Then and Now Ch. 02 – College

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So, college, yeah…

As you read this, remember it was the late 80’s, before cell phones, the Internet, Uber, flat screen TVs and all that.

The place in Rochester was spoken about among us on occasion, although almost no one really knew anything about it. Everyone “heard” some rumor about their merchandise, the clientele and what went on there. No one could ever actually say for sure though because no one ever admitted to actually going there.

That was until a couple of sorority pledges, Cindy and Mindy (no, that’s obviously not their real names) got sent on a recon mission there. They were to each buy a sex toy as proof they went.

And, before you ask, no, Cindy and Mindy didn’t do anything except look around, buy the cheapest toys they could find and run out.

Once home they recounted their trip like it was a great adventure. I was dating Cindy’s “Big Sister” in the sorority (let’s call her Wendy) and was sitting in the sorority house when they returned. I was one of the handful that got to hear their tale.

“The bus ride was so weird. I thought everybody would know for sure when we got off where we were going.”

“Oh my God! Right?! I mean they stopped at the corner and we got off and there was the shop, like, right there, and the bus just seemed to sit there. I mean, I know he was just waiting for people to get on, but I felt like he was watching us.”

“For me going in the front door was the worst. It was so gross inside. And all those pervs looking at us. Most of them were all like my father’s age or even older. And they were all just creepsters.”

“Oh my God! And the magazines and videos were sooooo disgusting and perverted!”

“I never knew they made so many different types of dildos! Some of them were huge!”

“Oh my God! Remember the huge black one!”

“And all the gay stuff, ugh!”

“Oh my God, they had hand cuffs and dog collars and stuff!”

“OH, OH! The Back Room! Tell them about the back room!”

“Oh my God! The Back Room! So they had this room in back with little booths. The sign said they had video previews and live girls! And guys would go back and pay to go into a booth and watch and jerk off!”

“I think some of them were doing more than jerking off. A few looked pretty gay to me.”

I joined in, but secretly wanted to go see for myself. I had to.

Yeah, I knew about such places, I had even tried to get into one with a fake ID in high school. I spent a heart pounding two minutes to wandering the store before the clerk asked for my ID. I confidently give him the mail order fake. It was seeming eternity of humiliation as he threw it back at me and I dragged myself out the door to the laughter of other patrons. Even after I turned 18 for real (a little over a year later), I lacked the nerve to go in again. So far that was my first and only experience inside an Adult Bookstore.

Another set of two lucky pledges got sent to the shop in Rochester the following week. Let’s call them Sandy and Mandy. This time the girls were instructed to not only buy a sex toy but also to go in the back room and report on it in more detail.

They returned with a tale that was not quite the fun adventure of Cindy and Mindy. The way they told it was just a bit darker and maybe even dangerous.

When they got there they selected their toys (the same cheap dildos) and headed to pay. A woman was working behind the counter. Sandy described her as “a fat, ugly, old whore”. Mandy was a little more generous. She described the clerk as “like someone’s mom who probably used to be hot and she’s gotten kind of heavy and dresses like she still thinks she’s hot. And she is not hot. Except maybe to old guys.”

They paid for the toys and Mandy nervously inquired about the back room.

The woman explained it. You buy tokens, like an arcade or a batting cage, two for a dollar. You go into a booth, put in a token and you can watch a few minutes of a movie. If there’s girls working, you go into one of those booths, put in a token and a shade goes up and you get to watch a minute of her dancing naked. “But,” she said, “there ain’t no girls working today. Sometimes on weekends.”

“You girls don’t want to go back there, anyway. Ain’t nothing back there ‘xcept old men whose wives won’t put out trying to get their dicks sucked. That and gay guys trying to suck dick.”

Sandy had tried to back out at that point. She was a good Catholic girl, raised in a fairly religious family this was all too much for her. With a serious look on her face she explained to us she’d never even met “a gay homosexual” before that.

Mandy was a little more adventurous. She was a Chinese girl, raised by immigrant parents who were conflicted between being traditional and wanting to raise an “American” daughter. It was well known that she’d been accepted to Princeton and planned to followed her boyfriend there. In an attempt to get her away from him, him, her parents had sent her to istanbul escort a crappy SUNY school instead.

