Three Make a Splash

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Mary and I have been married for over 30 years now, but we married young and occasionally that has made us feel we might have missed out a bit. From quite an early stage in our marriage we took to allowing ourselves a little freedom now and again. Occasionally, this has meant one of us having sex with somebody else, and very occasionally a threesome or foursome. By “very occasionally” I mean about every two or three years. These adventures don’t threaten our marriage, but they do give us some exciting memories which most people who married later probably have anyway.

As a general rule we avoid having these adventures with people we know. We’ve always been afraid that it might lead to embarrassment, either at the time or when we met them again later. But there have been a few exceptions, and many years ago our weekend with Jonathan was one. I had known him since we had been at college together nearly 10 years before. Mary and I had no children back then, and sometimes we were able to take off for a touring holiday. On one of these occasions we had arranged to stay over with Jonathan on our way out from home, and again on our way back.

Jonathan had broken up with a girlfriend a few months before, and we knew that he had taken it badly. He had found that she had been playing around with someone else, and then found that she seemed to have made a habit of this with previous boyfriends too. It was a pretty disillusioning experience, and he had been feeling down for some time. He hadn’t had the heart to go out looking for anyone else, so he was on his own. He had a good job, and his own house, and generally lived pretty well. Mary had known him for almost as long as I had, but although she liked him there had never been any suggestion of anything else. He certainly liked her, and like most men who met her probably lusted after her somewhat. She has always had a good figure, and dresses to show it off in a tasteful kind of way.

On this occasion we arrived at Jonathan’s place in the early evening and the three of us went out for a meal. We had a few drinks, and had fun catching up. When we got back to Jonathan’s house he put us in the guest room, which was on the third storey. It had an ensuite bathroom with a shower, although we didn’t make much use of it before falling into bed, tired and slightly boozy. In the morning, Mary was first out of bed and was soon in the ensuite, monopolising the shower. Jonathan had said that there was a second bathroom on the middle floor, and if one of us wanted to use that it would be fine so long as he wasn’t in there himself. We had heard him get up earlier and assumed that he had gone down to the kitchen. I decided to leave Mary to it and, throwing a light dressing gown on, I nipped downstairs to use the other bathroom.

Unfortunately, I caught Jonathan completely unawares. He was standing naked in front of the wash basin and as I open the door he turned with a start. From the sideways view that I had I could see that he had a considerable erection in his hand, and had clearly been masturbating. Worse, from his point of view, he had reached the climactic moment just as I threw the door open. Unable to stop himself, he began shooting sperm across the bathroom uncontrollably. The bath was next to the wash basin, and his cum fountained across the gap, hitting the tiles on the other side and dribbling down the wall. I was impressed: the poor man was intensely embarrassed and turned bright red, but he had a hell of a powerful ejaculation.

“Rant,” he said, “I’m so sorry. I should have locked the door. I told you could come in here. I’m really sorry you caught me like this.”

I have to say I actually thought it was quite funny, but another thought was also coming unbidden into my mind. He grabbed a towel and tried to disguise the erection, which was a bit futile with his sperm still dripping down the wall about three feet away.

“It’s okay, Jonathan,” I said. “We’ve all done it. Don’t worry about it.”

“No, but what if it had been Mary?”

I laughed. “She’d probably have enjoyed it! It’s a bit of a turn-on of hers, watching a man cum.”

“Even so.”

I assured him it was fine with me, and I went back upstairs to find Mary coming out of the ensuite. I just told her that Jonathan had been in the downstairs bathroom so I would follow her through and meet them for breakfast. But that unbidden thought returned. The fact was that Mary had told me how much she enjoyed feeling a very powerful ejaculation inside her. I had never given much thought to it before then, but assumed that women didn’t really feel it. Mary had assured me that this was not true, at least for her. She could feel the splash of sperm deep inside her, and it added to her excitement, particularly if she was just being launched on an orgasm herself.

We all had breakfast, and Mary announced that she wanted to pop down the road to a shop she had noticed there. She would only be a few minutes. Jonathan and I cleared the breakfast things, talking as we went. He apologised again for the incident Ankara Escort in the bathroom, and something prompted me to tell him of my unbidden thought.

“You know, mate, I was really impressed with your power-ejaculation across the bathroom. Lost in admiration. I couldn’t help thinking that it’s one of the things Mary really enjoys during sex. She would really love to experience that.”

