The Wonderful Magic of a Web Camera

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Thanks, Mrs. A, for the wonderful ideas and suggestions! Posted this one exactly like you sent it to me. It was just too nice to change!

Maybe getting a new laptop with a built-in web camera was the best purchase Lori ever made.

No, actually, it was THE BEST!

In response to a fantastic story Blake had posted about phone masturbation, Lori had responded nicely. One thing led to another and soon he was flooding her mailbox with copious messages about masturbation. He got bolder and bolder with every passing day. She did not wince nor give him any indications to the contrary. In time, Blake started recording voice messages giving her detailed instructions about how and when she had to masturbate for him. Lori would cheerfully comply, reporting dutifully the following morning, going into tremendous detail about what she had done to pleasure herself and how she felt. Blake, thus encouraged, would send her more explicit instructions, eagerly awaiting her report. He even went as far as ordering Lori to pose for him in very lewd positions and send him pictures. He would order her what to wear for her posing sessions, and if she did not have the right-color lingerie he requested, Lori would rush off at lunchtime to purchase them. Blake also instructed Lori to pose in her bedroom, “So I can see where how you live and where you sleep at night.”

One day, in passing, Lori happened to mention in one of her emails that she might be silent for a few days. Rusty, her husband, had bought her a new laptop for her birthday, and that she would need some time to learn how to use it. She gave Blake the details on her new laptop and happily chatted in her email that it had superb sound — and a built-in camera, to boot!

Blake suddenly went silent with his email.

Lori was puzzled by his hermetic silence. Ten times a day she would lock herself up in her office and surreptitiously open her personal inbox to see if Blake had written her.


Late one Friday evening, as she was ready to close down for the weekend, she glanced once more at her personal inbox.

Blake had written her!

Wetting her panties in eager anticipation, Lori opened the message. “Tomorrow, Saturday, afternoon, casually leave your laptop turned on, and on top of the dresser in your bedroom. I want you to make love to your husband, in broad daylight. And place the laptop so I can see what he does with you.”

Lori’s brain swirled. That was more, much more than she had bargained for. And yet, the mere notion of knowing that a total stranger, albeit a lover on-line but still a stranger, would be watching her and her husband making love was too irresistible!

Mercifully, it was pouring rain that Saturday afternoon, şişli escort so Rusty could not go to play his weekly round of golf. Lori worked as best she could to romance, entice, and seduce her husband. She led him to their marital bed and made love. Lori could not remember ever feeling so sensuous, so aroused, so totally excited out of her wits! Just knowing that Blake was watching her making love to her husband drove her to higher and higher peaks of joy. She exploded in a cascade of powerful orgasms and instantly knew that she had delivered a masterful performance for Blake’s voyeurism.

Lori could not wait to rush back into the office to read her personal email. Blake had written her a short note, “Thanks, baby love. Plan for next Saturday.”

That was all.

That was all he wrote all week.

Lori was jumping out of her skin the rest of the week, unable to concentrate at work, tossing and turning every night, waiting for Blake’s next missive.

It arrived Wednesday morning, “Lori, this coming Saturday, make love with your husband in broad daylight, in the morning. And I want you on top this time. And bend over often so I can see your lovely cunt and virgin ass.”

Lori again wet her panties in joy! She counted the minutes until Saturday morning. She fended off her husband’s advances every night, and Saturday morning seduced him beyond words. Woman-on-top, she did everything she could imagine, everything she had seen on the Internet that a woman-on-top does to a man. And she did bend over as often and as much as she could, certain that Blake was masturbating while she fucked her husband’s brain off.

Nothing else from Blake until Tuesday afternoon.

A short, curt message arrived from him, “Tonight, put your cell phone on silent and place it on your pillow.”

Lori gave her husband every possible pretext to get to bed early, tossing and turning and looking at her cell phone every minute of the night, at times just to make sure it was turned on. Around 11 pm, she saw it blinking. Blake calling, “Keep quiet. Do as I tell you.”

While Rusty slept soundly at her side, Blake ordered her over the phone to masturbate for him. His instructions were sharp and to the point. Lori obeyed. Whatever Blake told her to do to herself, she complied. Rusty, at her side, slept innocently. Blake ordered her to finger her pussy, to caress her clitoris, to finger-fuck her virgin ass, to fondle and tweak her nipples. Rusty mumbled something in his sleep. Lori froze solid. Rusty turned and continued to sleep. Blake did not have patience for her stillness, “Keep playing with yourself, no matter what. I do not care if your husband wakes up and finds you masturbating. escort mecidiyeköy Keep going for me, baby, no matter what.” Lori did as she was told, showering herself with a beautiful orgasm. She moaned and wanted to thank him for a nice evening, but by then, Blake had already ended the call.

