Three’s a Circle, Not a Triangle Ch. 13

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Watching Susan undress and model in her underwear, William wished he was in her room with her.

All so surreal with Susan standing in her bedroom and in plain sight of his office windows from her bedroom windows, William felt as if was watching a live peep show from his office. He watched her looking down at her assembled underwear stacked and organized on her bed and her rows of shoes lining the front of her bed in the way that he’d love to look at her collection of sexy panties, bras, and shoes. If only he was there with her in her bedroom, knowing that they touched her breasts, rubbed against her pussy, and her covered her sexy feet, he’d pick up and handle every panty and every bra before fondling every shoe.

In the way he imagined her going through a photograph album, he watched her lovingly touching her panties, as if each panty saved a memory of a porn movie and/or an image of her in a sexual role. She’d need to showcase even more panties, bras, and shoes for her to preserve all the pornographic images that cameras captured of her and for all the roles she’s played. In the way that he wished he could touch them too, he watched her going from one panty to another panty with her fingers poised to pick the perfect one to wear.

Which one would she choose? He didn’t know but he had fun watching her while waiting for her to decide. Recognizing some of her underwear from her dozens of porn movies that he watched her acting in while masturbating to them, only a man with a panty, bra, and shoe fetish would recognize her sexy lingerie and shoes, especially from across the street. If he were there with her now, he’d help her with her indecision in selecting which panty to wear. Imagining touching and feeling all of her panties and bras as if she was wearing them, he’d be happy to hold up one pair of panty before suggesting another. He couldn’t wait to see which panty she’d choose to wear.

“Pick the yellow one,” he whispered, certainly too far away for her to hear him.

Yet, as if she heard him and as if she could read his horny mind through her bedroom windows to know what he was thinking from across the street through his office windows, psychically from the dozens of choices she had, she reached for a yellow pair of panty. As if she was getting dressed in a porn movie and as if his eyes were the camera lens, she turned to face him without looking at him and held up her yellow panty for him to see as if examining it before stepping into it. Oddly enough, after all the times he watched her undress, he’s never seen her dress.

Making more sense that he’d more want her undressed than dressed, more enamored with watching her taking off her clothes than with her putting on her clothes, all of his sexual fantasies were of her undressing and not of her dressing. All of his sexual fantasies of her were mixed with his sexual fetishes of seeing her strutting around her room in her panty, bra, and high heeled shoes. Unable to separate her from his sexual fantasies and perverse fetishes and not even wanting to, she was his perfect woman. Having plenty of peccadilloes and idiosyncrasies that anyone else would think odd, especially someone who didn’t have panty, bra, and shoe fetishes, little did he know that his perfect woman wasn’t so perfect and was twisted by her own need to expose herself to unsuspecting men.

For some strange reason, after prancing around her bedroom naked every night, when she dressed herself in the morning, she always dressed in the bathroom with the door closed. For someone who was obviously an exhibitionist and always so exposed, other than to use the toilet, one would think that she’d never seek the privacy of a closed bathroom door to get dressed. Perhaps putting on her clothes was a more private process than taking off her clothes. Perhaps after having to remove her clothes for men for money and after entertaining him by stripping off her clothes in the evening, apparently putting on her clothes in her bathroom with the door closed was her safe haven and her private thing to do. With him being clueless, perhaps a game she enjoyed playing, he enjoyed thinking that she just wanted to surprise him with what she was going to wear. Whatever was her reason not to dress in front of him, whether she was fully dressed or naked, he always took great pleasure and pride in looking at her, watching her, and staring at her to see what she’d do next.

Still standing there topless and just wearing her panty to cover her nakedness, he loved staring at her big breasts. What would she do next? After shocking him, when she first moved in, by not covering her windows and walking around her bedroom in her panty and bra with her lights on, before stripping naked to masturbate on her bed, he had no idea what she’d do next. Someone he wished he could be more part of her life, she was just full of surprises. What she did next is remove all of her panties and bras from her drawers and line her shoes up in front of her bed. Glad that she did all that she did, he still didn’t know why she did what she did. An Bostancı Anal Escort enigma to him, unable to figure her out and unable to get in her head, he always wondered what she’d do next and was always surprised by what she did do next.

