The Virgin Tries Oral

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Everyone in the following story is above the age of 18.


He was putting the finishing touches on everything. She was still an hour out. He asked her to come over for some fun and she liked the idea. He gave her the time and she said she’d be there. The night had to be perfect. It was all about her. Her pleasure. He smoothed out the sheet on the bed. He got the ties ready with the cuffs attached. He had the note that he had scrawled out an hour before in hand and he placed on the center of the bed. No that’s not right and he folded it and set it gently on the bed. Nope. He opened it up again and left the creased paper face up so she could find it. Perfect. He paced around the room frantically making sure everything was ready. Finding a lighter he lit some candles around the room before taking one last glance around and nodding. The lights went out leaving only the glow of the candles. He went to the corner of the room, sat down and waited.

The time arrived and he heard the door open. He could feel the hairs on the back of his neck rise as it opened and closed and she made her way in. She made her way through his place until she arrived in the room. It was dark other than the faint candlelight and if she saw him sitting in the corner, she paid him no heed. She looked around and eyed the note on the bed and smiled. She walked over and read it. He remembered exactly what he wrote.

“If you would please be so kind to fully disrobe and lay on the bed. Bring the sheet over your body covering it fully. Cuff your legs to the leg cuffs and one of your arms to the arm cuffs. Put on the blindfold and I will take care of the rest. “

She set the note on the side table and slowly and sensually began removing articles of clothing one at a time. She knew he was watching and enjoying the show. With a final kick she removed her last bit and crawled onto the bed. She pulled the sheet over her chest and leaned in to start on the leg cuffs. He sat there in the darkness his heart threatening to burst out of his chest it was pounding so hard. He watched her move ever so slowly. A bulge growing ever steadily in his pants. She finished fastening her legs and leaned back to fasten an arm. After it was secure, she attached the blindfold and lay back with her other arm outstretched free and waited.

He let out a sigh and slowly approached. Most thankful he was for the blindfold so she could not see how nervous he had to appear. He walked over to her side, leaned in Maltepe Escort and placed a single finger on the center of her chest. With just a little amount of pressure he slowly traced a line across her chest and down her free arm. He traced it through her outstretched hand when suddenly her fingers grasped onto his lone finger with a playful squeeze. He let out an audible gasp and a jolt of pleasure went straight to his hardening erection. A smirk appeared across her face when she heard him and it told him all he needed to know. She may be letting him have his fun but he knew who was in charge here. He swore on the inside but deep down he knew he liked it. He hastily fastened her remaining free hand and stepped back.

He stared at her for a minute. Laying there in bed naked and tied with but a sheet and air between them. She squirmed a bit with anticipation. He moved over to the foot of the bed and grabbed the sheet. Slowly he pulled it down exposing her flesh to him. As it moved it down her chest, he saw her erect nipples appear, poking out one at a time. He stopped. Leaving the sheet halfway down he walked her side once more. He leaned in and blew cold air directly onto each of her nipples one at a time. Her jump in reaction gave him a boost in what little confidence he had. He pulled the sheet further down with an outstretched hand and blew cold air down to her bellybutton. He returned to the foot of the bed and slowly pulled the sheet down the rest of her and past her feet. She was fully exposed to him.

He couldn’t help but stare at her naked body as he gulped down. She appeared to be laying there invitingly. His to do whatever he wanted. He crouched over her legs and slowly ran his hands from her feet and up her legs. Taking his sweet time. He brought his hands to a close slowly brushing her inner thighs. He leaned in and blew cold air right into her pussy. Her slight body movements told him she was enjoying these feelings. He returned his hands to her body and with two fingers he walked them further up past her stomach. He leaned over her with one had supporting him on the bed. He traced the lower parts of her breast as he began to grasp it fully with his hand. He gave it a playful squeeze and he realized he fucking loves breasts. He maneuvered his hand face down on her breast until two of his fingers found her nipple. He brushed his fingers against the tip ever so slightly enjoying the jolt it appeared to give her. He slowly brought his two fingers Anadolu Yakası Escort together around it and gave it a slight pinch.

