss his penis. Please let me up to kiss his penis”

And then Sheryl’s voice, “You mean you want to suck his cock?”

“Yes,” said Cheryl “I want to to ki suck his c-cock. I want to suck his cock.”

At that, I removed my fingers and stood up. I grabbed Cheryl’s hips and pulled her to the edge of the bed and slid my cock into her in one stoke.

“No, No, No,” she said, “I want to suck your cock. Not have you fuck me. Please let me suck your cock.”

“You will baby,” I said pulling out and climbing up onto the bed. “I just wanted to give it some flavor for you”.

As I bent over to suck her nearest nipple she rolled off the bed and positioned herself kneeling on the floor between my legs. She grabbed my cock and began to lick the head. Sheryl rolled of the bed after giving me a quick kiss and positioned herself behind Cheryl and started doing something that got Cheryl moaning on my cock.

I was just getting into it when Cheryl pulled off my cock with her eyes wide open. That lasted just a second and she was back trying to see how deep she could take my cock. I forgot about it as my cock hit the back of her throat.

It was starting to feel too good when Cheryl again pulled her head up and looked me in the eyes and said, “I want your cock in me”.

Always willing to help a princess out, I rolled off the bed as she climbed up and lay on her back.

I slid down to get some more of her sweet pussy flavor on my tongue when I saw the red butt plug in her ass.

“So that’s why the wide eyes,” I thought to myself as I applied my tongue to her slit.

“Oh please I want you to fuck me,” she said.

“I will baby,” I said “You got me so hot, I need to cool down and taste your sweet honey pot or I’ll go off as soon as I slide into you.”

It didn’t help that Sheryl was right next to me with her hands all lubed up stroking my dick. Baseball. Popcorn. Hard Math problems.

I applied my tongue and focused on her clit instead of my dick and began to twist the butt plug and pull it part way out and let it slide back in. Sheryl saw what I was doing and drizzled a little more lube on the butt plug when I had it pulled out so it pushed the lube in when I let it go.

All this started Cheryl back climbing orgasm mountain and it wasn’t long before she started squirming and moaning. Before she could come, I stood up and slid my cock into her. It was a tight fit with the butt plug filling her backdoor and it felt awesome.

I began to slide in and out of her, gauging her level of arousal and just before she started to peak, I pulled out, slid my hand down and tugged the butt plug out and replaced it with the head of my cock.

Cheryl squealed and started to shake when the thumb of my other hand hit her love button and began to rub it.

“Oh my gawd, you are in my ass,” Cheryl squeaked. “It feels good and weird and big and …” as she ran out of things to say.

I could feel her orgasm start as her sphincter began to close on my cock so I pulled back a little and then began a slow series of pushes deeper into her. By the third push, I had to grab her hips to keep from getting unseated she was thrashing so hard. By then, I was stroking balls deep into her and all but pulling out. And then the moment came and so did she.

She inhaled deeply and I was expecting another blood curdling scream but she just held the breath and reached up and pulled me down on top of her. She was holding me so tight and kissing my face and her ass was pulsing and milking my cock and I lost it. I began to come squirting my seed deep in her bowels over and over again as her ass muscles alexis texas porno milked me and then she went limp.

I rolled off of her and checked to see if she was breathing. Thankfully, she was.

It had been a sensory overload and she had passed out. While I was checking Cheryl I suddenly felt a warm washcloth on my junk and I looked down to see Sheryl washing my cock and balls.

She winked at me and said, “I’m going to have to get a mop and a bucket to clean up what is dripping out of Cheryl’s ass. I take it you had a good time?”

Just then Cheryl groaned and slowly opened her eyes. She rolled into my arms and said, “Marry me so you can fuck me like that for the rest of my life.”

I just kissed her. I was hoping she was just delirious.

She just snuggled into me and promptly fell asleep.

After tossing the washcloth into the bathroom, Sheryl climbed up on the bed and snuggled against my back and whispered, “Thank you for taking such good care of my sister.”

Chapter 23 – Dinner with the Goddesses

We were still a big ball of cuddle on the bed when Heather and Sissy arrived to get ready for dinner. It was the first formal night and they came up early to take some extra time to prepare.

Cheryl woke up first and was blushing and trying to cover up and apologize to Heather and not doing a very good job of any of those things.

I climbed off the bed and went over and gave Heather a big kiss. Cheryl was still trying to find her bikini parts and apologize when Heather broke the kiss and asked, “Whose pussy do I taste on James? It is yummy. I may want some after dinner for desert.”

That stopped Cheryl cold.

“That would be Cheryl,” I said. “And she is as yummy as the best dessert on this ship.”

Heather walked over to Cheryl and pulled her arms out from trying to hide herself and slid in to those arms for a big slow sensuous kiss.

“Now what was all that nonsense about an apology?” Heather asked Cheryl. “I didn’t send him up her with you to play checkers. I sent him up her to make love to you and if he didn’t do a good job, he will be in biiiigggg trouble.”

Cheryl, still blushing, stammered out, “Oh, he did more than a good job. I have never had anyone make me feel like that before, ever.”

“Good” said Heather “I would hate to hear that he is slacking off. On a different topic, what are you guys going to wear for formal night, tonight?”

Sheryl, who had been silent but amused through all of this, blinked and said, “Formal night?” and looked at Cheryl in confusion.

Cheryl asked, “What’s formal night?”

“Formal night is the night you dress up like you are going to a formal dinner. Everybody dresses up, fancy dresses for the ladies, tuxedos for the men. It’s almost like Halloween for people that go to work in polo shirts and jeans to dress up like that,” I said.

The twins looked at each other and in twin speak said, “Nobody told us about formal night. We have nothing to wear.”

To fully appreciate this let me set the scene. You have the twin goddesses in their naked glory talking to my two personal goddesses. One of whom has ditched her bikini and is standing naked in front of a closet trying to decide what to wear. The other, my wife, is still wearing a tiny bikini that has two nipples trying to tear their way out of the tops and a sizeable damp spot staining the bottoms.

Is it any wonder that I am sitting in the easy chair with my feet up and a hardon.

The girls apparently have come to some resolution while I was zoning out because Cheryl went over to Heather’s closet and Sheryl went over to Sissy’s closet and they started talking dresses.

Suddenly Cheryl looked at the alarm clock and asked, “Is that the right time?”

Assured that it was she continued, “I need to get down and pick up Frank and Lilly in 10 minutes. I’ll never make it to my room and change and get to them.”

Ever practical, Heather pulled out a t-shirt and some jogging shorts and told her to put her bikini back on and toss the other clothes on and go get the kids.

“Bring them back up here. We’ll get decent and I can use Sheryl to try a couple of dresses on and one of them will fit you.”

As Cheryl threw clothes on, Sheryl and Sissy caught me pouting.

Glancing at my protuberance, they both started to laugh and Sissy said, “Is somebody sad because his toys are going away?”

I stuck out my lower lip and nodded my head.

“That’s too bad,” Sissy said trying to sound mean. “Given the after fuck coma that we walked into a little while ago, I don’t have any sympathy.”

“Fine,” I said, “I’m going to go get my shower and put your toy away too,” and I headed for the bathroom to the sound of three women trying to repress their giggle fit.

I grabbed my tuxedo and some underwear and socks along the way.

When I came out, the four goddesses were dressed to kill. Yes I said four. If the legends were true I should be struck blind, and mad, and deaf and turned to stone by all this beauty. As it was, I just imitated a fly catcher with my mouth hanging out. If they looked good naked, they were stunning in those dresses.

Sheryl looked over and gave a respectable wolf whistle followed by, “Wow, somebody cleans up nicely.”

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