The Young Prostitute

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One of the whores I solicited when I was in my late 30’s was this girl who was 18, or at least she said she was. She was blonde with green eyes, real pretty and not all fucked up like the whores who strolled around town at all of the obvious places. She looked nervous and a bit scared, which is what made me pull over and stop. The wife was away at her sister’s and I decided I was gonna have some fun.

After I pulled over I saw her looking at the back of my car. She slowly made her way over to me and I pushed the button for the passenger window to roll down. Damn she looked hot in her mini-skirt and tight t-shirt, showing her firm, well-rounded breasts. She leaned over and looked into the passenger window.

“Need a “ride”?” I grinned at her evilly and it took her a moment to figure out I was picking her up. But then she half-smiled and nodded. “Get in.”

She opened the door and got into my car and I drove up the road further in case the local police were somewhere nearby. Seeing me picking up an obvious whore would get me pulled over for sure and maybe arrested, depending on the cop. I drove, but kept looking over at her and I decided to squeeze her left leg and run my hand up under the mini-skirt. “You and I are gonna have a lot of fun, little girl. How old are you anyway?”

“Eighteen, ” she muttered shyly.

“Eighteen…” I nodded, wondering if she really was. Hell, I didn’t really give a shit. “Got a name?”


“Debbie, Debbie, Debbie, are you aware of what you just got yourself into?”


I laughed a cocky laugh and continued on, “Ohhhhh, you’re in for it baby girl so I hope you’re prepared for this.”

She looked more frightened at this point. “Maybe I should go back, th-this wasn’t a good idea.”

Again, I laughed, a little harder this time. “You’re not going anywhere, sweetheart!”

“I charge – – -“

“I don’t give a good goddamn what you charge baby. I can cover that. And you WILL do all that I want, got it?”

She was shaking a little bit and looked like she wanted to jump out. I didn’t want this bullshit the whole drive back to my house, which was in the remote mountains near the lake. So, I did what I felt was necessary to calm her ass down.

WHACK! – I back-handed her with my right hand. Her head flew back and then she looked at me with a look of horror, but was also more focused now on the fact that I was in control and that her panicking wasn’t doing herself any good. “Calm the fuck down, whore. If you weren’t prepared for this then you shouldn’t be walking around picking up Johns!” Then she started to sob, which really started escort numaraları grating at my nerves, but at the same time giving me a huge erection in my jeans. “Oh fuck, shut up you little bitch or I’ll really give you something to cry about.”

She quieted down and then I decided to open the fly of my jeans and pull out my cock and balls. Then I took her head and pulled it down between my legs, “Suck my cock till we get to my place.” She didn’t move an inch, so I pushed down on her head firmer. “Suck it! ” and then I felt as she took my cock into her mouth and I pushed down again and then kept my hand on the back of her head firm enough to keep her sucking but loose enough so she could go up and down on it. “That’s it, suck it real nice there baby.”

Fuck, this was really getting me off and I enjoyed playing the arrogant prick, especially with whores like this who were under my control because they wanted the money and to get it from me, you’d have to do anything and everything I wanted or else you wouldn’t be getting shit. This was a great thing about whores in a smaller place like where I lived, no pimps. They all worked for themselves and took that chance of making nothing if the guy wasn’t satisfied or just wanted to be a prick and not pay up. Besides, what would they do…run and tell the police that her John stiffed her? Yeah, that would go over well for her.

I continued having Debbie suck my cock until we got to my house and then I parked the car and told her to come inside. Then I got out of the car and went to the front door and let myself in, leaving her in the car to get her own door and walk herself into the house. Considering there wasn’t a neighbor for quite a way away, I didn’t bother putting my cock back in my jeans, I had just gotten out of the car with it still out and erect to go into the house.

I went to the fridge and got a beer, popped it open and saw Debbie come in. “Close the door and follow me into the living room.” I said and then left the kitchen and went into the living room, turning on the TV and then starting up a porn video I already had in the DVD player. I stripped completely naked and sat on the sofa, lit a cigarette and sat back to watch the porn. Debbie stood in the doorway staring at me, unsure of how to act or what to do. Fuck, this girl needed some direction. Direction right onto my cock.

“Well come on in here and suck my cock! What the fuck you waiting for whore?” Just saying that make my prick jerk and throb on its own.

