Their Unique Arrangement

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For the past six months, Sandra French had been carrying on a secret affair. She adored her husband and felt tremendous pangs of guilt every time she was in the arms of her lover, but the sex was simply too good for her to end the relationship. When her husband went out to his twice-weekly poker games, Sandra would call her lover and wait with an impatience that surprised her. Their assignations were the highlight of Sandra’s week.

She was on the living room couch making love with her lover when her husband walked in on them. Sandra was in the throes of a huge climax and couldn’t have stopped even if she had wanted to. Angel seemed unfazed by all of it. Her husband’s reaction puzzled her the most. Don didn’t seem to be having any of the reactions she might have expected. Anger, shock, betrayal, none of them played on his handsome face.

The blonde wife was horrified at finally being exposed and terrified that their friends and neighbors might find out that she had been having an affair, let alone an affair with another woman. From the very beginning, Angel had been near-impossible to resist. The bright, articulate 24-year old possessed an earthy sensuality and a body to match. Curvy with a great ass, soulful brown eyes and legs to die for, she had engaged Sandra in conversation at the Don’s company Christmas party. Angel was a relatively new hire at Don’s firm and Sandra didn’t know her well, but the pretty blonde found herself quite entranced by the stunning brunette. So much so, that Angel’s offer of their going for a drink after the New Year was most eagerly accepted.

They met for drinks one evening early in January. Despite the winter chill, Angel was dressed rather provocatively. “I like getting attention,” the girl smiled as she ordered a carafe of wine for the both of them. “I’ve got a good body and I’m not afraid to use it to my advantage. I’m sure that Don’s firm didn’t hire me because of my skills. Oh, I’m more than competent enough, but I wore my hottest black skirt, a low-cut blouse and my favorite pair of black stilettos. I think I could have had the men in that room jumping through hoops if I’d wanted to,” she chuckled.

With a body like Angel’s, Sandra didn’t doubt it. She was wearing a short red jacket top with a lacy, cream-colored bra visible underneath. Her mid-section was completely bared, revealing a smooth, flat stomach. She was also wearing an outrageous pair of matching red shorts that would have been daring even in the summer months. On those long, bare legs, she was wearing sexy red spike heels, the heels were almost pencil thin and very fetching on her.

“You’re a stunning young woman, yes, but aren’t you freezing in that outfit?” Sandra asked her new friend. Angel shook her head.

“I never really feel the cold, but relax, I wore a long coat on my way here,” she told Sandra. “My apartment is only a few blocks from here, I’ll be fine.”

She and Angel chatted amiably about many things. She found out that Angel was a very witty and personable young woman, funny and willing to do a lot to succeed. She had done some modeling and loved flaunting her body. “I gave a lover a nude calendar as a birthday present one year,” she smiled. “Afterward … well, let’s just say that a good time was had by all.”

“He must have been one happy fellow,” Sandra commented as they ordered more wine. She was a bit giddy but she hadn’t driven there, so what was the harm?

“Now, when did I ever say it was a man I gave that gift to?” Angel giggled, placing her hand on Sandra’s. Sandra’s green eyes went wide and Angel laughed. “I’ve shocked you and I thought for sure you knew. I like women darling, I like men too, but I’ve been with many more women than I have men. I was sure that you were interested in me and I was hoping that tonight might serve as our first date,” she commented.

Sandra was flat-out stunned. “No, no, I’m not bi-sexual and I’m flattered Angel, I really am, but I don’t … I mean, I’ve never … you know that I’m married, right?” She told the girl. She couldn’t seem to find the proper words no matter how hard she tried.

Angel smiled at the sexy blonde and laughed lightly. “Of course, I do work for your husband’s company, remember? It won’t bother me if you don’t let it bother you,” she smiled again. That smile and that face — Sandra didn’t doubt for a minute that the lovely brunette could captivate any man that came within a foot of her. Likely more than her fair share of women too, although Sandra wasn’t going to be one of them. 30-year old wives did not have affairs with 24-year old brunettes, no matter how sexy they were. Sandra caught herself — she wasn’t having an affair with anyone, period! It was true that Don might lack her high sex drive, but he did his best and was a great husband in every other way. She could enjoy her own sexual fantasies and use some toys to get off on the nights Don was playing poker. Tonight she would likely be thinking of Angel and how sexy and young she was. There was nothing çukurambar escort wrong with thinking about it, a fantasy couldn’t hurt anyone. Angel was talking about something else and Sandra realized that she had briefly zoned out. She focused in on the conversation again.

