The Weekend Away Turns into a Night Pt. 13

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Part 13 — Hayley realises just how deep the mess she is in is…

Parts 1 — 12 available through my profile.

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Franco continued sliding in and out of Hayley as she heard the footsteps approaching, the gravity of the situation suddenly hitting her like a fist to the face — She was naked, strapped to a device that presented her pussy and ass to anyone behind her, blindfolded, gagged, and in a room with at least three other people. She was struggling to make out if there was two people that had just walked in, or three, and none of them had spoken since they entered, making it harder to work out how many there was, but one thing she was pretty certain of — they were not there to take meter readings. She knew that she was most likely about to be used as a sex toy by them, and was completely powerless to stop it, even unable to protest. Despite all of this, she couldn’t help but be turned on, and Franco’s long, deep strokes into her were adding to the feeling, before he pulled out of her, leaving her short of the orgasm that had now been teased twice. Her disappointment at not having a cock in her was only temporary though, as she felt him begin to push against her sphincter, having decided he will follow Will’s lead and enjoy a go in her ass.

Despite how horny she was at that moment, how Franco had treated her so far, blackmailing her into having sex whenever and with whoever he wanted, meant that she didn’t want to grant him access to her butt, and clenched herself as much as she could in a desperate attempt to stop him. This resulted in several entry attempts failing, as his exposed helmet couldn’t breach her, but this only seemed to spur him on more, as he poured a generous dollop of lube over her puckered up hole, and moved his middle finger to replace his dick. This slid in with no issue, and he buried it up to the knuckle, bringing a muffled mixture of a protesting moan and a yelp from the gagged Hayley, who continued keeping her ring clenched as tight as she could.

“Hmm, your ass is tight, but if I had to guess, I’d say you are deliberately making it so in order to stop me fucking it, which is not a nice thing to do, especially since I’ve arranged a practice session for your group shoot for you. So, why don’t you just relax and stop that, and we will both have a good time” He told Hayley, his tone implying a deeper meaning as he slid another finger in to her backside as he spoke, almost as if to emphasise his point.

Hearing that, Hayley immediately relented, loosening her asshole’s grip on his two invading fingers, prompting a ‘good girl’ response from Franco as he pulled his fingers out and again pressed his dick against her back passage. This time, he was met with no resistance from Hayley, and his end slid straight into Hayley, allowing him to quickly build up an increased pace from his slow and deliberate speed when he was fucking her pussy. Franco was now becoming fairly vocal as he thrust into her, repeated grunts, moans, and ‘oh yeah’s’ were mixed in with comments about how good it felt to be in her ass, or how he would bet that she enjoys the feeling of him ass-fucking her much as he does. Hayley obviously couldn’t answer because of the ball gag in her mouth, but wouldn’t know what to say anyway. On one hand, she had grown to really enjoy anal sex, and the ass fucking she was currently receiving was certainly very good, it was just that it was Franco, who was making her do anything he wants by blackmailing her, that she wished she didn’t have to give it up to.

She could feel his pace begin to slowly increase more, and after a few more minutes, he gave one final flourish, before burying his length fully inside her ass as he started to cum, sending his jizz deep into her bowels to mix with the load Will dumped there earlier, and letting out a loud moan of pleasure as he did so. He remained still for several seconds, his cock twitching as it emptied the contents of his balls in Hayley’s ass, before he slowly pulled his now softening cock out and stood behind her, admiring his handiwork as her stretched out anus began to slowly return to its normal size.

“Oh my god, that felt incredible. I’ve been looking forward to fucking your ass for a while, and I’ve got to tell you, I’m not disappointed!” Franco announced in a panting voice as he remained standing behind Hayley.

She could hear him fumbling around, assuming he was re-dressing as she remained strapped to the device, attempting to tell him to let her out of the restraints but every word she tried to say was completely muffled out by the ball gag. A few minutes later, she felt a thumb begin to tease around her clit, pressing against the sensitive bean as it moved in circling motions.