And so it continued, week after week. Blake would tell Lori to have sex with her husband in broad daylight while he secretly watched them through the web camera on her laptop on her dresser. And during the week, late at night at times, Blake would call Lori on her cellphone and force to masturbate. His orders for Lori’s making love with her husband started getting wilder and wilder. Rusty admitted to his wife one evening that he had never imagined she could be such a hottie, which made Lori blush profusely and drop her glass of wine on the table.

By the same token, Blake was getting bolder and bolder over the phone. He called Lori such things as “my baby”, “cheap whore”, and “a careless slut.” She loved every word, the nastier, the more she loved it. He started referring to her femininity as “my cunt”, to her bud of nerve endings as “my tiny clittie” and to the most sensitive part of her anatomy as “my squeezed tiny 32-A titties.” She loved it!

Lori would go to work in the mornings feeling like whatever Blake had called her. She would imagine her co-workers starting at a Red A for adulteress on her breast. She imagined them giggling behind her back at the water fountain, “There goes our boss, the careless slut.” She would stand in front of a business crowd to make a presentation and sense that the audience was staring through her dress at her “cunt, clittie and titties.”

She loved it!

And Rusty was rewarded for having “a careless slut and a cheap whore for a wife with the best sex any husband has ever had.

Lori felt like a sex machine. She was constantly aroused, incessantly wetting her panties, masturbating many times throughout the day, demanding so much from Rusty that he laughed, begging for a truce “to reload my aging testicles.”

Then Blake went suddenly silent for a week or so.

Lori nearly panicked, fearing he had lost interest.

It must have been late Tuesday when his email finally arrived. “Next Sunday morning, get your husband out of the house. Leave your laptop on your dresser. Put your cellphone on mute, and lie in bed, naked awaiting my call. REPEAT, PUT YOUR CELLPHONE ON MUTE.”

Lori did as she was told. Around ten am, the longest-awaited 10 am, his call came through. With his finest velvet voice, he ordered her to start masturbating. “And remember, careless slut and cheap whore, I can see you on my computer screen.”

Lori bravely tried escort gecelik to put on her best behavior, masturbating as well as she had learned, making sure she was in very full view of the web camera at all times. Blake ordered her on all fours on the bed so he could “see that cunt that belongs to me and your virgin ass that I am going to deflower with my cock.” He called her the most obscene names and referred to her anatomy in the most vulgar terms.

At times, Lori seemed a bit confused. “Slut, raise your legs up high. Now let me see you finger-fuck your cunt.” But she was already doing precisely that. Why, Blake? Maybe the signal had gotten lost for a moment. Lori was masturbating perfectly and she knew it. Why, Blake, are you maybe a bit off your rocker, masturbating with me?

“Careless slut, now take your cellphone off mute. Let me hear your moan for me and I want to see you explode in a wild orgasm. And listen, cheapest whore, I want to see your female ejaculation. No squirt, and you will never hear from me again.”

Lori did not need further encouragement. She started to masturbate freely, moaning and groaning, feeling a powerful urge to explode right then and there. She heard a moan on the phone. Maybe it was an echo? She continued to masturbate, tormenting every part of her anatomy, just like Blake had taught her.

She heard another moan.

And a third.

And a fourth.

Suddenly, reality struck her like a hammer over the head!

Blake had set up FIVE WOMEN to masturbate for him over the phone, ALL FIVE WOMEN clearly visible on his computer screen!

Blake was good at this!

He was really good!

He had probably had all five women having sex with their husbands on Saturdays; all five women masturbating for him on the phone on weeknights; and now had contrived to have all five women masturbating for him at the same time!

Blake was a real master!

The other women probably had the same realization at the exact same time.

All five climaxed, quite loudly, more or less at the same time.

They lay exhausted on their beds in their homes.

Silence on the phone, all five women now terribly embarrassed at what they had done.

And then Blake’s velvet voice, “Thank you. That was nice. Have a nice day.”

Rusty came back from his game of golf around noon. “Hi honey! How was your morning? Anything special?”

Lori blushed, fearing the worse. Her husband seemed in a pleasant mood, always so polite, always the perfect gentleman.

“Oh, nothing in particular, dear. Met with a few women friends with whom we have a lot in common. Came just now… I mean, I came back just now.”

Rusty smiled, “That was nice, darling, glad to hear it. Feel up to “it” now, love?”

Lori returned his wink, “Never wanted you inside me so bad as today!!!”

They both laughed, hugged, kissed, and jumped onto the bed.

Lori excused herself for just one minute.

She got out of bed and turned the laptop off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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