“Mary? Listen, Rant, Mary is your wife. You know I’d never make a move on a friend’s wife.”

“I’m sure you wouldn’t. That is, not unless we both agreed with the idea.”

His face lit up. Suddenly he didn’t seem so embarrassed anymore.

“Agreed? What exactly are you saying here?”

So I had to explain a little about the philosophy of marriage that Mary and I share. Jonathan was certainly very taken aback, and said he would never have dreamed that we would get up to “that sort of thing”. However, he didn’t sound as if he disapproved. In fact, if he thought there was any chance of getting Mary’s panties off I was damn sure he wouldn’t. Within a couple of minutes, he was telling me that he’d never had a threesome before, but it had always been a fantasy of his. Him and millions of others!

“Listen,” I said, “it’s Saturday today. We’re supposed to be spending next Friday night here on our way back home. Why don’t you let me broach the subject gently with Mary and see how she feels? I’ll phone you in a couple of days and let you know how things look.”

At that point we heard Mary at the door. We shook hands silently, and pretended to be busy with the washing up. Mary and I left about an hour later, and headed for the coast, and ultimately the B&B that we were staying at that night.

* * *

There was no time to raise the subject with Mary before that evening. The B&B didn’t do dinners, but we found a pub in the village and got a pleasant meal. After we got back we were both pretty tired and pretty much ready for bed. Mary made a cup of tea in the room and we chatted for a bit. I decided now might be the time.

“Jonathan’s a nice bloke, isn’t he?” I said casually.

“Yes he is. I’ve always liked him. It’s a pity he’s on his own really. I think that last relationship was a bit bruising.”

“Well,” I said, “I certainly know he’s feeling lonely!”

Naturally, Mary wanted to know what I meant by that, so I told her the story about bursting in on him in the bathroom.

“Oh, the poor man,” she said. “He must have been mortified.”

“He was. Mind you, by any standards he made a bit of a splash. It must have travelled three or four feet. I was quite envious.”

Mary chuckled. “You’ve nothing to be envious about,” she said.

“Perhaps not. I couldn’t help thinking that you would probably have enjoyed it, though. You’ve always said you like a good strong one.”

She grew little thoughtful. “Yes I do. It’s a little bit of an extra turn-on, especially at the crucial moment.”

There was a minute or two of very loud silence. I left it to Mary to speak next.

“Did you mean anything in particular by that?”

“By what?”

“Come on, Rant, you didn’t tell me all this for nothing. I know you too well. You were wondering about a little adventure, weren’t you?”

Now it was my turn to be embarrassed, and I probably blushed as red as Jonathan had that morning. I should have known she would see through my “casual” conversation.

“Well, just wondering. You know my attitude to these things. It’s entirely up to you. You have to be in charge. But if you wanted a little three-way adventure I’m sure Jonathan would be up for it.”

“We don’t usually do it with people we know. But then, he doesn’t exactly live on the doorstep, so if there was any embarrassment there would be plenty of time for it to wear off before we saw each other again.”

At this point I knew it was going to happen. When Mary starts discussing possible objections, and then explaining for herself why they don’t matter, she’s already decided. At such times my best policy is to stay quiet and let her talk herself into it. I did contribute one thing, though.

“We always use condoms with anyone else, but we can hardly do that if part of the point of this is for you to appreciate Jonathan’s star performance properly.”

“That’s true. Well, I’ll leave that up to you. You’re going to have to talk to him on the phone tomorrow, aren’t you? You can ask him to make sure he’s checked out thoroughly.”

“You mean you’ve decided?”

“Well, why not? He’s a really nice guy, and he probably needs a bloody good shag. I think we should make sure he gets one, don’t you?”

* * *

We were sightseeing next morning, but at lunchtime I gave Jonathan a call.

“This you know that idea we discussed, about a little joint enterprise between the three of us?”

“Of course. Did you talk to Mary about it?”

“Certainly did. She is as interested as I am. There’s just one thing: when we have these little adventures of ours we always use condoms. These days you can’t Çankaya Escort afford not to.”

“That’s fine, mate. No problem with me.”

“No, but there is. If you think about it, the point about these threesomes is to give Mary the time of her life. In this case, one of the treats I wanted to give her was your power-ejaculation. Not much point in that if we’re wearing condoms. She won’t feel a thing.”

