The Weekend Getaway Ch. 01

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I have spent the week thinking about you… it seems like it has been forever since I have had the luxury of touching you, pleasuring you. It is hard to believe it has only been a week since we were together, since then I have saved my self just for this night. I know that once I get going I will not be able to stop. Just the thought of being with you tonight has me extremely hard. I think about touching myself just now, it will not take long, just so that I can extend the pleasure later with you… but I resist. With as much as I have planned for you, I think I will have ample enough time to cum more than once.

It is Friday night, I have everything prepared. I have the ice, maybe some whip cream, strawberries, maybe some chocolate syrup and a couple bottles of red wine. I have the restraints in place for both your arms and legs, can’t have you getting away. I also have the blind fold, I know you trust me, but have to push it a little sometimes. This is going to be a night/weekend to remember.

I have rented this beach house just for this weekend for our secret get away, it is perfect for this occasion. The bedroom windows are opened wide with the white curtains gently flowing in the breeze as well. The King size bed in the room is surrounded by windows to entice any kind of breeze this warm night can offer.

I have the lighting in the room set just right, lights all turned down low, but not off though, it is more fun to see your reaction while I am pleasuring you. No candles, things might get a little wild, don’t want to have to worry about anything tipping over. And candles would ruin this night… this night bursa escort it is too hot for the candle treatment… we can save that for another day, another night, another story. Don’t need too much light actually, the moon is full and reflecting off of the water, and the stars are brilliant tonight.

Finally the time has arrived and you show up. I see you getting out of your car. You take my breath away every time I see you. Again, only a week, wow, seems like forever. Your hair cascades to your shoulders and flows in the gentle breeze. The breeze doesn’t do much to cool the evening though. It is still stifling out and can already see the sweat beading up on your neck as you make the short walk from the car to the house.

I wait for you behind the door, I know a little tacky, but it works. When you put your bags down I come up behind you and wrap my arms around you. I start now, not too forward though. I start by kissing your neck while I pull your hair out of the way. I start down and on your neck and slowly kiss and nibble my way up your neck to your ear. Slowly I pull your ear lobe into my mouth and suck on it. I love hearing the gentle sighs that escape your lips. I love to see your skin flush with excitement.

After I do this for a few minutes, I really can’t stand the constant pressure. I have spent too long today thinking about this! I am so hard it is painful. I decide that now is as good as a time as any for round 1. My arms that encircle you slowly move up your breasts. I continue to assault your neck, as I caress your breasts. I can tell I am starting to get to really turn you on, you nipples bursa escort bayan are starting to harden under my hands and fingers. They are sticking out through your tank top. I love this time to see my hard work starting to pay off. As your body starts to undulate against me I slowly move my hand further down your body. As my hand slides under your shorts I realize that something is different. As I prober further down I realize that you are smooth. My excitement builds as I probe even farther to determine the extent of your handy work. To my surprise I find that you are smooth everywhere, this is something new, never seen this on you before, I realize you have been looking forward to this as much as I have.

I realize that both of our excitements are pretty much beyond our control right now. I turn you around finally and stare into your starling eyes. They are wide with lust and have this hungry look in them. I love this look on your face… I smile and you smile back! I lean in and finally kiss you. It starts out as a slow passionate kiss the quickly escalates into a full on barrage. All of the pent up lust is finally let lose and the damn breaks open. I slowly push you back on to the couch, not the most romantic of places, but for these purposes will do just fine. As you fall back onto the couch, I peel off your shirt and marvel in the sight of your breasts. I love them! I move directly to your breasts and start my assault on them. I don’t waste any time now… I go directly to your nipples. I gently nibble and suck on them until they are standing at attention. At the same time bursa merkez escort I start paying attention to your pussy with my hand. Again, this isn’t the time to extend things, this is about pure lust right now. Round 2 is later.

While I am playing with your pussy and sucking on your breasts, your hands start to grope for my cock. It is already hard, been hard since probably an hour before you got there in anticipation. If at all possible, my cock feels like it gets even harder, it is kind of painful, but your hand wraps itself around it and slowly starts to stroke it in rhythm with my finger fucking your pussy. Finally it is too much, and we both know it. I shed my remaining articles of clothing faster than I thought possible, and realize you have done the same. I slowly insert my cock into your waiting pussy. I slowly start to piston myself in and out of you. The tension builds quickly as I have promised to not touch myself all week as have you. I really doesn’t take long, probably only a couple of minutes, but I am so caught up in the emotion and lust that I lose all track of time. As your tensions reach our crescendo… I pull out and unleash a week worth of pent up cum all over your chest. We both are kind of panting after out intense quick love making session! I am not worried, I know that after a short break I will be able to continue. But, unlike me, you look like you could just keep going right now!

We have both worked up quite a sweat after our “quickie” and decide to take a quick shower. As we shower together we, to some extent, have some wandering hands, but are fairly tame. We just like the intimacy of being together after what feels like forever. After we wash off our sweat, we towel each other off and wrap our bodies in silk robes while I recuperate and prepare for round 2. We proceed to the living room and sip on some red wine for a while we talk about the week and the weekend to come.

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