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In the obsidian blackness of the night, I wander, seemingly without purpose. The casual onlooker would not remember me for I am easily forgotten to those who do not know the real me. I pass many people, old and young, beautiful and bland. They mean nothing; I am searching for just one.

In the harsh neon lights of the town I now find myself in, I see her, standing there, waiting. For me? I know she will deny it, say she waits for no one and yet, she’s clearly waiting.

I stand in the shadows watching her. Her perfection and immense beauty stills me, well most of me. I feel the pull of her gravity and I wonder what it would be like to fall into it completely.

I see her eyes…. wow, she pissed off and yet still beautiful, even in her anger.

Then a man and I growl low in my throat as this fool approaches my delicious vision. His hands reach for her as though he is worth her touch and for a moment, there seems more than anger in her eyes. I catch it on the breeze, mixed with her own scent and her perfume; it’s the hint of fear.

Stepping in perfect silence from the shadows, I cross to her as his hands take an uninvited liberty. She yells, strikes out at him and I reach her side as he is about to react.

A hushed travesti porno silence falls over us all and I extend my hand slowly for her to take. He steps back, he knows me, he is one of the few to know my truth and he apologises rapidly, falling over his words as he runs away.

She begins to question me, ‘where have I been? Why am I late?’

I press my finger against her lips, pour eyes burning together and her questions are gone. I lead her silently away, holding her hand softly as we walk into the darkness.

Through her soft skin, I can feel everything, the steady beat of her heart that slowly increases with each step. We move away from the noise and the lights and bustle of the town. I want her all to myself for what is to come. We end up in a small park, the only sound is her heartbeat. It pounds in my ears and I feel it through her hot hand.

On a small bench at the furthest, darkest corner, I guide her to the seat, my fingers softly stroking her neck as I move behind her. I hear her breath catch in her throat as I feel the change in me, the longing for this beauty swiftly becomes a need and I kiss her perfect neck gently. Suddenly she gets to her feet and pushes me back against a wall, güzel porno kissing me deeply. There is nothing more, I turn her roughly and smell the sweet aroma of her blood as her sleek back is grazed against the rough brick. She gasps at the pain but it is soon forgotten as I press into her, nibbling her neck softly. She begs me then, begs me to take her once more.

I rip at her skirt, pulling it up and exposing her wet cunt to the air. Her scent overwhelms me and I give her what she wants as I take what I need.

Her perfect, wet folds welcome my fingers, its tightness pulling me in as I sink my fangs into her neck. She moans but from what I cannot be certain.

The pumping of her heart quenches my thirst and I drink deep from my goddess as I match her heart rate with my own.

I feel her go limp in my arms and I support her delicate weight, never relenting in my thrusts as I guide her gently to the grass.

I consider making her mine for eternity and yet it feels wrong. To turn one without ever having spoken a word to her is madness, even I know that.

Instead, I take my fill, feeding completely from her life fluid before rapidly closing the wound on her neck and feeding more urgently anal porno from the juices of her passion.

She screams into the night as my lips and tongue play her clit, my fingers pounding into her dripping cunt.

I feel and taste her imminent orgasm before it arrives and as I feast greedily on her clit, she cums hard, her juices flowing, hot and delicious down my throat.

As she rides out her orgasm slowly, I long to make her mine until the end of time.

Instead, I help her to her feet, covering her wonderful sex regretfully. I hold her silently, watching her amazing eyes as she seems to search mine. She tries to look deep into me, succeeding in only looking confused. There is nothing there, no soul for her to see.

All that is there is her, she’s is literally my life. Without her, I would starve and do for there is no other now from whom I would feed, no one could make me feel this alive.

As we return to town, she snuggles in close to me and I relish her warmth. Outside the bar, she smiles sadly; she knows this is where she says goodbye. Our lips meet, hers warm and delicious, mine, cold and covered in her.

Walking away, I know she feels my eyes burning into her as she enters the pub. She pauses and turns, blowing me a kiss before leaving my life again for another month.

Returning to my own kind within the shadows, a voice congratulates me on my choice of victim.

“You say victim… I call her my saviour.” I reply coldly, before disappearing completely into the darkness.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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