“Right, I’ve got to nip out for a couple of hours. Guys, she’s yours to do with as you please. Have fun, but nothing that will leave a bruise. Later!” Franco announced to Hayley’s çayyolu escort complete horror, having forgotten that they had been joined by 2 guys, and she had absolutely no clue as to who they were.

Again, Hayley attempted to voice her objections, almost screaming into the gag as Franco simply walked away, before the thumb playing with her was replaced by two fingers that began rapidly and roughly strumming across her personal area. Right now, Hayley’s body was betraying her, and the two fingers were quickly inserted into her once-again wet hole, being restrained and having no means of stopping the stranger from doing whatever he so wished serving to ensure she was constantly aroused whenever anyone touched her. Whoever it was immediately picked up on this, and told the other, suggesting that he feel for himself how turned on Hayley was. This was immediately followed up on, and Hayley felt a second set of fingers begin to penetrate her moments after the first pair were pulled out.

The two guys were talking to each other as though they were friends, discussing how turned on and wet Hayley was, how good her pussy felt, and how they both liked the look of her small boobs, before the fingers were removed and quickly replaced by the smooth head of a cock. Whoever it was wasted no time in using his thick member to stretch Hayley’s little hole, and almost immediately was jack hammering his rock hard tool into her wanting pussy. The apprehension and terror she felt early at being left alone with whoever the two men were was still there, but now it had been pushed completely to the back of her mind whilst her pussy took the brutal onslaught the guy was dishing out. Each time he thrust in to her, Hayley was almost scared he was going to break her, thanks to the combination of his large appendage and the sheer force that he was ramming it home with, every one making Hayley moan with pleasure at the hardest fucking she had received in a long time.

As the guy fucking her picked up his pace, every thrust was making her entire body shake, including the small hanging tits both guys seemed to approve of, until Hayley felt the huge tool stretching her pull out. Her emptiness was to be short lived though, as almost immediately she felt his end attempting to enter her asshole, his rock hard cock applying a sustained pressure against her tiny ring, making her attempt to protest again come out as a muffled, incomprehensible moan, She was under the impression that the guy had taken the hint and decided against trying to fuck her ass as he once again started slamming into her soaking pussy, resulting in yet more loud moans, however this was nothing more than a delaying tactic, as whilst she was again focussed on the massive cock pounding into her, he had picked up the lube and poured a generous dollop over her anus.

This time, the guy was not going to be denied, and his bulbous end applied more and more pressure against her tight hole until her ass finally gave, allowing his huge helmet to spread her like she had never been spread before. Hayley let out a loud mixture of a scream and moan each time he sank in and out of her ass, the size of his cock stretching her back door as she was powerless to stop him, but slowly she began to become accustomed to the huge size, and the initial pain started to turn to pleasure. As whoever it was continued ass-fucking her, Hayley’s felt the other persons fingers begin playing with her clit, and she knew the orgasm that had been so close several times today was finally going to happen. This hit like a freight train, thanks to the mixture of the huge cock currently reaming her asshole and the skilful way that her bean was being teased, and another loud, muffled moan escaped around the ball gag as her muscles began spasming.

“Yeah, you like this? I can feel you tightening around my cock. Who knew you would have an orgasm whilst being ass-fucked by a stranger!” The guy currently banging her ass stated loudly, ensuring his friend knew what was happening.

It didn’t take long for the increased tightness to tip him over the edge, and the guy in her ass began loading it up with the third load of the day, burying his full length inside her and drawing another muffled yelp as he did so. It turned out that whoever this was, he clearly had cum reserves to spare, as several second after he started shooting his spunk in Hayley’s ass, he pulled out and gripped around his end to avoid losing any, before quickly moving around the bed to be by her head, and released his grip, spraying his thick creamy load all over her unsuspecting head, making sure he got plenty in her hair, much to Hayley’s shock and disbelief at what he was doing. Her objections were again moot, as the gag in her mouth prevented anything but muffled noises from being heard, and whoever it was didn’t care, the never ending stream covering everything.