“I don’t think you’ve anything to worry about, mate. The fact is that after Delia left me, and I found out what had been going on, I had a full AIDS test. I was clear of anything. Unfortunately, I haven’t been in a position to catch anything since. I can assure you that I am as safe as houses.”

“Right. Sounds good to me. We’ll see you on Friday.”

“Yes, but just before you go, Rant…”


“Well, is there anything I should know? I mean, is there anything she really likes, or doesn’t like? I wouldn’t want to spoil it because I did the wrong thing.”

I laughed. “You always were a gentleman, Jonathan. You were far too good for that bloody Delia. Mary likes most things, to be honest. She likes her men to be clean, clean-shaven, and considerate. I think a shave and a shower are essential before we get up to anything. Apart from that, she loves oral sex, and she likes to take everything gently and slowly. Teasingly slowly, sometimes. I’m quite sure you have the right attitude, so you should just be yourself and not worry about it. Oh, and Jonathan?”

“Yes, mate?”

“Try to keep your hands to yourself. If you’ve been tossing off on Friday morning, or even Thursday night, it might take the edge of your performance.”

“You’ve got it. I wouldn’t spoil this for anything. See you Friday.”

* * *

Mary and I had a nice few days touring, but I know you don’t want to hear about that! Suffice to say that by about 5 o’clock on Friday afternoon we arrived at Jonathan’s house again. When we went up to put our stuff in the guest room we found he had changed the bedding, put out flowers, and clearly given the bathroom a spring clean. Said he was a gentleman!

We had arranged to get a Chinese meal delivered, and Jonathan had come up with a bottle of wine. We sat and talked about our tour and other trivialities, as if we were consciously avoiding the main topic of interest. Perhaps we were. We were all looking forward to the idea, but it’s not always obvious how to start the ball rolling. Eventually, about 7:30, Mary got up and stretched herself (I saw Jonathan admiring her forward-thrusting breasts as she did this) and announced that she felt she needed a shower.

“Give me about twenty minutes,” she said. “Then you two can shave and shower, and after that, well, I’ll be waiting to see who arrives first.”

“That’s some woman,” commented Jonathan as we heard her retreating footsteps up the stairs.

* * *

We gave her about fifteen minutes and then went upstairs. Jonathan went to his own bathroom, and I told him to come up as soon as he felt ready. I went on up to the guest suite, to find Mary clean, perfumed, and sweet smelling. Oh, and also stark naked and rubbing herself down with a large towel. I went to help her, but she shooed me away, telling me to go and get myself fit for a lady. I shaved and showered carefully, but about as quickly as I could. When I came back to the bedroom, a towel wrapped around me, Mary was sitting centrally on the divan bed, dressed now in a little baby doll nightdress and panties. Since we didn’t normally wear anything in bed this really comes into the category of “playwear”, not “nightwear”! There was a timid knock at the door.

“Come in,” said Mary, and Jonathan came in wearing a short dressing gown. He was very clean-shaven, and it was still damp. Mary patted the bed either side of her.

“Why don’t you fellows come and join me?”

We didn’t need to be asked twice. When we were beside her Mary lay back full length on the bed, and sighed.

“Well,” she said. “Here I am, clean and fresh and beautiful, and you two haven’t even touched me yet. Why don’t you start by examining this nightdress more closely?”

It wasn’t the nightdress so much, but the breasts underneath it. Mary has full breasts, and nipples that are quite large and stand up firmly when she is excited. Right now they were threatening to burst through the fabric! I laid a hand on her shoulder and gently ran it down over her body, detouring around her right breast and over her full nipple and then down to her waist. I let it run on down to her thigh and then back up. Jonathan was a little shy, but he soon got the hang of it. Mary shivered with pleasure, nipple stimulation being a great favourite with her. We carried on doing this for a little longer, and her breathing became faster and shallower. Then I slipped my hand under the nightdress and pulled it up far enough to enable me to caress her naked breast.

“You too, Jonathan,” she said. She took his hand in hers and guided it up under the baby doll top. He gently stroked Etlik Escort her left breast, pausing to give the nipple particular attention. Then she suddenly sat up.

