There’s a First Time for Everything

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(Usual Disclaimer Time: All the characters in this story are 18 years old or older, and since we’re living in the wide wonderful world of porno-land here, where clichés roam free and things might get a little unrealistic from time to time, please remember it’s all in good fun.)

(Author’s Note: This story requires a little explanation before we get too deep into it. This is a spin-off story from my main series, Senior Year Memories, featuring two of my most popular and frequently requested characters, insanely busty religious girl, Sophie Cusack, and the gorgeous hipster, Rose Ferris. While it takes place in the same universe and will often reference characters or concepts from it, being a Senior Year Memories expert is NOT required to enjoy this story; I’m trying to make it its own fun thing and aim to provide all appropriate context. So, while it will be familiar to longtime readers, it is meant to be accessible to newcomers as well. This one also has a bit of a slower start than usual, as it ballooned into something altogether bigger than I originally intended, but at the end of the day, I think it’s a lot of fun, and I hope you do too.

Further, I want to congratulate my reader JF for suggesting the name of the male lead (which I drew out of a hat, among other suggestions). As always, I want to give special thanks to fellow Literotica author Lil_kitty for her excellent work as my editor and acting as a second set of eyes on this chapter, and for letting me know what did and didn’t work; if you get a chance, please check out her work and drop some stars if you enjoyed, she writes some very hot and fun stories.)


On a cool late January night in the foyer of a nice suburban home in the town of Regan Hills, California, 18-year-old Sophie Cusack found herself worried by two things, even though tonight was a night she’d rather not worry about even a single thing.

The first involving the insistent pings of texts vibrating her phone in her purse, from a very good-looking, very kind, and at this moment, very insistent boy by the name of Von Everett who couldn’t have had worse timing.

The second was getting her parents out the door in time.

Patiently, she watched as her father adjusted the suit jacket that was almost a size too small for his massive, muscular frame, while her mother readjusted her overly large earrings and did everything she could to look like a good 1950s housewife. A pair of uptight, conservative parents more used to church functions than a night on the town, they weren’t terribly accustomed to leaving the house at night and managed to make an exceptionally drawn-out process of leaving.

Truthfully, Sophie would have liked it if they’d gotten on with it already, but she wasn’t going to let them see any agitation in her, lest they find some reason to think she was up to something.

Mostly because, well unlike the uptight religious girl she was at the beginning of her senior year, now she actually *was* up to something that her parents would consider very naughty indeed.

Again, her phone vibrated insistently in her purse, intensely enough that Sophie worried that her parents might have heard. It was true that they liked Von (though truthfully not nearly as much as *she* liked the handsome, black young man she’d met through her church groups), but they very much liked snooping in her life, and the more questions they asked, the less likely they were to get out the door in a timely manner. She was annoyed intensely with this boy, much as she might have had a little crush on him, and silently prayed that her parents wouldn’t notice a thing.

Thankfully, they were too busy to truly catch wind of much beyond their own issues.

“Now you are absolutely certain you would rather stay here tonight? You know there is plenty of room at your aunt’s house with your sisters and brother, and I’m sure they’ll miss you so,” her father said as he gave up on the jacket and set about attempting to straighten his tie instead.

Guilt trips were nothing new to Sophie, so she easily deflected.

“I’m certain, Daddy,” she said, smiling pleasantly as she toyed with the small gold cross hanging around her neck. “This project is very important and due *very* soon, and the peace and quiet afforded here compared to what that house will be like later this evening will be most helpful to its completion.”

He chuckled softly, looking for a new line of attack, and when he found none that he was certain could dissuade her, took a different angle, “And I’m not going to have to worry about you inviting any *boys* over or anything like that, am I, sweetheart?”

Ever since she had stopped wearing her purity ring back in October, her father had taken to this line of “joking”, though she knew it to be more a collection of lightly hidden accusations. Sophie had been able to deflect all of them so far, but it didn’t stop his “jokes” or her mother’s increasingly common humphing whenever Sophie did anything she might not 100% approve of. It was trying, especially when some of her younger siblings bursa escort bayan had started to get in on the joking about what she had to be up to in her free time (even if they had no idea yet what any of that might be), but Sophie knew that between her love of God and the new side of herself she had discovered these past few months, that she had strength more than anyone around her could ever truly understand.

