They Love Each Other, Ending 02

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Still panting, body shining with sweat, legs slick with her own cum, mine glistening on her lips and dripping down her chin, still panting in the afterglow of her effort, Joan looked at me.

“If you still want me to, I’ll do it.”

“Do what?”

“Fuck two guys at once. Or even three. At this point, it probably doesn’t really matter how many. Well, not more than three. ‘Cause I’ll probably have to take each of you multiple times, anyway, so God knows how much I’ll actually be fucked. Plus a lot of cocksucking, I imagine. But it has to be tomorrow, because I have to get back into professional mode, and I can’t be a whore in the same context.”

“Joanie, you aren’t a whore.”

“Actually, Sammy, I think I am, this week, it’s pretty accurate. You’ve kept me, you’ve paid for me, and I’ve done what you wanted, without thinking if it was I wanted, too. I’m so divorced from who I normally am that I let your experience be my only touchstone. I’ve been getting off, it’s true, but it is really imbalanced and there is no way I could maintain this and still have my normal life. I will not be able to manage being a whore and being a doctor, and I choose the doctor. It’s too much to expect of me, to be able to turn off my intellect at the drop of a hat and become, what did you call me? ‘A quivering ball of orgasm.’ So this week, I am your whore. What I just did, fucking that thing while blowing you, milking your cum out? I would never have gotten there by myself. I wouldn’t even have imagined it! I loved it, in the moment, but I was doing it for you. And that was good, actually. One thing you were right about, I really did need to do something for you, that part feels good, even though the behavior is completely off the wall. So if you want me to really be a whore, and fuck your friends, this is your one chance. I’m actually excited to do it, and to let you see it. You have successfully gotten me to yield completely to this whole thing, and despite myself I’m enjoying it. Truthfully, I feel so abstracted from any reality that it doesn’t really matter what happens, so if you really want to watch me whoring, get on the phone and set it up. If you dare.”

“Do your care who?”

“Someone clean and safe. George, I guess, is the obvious candidate.”

“Someone else?”

“I don’t know. There’s no one I’ve thought about fucking because I’ve barely even thought about fucking you these past years, but I swear to God I’d fuck anyone who walked in that gate right now.”

“Well, I don’t think I’ll open the gate and leave you to all comers, but I thought it might matter to you, in terms of trust and so forth, but maybe not?”

“Its gotta be a friend, I guess, someone who will protect our interests in all this, and certainly no one from the hospital! I’ll think about who. In the meantime, I’m gonna go be nice to myself, see if i can restore my poor flesh to some kind of a normal state because tomorrow is going to be absolutely insane.”

And insane it was. It ended up being her, me, George, and my old friend Max who dropped everything and flew up from LA when I invited him. Joan was obviously going all the way. She never got dressed that night. I got takeout for dinner, and we went to sleep with my cock in her mouth. In the morning, she picked up right where she left off, giving me a nice blowjob (I reserved my semen for later), then enjoying the sun, getting herself gently off while I got us packed and checked out. Finally, in an act of total yielding, she walked to the car completely nude and remained that way for the entire drive home, lightly masturbating.

I pulled the car into the garage. The door closed. She came down off her high. We both paused and looked at each other, registering what was about to happen.

“Joan, we’re home. The guys should be here already. Are you sure about this?”

“I think it’s me who should be asking you that question, Sam. This is your invention that I’ve bought into. I’ve already given myself fully and completely to you, yet I’m about to give to Max and George in a way I never have given myself to you. You’re just one more cock. Is that really the thing you want to be now? Are you gonna be able take your wife loving these guys? You know me, it’s going to be loving, not solely fucking. Once I do this, it’s going to be there, always, both what I do and how we both feel about it. You can never take it back, and you don’t know where it will lead.”

“Joan, I’m so turned on now, and so excited, I do want to go through with it. I’m going to have to trust that our hearts are big enough to contain this and still contain our love and marriage.”

“That’s an interesting way to think about it. I hope I can have the generosity of spirit that allows me to hold this in love instead of resenting you. It’s going to be embarrassing enough to think back on what i did this week, but at least it was just us. Now, we’re about to go way off the charts. These guys are going to know me in a way only you have until now. xslot I don’t know how I will be able to understand this tomorrow. I started out doing this for you, but I really want this, today, now. I’m going all in.”