“I feel overdressed,” she said, and without a further word pulled the baby doll top up and over her head, throwing it aside onto the floor. Then she lay back, wearing only the panties, and the two of us, quite heated up by this time, began to kiss and suck her nipples. She positively wriggled with pleasure.

“God, I feel so sexy. This is really delightful. Really lovely.”

At this point I trailed my tongue down over the waste of her panties and onto her thigh. I stroked her leg and licked her side, gradually working towards the crotch of her panties. Jonathan followed my lead, and as I came back up to give more attention to her nipples, he moved down and tongued her thigh. Then he leaned upon his right elbow and let his free hand wander up towards her crotch. He trailed his fingers very lightly over her vagina, and when she gasped with pleasure he trailed them back again. Then he got his courage up, and moving down off the end of the bed he leaned forward till his lips were on her panties. He gently nuzzled her through them while I continued to admire, stroke and lick her breasts. Mary was absolutely gasping by this time, and moaning in pleasure as Jonathan mouthed her gently through her panties. Then he got his courage up even more, and raising himself he hooked his fingers in the waistband of her panties and began to slip them down. She closed her legs to make it easier for him. Then he suddenly stopped.

“Is this okay?” he asked nervously.

“Yes, yes,” gasped Mary. “Go on, don’t stop.”

He looked at me, and I nodded my agreement. So, he slipped Mary’s panties right down and dropped them on the floor. She was now completely naked, sweating slightly, and desperate for some really good sex. Jonathan leaned forward again, and she parted her legs in anticipation. I looked over and saw that her labia were well parted also, and her vagina very wet. Jonathan must have found this an attractive sight, because he lowered his lips and covered it, the movement of his mouth suggesting that he was working his tongue in and out. I watched for a few moments. He backed off slightly, and I saw his tongue running up and down her labia and across her beautiful clit, which was now swollen and clearly visible. Mary could take very little more of this. Suddenly she tilted her head back.

“Oh baby,” she gasped to me. “I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum!”

“That’s lovely, baby,” I said. “Go for it. You know I love to watch you cum. It’s beautiful seeing you give yourself up to total pleasure.”

One of her other fetishes is talking dirty, and I love to oblige. Mary cried out, thrust her hips up, bounced up and down on the bed and as Jonathan continued to tongue her she thrust and cried out again and again. Then she begged him to stop, as she was getting too sensitive.

“That was gorgeous,” she said. “Now boys, I really think you two are more overdressed than I was.”

She sat up and pushed Jonathan’s dressing gown from his shoulders. He let it slide down, disentangled his arms, and stayed kneeling at the foot of the bed while he threw it aside. He had a very creditable erection, a very straight thick cock with a drop of pre-cum glistening at the end of it. She then turned to me and pulled my towel away. I was in a very similar condition, also showing evidence of my excitement in the form of a dribble of pre-cum.

“Mary, love, Jonathan has just given you a lovely time, but I think it’s his turn now. I think he would like to put that rather nice cock where his tongue just was.”

“If that’s okay with you,” she said. “It certainly sounds good to me.”

Jonathan was less shy now. He stayed kneeling at the foot of the bed, but reached up to grip Mary’s hips. He slid her gently towards him, until her bum was almost at the end of the bed and her legs bent so that her feet were on the floor. I suddenly realised how low the bed was, and how well suited it was to our purpose. Jonathan’s cock was just about at the level of Mary’s vagina. As he slid her to the end of the bed his cock touched her and he began to move gently back and forth, sliding his cock, greased with pre-cum, across the front of her open vagina and her clit. Mary squealed with delight.

“That’s lovely,” she said, “but I think I’d like you to come in from the cold!”

It was a great position: Jonathan and Mary could do serious fucking but the whole of her upper body was accessible. I continue to access it! Jonathan slid his cock down so that the tip of it rested between her labia. Then he gently pushed it in, sliding it back and forth slightly as he went, just to make sure that there was enough lubrication. He needn’t have worried. Mary was wetter than I’d ever seen her, I think. She certainly moaned with pleasure as he slid his full length into her. I leaned over and saw that his cock was now fully inside her, and his scrotum, bunched up the way it is when men are sexually excited, was resting on her perineum. He moved slowly and gently within her, and let out a pleasurable moan of his own. Mary turned her head to one side, and adjusted her position so that her head came closer to me at the edge of the bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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