This now left the last guy that arrived just before cebeci escort Franco left that Hayley hadn’t seen, and he wasn’t going to not get some action, laughing loudly as his friend’s huge throbbing member kept spraying his seed all over the restrained Hayley, before finally running his cock up and down her folds and entering her. Whilst he wasn’t as big as the previous guy, he was certainly a good size himself, easily bigger than Will and Franco, but not in the same league as the last guy, and he quickly established a smooth rhythm as he thrust into Hayley. The other guy had finally finished spunking, and was standing back, admiring his handiwork of literally covering Hayley’s entire head in the most absurd amount of cum, causing his friend to wonder where it all came from. Despite the fact that she had taken three loads in her ass, as well as the enormous one that made her head look like it had been covered in pancake batter, she was again annoyed when the guy fucking her buried himself balls deep and began pumping his hot jizz into her pussy, filling her as she remained unable to move.

As both guys had now finished, they gave each other a fist bump, before starting to get re-dressed, and were talking and laughing about the state that Hayley was in as by the time they were almost finished. It was what they began discussing as they prepared to leave that concerned Hayley the most, as one of them made a suggestion to go and fetch random guys in off the street to have a go, but luckily for her, the other guy didn’t want to go with that, instead offering a compromise to his friend —

“How about this, we go, and just leave the door open. If anyone walks in, they can do what they want. Look, grab that notepad and marker pen.” He said, which resulted in Hayley beginning to almost scream into the gag, in a vain attempt to protest.

“Bitch, shut the fuck up. Be grateful that is all we are doing. If you don’t pipe down, I swear to god, I’ll have a fucking football team here in about 10 minutes flat, and they will take turns on you until your ass and pussy look like they’ve been fingered by an elephant, so shut it.” The one of the guys said, resulting in Hayley immediately silencing herself.

Moments later, she heard the two walking away, leaving her as they found her, completely naked, strapped down to the device, ass sticking up in the air, blindfolded, and ball-gagged. The only difference being that now, she had 4 peoples cum inside her, and her head was covered from the ridiculous amount of spunk from the third person. Time now dragged, and it seemed like ages before she heard the door open, hearing a voice she never thought she would be glad to hear, as Franco had returned and was walking towards her.

“Jesus fucking Christ! What the fuck! What the fuck is this, jizz??? That’s fucking grim!!” He said when he got closer and saw the mess that his friend had left, before beginning to laugh to himself.

He quickly undid the gag, and then the restraints holding Hayley down, allowing her to finally move and take off the blindfold, before slapping him hard across the face.

“I don’t know what the fuck you thought you were doing, but I did not agree to this at all. I said I would like to try it, but I didn’t say lets do it today, I definitely say it’s ok for you to just fuck off and leave me alone with 2 strangers I’ve never met, and I never agreed to be gagged. Look at the fucking state of me! That one guy has made a right mess, and covered my entire head in what I have to assume is cum! I mean what the fuck!!?? Hayley raged at him.

“Ok, I didn’t know he would do this, but don’t worry, there is a shower over there, you can go and clean yourself up.” Franco told her, completely disregarding Hayley’s objections to everything.

With that, Hayley stomped off to where the shower was and started the water running, before stepping in and beginning to wash the copious amount of jizz from her head. Moments later, she was distracted by the beeping of Franco’s camera, who had followed her in and was now taking more pictures of her as she cleaned herself, reasoning that this set of pictures can be used for future to give Hayley free time for other things. Since she knew Dan’s plan was almost ready, she didn’t even bother to object, since whatever it was, she knew her boyfriend would sort the problem soon enough. Once she was finished, she got dried, dressed, and headed back to the flat to meet Dan, telling him all about the day as she arrived home. Whilst both admitted that it was extremely hot how she had been used, and Dan burst out laughing when he heard about the third guy completely covering her head in cum, she expressed her anger at Franco just leaving her, which Dan understood and commented was out of order.

“Anyway, are you now ready for some good news? He asked once Hayley finished talking.

“Definitely. Why, what’s going on?” Hayley asked.

“You çubuk escort won’t have to do any more shoots with him ever again. Everything is all set up and ready, so on Saturday when he thinks you are going to do the gang bang, he will have a big surprise.” He told her, bringing a big smile to her face.