Not that it didn’t occasionally make her want to bring a boy into her life sometimes, if just to annoy them just a little…

Keeping her smile pleasant, Sophie replied, “Never, Daddy. Wouldn’t think of it for a minute. And besides, you know Rose will be coming over to help with the project any moment now. Between all that work, and the girl talk, you know we’ll never have enough time for boys.”

The look in his eyes said he didn’t abide by her particular angle of joking, but he smiled all the same. “Alright… Rose *is* a good kid, guess you won’t have time to get up to any trouble.”

“Nope!” Sophie replied, doing a remarkable job, in her eye anyway, of holding back a laugh about her father’s assessment of Sophie’s “study buddy”, 18-year-old Rose Ferris.

“There are leftovers in the refrigerator should you want any for supper,” her mother interjected, still looking like she had a humph ready to be thrown out somewhere, but not finding any use for it now. “But if that doesn’t appeal to you or Rose, I left some money on one of the refrigerator magnets so the two of you could order something.”

Despite her mother’s harsh-seeming nature, she was often the more laid-back parent compared to her husband, in Sophie’s eyes. While there was no way she could ever know what Sophie was actually doing in her free time, these moments where she tried to be a little more “fun” were ones that Sophie had come to cherish, especially as she had changed her own attitude toward fun in the past few months.

“Thanks, Mom!” Sophie exclaimed, bounding over and hugging her mother enthusiastically. “You’re the best!”

“Hey! And what does that make me?” her father asked in a more genuine joking tone.

“Also the best! I know it doesn’t seem like two people can be the best, but you two somehow find a way!” Sophie said, worrying that she was rubbing it on a little thick, but knowing that flattery almost always had a way of working with her dad.

“You got that right,” he said, finally satisfied with how he looked. “You ready, honey?”

“I’m ready,” Sophie’s mother said, smiling a bit in a strange look of anticipation.

“Now, sweetheart, you know how these little get-togethers can go with the Kings, so I would expect that tonight will be another late night. I want you in bed by your usual bedtime, no playing just because the cat’s away…” her father said, sternly.

“I promise,” Sophie lied.

“Good,” he said, opening the front door and stepping back in surprise at the girl already standing in the way.

“Oh, my goodness!” the new arrival said, her hand raised in a knock as first surprise, then a slight laugh, took her. “You nearly scared the daylights out of me!”

Sophie held back a grin as she took in the arrival of her “study partner”, and her new best friend, Rose Ferris.

Now, in many ways, Rose was almost the polar opposite of Sophie. While they were both eighteen, Rose was 5’8″ and lithe, while Sophie was 5’2″ and considerably curvier. Though Rose wore a faded burgundy conservative yet casual dress and an uncharacteristically bland pair of wire-rimmed glasses over her clever green eyes, it was clear that she was uncommonly beautiful and couldn’t hide it well, with her shoulder-length, wavy, platinum blonde hair (with its dyed blue streaks that nearly gave Sophie’s mother a conniption the first time she met her) framing a gorgeous, friendly face accentuated by light makeup. Sophie, on the other hand, kept her long, dirty blonde hair tied back, and while she knew she was far from unattractive, she also felt positively plain next to her new friend. Even though the faded sweater and long, dark skirt she wore were no more or less conservative than Rose’s attire, Sophie couldn’t help but compare herself and feel like she came up lacking…

Not that any of this stopped the warmth that this arrival brought out from deep inside of her. Rose Ferris had that kind of effect on people who knew her well, after all.

“Sorry, Rose; didn’t mean to give you a fright!” Sophie’s father replied, stepping aside to let Rose in.

“It’s alright, Mr. Cusack. And Mrs. Cusack,” Rose said, looking to Sophie quickly and flashing her a brief, mischievous smile, before turning her attention back to the parents. “Fear is temporary, and I know that I am safe in this house… and have I mentioned yet that you two are looking positively *stunning* this evening?”

“Well, thank you, Rose,” Sophie’s mother said, doing a light twirl in her dress. “We don’t find much need to dress to impress, but occasionally the indulgence isn’t *too* terrible, so long as you’re not prideful of it…”

“Prideful? gorukle escort You two? I would never imagine such a thing!” Rose turned her attention back to Sophie. “Are you ready to take a bite out of our project?”

