The (Very) Personal Trainer

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A year ago, my doctor told me that I needed to lose weight if I wanted to live another 10 years. I’m 76, 5′-6″ and weighed 370 pounds. So I began working with a personal trainer named Josh, who’s 25, about 6′-1″ with wavy brown hair and an incredibly muscular body. He is also one of the most positive, upbeat people I’ve ever met and I look forward to our twice each week training sessions. As I’m usually his last client of the day, we typically end up showering after my training session is complete, and I’ve had many chances to see his beautiful, smooth body. Josh has been an inspiration to me and I’m currently down to 350 pounds.

My wife Mabel is 75, a year younger than me. She is 5’3″ and rather chubby, but still looks good for her age. We’ve been happily married for 50 years this past spring. While we had a decent sex life for much of our marriage, it has dwindled to almost nothing for the past 15 years, as my doctor had advised me to abstain from sex due to my weight and the strain on my heart. While Mabel has been understanding, I know it had frustrated her greatly to go without sex for 15 years.

One day I came up with the idea to see if Josh might be able to help out with Mabel’s needs as much as he’s helped with mine. He’d mentioned to me that he had been short on cash for a while and I thought he might jump at the chance to make some extra money in exchange for sex. I first approached Mabel with the idea, explaining to her what a wonderful and upbeat young man Josh was. While that piqued her interest, what really got her juices flowing was my description of Josh’s muscular body and large, cut cock between his legs. Mabel asked if I wouldn’t be jealous but I told her no, it was a gift I very much wanted to give her. Mabel readily agreed to have me talk with Josh about helping us out.

I was quite nervous the day I decided to tell Josh about my offer but finally I decided to just approach him to see what he thought. I was a bit worried whether he’d go for having sex with a woman 50 years his senior, much less being watched by her husband. But I explained to him that this was something Bycasino that both Mabel and I very much wanted and that naturally, I would pay him double his normal training fee. To my pleasant surprise, Josh’s handsome face lit up with the opportunity and he said that he’d be happy to help us out.

At precisely 8:00 that evening our doorbell rang and I let Josh in. He looked incredible in his tight black T-shirt, tan cargo shorts and sandals. I introduced him to Mabel and I could see that her mind was already racing about getting Josh out of his clothes. We all first had a couple of glasses of wine to relax a bit, at which point I suggested we adjourn to the bedroom.

Mabel asked Josh is she could undress him. She first helped him remove his T-shirt and then his cargo shorts, leaving him wearing nothing but his black bikini briefs. Mabel then knelt down so she was at eye level with Josh’s bulge and yanked the briefs down to his ankles. Josh’s 8″ boner slapped back against his stomach and pointed proudly at the ceiling. I could see Mabel shaking just a bit as she started at it with lust. While her ultimate objective, of course, was to get that big cock into her cunt, she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to enjoy it some immediately. Mabel began sucking Josh’s cock with a slow, deliberate motion. Josh closed his eyes and just enjoyed the sensation. After a couple minutes of sucking, I told Mabel that she should also get naked, as did I. Mabel then joined Josh on our bed and began gently kissing his body, starting with his flat stomach and then moving up over his chest and neck, before she began tenderly kissing his mouth. I wasn’t sure how Josh would react to this level of intimacy with a woman so much older than himself but Josh kissed Mabel back and even slipped her his tongue on occasion. It was obvious to me that, despite their age difference, there was a powerful sexual connection between the two of them. After they had spent a few more moments kissing, Mabel slid back down Josh’s torso, straddled his waist and lowered her 75 year old pussy onto his 25 year old manhood. Bycasino giriş Once her sopping wet pussy was fully impaled on his shaft, she began a slow bouncing motion up and down on his pole. I relished the sight and began stroking my shaft as the room was filled with the sounds of their groans and gasps.

Josh held Mabel’s hips steady with his powerful arms and dragged her back and forth on his dick. Mable quickly became accustomed to the incredible feel of hard cock in her pussy and began making deep, guttural moans. The sight of my wife receiving such exquisite pleasure from a man almost young enough to be her great-grandson was practically hypnotic. Mable leaned forward so that she and Josh could resume their kissing while they continued to fuck. All the while I stroked my 5″ cock in unison to their movements. Mable and Josh easily fucked for over two hours and in every position. Her on top, him on top, doggie style, legs over his broad shoulders. He must have given her a dozen orgasms during this time. Her pussy juices lovingly bathed Josh’s cock and balls and absolutely soaked our bed sheets. Several times Mabel was even reduced to tears as 15 years of sexual frustration finally came to an end. But Josh still hadn’t climaxed from all this stimulation, so got back on top of Mabel in the missionary position and began a rhythm of slow, deep strokes. Both Mabel and I realized that their lovemaking would soon be coming to its inevitable conclusion and Mabel was determined to get the most out of their last few moments of fucking. She greedily grabbed onto Josh’s muscular ass and with each downstroke, used her full strength to force all 8″ of cock into her pussy. Josh was finally unable to hold back any longer. He cried out in ecstasy as his powerful erection show a huge load into Mabel’s clasping cunt, the explosive force of his orgasm shaking every muscle in his beautiful body. This allowed me to realize my own release and I dribbled a tiny bit of cum onto the bedroom carpet.

Josh and Mabel spent the next 15 minutes kissing and recovering. I was absolutely floored Bycasino deneme bonusu at what a considerate and thoughtful lover he was. While I have lost those 20 pounds since training with Josh, I still had a long ways to go to be cleared by my doctor to resume having sex. As you can imagine, Mabel was not too upset about that. We decided to put Josh on the “sexual payroll”, so to speak. Once each week for the next 6 months, he came over and lovingly fucked my wife into the orgasmic bliss she had been missing for 15 years. Sometimes I would watch them as I know Josh enjoyed having me watch him fuck my wife. But usually I’ll gave them privacy, as Mabel had confessed to me that this allowed her to fantasize that she and Josh are a married couple. I always listened to their lovemaking on the other side of the door and what they don’t know was that during their alone times, I’d often hear them make secret plans to have sex at Josh’s apartment, which I know they ended up doing. That concerned me a bit but little did I know what that would all lead to.

Three months ago, Josh and Mabel came to me and confessed that they had fallen in love and asked for my consent to a divorce so they could be married. Josh explained that Mabel was like the grandmother he never knew while Josh was like the grandson Mabel and I never had. Naturally I was hurt but seeing her so happy, I couldn’t refuse this request from her. Last month, our divorce was finalized and a week later, Josh and Mabel were married. After the ceremony, I told them I would move out as soon as possible but they both insisted I stay in the house with them. I moved into the guest bedroom next door so that Josh could take over as the man of the house. They decided to purchase a new king sized bed in order to start their marriage off fresh. Now every night, I can hear them fucking for hours on end on the other side of my wall. Their wet kissing sounds, Josh’s groaning as Mabel sucks him, and the banging of the headboard against the wall as Mabel cries out “That’s it, give me that dick. Give it hard!” all resound into my room and make me hornier than I have ever been in my life. I do still watch their lovemaking on occasion and due to the arthritis in Mabel’s hands, I help her maximize her pleasure by pushing down on Josh’s ass as he pumps into her body. It gives me great peace to know that Mabel will be so well taken care of after I’m gone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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