The Wrong Path

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Her boss was getting married, for the third time. The reception was at his place, a sprawling estate on the north shore of Long Island, and I dreaded it.

Summers were too hot for suits, but she had to go for appearance sake, and I had to go to prove she was married.

We parked behind a restaurant and they actually had a mini-bus service to take us to the property. Over 300 guests would be there.

My wife is a new vice-president, up-and-coming in the firm, and as soon as we arrived, people swarmed to meet us. The names flew by, so-an-so from Accounting, and Whoever from Marketing, and I was dizzy in no time, grabbing for cocktails from cute waitresses in short black skirts, making due ejoying the eye-candy.

Forty-five, greying at the temples, 6 foot, 185, not in bad shape and semi-handsome, I smiled at any woman I saw. The career kept her very busy and I had begun to look around for relief in the past few months.

These people just oozed of old money. The jewelry, dresses, gowns, all reeked of it. I was totally out of my league.

On the lawn, by the pool house, next to the in-ground pool with diving board, we found a table with some of her personal staff. They were all very polite, and I wondered how many, if any, liked my wife as a boss. Judging by their reaction to her, they seemed to fear her more than anything. Jane could be a real bitch.

The names flew by at introduction again, and lastly, Jane said, “And this is Anna, she answers the phone when you call.”

The voice was the same, deep, husky, like a heavy smoker. “Hi, Will, it’s nice to finally put a face to the voice!” She shook my hand firmly.

It was the same for me! Jane always complained about her. She was catty, and vain, and always late or taking off to be with her married boyfriend. But she was good at her job, so Jane put up with her, but they hated each other.

“Yes, hi, Anna, you must get tired of my calling.”

“Not at all! It’s the highlight of my day! When I hear your voice, I know it’s almost time to go home!” We all laughed and Jane changed the subject, but Anna kept watching me, smiling.

She was my age, not overly good-looking but what a body! She had a red cocktail dress, cut real low, to show off nice tits. About 5’6, tight waist and round hips, her body was a 10 if her face was a 6 at best. She wasn’t ugly, just not a knock-out, with brown curly hair and deep set eyes. But she had a sexy smile about her, just oozing sexuality, and I instantly felt a stirring down below.

People came and went, and Jane was called off to meet someone, bursa escort bayan and Anna asked if I wanted another drink. We walked to the bar set up by the pool.

“So, you’re the mysterious Will! You’re taller than I thought.”

“Oh? You guess heights from voices?”

She smiled, her eyes trailed up my body, and I instantly felt violated! It was awesome! “I like to fantasize about people, paint a picture of them with their voices. It’s a game I play.”

“Okay, I’m taller, what else?” Playing along.

“Handsomer. Not that your voice isn’t handsome or tall, its more from what I expected from Jane.”

“Thanks, I think, about the handsomer part. You expected her husband to be a whining midget?”

She laughed, leaning forward, her hand on my chest. “Oh, no! how silly of me to try this. I apologize. I really hoped you’d be as sexy as you sounded, but didn’t expect it. Please don’t be offended. Jane and I have had our differences, so I kind of hoped you wouldn’t be so nice. Real bitchy of me, huh?”

“As long as you keep flattering me, you can bad-mouth the boss all you like!”

“Good! But I’ll be nice, I promise… for today!”

Jane stopped us, said she’d figured I’d be at the bar, a clear jab not to over-imbibe, and I made a note that Anna was right, Jane could be a bitch.

“David wants all the VPs inside, who knows why. It won’t take too long, sorry. I’m sure Anna will keep you entertained.” And on cue, Anna did a pirouette and bow. Jane didn’t laugh but I did. “It looks like it might rain, soon, so I’m sure those tents will provide cover for everyone. I’ll catch up with you later.” She kissed my cheek and was gone.

I looked back at Anna, relieved that we were alone, and she said, “I hope you can put up with my company for a while! Jane would have rather left you with a pack of wild wolves, than me!”

“Why do you say that?”

“Let’s just say, she thinks I’m a bit of a slut. Probably thinks I’ll lead you down the wrong path.”

“Well, it may not be you. She knows I’m prone to follow sexy women wherever they lead!”

Anna held up her glass. “To wrong paths, and those who take them!” We clicked glasses as the wind picked up. The waitresses were moving people to the large circus tents, hoping it would blow over soon, like many summer thunder showers.

Anna looked up at me and smiled. “I don’t know about you, but it’s gonna be pretty hot and sticky in there. I don’t want to be all sweaty for no reason.”

“What’s the option? The house?”

She looked around. “How about the pool house, maybe bursa anal yapan escort it’ll be fairly empty?”

