Tied and Abandoned Ch. 02

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This is a sequel to https://www..com/s/tied-and-abandoned

You are recommended read that one first, as the characters are introduced there in more detail and this story often refers back to it.

* * * * * *

Last night, after receiving the two messages on my phone, I lay on my bed for about an hour thinking about what could have happened. Was it Janice? Or Eva? It just had to be one of them. But how could they possibly act so innocently around me – after what they did to me? What would make them doing it in the first place, rather than just untying me and totally embarrassing me? I was totally confused.

Still angry at Mandy, I didn’t reply to her message. I did however try to reply to the other one hoping to figure out who it was that sucked me off, but my phone said invalid number, not registered, something like that. Surprised I tried to call it directly, but again the number did not connect. The number used was obviously fake and did not get me any closer to solving the mystery, if anything it made the mystery even deeper.

After a while I fell asleep, and slept soundly through the night. The next morning I was awaken by the noise of my parents getting up. I got up myself and joined them and my sisters for breakfast. I didn’t sense any tension between me and my sisters, and the events from yesterday were not discussed. The party and everything went apparently perfectly normal for them. The only reference to the previous day was my mum jokingly asking whether I planned to sleep away most of the day again, but I said I was planning to go see some friends for lunch instead, and that we were going for a hike after that.

A turn of events came when my father mentioned he had been doing some research on the history of our house. It is an old house, built early 19th century when this was an up and coming neighbourhood. My parents bought it when I was young, and I lived there until I moved out on my own. It’s a fairly big house with lots of rooms and plenty of dark corners and seemingly hidden passages, back in the day probably used by house staff to discreetly go around the house to do their jobs.

“While browsing the Internet, ” he told. “I found out just over a century ago this part of town was much different than it is now, or was when this place was built. It was actually pretty seedy, with bars, brothels and casinos. All illegal of course, but tolerated as long as the owners paid their dues to the police.

“Searching a bit deeper, and in the end borrowing some old books from the library, I found out that our house actually was used as a brothel.”

“Interesting,” Stacey said. “Wonder if there are any artefacts left of that time, hidden below the floors or inside the walls.”

“Not likely,” my father replied. “The house had been completely redone a few decades before I bought it, then before we moved in we stripped it down and redid all the paint and wallpaper and made some repairs to the walls and so. If there had been anything left, we would have known about it. We’ve really been all over the place.”

“Good,” Tracey chipped in. “That’s not a history I like to have hanging over this place.”

“It could be really interesting,” her sister countered. “Just think of it. Some coins that slipped between the planks of the floor, or some scribblings on the wall of a distressed hooker.”

“Before you know it you learn about someone who got killed here and that her ghost still roams around. No thanks, some history is better forgotten.”

This house used to be a brothel? Very interesting, I thought. I could quite easily imagine it, even with the current layout which I wasn’t sure to be completely original. I wasn’t too surprised Tracey didn’t want to know about this, she’s always been the rather conservative kind.

My father continued with his story. “I didn’t find any records about people being killed here.”

“Good,” said Tracey.

“It supposedly was one of the better establishments, in this house. One of the more discreet, as well, especially for people that needed some enhanced privacy, you know, like city officials or higher ranking army staff. Those were part of the clientèle here.”

“So it was a rather classy place,” I comment.

“Pretty much so. The brothel operated for about two decades, until the city started to crack down on vice and corrupt policemen. Not surprisingly this was one of the last to close its doors, but close it did, in part under pressure from the general population. There are references to raids on these illegal establishments, but I couldn’t find details. In the end the house was sold to someone who operated a doctor’s clinic in it, and another forty years or so and a few more owners later I bought it.”

An interesting bit of history about this home, and we discussed it for a bit longer. Stacey remained very interested in any potential historical artefacts, and upon deeper digging we realised that the wooden floor of the living room was actually really old and possibly original. escort bayan My parents didn’t replace it, other than repairing some cracked planks. It being a wooden floor meant there just had to be some space under it. My father mentioned he noticed about half a meter of room under the floor, definitely no basement but there was a crawling space.

He hardly finished talking or Stacey was already on the prowl to find an access, which my father told her wasn’t there, and access would require cutting away some boards. I didn’t wait for her to find her access, which knowing Stacey she would either find or in the end simply create herself as our father suggested. Instead I left to my room, and sat on my bed thinking about yesterday’s events, and of course my father’s revelations, until it was time to head out to see my friends, we were going to have lunch together and then go for a little hike.

The lunch with my friends also did not go entirely as expected. I walked in the restaurant, saw the group, walked over, and found myself suddenly eye in eye with Mandy, whom I didn’t expect there at all. She never joined any such events before. She looked hot in her tight sleeveless top and stretch pants, showing off her curves and just a bit of cleavage, obviously chosen with the planned hike and the warm weather in mind.

Surprised, I quickly regained my composure hoping nobody noticed me being frozen upon seeing her. Mandy immediately scooted a bit aside on her bench, making some space for me, and reluctantly I accepted her invitation.