For the time being, what she did next was to reach for a yellow matching bra. With just one white and one black panty, bra, and shoe combination that he could see, he more loved her colorful underwear coordinating with her matching shoes. He watched her move her hands through the bra straps, as if she was donning protective armored apparel for a SWAT or military assault. Certainly, in the way he loved her big tits and how he imagined they’d feel though her blouse and bra, if he was there with her now kissing her while feeling her, her bra would offer her little protection from his horny hands.

Now wearing his favorite outfit of choice, a sexy bra and a bikini panty, albeit yellow, he watched her step into a pair of yellow, high heeled shoes. Fully dressed to him, albeit still only in her underwear and high heeled shoes, he loved seeing her long legs, especially her muscled calves in high heels. She had such long, shapely legs, much longer and shapelier than Liz’s legs. He could only imagine how her legs would feel to slowly move his hands up her legs and not stop until they reached her round, firm ass and her bald, shaven pussy.

“If I was a paid actor in one of her porn movies, I’d love to sexually molest her before having sex with her,” he said what most men no doubt thought when seeing her fully dressed, in her panty and bra, or naked. “I’d love to push her upon her bed amidst her panties and bras and take her.”

From posing at her bedroom windows, she walked to her full length mirror and posed there too. Able to see the front and the back of her at the same time, whenever she stood in front of her full length mirror or sat at her vanity table, seeing her in this way made him more feel that he was in the room with her. Obviously knowing that he was watching her, he always watched her. Compelled to watch her, he couldn’t stop staring at her.

As if teasing him with her lingerie, she turned one way and then the other way to give him a complete show of her underwear clad body. As if she was a lingerie model or a swimsuit model, for her to model for him in the way that she was modeling for him now, it was as if she intuitively knew that not only was he watching her but also that he had a panty, bra, and shoe fetish. Having only spoken to her once, before his dumb dog peed on her leg, how would she know that he’s so attached to panties, bras, and shoes? Yet, truth be told, what man didn’t have a panty, bra, and high heeled shoe fetish especially with a woman who looked as good as she did when wearing and unabashedly modeling her panty, bra, and heels?

As if she was a bathing beauty contestant in a Miss America pageant contest, albeit modeling in her panty and bra instead of a bikini, he watched her walk from her bed to her mirror in her sexy underwear and high heel shoes before she walked around her room and returned to the bed. As if synchronized, his heart kept beat to the sexual movement of her lively hips. With his pulse rate racing, he imagined his breath steamed his office windows and her bedroom windows at the same time, even from this distance.

If she looked this good at 40-years-old, the same age as Jennifer Lopez, another one of his favorites but without the blonde hair and the big tits, he could only imagined what she looked like twenty, ten, or five years ago. Only he didn’t have to imagine what she looked like when she was younger, as he already had her an entire collection of her captured on DVD’s. As if watching her gracefully age in the way that he watched Shannon Tweed mature, Gene Simmons’ of Kiss sexy wife, she was still an amazing beauty. In the way that Angie Dickinson, Jane Russell, Sophia Loren, and Grace Kelly were, no matter what their ages even in death, as far as he was concerned, still able to remember them the way they all once were, once a beautiful woman always a beautiful woman.

In the way that she’d pose in a photo shoot, she turned from side to side and leaned forward as if she was looking down her bra to see what he could see of her. Then, turning around and bending at the waist to see how her panty clad ass looked in the mirror, she looked at herself with him while wearing her yellow panties, yellow bra, and yellow high heels. As if both parts of her sexy body demanded equal attention, her big, beautiful breasts were in direct opposition to her round, firm ass. Looking from one to the other, ass to tits and ass to tits, he preferred seeing her image in its entirety instead of just looking at her in sections.

If he didn’t know she was real, he’d imagine he was dreaming her and dreaming that he was watching her model in her sexy underwear. In the way that so many women today are obese, she was too shapely to be real. Few women looked like her. In the way that Coco, Ice T’s wife, can burst out of Bostancı Yaşlı Escort her bikini with her too big ass and too big breasts for her otherwise petite proportions, conversely with Susan’s long, lean, shapely body, she knew how to erotically model underwear without screaming pornography or bad taste. Yet, although she looked good in that sexy ensemble, after seeing her wear that color for a while, he didn’t think that yellow was her color. Perhaps because of her blonde hair, she needed more of a contrast of colors than a coordination of colors.