As revenge she seemed to determined to do things they would not approve of while she was here. Going into the dark, back room of a seedy porn shop was definitely something they would not approve of.

So Mandy put a dollar down and purchased two tokens, one for each of the girls. Then she convinced Sandy to go in with her.

They walked through a bead curtain, pressed together, clutching each other’s hands, into the infamous “Back Room”.

It was dark in back. According to Sandy the only lights were the kind of red bulbs used for developing film and flickers coming from under the doors of occupied booths.

The booths were ugly things, painted black. Everything was painted black, even the floor.

The girls could hear groans and moans from inside the booths. Not all, they suspected, were from the videos being watched.

Even though by the entry sign announced “No Loitering” in bold letters, there were guys standing around talking in hushed tones or prowling the aisles between the booths. Some were their father’s ages or even older, some were closer to Sandy and Mandy in age. Any conversation stopped when the men noticed the girls. All eyes were on them.

Most of the younger guys looked at them with disdain. Most of the older guys with desire.

Mandy opened the door to an empty booth and stepped in. Sandy stood outside and cautiously bent forward to peek in. Despite the black paint you could see obvious stains running down the walls. She wrinkled her nose and decided it was time to leave. That’s when she felt the hand.

Describing it she said, “It wasn’t like an accident or anything. He put his hand on my thigh and ran it right up between my legs and squeezed when he got THERE. So gross.”

It made her jump into the room. She slammed the flimsy door shut as protection against the owner of the offending hand. She plastered her back to the door to hold it shut. She begged Mandy to leave with her.

Mandy was still feeling a little more adventurous. “So some guy copped a cheap feel. It’s not like it doesn’t happen to us at bars all the time. You’re just freaked cause he’s probably like your dad’s age. Come on, we’ll watch a little of a movie and go.”

Sandy, afraid to venture out of the booth by herself, reluctantly agreed.

She didn’t trust the little hook and eye lock on the door and stayed plastered against it despite realizing that it probably had the same stains on it as the rest of the booth. She vowed to take a long shower and burn her clothes when she got home.

Mandy dropped in a token. A crappy TV behind a plexiglass window came on showing a blurry video already in progress. Sandy said that the streaks of… goo… splattered on the plexiglass almost made her sick. It was all they could see at first when the TV lit up.

Then they saw the movie playing behind the… goo.

It was gay porn, a guy laying on his back getting fucked while another guy in the background sucked dick. The guys in the room were seemed more uncomfortable with the type of movie than the girls.

On the initial mention of the video, Sandy and Mandy would both agree the movie was “gross”, “disgusting” and “awful”.

Sandy said it almost made her sick again.

“But you couldn’t look away,” Mandy added, “it was like looking at a dead body after a car crash or something. And I wasn’t going to touch anything to try to change the movie. Stuff was on everything.”

At one point she admitted she found it “almost kind of almost hot in a weird way. Kind of. Almost.” Most of the guys just made “ewww” noises at that and the few girls laughed.

They stood there in the booth, Mandy watching the movie, Sandy trying to not watch as she waited for the token to run out so they could leave.

That’s when Sandy saw a little motion out of the corner of her eye. At first she screamed because she thought it was a rat crawling through a hole in the wall. Then they both screamed when they realized it wasn’t a rat.

Sandy described the dick as short, fat, hairy and kind of smelly, “like a guy smells the morning after sex.” The really traumatizing part to her seemed to be that he was uncut; she hadn’t seen many dicks before and never an uncut cock.

“It was just so gross the way the skin covered it,” she said, her face puckered in disgust, “Like a weird turtle neck or something. I thought at first someone had cut the tip of it off and then I thought maybe he was deformed. Gross.”

As before, Mandy was just a bit more charitable in her description. “It wasn’t that bad,” she said without elaborating further.

Regardless of their differing opinions, seeing a dick pop through a hole in the wall was too much for them. They ran out screaming. Their screams died down when the were back on the street and turned to laughter once they were in the relative safety the return escort bayan bus ride.

That’s when they realized they left the toys behind. They didn’t dare go back.

All they had was one remaining token as proof of their visit. That combined with a great story was enough for the sorority sisters.