Rose raised a large handbag that Sophie knew was full of more than schoolbooks and art supplies.

That warmth inside of Sophie grew as she could very distinctly think of several things she’d like to take a bite out of soon.

“I’m more than ready,” Sophie said, doing a remarkable job of keeping the mischief from her voice.

Her father shook his head, chuckling. “You two girls put your noses to the grindstone. We’ll keep you informed and try not to be too late, but I won’t be able to make any promises.”

“I understand! You two just promise you’ll have a good time with the Kings and all your friends!” Sophie replied.

“Oh, we will…” her mother said, smiling politely, but with that strange little look she had whenever they went out to one of their ‘get-togethers’.

With some urgency, Mr. and Mrs. Cusack made their exit, closing the front door behind them and leaving Sophie and Rose standing staring at one another in the foyer.

The electricity between them was palpable, but they didn’t dare move just yet, not until they heard the familiar sound of the Cusacks’ car pulling away. They stood staring at each other for a while, letting the seconds tick by as they listened for those noises.

Again, Sophie’s phone vibrated insistently in her purse, no doubt another text from Von, seemingly deafening in this quiet room. She almost yelped in fear, instead clapping a hand over her mouth to keep her fright from spilling out.

Rose looked on coolly, smirking and putting a playful finger to her lips.

“Hey,” Rose said, dropping the chipper tone that she reserved for Sophie’s parents and dipping into her sultry, effortlessly cool tone that Sophie had found intoxicating the first moment they really got to talking with each other.

“Hi,” Sophie said, biting her lip to prevent a smile from overtaking your face. “You look… nice.”

This wasn’t exactly the truth. A hipster at heart, Rose was more fond of faded sunglasses, distressed jeans and fedoras that she actually managed to make look stylish than anything that Sophie’s parents would ever approve of. Nevertheless, she proved an able chameleon, looking every bit as conservative and boring as any potential friends Sophie’s parents might actually approve of.

“That’s a lie and you know it,” Rose replied, chuckling softly. “But if acquiring some dreadfully dull dresses and a cheap chain necklace from a thrift shop means I don’t scare off your parents and allow myself all the opportunities to fuck you until you can’t walk straight, then I guess it’s a small price to pay for our friendship, isn’t it, Sophie Cusack?”

Rose had a way about her where when she said your full name, it made you more than a little weak in the knees, and it had proven more than capable of utterly annihilating any willpower that Sophie had buried deep inside.

The sound of an engine revving to life and a car pulling out of the driveway outside brought a glimmer of a smile to both girls, and once it was quite clear that they were gone, they couldn’t hold back any longer.

Quickly, the two girls closed the distance between them and embraced, kissing each other deeply as they moaned softly. Their full lips exploring each other as their tongues touched tentatively in the middle, these two exceptional beauties made out with the passion of long-lost lovers as they celebrated a moment of privacy.

“I’ve needed this for so long,” Sophie moaned into Rose’s eager lips.

“The feeling’s quite mutual, I assure you… I thought they’d never leave,” Rose chuckled, leaning in to kiss the side of Sophie’s neck.

“Me neither,” Sophie groaned, her eyes darting down the hall. “Maybe we should move…”

Rose stopped her with a deep kiss. “Couldn’t agree more. Your bedroom, or should I take you on the floor here? Please say the floor; I’m very, *very* horny…”

Sophie grinned, a dark and playful smile that lit up Rose’s face as easily as it did hers. “No, I have an even better idea…”


In a way, you could blame their unlikely friendship on one very determined guy, and a particularly peculiar year in an exceptionally horny small town.

When senior year began for Sophie and Rose, Sophie was only just beginning to understand that Regan Hills was hardly ordinary as small towns went. She was not blind to the fact that most of her classmates (and many adults) were uncommonly attractive, and that there was no doubt a lot of illicit fornication occurring between many of them.

An ardent member of the First Regan Hills Church and their associated youth groups, particularly their Young Christian Purity Brigade, which she helped head up, Sophie had become well convinced that her small town was a den of sin and that it was her job to use her faith and virginity to purge it and get everyone bursa merkez escort bayan back on the right track under the eyes of God.

