Theresa’s First Golf Outing

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The four of them had a great time golfing together. Especially Theresa, since she was the only girl in the group. This hot young blonde was a little thing – standing just 5 feet tall and weighing 100 lbs. She flirted with all of them during the outing by either rubbing up against them before they would take their shot, or flashing them while driving the cart. Dave and Mike rode in one cart, while Hank was the lucky one to ride with Theresa. Needless to say, he got the most attention. They had been attracted to each other for a while, but hadn’t done anything about it up to that point. She was out to change that.

With all the alcohol that had flowed during the outing, all four of them were feeling no pain. But they still had to drive back to the picnic that followed. Everyone had climbed back into Dave’s truck so he could drive. As was like the rest of the day, Hank sat in the back with Theresa. The doors were barely closed when they had their hands all over each other. They were laughing, so it really didn’t matter what the other two thought or heard. She lifted her shirt to expose her beautiful breasts still covered by her bra – Hank quickly took care of that. Hank sat to her left, behind Dave, while she sat in the middle, making sure that Dave saw as much as he could in his mirror.

Hank started sucking on her left nipple, while she rubbing the other one. She looked up to see Mike practically drooling over the back of the seat. “Why don’t you lean that seat back, Mike. This one needs some attention, too!” He didn’t need to be told twice, as he quickly slammed the front passenger seat in full recline position. All Dave thought was, “Thank God for tinted windows.” Mind you, it was still only about 3:30 in the afternoon.

Almost as if they had done this before, Hank and Mike had quickly undone her shorts and had them slid down to her ankles in no time. They took turns rubbing and fingering İskenderpaşa Escort her soaking pussy while sucking on her tits. The whole time, she was staring at Dave in the mirror, as he fought to keep the truck on the road. “Stop at the next party store you see, I need more shots if we’re gonna have some fun,” Theresa told Dave. With that, Mike and Hank turned their attention away from her so she could at least get dressed again. “What the fuck?!? Keep going, guys. Dave can head into the store and get the stuff! And make it a fifth.” Of course, Dave had to park in the back of the lot so as not to bring too much attention.

They were on their way again, with 2 fifths of Pucker. By this time, Mike had worked his way to the back seat of the truck as well. Dave was their chauffeur. Not knowing where Dave was taking them, the three in back continued having the time of their lives so far. Theresa was naked from the waist down and her shirt was lifted up and out of the way. Her bra clasped in the front so that wasn’t a problem. While Mike and Hank sucked on her tits and fingered her pussy and ass, she had both their cocks in each hand, squeezing and stroking them. She then leaned forward, reached around to give Dave a complimentary squeeze on his member, and found he had already whipped his own cock out while driving. Her head was now in Dave’s lap admiring his cock by kissing and licking the tip, while Dave and Hank each fingered one of her exposed holes.

Somehow, Dave found a park that he knew no one went to. It had been thought to be totally abandoned, but he knew better. He parked his truck towards the back and said to them, “Come on, there’s a spot I know with a lot more room than this truck!” They got semi-dressed, except for Theresa who didn’t care at this point. Dave led them to an open spot of grass. He brought a couple of blankets that he happened to İskenderpaşa Escort Bayan have stashed in the truck. Theresa grabbed the blankets as the three guys took their pants off. “OK, no one is to ever find out about this!” Hank announced. All had agreed that this was going to be strictly between the four of them (no pun intended). Theresa knelt down on one of the blankets while Mike, Dave and Hank surrounded her. It was almost as if she sat on a small merry-go-round as she took each of their cocks in her mouth one at a time. She’d stroke the other two before moving on the blow the next guy. They were pawing at her full breasts and the rest of her body as best they could reach.

Since she knew Hank best, she decided that he was the one she wanted in her pussy. She stood up, backing into Hank’s throbbing cock. He began to hump her ass cheeks as he squeezed her tits from behind. “I want you to fuck me from behind, while I blow Mike and Dave.” She bent over spreading her legs slightly. Hank took no time to line up his cock with her wet pussy and filled her in one thrust. She inhaled with the first two thrusts, then started working on the two cocks that stood at attention in front of her. She’d take one at a time in her mouth, then would try to suck both at the same time. Then she’d go back to attending one cock while stroking the other. “God damn, I’m burning up! I need a cock in my ass!

She moved off Hank, directing him to lie down on the blanket. He did as she had instructed and told Dave to move around behind her. She sat on Hank’s cock and spread her ass, allowing Dave to easily view his target. She lifted off of Hank and fingered her own pussy for a few seconds. She used her own pussy juice to lube her ass. She got her hands out of the way just in time, as Hank and Dave entered both her holes simultaneously. Just like in the movies, Mike stood Escort İskenderpaşa right in front of Theresa’s face so she could suck him. She opened her mouth to say something, and he shoved his cock into her mouth. She was getting fucked in every hole, and loving it.

She couldn’t get enough, and neither could they. Dave announced he was going to cum soon, with the tightness of her ass. With that, Mike and Hank agreed they weren’t going to last much longer, either!

“I want all of you to cum all over my face and tits. I love getting cum shot all over me.”

She let Dave and Hank get up, as Mike moved away from her face. She then lied on her back, rubbing her tits and pussy and the three guys hovered and stroked their cocks. Mike was the first one to start up. He erupted with shots of cum all over her tits and stomach. Dave started next, before Mike was even done. Even more hot sticky cum had covered her perfect tits, and she kept rubbing it into her skin, waiting for Hank’s load. “Hank, I need to taste you, you have to cum in my mouth!” she cried.

He knelt over her, straddling her upper body. She rubbed her clit like there was no tomorrow. His hand was practically a blur as he stroked his cock, staring at her beautiful face. She fought to keep her eyes open as she reached her own climax. That was his cue. His first shot hit her upper lip and her nose. The second shot cleared her head completely, leaving a trail straight down the middle of her forehead. She held her eyes and mouth open, staring at his cock. He managed to aim his third shot into her mouth. He kept pumping his cock, squeezing more and more cum into her mouth until he had no more. He stood up as she sat her cum covered body up again. She started to suck on all three of their cocks again, making sure she cleaned them up with her mouth. She wanted to get as much remaining cum as she could, finishing with Hank.

They started to get dressed. Dave told Theresa she could use one of the blankets to clean herself up. They made their way back to Dave’s truck. Mike asked, “Do you think everyone else noticed that we’re not at the picnic yet?”

“Who fucking cares? We had a lot more fun than some stupid picnic. Or at least, I know I did,” Theresa replied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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