She opened the car door and, still completely naked, went up the stairs and into the house. I emptied the car, cleaning out the trash, putting the used towels in the washer, and then took our bags upstairs. It had been maybe three minutes, but when I got to the living room, she had already begun, sitting naked on the couch between my still-clothed friends, one arm around each of their necks, kissing the one who had a hand on her breast, while the other had his arm around her waist and his hand between her spread legs.

I dropped our bags and my clothes, and naked said, “Hey, guys.”

George pulled away from Joan’s mouth, leaving her with Max’s finger up her cunt, stood up and came over to give me a hug.

“Hey. You’re still sure about this? I’ve known you guys for forty years, and what is about to happen here is as far away from the Joan I know as I can imagine. I love Joan and have always wanted to make love to her, and I am so very excited that it can happen, but now that it’s here I don’t want to lose you, either of you, in my life. I love you both a lot and if this ends up coming between us I’d be sick about it.”

Joan looked up from where she was undoing Max’s pants while he was busying himself with her tits.

“George, that is so thoughtful, but we can’t worry about that now. We’re assuming we’ll be able to handle it, but we really don’t know where it might lead. Maybe you’ll end up being able to fuck me often, I may want that after today, I don’t know. But I trust you and I hope that you will let us be lovers today. Know that I am really committed to this, for myself as well as for Sam, I’m really ready, so take off your clothes and get over here.”

He did just that, but I took his shoulder first and looked into his eyes and said, “We both love you. Thank you for being here. Whatever happens today, you have my blessing.”

Joan smiled at that and said, “Sam, you just get to sit and watch for a while. I’m sure you want to see every detail of my ravishment.”

And with that, she reached out and took George’s cock in her mouth, while her other hand was filled with Max’s. George stopped worrying about me, I think, as he sighed and moaned, caressing Joan’s head and face. It was obvious he was getting very turned on. He started gently fucking her face, and she pulled off of him, saying, “Please try to save it. I want this to go on for a while.” guiding him to sit next to her while leaning over to suck Max.

I was glued to my chair, looking across the room at the three naked bodies, Joan, her tits squashed against Max’s thigh, was mouthing his rod while on the other side of her George, who had pulled himself under control a bit, was gently caressing her body. She reached out with her other hand and took hold of his cock. I roused myself enough to take few pictures. George reached down with one hand and began tweaking her clit, and she opened her legs in response. Max, in the meantime, was beginning to buck his hips as her steady sucking rhythm moved him down the road. She pulled off, said, “Down, boy,” and leaned in the other direction to suck on George. This forced his hand off her cunt, and he wrapped it over her shoulder. Max, his cock massively hard, pulled her legs off the floor, stretched her out on the couch and, squeezing himself in behind her, entered her wet cunt with one swift, relentless motion. Joan responded by thrusting her hips back against him, and there it was, my fantasy, laid out before my eyes and my camera. My Joan was stretched out on the couch, her head in one man’s lap, his cock securely in her mouth, with her legs splayed open and getting fucked from the back by another. Despite having George’s cock in her mouth she looked right at me, a look of passion, care and defiance, and lifted her upper leg a bit so I would have a clear view of Max’s cock coursing in and out of her.

I felt excited, impassioned, very turned on, but somehow disconnected from what I was seeing. I knew that was my wife over there, I was supposed to be jealous or anxious about what I was seeing, but I felt neither way. Yet I had a welter of other feelings. I felt proud of her, proud of her sexual capacity, proud of her depth of loving, proud of the physical strength and power that enabled her to handle them. I was satisfied showing off to my friends that my wife could do this. I felt glad to be loving them by sharing her with them, particularly with George who has had terrible problems with love in his life. I felt awed by the power of her sexuality, that she could have carried this feeling through the week to this point. I took a couple more pictures, but then stood up to come over to them.