By the time Saturday arrived, Hayley woke up feeling all kinds of nervous, as she wasn’t sure what her role would be in Dan’s plan, but over breakfast he told her all she has to do is simply walk in and talk to him for a few minutes, and her cue to leave will be when the lights go out, suggesting she says she is getting something from her car. He also told her to make sure she parks as far away from the studio as possible, much to her puzzlement. The night previous, he had made sure that Hayley’s phone was completely backed up, as it would be use later. Dan had already arranged for Callum to arrive at the studio early and keep an eye to see when everyone arrives, Andy was outside Franco’s house, and Jake was waiting for Dan’s instruction to head over and join them. Andy had already text them to say Franco had left and they tracked his phone to the studio, before getting another message shortly after, simply saying ‘Done’. By the time they had finished breakfast, Hayley went for a shower, taking the time to shave her landing strip back in after having to keep herself completely smooth as Franco had requested, before getting ready to go. Unlike normal, she wasn’t wearing anything sexy or revealing, instead just a t-shirt and jeans, and Dan instructed her to be late, saying he will go now, and text her when to leave.

Jake had picked Dan up in a small van, and they made their way to the studio, noticing a lot of empty cars parked up as they arrived, and entered into a space. Hayley now text Dan, saying Franco was asking when she would be there, since ‘everyone is here, and they’re waiting on her’. Dan told her to message back and say she had overslept, but was leaving in 5 minutes, giving him a little extra time to execute their plan. The climbed into the back of the van and Dan watched as Jake opened his laptop, and pressed a few keys, before the screen changed, indicating they were now looking at Franco’s computer. There was nothing on the screen except the screen saver, indicating it wasn’t being used, and activating the security camera feed showed in excess of 10 guys were in the office upstairs, talking or on their phone, including Franco. This was perfect for Jake, as he began typing away obscenely fast, and within a few seconds, told Dan he had ‘all of their phones,’ and in a few seconds, would have their back-ups too. Once he said he had them, he turned his attention back to Franco’s computer, telling Dan that he had accessed Franco’s back-ups, downloaded everything too his laptop, and then deleted it. He also did the same for the office computer, except not erasing it yet, and when Hayley gets here, it’ll only take seconds, for it to be completely wiped.

When Hayley arrived, she sat in her car for a few minutes, and Dan sent her a text saying to let Franco know she is there, and then to turn her phone off completely when she goes in. Hayley did as instructed, and the two guys sat in the back, watching Jake’s laptop screen as he turned up the volume, letting them access the microphone in his phone, and seeing the message from Hayley pop up, watching him type out a response that he will be down in a minute.

“Ok guys, she’s here! Now remember, make sure you cover this little slut in cum. I’ve turned off the water so she won’t be able to have a shower after and wash it off, and I’ll send her back to her idiot boyfriend like that, so he knows she’s been gang fucked! We will fuck her all day, anyhow you want. She’s gonna be restrained and gagged, so won’t be able to say no, so do what you like. I think double penetration, 2 in her pussy, 2 in her ass, everything. Now, keep quiet until I come and grab you, and then fuckin enjoy!” They heard him say as the group started laughing and cheering, before quietening down as he left to open the door.

Once Dan and Jake saw him appear at the door and unlock it, Jake quickly double clicked on several icons on his screen, before saying to Dan to turn their phones off, which they did, when Callum took the laptop and ran back to his car as Andy and Dan got out and walked away from the van, before pulling out a small remote control, and pressing the button. The device in the back of the van started whirring, and buzzing, before omitting a strange noise unlike Dan had ever heard before, and they saw that immediately the lights in the unit went out. Jake turned to Dan, and said simply ‘Job done’, before joining Callum in his car, as Callum handed Dan the spare key to Hayley’s car that Dan had previously given to him to hold on to. Hayley waked out of the unit and past where they were sitting, before noticing Dan in the driver seat of her car, confusing her even more, so she got into the passenger side and he drove off, immediately followed by Callum and Jake.

“Ok,, what the fuck just happened? When the lights went out, I said I had to nip back to my car like you said, but why are Callum and Jake here, and is it really over with Franco now?” Hayley asked.

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