“I’m sorry, I spaced out for a second,” she apologized to Angel. “This is wonderful wine but I think that it’s made me a bit light-headed,” she told her new friend.

Angel looked at her with those wonderful, soulful brown eyes. “I was telling you about Silvia, my ex. Great in the sack, terrible partner. She was very jealous and possessive, I only let it go on as long as it did because she was such a great lay,” Angel explained. “Oh, I shouldn’t go on like this, should I? For some reason, I’m very comfortable talking to you about my sex life.”

“That’s quite all right, I’m finding it interesting,” Sandra told her, sipping some more wine. “This Silvia, what was she like?”

Angel sighed. “European, blonde, petite with great tits and a delicious ass,” she told Sandra. “I used to lick her pussy from behind just to see that ass wiggle. Every once in a while, I’d even lick her ass, she loved it!”

“I can’t imagine doing something like that, it sounds so dirty!” Sandra gasped. Angel just laughed gently.

“Babe, there’s nothing really dirty about sex, it’s all good if you’re clean and I am,” she told her friend.

“What’s it like, having sex with another woman?” Sandra asked. She wasn’t going to do anything about it but she was curious.

“Soft,” Angel answered. “It can be very slow and sensual, but the feeling of a woman’s skin against your own is very soft and loving. That’s not to say two women can’t get hot and nasty, but the sweet, gentle touch of another woman is unlike anything you’d ever experience.”

Sandra nodded and sipped her wine. She asked Angel several more questions and felt herself becoming flushed and more than a little bit excited.

From there, it was a hop, a skip and a jump to Angel’s apartment and to her bedroom. Sandra had decided that she would try it, just this one time and satisfy her curiosity. She let Angel undress her and was proud of her body as the younger woman complimented her on her unblemished skin and porcelain complexion. In Angel’s bedroom, she felt desirable and more than a bit naughty. As Angel’s knowing tongue caressed her flesh, she had a turnaround in her opinions. Had could she not have known how good this felt? How had she gone so long without having a woman in her bed? Angel’s tongue made love to her and licked her and then she came, a great, large geyser of a climax unlike anything she had ever known before.

She found herself terrified at the prospect of making love to the gorgeous, naked brunette with whom she was sharing a bed. Not because she didn’t want to, but because Angel’s gorgeous body intimidated her. Those big tits with the big, dark nipples and that smooth skin and beautiful face. Angel had so much more skill than she did and as she tried to explain her emotions to the girl, Angel just shushed her.

“Sweetheart, everyone has to have a first time, this is yours,” she told Sandra. “Just go and touch wherever you’d like and do what you’d like to do. I’m pretty open-minded and I’m strong, you can’t break me.”

Sandra nodded and hoped her lover would prove to be right. She kissed down Angel’s prone form and when she reached her pussy, she took a deep breath. She licked out at the damp pussy and the taste was pleasant, nothing like she had expected. Nicer tasting than a cock. She took some more licks and was soon licking eagerly, fully awash in her new desires. Angel was now using very profane language to encourage her, telling her to “eat my fucking cunt, you slut”. Despite her upbringing, the raw language thrilled Sandra.

Their trysts became a twice-weekly thing after that. She couldn’t have made it through the week some times unless she knew that she and Angel would share a bed. Tonight, they had been careless. Angel’s apartment was being painted and she was staying with her parents. They did not know about her love life with other women. Sandra didn’t want to cancel their get-together, so she had suggested they meet at her place, knowing Don would be out until at least midnight.

Only he hadn’t been. It wasn’t even 10 PM and he was home and still had yet to say anything.

“Um, you’re home early,” Sandra managed to mutter, feeling like a complete idiot as soon as she said it.

“Ran out of money,” he chuckled. There was still no expression of anger on his strong, proud face. He walked over to Angel and took her beautiful face in his hands. “So, I take it you like my wife?” He smiled and kissed Sandra’s girlfriend.

“I sure do, I’m glad you suggested that I introduce myself to her,” Angel grinned. She didn’t seem at all self-conscious about being naked in front of Don and she made no attempt to cover herself.