It was decided then and there that they wouldn’t send any more pledges after that. Despite a great story that ended well, the sisters agreed it seemed like it might be a little dangerous. “What if something happened, like a pledge got raped or something? We could get in trouble, maybe even sued!”

It wasn’t lost on me that Mandy seemed like she’d enjoyed the trip more than a little bit. Later, as I got a mediocre blowjob from Wendy, I thought about little Mandy standing in a seaman strained room watching gay porn.

Wendy was having trouble. She took her mouth off my dick. “Damn you’re hard. Do you want to make love?”

“Yes,” I said aloud. And then, in my head, I added, “At least you won’t be dragging teeth across my dick that way. Plus you’ll actually let me cum in your pussy. If I wear a rubber.”

Wendy laid on her back and opened her legs for me as I slid on a condom provided courtesy of student services.

I climbed on top and pushed inside her. Missionary as always.

The tip in, back up, a little more in, back up, repeat…

She wrapped her arms around me and stared into my eyes.

I did my best to keep mine open as I pushed all the way into her. She got mad if I closed my eyes or looked away during sex.

Yet even though my eyes were locked on hers, I was wasn’t really looking at her. I was imagining little Mandy, still alone in the booth, when a hard dick came through the hole. I was imagining it was mine and she sucked it.

And then, as I thrust in and out of my girlfriend, I imagined myself in the booth with Mandy, watching her suck anonymous dicks.

As I picked up the pace, I imagined Mandy offering a dick to me.

As I got close to cumming in Wendy’s pussy (in a condom, really), I imagined me sucking the dick and swallowing cum as Mandy watched.

Wendy wrapped her legs around me and pulled me into her. Her eyes were shut tight and her mouth open. She was cumming. I’d never actually seen her do that before.

I was about to let myself go and cum with her when I realized something was wrong. I knew what a broken condom felt like. I hesitated for a second.

Wendy held me tight and sighed, “ohhhhh yesssss….”

“Screw it,” I thought as I shoved myself deep into her and let my cum flow.

(Spoiler: There were no negative repercussions aside from my girlfriend being freaked until she got her next period. Well, that and I had to buy expensive condoms from then on.)

As Wendy panicked and tried to clean herself out, I continued to think about Mandy. I wanted to talk to her, find out more, especially the address of the shop. Maybe she’d visit with me, maybe I’d go alone.

Fortunately we were in the same dorm, just on separate floors. She was on one of the lower “Freshman Floors” while I was on an upper “Non-Freshman Floor.” We had “suite style” rooms, 4 roommates sharing two bedrooms, a Living room and a bathroom. It took me about a week to find out she had no classes on Thursday afternoon while all of her roommates did.

So the following Thursday I watched from my window as the last of her roommates walked out of the building and then I headed down to her with 4 pack of wine coolers in hand. I won’t deny feeling flutters in my chest when I knocked on her door.

“Hey! Wendy’s boyfriend, right? What’s up?”

I held up the wine coolers. “Bored, nobody around. Care to do a little day drinking with me?” I asked with a smile.

“Sure,” she said, smiling back.

She ushered me into the room and closed the door behind us. That wasn’t an accident or luck. I was pretty sure she’d say yes to my offer. She was known for her love of wine coolers, so much so that her pledge name was Bartles (as in Bartles and James). And since alcohol was banned on the Freshman Floors it assured she’d close the door to give us privacy while we drank.

And she was getting a reputation of being, well, easy, if not actually slutty.

“So what’s going on?” she asked as she opened a bottle and took a swig.

I wasn’t 100% sure how much time we had, so I decided to swing for the fences.

“So that porn shop thing, that was crazy, huh?”

“Oh God, yes!” she exclaimed, “I mean, I’d never been in a place like that before. I knew they existed, there are plenty in The City, I just never even thought to go inside one.”

She was from New York City, Manhattan, right.

“Time Square video booths and glory holes,” I said, “that’s just crazy. I thought that was only in movies. Where’s the place you guys went?”

“Rochester,” she answered and then named a street I’d never heard of. I made a mental note of it.

“I never Bostancı escort even knew there was such a thing as a glory hole,” she continued, “one of the sisters told me what they were called after we came back. What really got me was the movie,” she said as she took a swig.