Joan was having none of it. Lifting her mouth off George’s cock she said, “Sam, you stay right there, when I decide xslot Giriş it’s your turn I’ll come to you. You wanted this, but I’m going to run it. Max, sit up.” He pulled out and sat up, and she lifted into his lap and lowered herself onto his cock, riding him backwards. George stood up in front of her and she swallowed him up again. My view was obscured by his body, so I moved to the side a bit, although the eye that wasn’t obscured by the cock in her mouth clearly told me to keep my distance. Max had taken her tits in his hands and was worrying her nipples while she ground herself into his lap. George took her sucking, gently caressing her hair while slowly fucking her in the mouth. She looked up at him, the pulled off and took his cock in her hand.

“Are you close to cumming?”

“Yes, I’m trying to hold it, but I can’t for long. I love you! This is so hot! “

“If you cum, how long will it take you to get hard again?”

“I’m not sure, actually, but I’m sure I will, I don’t know an hour or so?

She looked back over her shoulder. “How about you?”

Max smiled through his panting. “I’m good to go for a while. I could make myself cum if you want it now, but I’m not that close.”

“No, take all the time you can. Sam, go get some Viagra for those guys, OK?”

Oh. My. God. She was really serious. I ran upstairs and down again in record time, with the Viagra and a handful of towels. When I got back, Joan had rolled onto the floor, kneeling in front of Max with his cock in her mouth while George really hammered her. I just sort of stopped, transfixed.

She looked back over her shoulder at George, gave him a beautiful smile, and said, “go ahead, George sweetie, you can cum now, fill me up, we have all day!”

She arched her back, forcing him deep, and groaning, he came, loading her pulsing cunt with his seed. His passion spent, he fell away onto the floor. I patted him on the shoulder and gave him a Viagra: he just took it without asking. Joan raised herself up from working on Max’s cock, looking him in the eye and said, “Will you come fuck me, too?” He took the hint, taking George’s place and driving into her in one motion. I moved to sit next to her on the couch, waving my stiff bone around suggestively, but she was having none of it.

“i told you to wait your turn, Sam. Take your pictures or something. I’m fucking your friends now.”

And boy, was she. When Max took a little break from his pistoning, she pushed him back and went to the floor, moving sweetly into George’s arms, cuddling up close, wrapping an arm around his neck, kissing his face, his lips, squeezing his spent cock with her left hand, throwing her leg over his to expose her cunt to Max again, so inviting; he followed her to the floor and reinserted himself. She made sure her hips were positioned right to take him all the way, all the while lovingly kissing George, embracing him, his hands gently caressing her. This all was too much for Max, who shot his load deeply inside and collapsed, cuddling up on the floor behind her. His hands reached around to cup her breast. She reached an arm back and pulled him in more closely.

She was sandwiched lovingly between these two men, my close friends, kissing one, kissing the other, being caressed and loved while each of their sperm dripped out of her. This was hard to see, her loving them. I was totally out of the picture and I found myself feeling bereft, alone. This is what she had meant. Was my love threatened? Could I take it? There was no place for me there, on that floor, but I had to believe in my place in our bed. Belief is all well and good, but when Max rolled off to go use the bathroom, I raced to take his place behind her and slipped my hard cock into her waiting hole. She looked back at me.

“Hi, sweetheart,” I said. “I love you. I have to take you now, I got so lonely sitting up there seeing you loving. You are beautiful.”

“That is the thing I was worried about, but if you can fix it with fucking, come and take me. I love you. And I lied before. You are more than just another cock.”

George, suddenly concerned, looked up at us both from where Joan was still cuddled firmly up against him. “Is this getting weird for you guys? Do you need us to go?”

She smiled at him. “Not on your life, buster. I told your friend here I wanted to go all the way, and I do. You just stay right here and get ready to fuck me again.”

“Thank you. Joan. Both of you guys. This is wonderful!”

He rolled onto his back and yielded to the floor, body limp as a wet rag. She rubbed his stomach, reached down and took his limp cock in hand, leaning over and giving it a few quick sucks. I was moving in and out slowly, very hard from what I had just witnessed. I needed to make love to her. I rolled her onto her back, climbing on and loving with an easy rhythm, holding her close, whispering sweet love, into her ear. She lifted up her legs and wrapped them around my back: George moved xslot Güncel Giriş behind her, and took her legs in hand, holding her up, supporting her as she took me in over and over again, five minutes, ten minutes, fifteen minutes. I had eyes only for her, for her beautiful face, her warm brown eyes, and when I came my whole body shook. She gave me a smile, then rolled me off and reached for George.