Debbie came in and got in front of me on the floor and then took my cock once again into her mouth. I didn’t escort pornoları even pay attention to her and watched the porn video of a gangbang that I liked, but I could feel her young mouth around my dick and I sat there taking drags off my smoke and sips off my beer and just enjoyed the pretty decent head she was giving. I’d look down at her and she just looked a bit freaked out by me as she nervously sucked away on my cock trying to do a great job. I wanted to belt out laughing from it but instead I just took her head in my hands and started working her head up and down while pumping my pelvis forward. “Fuck yeah you little bitch. You like me fuckin’ your throat like that?”

She started to mumble with her mouth stuffed full of my cock.

“What’s that?….op…can’t hear you, sorry.” I then reached down and yanked up her t-shirt to expose her bare tits and I began groping the right one in my hand and pinching her nippe hard. She tried to yell but it only came out muffled. Then she tried to take her mouth off my cock and I pushed her head down again. “Did I say you could stop? ” Then I smacked her on the back of the head. “I don’t think I heard myself say you could stop.”

After about 45 minutes of this continuing, I pulled her head off my cock and moved my body so my back was on the sofa and I pulled my legs up so my knees were in my chest. “Come on, lick my ass bitch.” She stared at me looking a bit worn. “Come on! Now! You don’t want to go against me.” So, she leaded forward and I grabbed her head and pushed it into my ass and I felt her tongue start to lick my asshole. “Fuckin-A bitch, lick my ass. You nasty fuckin’ whore.” I was really getting off on it and my cock was throbbing and twitching as she licked my ass. “Now suck on it. Suck on my hole.” So she started to suck my asshole and I groaned and laid my head back against the back cushion of the sofa. “OOOOOH FUCK baby, you dirty whore. Fuck that’s good!”

I was going crazy from this and I had to fuck her. But I felt like being a dick about too. “Bend over the couch whore.” I said as I got up and stood over her, looking down at her sternly. Then I pushed her so she was bent over the sofa and I got behind her and spit in my hand and worked the saliva all over my cock. Then I pulled up her mini-skirt over her ass and pulled her panties down as far as I could. “You can finger fuck your own pussy bitch. I’m gonna fuck you up the ass.”

“Oh no! No not there!”

“You think you have a choice….that’s funny shit baby.” I said as I kneeled behind her and positioned my cock against her asshole.

“NO! escort portalı DON’T!” She yelled, “Please! STOP!”

I then reached over and took my briefs that were on the floor nearby and then pulled her head back so her mouth opened and I stuffed my briefs into her mouth. She made muffled sounds and I just ignored it. Then I forced my weight against her so she couldn’t move and felt the head of my cock violate her sphincter and then I could hear her screaming into the briefs.

“OOH GODDAMN Woman! You dirty ass whore!” I kept pushing my cock into her resisting anal cavity more and more, feeling it grip my cock and the resistance made me even push harder. “Fuck yeah bitch. You like that don’t you?” I said, knowing her answer and it made me feel like such a nasty freak.

I then began pushing my cock in and out of her ass as I grabbed and squeezed on her firm tits. It felt so good and then I looked down and saw there was some blood on my cock and it made my cock twitch inside her and I jammed it into her hard after seeing it. Then I looked back down as my cock went in and out of her asshole and when I’d pull out it looked like my cock was pulling her hole inside out until I pushed back in again.

I felt my balls starting to tighten and I began thrusting my cock up into her ass and she was sobbing and making sounds through the briefs I had stuffed in her mouth. I knew I was going to cum now. “FUUUUCCCCK! NASTY FUCKING WHORE!” and I slammed into her hard and felt my seed coat the inside of her bowels, my cock throbbing over and over in her ass, my balls emptying into her.

I pulled out and saw my cum and her blood on my cock and I stood up when I was able to regain my composure after such a huge nut bust. “Clean my cock off with your fuckin’ mouth now.” And I pulled the briefs from her mouth and pulled her head forward and my cock went into her tired mouth and I pumped her face several times until her saliva had cleaned my cock off.

I then lit a smoke and got dressed. “Get dressed now. I’ll take you back to town.”

She got up and started to put her clothes back the way it was, even though it was still on. “FUCK YOU!” she said.

“Oh now baby, no need to be sore.” I said as I smiled and pulled out my wallet. I reached in and pulled out three one-hundred dollar bills I had already had ready. “Here you go slut….I’m good for it.” And I threw the money onto the floor and walked back toward the kitchen. “I’ll be in the car, hurry up.”

She didn’t take long before following me out and she got into the car. I drove her back to the same place where I picked her up and as she got out I smiled and said, “Now you have a good night.”

But she slammed the passenger door and walked away, looking a bit through and was somewhat limping away. I just lit up another smoke and started to laugh to myself and then I went home for a good night’s sleep.

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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