Something Angel had demetevler escort just said struck a chord in Sandra. “Wait, you suggested that Angel come and say hello to me?” She asked him. “Did you both plan for this to happen?”

“In a way, yeah, we kind of set you up,” Don admitted with a sheepish grin on his face. “I know that I can’t keep up with you in the bedroom. I thought you could use some more fun in your life, a little more spontaneity. Angel’s known to be a bit of a live wire, I thought at the very least, you’d make a new friend. I hoped she’d loosen you up in the bedroom too and boy, did she ever! Sandra sweetheart, you’ve become a total maniac between the sheets babe, a real hellcat! I owe this little lady, big time.”

“I’ve already thanked her,” Sandra said drily.

“Several times tonight, in fact,” Angel giggled.

“So, you’re not angry that I’ve been having an affair with Angel?” Sandra looked up at him. He shook his head.

“Nope, I’ve got my poker nights with the guys and you’ve got this,” Don said to his wife. “You can keep seeing her for as long as you want, I have no objections. She makes you happy and she’s been a good friend to you, that’s all that matters.”

“Welll, not quite all,” Sandra smiled. “I hardly think poker with the guys is the equal of me fucking another beautiful woman. With my girlfriend’s permission, I’d like to invite you to join us for the remainder of the evening, if you think you can handle TWO hellcats,” she giggled.

Don looked at his wife and at Angel like he had just won the lottery. Angel looked back at Sandra and nodded. It had been a long while since she’d had a threesome. Don dropped his pants to the floor and walked over to the slinky brunette. He ran his hands along the groove of her shaved pussy. She gasped and leaned forward and his cock just sort-of slid into her waiting mouth. She sucked and licked at the bulging hard-on while Sandra watched her husband being sucked by her girlfriend. She knew that she should be jealous, yet she wasn’t. She had no right to be and it was all so damned sexy!

“Okay Angel, I want to watch you with Sandra some more,” Don told the sexy brunette. “I’ve never seen my wife with anyone else before, let alone another woman. I’ve got to see if it’s as sexy as I think it is.”

Sandra was still too stunned to react and too turned-on to object. Angel got down between her girlfriend’s thighs and began eating her sweet cunt. The connection between the two women was tight now and it could not ever be severed. Sandra watched in fascination as her husband got behind the brunette and slid his thick cock into the tight pussy from behind. Angel groaned and sucked and licked Sandra’s pussy all the harder. The blonde had no complaints whatsoever about that. She looked at the expression on Angel’s face as her girlfriend ate her pussy, it was one of sheer bliss. She was thrilling at the chance to be fucked by Don while still able to play with Sandra.

“Lick my cunt, you lesbian whore,” Sandra hissed at Angel. “Lick my twat while my husband fucks you like the bitch you are.” By now, she had become quite accustomed to talking dirty to Angel but from the look on her husband’s face, it had taken him completely by surprise. It was fun for her to shock him, he needed to realize she was a changed woman and not to be taken for granted.

Angel slid her fingers into Sandra’s pussy the way that she knew her girlfriend liked. As best she could, she also moved back against Don’s invading cock. He was a pretty decent fuck, although nowhere near as good as his wife. He needed to work on his technique. His stamina was fine though, he had been fucking her for at least ten minutes with a nice, steady, even stroke. She moved away from Don and from Sandra. Both of them were confused until she began getting Don fully undressed. “How is he at eating pussy?” Angel questioned Sandra.

“Fair, of course darling, he’s not as good as you,” Sandra answered truthfully. Angel grinned at her, pleased with her elevated status.

“He’s going to have to get better,” Angel told Sandra, lowering herself on to Don’s cock. It slid deep inside of her and she began to rock on it. “Get on his face and let him suck your pussy while you and I play. If he wants to play in the big leagues, loverboy is going to need to keep up with us.”

It was fun for Sandra to see her husband get his comeuppance a tiny bit. She moved her soaked pussy on to his face and she wasn’t sure, but she thought he might just be a bit better at it tonight. He certainly was eager. Her body leaned close and she and Angel kissed and rubbed each other’s bodies while they both fornicated with Sandra’s husband.

Angel and Sandra looked at each other and had a meeting of the minds. Both knew that Don had been fucking them for over 30 minutes by now and they’d been playing for hours before his arrival. Everyone needed the sweet release of a cum, so they got off Don and moved to either side dikimevi escort of his shaft. With licking tongues, the girls finished him off and shared his cum between them. Don was stunned to see his wife swallow his load as she had never done that before. Tonight he had seen a lot of things she had never done before.