We tried the door, and it opened immediately. Anna seemed to have a plan, and said, “I bet that door leads to the second floor.”

She tried it and it opened, too. “I heard them say there are lockers up there, and it’s gonna get crowded down here once the rain comes. Feel like living dangerously?”

“Why not?”

We got inside and she closed the door just as the outer door opened again. She locked the second door, and giggled. “As far as they know, upstairs is off-limits. We have it all to ourselves!” she whispered. Up we climbed and it was as she predicted, carpeted, with lounge chairs and benches. The showers were on the first floor and we could hear people clamoring in as the rain began.

We didn’t turn on lights, but the windows provided a perfect open view, and we laughed, watching people run for cover.

The skies grew black and lightning and thunder crashed at the same time. Anna jumped excitedly, into my arms.

“Oooh, I’m sorry, since I was a kid, I was afraid of thunder. So silly of me! A grown woman.”

Her breath was on my neck and her firm breasts pressed against me. I slid my arm around her waist.

“It’s okay. That was a loud one, anyway. Scared me too!”

Lightning flashed again, and she squeezed tighter. “I’m sorry! What you must think of me! What Jane would think!”

“Well, I wasn’t planning on telling her about our little adventure, anyway.”

She looked up, her eyes bright and excited. “Not even if I lead you down the wrong path?”

My cock was hard now, and she wiggled her hips against me. “I was hoping you would.”

She smiled. “Now, don’t you go getting me fired!”

“And don’t you get me a divorce.”

“Promise!” Her body was pressed flush against me and her lips brushed mine. And then her tongue was darting and she was all over me, sliding my suit jacket off, beinding to drape it on a bench as I moved behind her.

She stood upright, pressing back into me as she purred and moved her ass against my cock. My hands slid up her front and felt those boobs, squeezing her back into my chest as I kissed her neck.

She stepped forward and turned. her hands unzipping her back and letting her dress fall, stepping out, still in heels. Although my age, she had the body of a 30 year old. She held her chest out proudly, in red lace half-bra, her head back, letting me take it all in.

When we kissed again, my tie was off and shirt bursa rus escort unbuttoned. She kissed at my nipples as I teased hers, sliding the bra down. She had no stockings since it was summer and the matching red panties were easy to slide down too, as she worked my belt.

We moved to the lounge, almost a love seat, and she had a fire in her eyes I haven’t seen in too long, true desire. She was the aggressor, and I didn’t mind. She pushed me back and knelt before me, spreading my legs, crawling between them.

She held my shaft and licked her lips, looking up at me. “You have a lovely cock, Will, so smooth and hard, and the big pink head!”

Down she went, like bobbing for apples, and she engulfed me in her warm saliva. Jane was right, this woman knew her way around a cock, and had seen plenty before this.

She took me deep, slurping as she went, covering my cock with her spit while I tweaked her pointy brown nipples and she moaned, then she stood, quite suddenly, like in a trance, and turned to the window, her back to me.

She climbed on, holding my shaft, aiming it into her wet slit, and she sat, watching the storm. Just seeing her bare back in the storm light, with cracks of lightning was almost orgasmic. She was rocking now, back and forth, rising up, using her fingers to arouse her clit as each crack or flash seemed to jolt her further, grinding into my cock.

Her head was rolling now, and who knew who she was thinking of, but I didn’t care, as long as she kept fucking me.

I felt my head aching, ready to give way, but I hated for it to end so soon. She was bent forward on both my knees, humping for all she was worth!

I thought again of the entire situation, the dangers, the anger of Jane, the passion in Anna’s eyes, and I lost it, shooting stream after stream of cum deep inside her as she bit her hand to keep from screaming.

I hadn’t finished and she had rolled off, was sucking me again, licking it clean, swallowing all our juices. This woman loved sex!

I sat, breathing hard. The rain was letting up. She slid up my body, kissing along the way, and our lips met, hot and sticky.

She slowly collected herself, lit a cigarette, which I passed at. Jane would have know something for sure if I smoked. People were leaving from downstairs. At the window, I saw them filing out as I dressed. The sun was breaking through and the bar was open again. We slid down the stairs, I peered out, and everyone was gone. Before I let her leave, I held Anna.

“That was great, really. I don’t know how or when, but I have to see you again, okay?”

She kissed me softly. “Sweet William, your wife would kill us both.”

“I wasn’t planning to get caught.”

She stared. “Nobody is. I’ll tell you what, next time you call, if you feel the same way, fine. If not, don’t worry, it was fun anyway.”

I smiled. “I can’t wait for Monday!”

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