The Visit

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The doorbell rings. I get up from the couch not expecting anyone, still dressed in my evening slip. I open the door to my pad and see you standing at the door, a tall and strong looking man with eyes that can make anyone melt. Behind you screams a girl. My best friend. Seems she is in town to surprise me and she brought her new boyfriend to introduce to me. We hug and I shake your hand, magnetized by your eyes and taken by your hard grip.

I lead you to the couch and sit beside my bestfriend, my legs exposed as my slip rides up. She hands me the bottle of wine and proposes that we drink it. I know she cant hold her liqour well so I discourage her, but she is insistent on celebrating the occasion. I get up to grab some glasses, feeling your gaze on me as i walk away, my butt swaying under the nearly transparent material. I come back with three glasses, pour wine into them, and offer a toast to love and friendship.

You gaze at me as we clink our glasses, as i blush and feel the heat even without a drop of alcohol yet. We drink the wine as we chat and laugh on days past. We notice my best friend drinking way faster than both of us, downing glass after glass. As the first bottle empties I feel the heat of the alcohol course through my body, as well as your blue eyes staring at me. Beads of sweat trickle down my cleavage and onto my slip, causing it to get wet and cling to my skin. I notice you move in your seat, adjusting perhaps? I give you a sly smile and tease you by exposing some sideboob as I graze my body with my fingers. You cough and adjust once more, this time your hand adjusting your cock in your pants.

My best friend, seemingly dissatisfied with one bottle, takes out another, and drinks directly from its spout. She laughs and laughs at stories of Porno 64

days long gone, while we silently stare at each other, a sexual tension building. With minimal alcohol but maximum lust, i start to run my fingers over my now hard and erect nipples. I tease and pass them as i watch you mesmerized. I pinch them and pull them as well, all while my best friend now laughs with her face on the couch. I see your breaths getting deeper, you licking your lips as if wanting a taste of my peaks. The laughter starts to die down as my bestfriend gets more and more inebriated. I feel her on the side of my hips, laying on the couch, a pillow between us.

She now talks in whispers, and you whisper “hello gorgeous” to me at the same time. I blush and feel the tension rise, moving my hand from my breasts to between my legs. Still with my bestfriend slurring next to my left thigh planted on the floor, i raise my right leg to the arm of the couch, exposing a bare and wet pussy. My hand now parting my pussy lips and i whisper back to you, “she says hello too”. You snicker and I giggle, and suddenly the other lady on my couch snores.

At that point, you grab me to your seat and start kissing me. I respond hungrily and kiss you back as i grind my hard nipples on your chest. You grab my head back and stare into my eyes. “Nice to finally meet you,” you say to me, and start to suck and maul my breasts over my slip. I moan a little then realize the situation – your girlfriend, my bestfriend, asleep on the couch while we make out on the chair next to it.

“I can’t”, you hear me whisper.

“Can’t what?” you ask in disappointment.

“I can’t. Stop. Myself” I say.

I kiss you again and grab your chest You tear off my slip, leaving me naked while Konulu Porno i ride your fully clothed body. You grunt and moan as you kiss and lick and suck and bite whatever part of me your beautiful mouth reaches. I slowly slide down to the floor, my naked body kneeling for you. I make a go for your cock, unbuttoning and unzipping your pants to free it from its prison. I tease it by licking its tip and massaging the shaft with my hands. I work your cock slowly, relishing the heat and feel of it on my tiny hands. As you watch me work, you also see your girlfriend shifting on the couch, and you hold your breath a bit as you thought she was gonna wake.

As she continued to snore I take that as a signal to put your whole cock in my mouth, engulfing it with one swoop. I begin to work my mouth on your cock, going up and down, drooling on it to make it deliciously wet, your precum and my saliva mixing perfectly and dripping on your balls. I feel your hand on my head as you push me down to choke on your cock, and my hands help you out by massaging your sweet balls for your pleasure. You couldn’t stop your moan as your cock hits my throat. I smile knowing how much joy I just brought you. I keep on working your cock with my mouth and your balls with my hands when you tapped my head signalling me to look up to you.

“I want your pussy,” you say in a whisper.

I then release your cock from my mouth but not without a last lick of your cock slit.

“Where?” I ask jokingly, but knowing the answer already.

“Right here” you respond, as you kiss my mouth and pull me to your lap.

You make me sit on you with my back against your chest, my naked body against your clothed skin, save for your exposed cock and balls. You open my legs Porno İndir wide and toy with my clit as I work to put your cock in my pussy. I then feel your length inside me, hitting my womb as you max it out. I grind on you slowly, my hips gyrating as your cock moves within me. I guide your hands on my body, one to flick my clit, and the other one to pull my nipples You move your hips up to meet my thrusts. I grab your neck from behind as i feel you bite my shoulders. You pound into me quietly and I start to wail and moan in high tones. We almost forget that your girlfriend is laying on the couch right in front of us as we act on our carnal desires. I feel myself reaching my climax and start to thrash my head around. I get louder and louder as I reach my climax.

You hurriedly cup my face and whisper, “Shut up” to my ear.

I respond by saying “Cumming” repeatedly, and i feel you tense up because of it.

I grind faster and you meet me quicker as well. In a few pumps you tighten your hug on my bare skin and you moan into my shoulders, all while i stop myself from screaming for dear life as my orgasm hits me hard. My whole body shakes as i cum, as i feel you under me pushing up ropes of cum inside me, pulling me deeper in as you squeze every last drop. We feel our bodies weaken as i slide off of you. Tired we may be, i go fo one last suck of your cock to clean it, and give you a wink before i go to the bathroom to clean up.

Minutes pass and I exit the bathroom in a robe after a quick shower. I see you seated on that chair where we fucked, cock tucked back in, pretending to nap with fake snores. I laugh like a child as I go to my bestfriend and wake her.

“I called you an uber. You guys need to get home and rest.” She gets up from the couch still wobbly, and calls for you to assist her. You pretend to wipe the sleep from your eyes as you put her arm around yours and help her. As you both leave, you take one last grab of my butt and one last lustful look at me.

“Until next time,” you say with a wink.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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