He brought his mouth over her other nipple and blew cold air on it once more. He gave it a quick playful lick before he lost himself and brought it fully into his mouth. He played with her other nipple in one hand while he lightly sucked on the one in his mouth. Her squirm was delightful. He kissed and sucked and whatever his little brain could think to do. He was having fun with her tits. He released her nipple from his mouth torture and gave the other a slight kiss. He didn’t want to play favorites after all. After that kiss he slowly kissed his way up her bare chest. Kissing a line all the way to her neck. She happily leaned her head back and he kissed all around it. He gave her a peck on each cheek then he kissed his pointer finger and slowly pressed it against her lips. She replied by promptly sucking it into her mouth with full force and holding it there. Rock hard. Rock fucking hard and throbbing is what he felt in his pants. She released his finger with a smile as if to say sorry not sorry.

He gave her a prompt flick on her nipple to which she jumped and gave him an angry look under the mask. He knew would pay for that someday. Worth it. He slunk back down to the foot of the bed. To the star of the show. He saw her exposed sex waiting there and he stared. Wet and warm. That is what it was. Someday he thought to himself. He started kissing at her knees. Moving up one side with his mouth and the other with his hand. He kissed his way right to her sex. He stared at it. He smelled it. He felt it’s warmth. His dick throbbed. He blew into it again this time hot air. Slowly. He gave her a kiss to the right of it. Then a kiss to the left. A kiss directly above. He traced just past her lips with two fingers tracing her outline. He wanted to touch it so bad. To feel it. He did.

He brought a single finger up her slit slowly from bottom to top. Wet and warm. He looked up and saw her head thrown back. She seemed to be enjoying it. He brought another finger along her slit slowly teasing her. He felt all of the heat coming off her sex. He loved it. He slowly breathed air directly onto it. Then he couldn’t contain himself and he kissed it. He felt her jump and he loved it. He got control of himself and brought two fingers along her slit. He stopped about halfway and waited. He slowly moved them up and down. Slowly Ümraniye Escort feeling her out and finding her opening. He found her hole and she gasped as his fingers entered. Wet and warm. He heard her gasp in pleasure and hoped he was doing something right. He slowly massaged her insides with his two fingers remembering something about a G spot if he was able to curl them back. He would have to ask her if he found it later. He massaged her from the inside for about a minute before he removed his now soaked fingers. He spread his fingers out and ran them along the inside of her lips. He gave her another kiss with his. He kept is face close as he had to taste. He had to taste her. He gave her a quick lick. Divine. He gave her another. He ran his tongue all the way up her slit. With her coming to a jump as he brushed her clit. He smiled. He playfully gave it another lick. He recoiled his head and ran his fingers inside her lips again. He entered her once more and massaged her insides. With his fingers inside her he blew cold air on her clit. He worked his fingers inside with the hopes of driving her mad. Pulling back the tips to find that elusive G spot. He hoped. He pulled his fingers out and licked the outside of her lips. Slowly up and down he ran his tongue. He couldn’t get enough of this taste. Her taste. He brought his mouth directly over her vagina and stuck his tongue in.

Wet and warm met wet and warm. His tongue writhed around as he did all he could to taste her. He lapped up her juices. All of them he could. She brought her thighs as close as they could to hug his head as his tongue went to town. He continued to lap her up and he went higher. Her exposed clit was waiting for him. He licked it. She squirmed. Her juices appeared to be running freely now. He licked it again and kissed it. He brought his lips over it and gave it a soft suck. Her jolt nearly startled him but it gave him hope he was doing something right. He kissed it again and gave it another soft suck. Running his tongue around it in slow sensual circles. Her body told him all he needed to know. He reached a hand under him and inside her to continue massaging as he kissed, licked and sucked on her clit. He wanted to do this forever for her. She came to a peak when she let out a squeal or a moan or something in between. Her thighs pressed tightly against him as he continued to massage her and lick all through it. He felt her vaginal walls contract on his fingers and his dick throbbed needlingly. He stopped when her body settle. A quick lick on her clit and a jump from her body. He knew she was likely too sensitive for more. He pulled back and stood up. Ran his hand from her foot along her side to her cheek. He slowly lifted the blindfold and smiled. She smiled back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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