“I’ve wanted to fuck Angel since the day the company hired her,” Don confessed to his bride as he made some coffee for all of them. “I didn’t make a move on her in the office because I didn’t want any complications. I doubt she’d file a sexual harassment suit or anything, but word gets around. I’d never cheat on you Sandra and I know you wouldn’t intentionally have cheated on me. I just sensed that something was missing and Angel presented a wonderful opportunity for you,” he said to Sandra. “She really keeps you satisfied and I believe as long as she’s in your life, you won’t go looking for another guy.”

Sandra nodded. She hadn’t even given a second thought to finding another man, Don was enough and Angel filled the rest of the void. After coffee, she was fired up and ready to go again. She got on all fours and insisted that he fuck her doggy-style while she tasted Angel’s sweet pussy again. Don got hard in a few minutes and granted her request. She and Angel made out like a couple of teens and Don fucked her as long as he could until he had to cum again. This time, he was out for the night. He said his goodnights and went up to bed. Angel and Sandra were far from sated and rolled into a `69′, licking the remainder of Don’s spunk from each other’s flesh. Sandra was near-insatiable now and she knew that Angel had brought out the true person in her, the total woman that she was always meant to be. She owed her beautiful lover so much and wished that she could find some way to express her appreciation. Angel fell asleep in her arms on the couch and that’s how Don found them in the morning before he left for work.

Don and Sandra had a long talk over the next few weeks about things at home. He learned that he needed to pay more attention to Sandra and not be in such a rush in bed. Their threesome was repeated on two more occasions. Angel and Sandra made sure to explain to him that it was not to be expected and it would be better for them all if it happened spontaneously and without too much frequency. It would become old hat for the three of them and could spoil the enjoyment.

Sandra also made it clear to the both of them that they were free to fuck each other, if they chose to do so. It would be hypocritical of her not to allow Don the same freedoms she herself enjoyed. Angel agreed with her girlfriend’s decision and when Don showed up late one evening, she smelled some of Angel’s perfume on his shirt collar. She smiled at him, winked and served dinner.

Everything continued along nicely. Sandra and Angel continued their affair, each of them happy and content. In their own way, they were totally faithful to one another. Unlike Silvia, Sandra wasn’t at all possessive. She let Angel come and go as she liked, so Angel stayed. Angel had found someone who liked her little quirks and Sandra had found someone who freed her from her preconceptions. As for Don, his hellcat became wilder in bed than ever and he still had to work hard to keep up with her. Just last week, she had insisted that he fuck her ass while they watched a video that Angel had made of herself. She was naked, acting like a total whore and talking dirty to them both, telling them what she wished they would do to her if she was there. Angel had a big dildo that she was using on her cunt and next time they got together, Sandra wanted Angel to use it on her. They hadn’t done that yet. She found the video to be a very thoughtful, very sexy gift.

The anniversary of her affair with Angel came fairly close to her wedding anniversary, which was Valentine’s Day. Sandra knew she wanted to give them both something unique, but what could that be? Her inventive little mind went into overdrive and she came up with the solution. On February 14th, they all went to dinner. Angel’s dress was red like her outfit last year, skimpy and tight. The spike heels were back. Sandra had opted for short and black, stiletto heels to match. She smiled at both of the people she loved and reached into her purse. She handed Angel a tiny key.

“What’s this?” Angel asked Sandra.

“The key to your new apartment, if you accept my offer,” Sandra explained. “Don and I have that huge finished basement and we only use the laundry room. It has a separate entrance, you could come and go as you please. I’d love to have you closer and see your face every day and Don, I think you’d like that as well. Angel and you have become friends. I think this would be ideal for all of us, don’t you?”

Don nodded and was pleased at his bride’s inventiveness. Her present was very romantic but he thought that he just might call the travel agency tomorrow and book a cruise for three instead. “I do,” he smiled at both women. “Angel, we’d love to have you living with us, say yes,” he told her.

“Yes, of course,” Angel squealed, hugging them both. It would be nice to have a place that she could truly call home. She couldn’t wait until they saw her present, several skimpy new outfits and shiny PVC lingerie for herself and Sandra as well.

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