The Want Ads Ch. 03

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Big Tits

Nikki leaned over and unzipped Lee’s pants to release his cock from the prison. It was long and quite swollen. She started to slide her hands up and down, eliciting moans of enjoyment from Lee. Nikki worked his cock in her hands, while getting wetter. She just exploded on Lee’s fingers, but wanted to feel his tongue. Nikki then slid slowly and sensually up his chest to a sitting position.

As she moved upward, Lee moved down so his face disappeared between her open thighs. They reclined the seats shifted slightly to allow more room. She felt his mouth begin to suck and his tongue begin to probe inside her pussy and she moaned, loudly. She ran her hand on his hair as Lee began gently kissing Nikki’s cunt. Nikki completely forgot about Lee’s cock. He kissed her pussy so softly that it felt like a soft warm feather was touching just inside her opening. His tongue snaked out and slid along her pussy lips, first around and over them. They parted from the touch of his tongue and the touch of his fingers. When they did he slipped his tongue deep inside her.

She moaned and pushed her hips moving her cunt harder and tighter into his watering mouth. Slowly Lee’s tongue began to do the alphabet dance inside Nikki’s wet aching pussy. Up and down along the edges of both pussy lips, then up the entire slit, and then back inside his tongue danced, Each touch was driving Nikki wild with lust! She moaned: “More! Oh Lee lick me more baby! It feel so fucking good!” Her hands massaged her nipples and then pinched them.

He couldn’t make out the words since she had his ears covered and she was rocking on his face. She couldn’t tell where Lee would lick next. First bursa eskort he was outside licking around and around then he would move and lick somewhere else. His movements were slow at first, but they were building speed and as she held his head stroking it, he was moving faster and faster.

His tongue was relentless. He never slowed down and Nikki was soon on the edge of another orgasm. Lee could sense it by the way she was rocking and the loud moans coming from her mouth! He didn’t want her to cum to fast so before she went crazy on his face, Lee backed his tongue out of her hole.

He didn’t quicken his sucking or his licking now. He just continued to bring her up to the edge of her orgasm and stop. His oral sex stimulation went on and on and on driving her higher and higher and higher with her needs and lust for orgasms! He had brought Nikki close to the edge of climaxing many times and now he kept her there.

Nikki’s body was burning with lust now, writhing in ecstasy. Lee was overcome with Nikki’s musty smell and he loved it. His hands reached up around her thighs and grabbed her hips pulling her pussy deeper and harder onto his mouth and tongue. His tongue started running the length of her cunt, up and down from her ass hole to her clit. He was licking her like a dog licks a hand or drinks water from his bowl.

Nikki was on fire and really enjoying the effect he was giving her! Shock after shock, thrill after thrill ran over her body as waves of stimulation flowed over her. He saw her swollen clit sticking out and he smiled. This is what he was waiting for. The little cock she had which was the center of her sexual universe bursa bayan escort was now going to be stimulated directly! He knew she was going to cum like a wild woman!

Lee used his tongue making it a blur flicking her blood-swollen clit like an expert. Her knees were pushed out as wide as she could get them. Using his hands he held them wide open. With her legs spread and her hands on each side of his head, Lee could see her red swollen and soaking wet cunt as he let her push it back into his mouth. When he shoved his tongue as deep as he could inside her, Nikki gasped loudly as her orgasm hit her like a truck! It was the hardest one she could ever remember. She screamed loudly: “Lick me Lee! OH FUCK YES!! LICK ME BABY! LICKKKK!!!! LICKKKK!!!!!! LICKKKK!!!!!!!!! LICK!!!!! OH GOD!!!!! LEE!!!!!!!!” Nikki’s thighs rocked up and down Lee’s face as she exploded again and again.

She calmed down a bit to notice his cock. It was more swollen than before! She now wanted him to watch as she consumed his sweet nectar.

Both of them were breathing hard at this point. As Lee sat up, his face shiny with Nikki’s juice, she shifted to bend over his crotch. Her hot breath was blowing against his penis and she gazed up at his face. She snaked out her tongue and licked the purple tip eliciting a groan from Lee. Nikki continued to watch him as she opened her mouth and took him in. Her tongue danced around the head of his cock and her lips gripped his shaft. Lee was in stimulation overload – her hot moist mouth surrounding him, her tongue teasing him, and her eyes … her eyes were both teasing and taunting at the same bursa ucuz escort time as if inviting him to learn her secrets.

Nikki’s tongue found his pee hole and delved into it. Lee moaned and tipped his head back against the window. Encouraged Nikki pressed her hands into his thighs moving them slowly towards his genitals. She began to bob her head as one hand reached between his legs to massage his balls.

Wanting to make it last, Lee told Nikki to stop, but Nikki kept going. She wanted him to cum.

Lee put his hands on the sides of her head as if to pull her off. Feeling his hands, Nikki sucked hard on his cock and pressed against his balls with the heel of her hand. It was as if his hands developed a mind of their own – instead of lifting her head, Lee pressed her head down to meet the thrust of his hips. Nikki’s mouth was amazing! Lee couldn’t help himself and continued thrusting his hips, fucking her face. Nikki’s head bobbed and her hand massaged to his rhythm. Nikki could feel his balls tighten through his pants & knew he was about to cum. She took him to the back of her throat and sucked hard. “OH GOD YES!!” Lee yelled “I’m cuuuuummmmmmmiiinnnngggg …..”. Nikki’s mouth filled with his cream and she swallowed as fast as she could, but still some of Lee’s load spilled out of her mouth.

His last spasm was done and his penis started to soften. Nikki let his cock slip from her mouth. Their eyes met and Lee watched in fascination as Nikki used her finger to wipe his cum off her face before sucking her finger clean. She grinned at him and he grinned back.

“That was a little fast Lee” Nikki said.

Reaching out to tuck a stray strand of hair behind her ear, Lee replied. “You got me so excited with that sweet pussy of yours, I couldn’t help it.”

Nikki smiled and her eyes began to twinkle with mischief. “That’s very sweet of you to say. But it’s only fair that I get another turn, after all you got two.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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