They Call Me Spankx

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Big Tits

They always called me Mari, though my name was Maribeth. That is until I started working at the local tavern. It didn’t take long for those horny guys to dub me “Spankx.” All the girls who worked at the tavern wore a uniform consisting of a white tank top, blue denim micro-miniskirt, red garters with nude stocking. The only thing that we had any say so about was the type of undergarments we wore. We could wear anything or nothing under our outfits. Well, I was the only one of two girls who chose the latter.

Cindy and I had talked about our fantasy of working without any underwear on. We made up stories of how we would rub our bare ass against one of the customer’s arms while we were taking an order. One night, Cindy pretended to be one of our regular customers and I played the part of the barmaid. When I asked her what she wanted, she told me she wanted a cold one and some hot buns. I brought her a beer and then turned my ass to her. She pinched my ass just like a hard-assed construction worker would. I squealed with delight as she released her pinch and slipped her finger into my quivering ass. We repeated this fantasy many nights before we finally got up the courage to go bare-assed to work. We dared each other to do it and neither of us was one Sivas Escort to refuse a dare.

We chose the “all-you-can-eat hot wings night” for our debut. We were really nervous and stuck together. Bryce and Kent, two pipeline workers, sat down at their usual booth and wondered why both Cindy and I waited on them. Did they ever get a surprise when we turned around. We heard Bryce whisper to Kent, “Shit, those chicks don’t have a stitch on underneath!” We giggled quietly as we went to the kitchen to fill their orders. As we walked back to their both, we noticed that they were really eyeing us up and down, which made our nipples extra hard. “Here’s your drinks, boys….and your hot wings. Is there anything else you would like?” Kent was quick to say, “Girls, what we would like is some company. Why don’t you sit down for just a couple of minutes and rest your….feet and share some wings with us?”

We hadn’t had a break all night and knew that our manager wouldn’t mind. Actually, we had clued her in our fantasy and she was enjoying watching the show. “Sure boys,” I said. “That’s mighty nice of you.” Cindy was really hungry, as she had skipped lunch. She sat right down and started in on the hot wings. She had eaten three or more without Sivas Escort Bayan even looking up, when she finally realized we were all looking at her. “Sorry, I was just so…so…hungry.” After she said the word “hungry” she took the wing and slipped it slowly into her lips, sucking the meat off the bones. As she ran her tongue over her lips to savor all of the hot wing flavor, our temperatures rose several degrees. “God, you make those wings look awfully tasty….don’t hog them all, I’m hungry too” I said. Cindy followed my cue and fed me a wing, holding it while I slowly nibbled from the base of the wing to the top. We watched Bryce and Kent out of the corners of our eyes. They were loving this.

“Well, guys….we’ve got to get back to work.” Cindy said. “Not so fast, baby,” Kent insisted. I’ll arrange with the manager for you and Mari to have an extra-long break. Kent disappeared for about five minutes and came back with a smile and said, “Bryce, let’s take these ladies outside for a few minutes. I think we all need to cool off from these hot wings.” Bryce, of course, agreed and escorted both Cindy and myself out the back door.

It was dark and Cindy and I were a bit giggly, and jiggly (remember we didn’t have any underwear on). Escort Sivas Kent had a bottle of Jack and poured all of us a shot. He didn’t let us run out either.

After three shots both Cindy and I were feeling and acting silly. We could hear the music from inside and asked the guys if they wanted to dance. “No, ” Bryce said, “We want to watch you and Mari dance together.” That idea had not crossed our minds but we were more than willing to please. We started dancing to the music separately and slowly we become synchronized. “We want you to touch each other.” Bryce ordered. We obeyed, fondling each other’s breasts. “More, more…” Kent ordered. What more could we give them, I wondered? I didn’t have to wonder long, as Cindy’s mind was already working. She lifted my miniskirt up and spun me around. I wasn’t sure what was happening. She started slapping my ass to the music. At first I was dancing as she spanked me. The more she did it, the more I enjoyed it. The more I enjoyed it, the less I was listening to the music. Next think I new I was leaning over the fence rail with my legs spread while Cindy, Bryce, and Kent were all taking turns spanking me.

Before I became too sore, Cindy told Bryce and Kent that she knew something that really made me hot. She took her index finger, licked it, and slipped it slowly in and out of my quivering ass. She asked Bryce and Kent if they would like to take turns and they gladly did. That night I was glad I had taken the part-time job at the Tavern instead of at the deli.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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