An active crusader for all that she viewed as righteous, she even helped head up the church’s Hell House over the most recent Halloween season, and sought to set up awareness for its existence by threatening a protest at her high school’s Halloween Scream carnival.

It was one of those plans that would have worked too, had it not been for some meddling kids. Meddling which, after the fact, Sophie was rather happy for.

Nerdy Ryan Collins and goth-chick Josie Wong were helping set up a charity haunted house to raise funds for the school’s newspaper, and upon hearing of what Sophie was doing, they sought to change her mind about the protest. They met her at the Hell House, walking through its rooms themed to each of the deadly sins, and right around the time they reached the “Lust” room, Sophie’s personal project, Ryan and Josie seemed to figure something out about Sophie that she had been previously unaware of.

Namely, the fact that she might have been very curious about sex, and was a pretty decent artist to boot.

With its centerpiece a large bed, Sophie had decorated the Lust room’s walls with many hand drawn pictures of the lewdest, most depraved sexual scenarios she could sketch, pictures that she had drawn using pornographic searches she had made online. When looking at the images on her computer and bringing them to life with her own hand, Sophie had felt certain feelings within her that she did not think were possible, dark and exciting and shameful and wrong at once. It brought an intense shame that she had a hard time shaking, but was able to keep in check long enough to do what she thought she had to do

Ryan and Josie helped her understand that none of these feelings she had were wrong, and if the sex the three of them had almost immediately afterward on the Lust room’s bed did anything, it showed Sophie that there was more than one way to tap into the divine.

Her eyes had been opened, and she never meant to close them again.

Sophie had spent the subsequent months exploring her sexuality with some of the other teens from her church group, even though none of them could quite match up with what Ryan and Josie had shown her, but a chance encounter with Ryan on Christmas Eve managed to change her year’s course yet again. In addition to some amazing sex, his Christmas present might have been one of the most considerate she’d ever received. Ryan believed her to be a talented artist after seeing her work in the Lust room, and wanting to help her cultivate that side of herself, he wound up making an introduction to one of his artist friends he thought might be able to help her grow.

Thusly, Rose Ferris entered Sophie’s life.

At first, Sophie didn’t know what to make of the aggressively casual hipster, and found her seemingly unflappable nature and resting “cool” state intimidating. She’d thought Ryan had to be mad… but he’d urged her to give Rose a chance.

Soon, Sophie had come to rely on Rose’s casual humor and easy coolness, while Rose appeared to respect Sophie’s strong convictions and willingness to question anything that challenged her.

Slowly, something like a friendship had formed, and then that friendship developed into a deep bond that Sophie couldn’t have expected. Rose was so kind, and so easy to talk to, and so divorced from the world that her parents were a part of that she could be honest about her questions on life and love and sex and art… it didn’t take long for Sophie to consider Rose her best friend at Regan Hills High School.

As for the sex? Well, that took even less time to begin…


The Cusack house’s guest room had a number of benefits over Sophie’s bedroom, namely the fact that it had a king-sized bed, a lock on the door and windows that didn’t face any nosy neighbors.

As they tumbled into the room in a tangled embrace, making out heavily while their hands ran over each other’s bodies, Rose found herself quite glad that Sophie had suggested the change from their usual venue of Sophie’s room, as the large, comfy bed embraced them much more pleasantly than Sophie’s tiny twin bed as they awkwardly fell onto it.

It took a lot to break their kiss, but the mutual laugh that passed between them as they hit the bed certainly did offer a pleasant distraction.

“Just how hard were you trying not to jump me the moment I walked through that door, Sophie Cusack?” Rose teased, twisting so she could push her adventuring bag aside.

“You have no idea how difficult it was…” Sophie said breathily, tossing her purse onto the nearest bedstand before pulling Rose in for another hot, deep kiss.

Rose paused, giving herself time to take in Sophie’s pretty face and finding it impossible to stop grinning. She had been with plenty of girls and boys in her time, many of whom were arguably more attractive than Sophie Cusack, but the way this girl’s face lit up with pure, genuine joy whenever she was around Rose made it hard for the oft-cynical hipster to keep her fully cool façade intact. Before she had gotten to know her, Rose had always thought Sophie to be a slightly cute, if often dour-looking religious girl who was more likely to cause problems than ever moisten anyone’s panties.

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