Now that she was already out of her blouse and skin tight jeans and dressed only in her underwear, hoping it wasn’t and hoping that the sexy revue was just beginning, he wondered if the show was over. Maybe she was going out tonight. Maybe she had a date with a man. He imagined a man feeling her breasts and fingering her nipples through her blouse and bra while kissing her. He imagined a man moving his hand up her short skirt to feel her ass and pussy through her panty. He imagined her unzipping him, pulling out his cock and stroking him before leaning down to take him in her mouth. Then, he imagined them making love before he imagined them fucking, really fucking, and fucking in the way that he wished he could fuck her.

“Lucky bastard,” he said for no one to hear. “Some guys have all the luck. If only I was ten or twenty years younger, I’d make her want me.”

Then, excited by the prospect of her being with a woman instead of a man, maybe she had a date with a woman. He imagined a woman feeling her breasts and fingering her nipples through her blouse and bra while kissing her. He imagined a woman moving her hand up her short skirt to feel her ass and pussy through her panty. He imagined a woman removing her panty in preparation to lick her pussy. He imagined a woman eating her, really licking and finger fucking her before making love to her with a strap-on and fucking her in the way he wished he could lick her and fuck her.

“Lucky bitch,” he said for no one to hear. “Some gals have all the luck. If only I was lesbian, I’d make her want me. Wait,” he said out loud with a laugh. “In the way that I love women, I am lesbian.”

Instead of going out on the date that he imagined she was going with a man or with a woman, he wished she’d stay home and model more panties, bras, and shoes for him. His favorite sexy image to see, he could spend his entire day watching her walk around her bedroom wearing her bra, panty, and high heeled shoes while he masturbated to the sexy sight of her in her underwear and heels. He loved watching her giving him a lingerie and shoe fashion show. His own, personal Victoria Secrets supermodel, he wished he was in her room with her while sniffing her panties and feeling her bras. He wished he could select which panty, bra, and shoe she should model next. Alas, his custom, personalized, fantasy lingerie fashion show wasn’t to be.

He wished he was the lucky bastard or bitch dating her. He wished he was the lucky bastard or bitch kissing her while feeling her body through her panty, bra and touching her high heeled shoes before being allowed to remove her panty, bra, and high heeled shoes. Only, with his fetishes taking precedence over his need to have sex with her, rather than bedding her, he’d much rather dress her in another panty, bra, and high heeled shoe outfit first. If he couldn’t make out with her while feeling her body through her bra and panty, he was content just to watch her walking around her room in her sexy lingerie and high heeled shoes.

He imagined spending his day removing her underwear and shoes to dress her in different sets of underwear and shoes. He imagined dressing her in all the panties and bras she had on her bed and in all the shoes that lined the front of her bed. If only she’d allow him to do that, as if he was his fashion designer or man-in-waiting instead of lady-in-waiting, she’d make his sexual fantasy come true. Then, finally, once she modeled enough panties, bras, and shoes for him, sufficiently sexually satisfied seeing and feeling her in her panties, bras, and shoes, he imagined having sex with her.

He imagined kissing her while feeling her big tits through her bra before fingering her nipples to erection. Leaving big wet spots and staining her bras with his saliva, he imagined sucking her nipples through her bra while reaching around her to feel her round, firm ass through her bikini panties. Unhooking her bra with one hand, he imagined leaving her bra in place and watching her brassiere slowly expose her breasts with every slow movement of her sexy, shapely body while kissing and kissing her. He imagined tracing her pussy slit with his finger before pushing her panty aside to enter her with his fingers. He imagined stripping her naked and mounting her. He imagined making love to her before fucking her, really pounding her pussy. He imagined her wanting him just as much he wanted her.