And then there was an awkward silence as she started at her bottle and began picking at the label.

She took another sip and, still staring at the bottle, began to talk.

“So there’s a guy, a skinny guy, little guy, Mexican or something I think, and like our age. He’s on his back, legs up on the other guy’s shoulders. The other guy, he’s a big white guy with a really big dick and he’s like, older, like maybe in his forties. And they’re fucking in, like, a barn or something. On hay bales.

“And you can see his dick going in and out of the little guy’s ass. At one point the camera was, like, right there, you know? I mean you saw the guy pull his big dick all the way out and shove it back in the guy’s ass.

“And, I mean, that was a BIG dick. I’m not sure I could take it in my… you know… and certainly not in my ass. But the skinny guy, he was loving it. Moaning and making sounds like a puppy or something and saying stuff like ‘Yeah Pappi, Fuck Me’.

“And the big guy was fucking him like he was a woman, but really hard and fast.

“And the little guy was loving it. I mean, I really don’t think he was faking it. Not faking it at all. I mean, he was hard the whole time and jerking off.

“And then the big guy pulled out and jerked off. He squirted all over the other guy’s belly and dick. And there was a lot. I mean A LOT. And then then the little guy jerked off on himself and started rubbing it and mixing their stuff together and licking it off his fingers.”

I shifted in my chair more than once during the story trying to his the growing bulge in my pants.

She was staring at her bottle and picking at the label the whole time she talked. The label was all but gone now.

More awkward silence.

I cleared my throat. “And that was it?” I asked.

“Wasn’t that enough? I mean, the movie was still going, but that’s when the prev stuck his dick through the hole and we both took off before I saw more.”

“Crazy,” I said, shaking my head and grinning a little. I had just wanted to get an address, not a dirty story. I knew I needed to change the subject to something less sexual. I needed to let my hard-on relax before she noticed. I tried to come up with a more tame topic.

Mandy took a sip and looked it me with a straight face.

“Do you want to have sex with me?” she asked. The way she said it she might as well have been asking if I wanted a glass of water.

That was a question I hadn’t expected. The deadpan delivery made me wonder if I misunderstood. Was she offering sex or was she just curious about my intentions?

“I, uh, that is…” I stammered eloquently.

“Come on,” she said as she walked into her room, still sipping her wine cooler.

Once in her room she shut the door. There was no kissing, no pretense of foreplay or romance. She stripped down, pants and panties and shirt tossed into a pile on the floor. Except for socks she sat naked on the edge of her bed with her legs slightly spread.

She had dark, wispy, untrimmed pubes. It was thinner than the thick wavy hair on her head. Her tits were perfect mounds (“just barely B cups,” she said in response to my unasked question). Her aureola were dark, little, well defined things, with nipples that looked like erasers.

She watched me as I finished pulling off my clothes.

“Do you need me to suck your dick?” she asked as I slid out of my pants.

“No,” I answered. I didn’t, I was hard.

“I don’t mind,” she said, kneeling down in front of me and taking my hard cock I her hands.

She looked up at me. “Just don’t cum in my mouth, ok?” she said as she gently stroked my cock.

I nodded. That was a common request from girls, never heard from guys.

And then she said, “I mean, I don’t mind, but only if you can get it up again quick for sex. I could use it, you know?”

I nodded again.

And with that she took my cock head in her mouth.

Fortunately I was 19 and could get it up again pretty quick.

She had just wrapped her lips around my dick and barely pushed her head forward when I lost it and my cum started to flow into her mouth. I had never actually cum in a girl’s mouth before.

She made a muffled noise of surprise and looked up at me, eyes wide.

She made no attempt to back off. Instead she bobbed her head rapidly on my dick as I pumped my load. I would have preferred her to stay still and take it into her mouth as deep as she could, but most girls don’t really know how to suck dick well.

I barely resisted the urge to grab her head and hold it while I shoved my dick in as deep as I could.

I chuckled as a thought crossed my mind. “She seems to like gay porn. Have to have her watch some blowjob videos.”

I finished cumming and left my softening dick in her mouth. I looked down at her, she was still looking up at me. Her cheeks were puffed out a bit and I knew she still had my load in her mouth. “Show me,” I said.

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