“Are you hard yet?”

“Not fully, but I’m definitely on my way.”

“Well, come on then,” and she pulled him onto her and slid his cock into her wet, gaping opening.

They went on for a long time, easily half an hour, and it was nice to lay there on the floor, next to them, rubbing her face, daubing off the sweat, kissing a nipple every now and again, caring for her as she abandoned herself to her pleasure. When George finally came again and rolled away from her, Max was hard as a rock.

“Look, Joanie, my love,” I said. “Another one.”

“I see that. I still want that one, too. Come, Max.” She reached her arms out toward him.

“Wait just a minute, sweetheart,” I said. I leaned up against the couch. “Come here, with me.”

I brought her up toward me and cradled her head and shoulders in my lap, holding her lovingly as she spread her legs wide. My hard cock pointed straight up, caressing her face she reached up and softly held me, safe against her cheek. I stared down at her face, electric with her passion, lightly touching her cheek and hair, watching the slight tremor move across it as Max slipped inside her. Her breath took up the rhythm of his screwing. I took her arms, gently, and she reached back, wrapping around my waist, legs pulled up and open to the side, accepting her fifth cock of the day. And, not be outdone by George, he lasted a long time, too. It became a true marathon fuck, and Joan took all we had to give, hungrily, capably. I continued touching her face, her breasts, her belly, her nipples as Max fucked her relentlessly. As his pace increased, her breath came deeper, small little sounds coming out with each exhale, her body quivering as the pleasure on her face transformed into sheer lust. She wrapped her legs around his waist, reached up with her arms and pulled him into her body. Unable to resist a minute longer he shot off into her and rolled off, laying flat on the floor, panting. She had been flat on her back, getting fucked, non stop, for over an hour by three different guys, not to mention the half hour on her knees.

Joan looked up at me. She felt my cock against her cheek, even harder again after the amazing scene I had just shared, and said, “What do you think you are going to do with that?”

I smiled at her, ‘Well, I’m not quite sure. I was thinking to maybe put it into you someplace.”

“Oh really, where did you have in mind?”

“I imagine you would have to be a little sore after what just went on, here, but isn’t it kind of up to you? You did tell me you were running this little shindig”

“Oh, I guess I did, but I’m here for your pleasure, too. I’ll suck you for a while.” She rolled onto her side and took me into her mouth. It felt absolutely wonderful. She was curled up into almost a fetal position, resting her head on my thigh holding my cock in her mouth. I let my head roll back against the couch, and we both just started to drift off for a while.

Instead of falling asleep, I said, “Y’know, this is pretty nice, but let’s move the whole show to the bedroom. Max, George, could you grab some drinks out of the fridge?”

We got upstairs. I opened the blinds at the top, so the afternoon sun flooded the room but the neighbors were protected from the action.

“All this cum is starting to cake all over me. I’m going to shower, guys, but don’t worry, as long there’s a hard cock in the room,” she said, as she pointed to mine, “I’m not finished. Round three, round five whatever. I’m going until none of you can get it up again.”

The three of us sat, Max limply on the chair, George and I on the bed.

George put his hand on my knee. “Are you OK? You are lucky that she loves you. When you used to complain about her, I never knew why you couldn’t work it out, but I have an inkling now. She is so strong! I feel very lucky to be here.”

“Me, too,” Max said. “I really don’t know Joan very well, but the fact that she would trust me with this intimate part of her is humbling. And it really is showing me the love you have for each other, even while your wife is getting screwed six ways from Sunday, the two of you are connected. When you were holding her while she and I were fucking, you bond was so strong, but there was so much kindness and care there as well, its like a story book.”

“A triple X rated one,” George said. “My mom never read me books that came out like this!”

We all chuckled, and Max said, “No shit, she, the sex is incredible. If she makes love to you with the power she’s using here, yikes! You are a very lucky man. The way she took me, just before? I was really at my limit. I could not have fucked her with any more passion or power, and she jut swallowed it up, smiling through it all and bringing me in even deeper. Christ, incredible, awesome, unbelievable. And she’s 62? “

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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