Of course, being that this was just his sexual fantasy, obviously, none of Bostancı Zenci Escort what he hoped would happen would ever happen. Yet, surprised that he’s come this far so soon in seeing her strip naked and masturbate on her bed, he was fortunate to have seen as much of her as he already has. Serendipitously lucky that she bought the house across the street, he was serendipitously lucky to have watched her strip down to her underwear before stripping naked and masturbating. He was serendipitously lucky to be allowed to masturbate with her without her calling the police, having him arrested for indecent exposure and getting him listed on the sex registry list for perverse perverts and sexual deviates. Yet, with her still walking around her bedroom in her yellow panty, yellow bra, and yellow high heeled shoes, maybe having sex with him and/or his wife is her next step. How hot would that be to have a threesome circle of sex with her, the porn star, in the middle?

Something he knew would never happen, he could only hope, a threesome with him, his wife, and Susan was just another sexual fantasy. Maybe the three of them could make their own porn movie. It was one thing for his wife to watch Susan undress and even masturbate to her sexy striptease and masturbation show but quite another for her to have sex with her in a threesome with him, especially since he hasn’t had sex with her in years.

How insensitive and awkward would that be to have sex with Susan before having sex with his wife again? How delicious would that be for Susan to bring them back together romantically and sexually? Perhaps just the sexual therapist they both need, maybe she’s the magic, marriage elixir that he and his wife requires to live as a sexual couple again. Yet, still surprised that she watched Susan undress and masturbate herself, Susan did make Liz aroused enough for her to masturbate and have an orgasm.

He wondered if his wife was watching Susan’s sexy underwear modeling show too from the guest bedroom. He wondered if his wife had an underwear and shoe fetish in the way he did and in the way that Susan obvious had. In the way that most men do, what woman doesn’t have a panty, bra, and shoe fetish? She certainly had enough panties, bras, and shoes to have a fetish. Still watching Susan while thinking about Liz’s panty, bra, and shoe collection, instead of reaching for her clothes to go on the date with a man or a woman that he imagined she was readying herself to do, Susan moved her hands behind her and unhooked her bra before removing her panties.

“No way! Fuck me! She’s giving me a show. Hot damn! Holy shit! She’s going to model her underwear for me. Unbelievable!”

Now naked again and setting the yellow bra and panties aside, she reached for her blue panties and bra. Donning those, she stepped her feet in her blue high heels. As she did with the yellow sexy ensemble, she walked to pose in front of her full length mirror before walking around the room. He watch her as if he was watching the Twilight Zone Show or as if she was a ghost doomed to repeat her last actions over again. He watched her leaning forward in her mirror as if to see what someone could see of her down her bra before turning and bending to see how her panty conformed to her perfect behind.

After giving him the same sexy, striptease and masturbation show every night, this lingerie modeling show was certainly different. As if her sexy striptease and masturbation shows could be any better than what they were, this lingerie modeling show was the best. After modeling the blue matching panty, bra, and shoe set in front of the full length mirror and walking around her room to model her outfit for him in front of her bedroom windows, she removed her blue combo and reached for her green panties and bra.

One after the other she modeled six different matching sets of panties, bras, and high heeled shoes before reaching for her red panties. He watched her wiggle her round ass and cover her bald pussy with her red panty before she reached for her red bra. Red was definitely her color. Although he liked the blue and green panty and bra too, he liked the red panty and bra the best.

As if she was on fire and as far as he was concerned she was and with not every woman so blessed, someone who was as hot as she was can wear red. As if she was the Devil’s, blonde disciple, as far as he was concerned, she should wear red underwear all the time. Only missing her red horns, the tail, and the pitchfork, he loved her in red. He could only imagined how good she’d look wearing bright, red lipstick to match her red panty and bra. Just as he thought that, picking up her lipstick and leaning into her vanity mirror, she painted her lips red and puckered them in the mirror as if she was leaning in to kiss him.

Red lipstick on the dipstick, he’d love to have her suck his cock with her bright red lips and while wearing her red panty and bra. He imagined feeling her tits and fingering her nipples through her bra and fingering pussy through her panty while kissing her, before imagining her leaning down to leave a lipstick mark on his cock as evidence to show him how deeply she took him in her mouth. Then, thinking that she was staying home to model even more panties, bras, and shoes, she disappeared into another part of the house. In an instant, show over, she was gone.

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