The moment I sat down she turned towards me and gave me a big hug, then whispered in my ear so the others on the table wouldn’t be able to hear it, “Again so sorry about yesterday, I really felt bad about it. Glad I didn’t make the knots too tight and you got out yourself.”

Stunned again, all I could reply was, “It’s OK.”

Her knots had actually been pretty tight, and without the mystery helper I’m quite sure I’d have never been able to free myself. I more and more got the feeling that indeed she did not tell anyone, that she did not send in help, or was it simply that she wanted me to believe that?

“I hope you’re not too angry at me,” she continued softly. I could clearly feel her warm, soft breast rubbing my arm, and placed my free arm around her waist.

“No.” I was still too confused to give a proper reply. Of course I was still angry, and she knew that, but but she was obviously trying to make up with me and her touch make me melt and quickly lean to forgiveness. After all, it did work out fine, and the sex I got out of it was pretty good.

“I’ll make up for it. Tonight.”



With those few words, the tension between us had been broken. I was now quite convinced of her sincerity, but not less confused. I had the feeling I’d better not talk to her about the mystery visitor, as I was more and more convinced that she actually was not responsible for that.

She released her hug, and started to deal with the many comments we got from our friends about that quite intimate display. After all, we were supposed to be just good friends rather than a couple so this was not what they expected to see. Soon enough the topic changed to other more important things, like jobs and for some even kids, houses, cars and even sports.

That afternoon after lunch we went for a hike in the nearby hills as planned. Nothing strenuous, it was something we had done often as a group. Just a few hours out in nature to get some exercise and enjoy the great views.

Near the end of our walk, Mandy and I lagged behind a little, and she started to talk about her promise.

“Do you have any plans for tonight?” she asked.

“No, no plans. Home alone tonight. My sisters are to some concert, some boy band is in town, Boys ‘r Us or so I think they’re called. My parents are going to some friends. They’ll all be home late.”

“Perfect. I wanted to invite you for dinner, after that maybe go to your place again, take care of some unfinished business.”

“The first part is fine, the last bit I’ll have to think about,” I replied. It was of course very clear what she was talking about, but I wasn’t so sure whether I’d be comfortable being tied up again, or doing anything related. Yesterday’s memory was still too fresh, the stress of the whole ordeal was pretty bad. I was however more and more convinced that she was not involved with this mystery visitor, or she surely would have asked about it.

Laughing, she accepted, and so the deal was closed. We sped up and joined the rest of the group again to finish the walk.

That night, as promised, she took me for dinner. She promised she would keep it simple, knowing I’m not the one for fancy romantic stuff, so we went for pizza. Simple, she said, but simple it was not. This was no ordinary Pizza Hut, this was the real deal. I had never even heard of the whole restaurant but she did, and the food was fantastic. She was really serious when she said görükle escort she wanted to make up with me.

It was already getting pretty dark by the time we got back home, even though it’s the middle of summer, leaving us not much time before my family would be back home. With just one reason to go to my place we just took off our shoes and then went straight to my bedroom. There she just jumped on me, causing me to lose my balance and drop down on my bed. I managed to control my descent somewhat so after that it was just a simple movement to have her lie on her back with me on top of her. As we kissed I let my hands roam over her body, feeling her curves inside her smooth spandex clothing. I could smell her sweat, neither of us had had a chance to take a shower or even get changed since our walk.

After kissing for a few minutes I broke the kiss, and pushed myself up into a sitting position, straddling her.

“You planned to settle some unfinished business, right?” I asked.

“Uh-huh,” she purred.

“But after what happened yesterday I’m a bit afraid of being tied up, you know,” I said, slipping my fingers under the hem of her top. “So I’d rather switch roles,” I continued, as my hands slowly pushed up her top. She curved her back slightly up to allow the garment to slide up, reaching the bottom of her breasts.

“That’s OK,” she said softly as I continued to push her top up, slowly uncovering her bra-packed mounds. She was wearing a simple white sports bra, nothing fancy, just practical to keep them from swinging all over the place when hiking. Anyway with that kind of chest I guess a girl doesn’t need anything from a bra other than support.

She moved her arms up over her head, as I continued to slide her top slowly over her head, and then used it to tie her hands firmly to the headboard, just as she had done with my shirt. When done, I let my hands slide slowly all the way from her hands over her arms and shoulders, then along the sides of her body back to her belly, massaging her lightly.

Next I grabbed the top of her pants, and started to pull it down. A little hop with her butt and it was off, then her legs followed quickly. I used the pants to tie one leg to one side of the bed, then one of my ties to secure her other leg. Finally I used a tie as blindfold, and I got her tied up just like she had me tied up.

Sitting on her thighs, I let my hands run over her body, from top to bottom. Feeling her shape, her face, her arms and shoulders. Avoiding all the sensitive bits I slowly slid my hands down to her belly, and from there up again. She moved slightly under my touch, and I could see her breathing getting deeper and faster.

After teasing her for a while like that I moved my hands on her breasts, and started massaging them through her bra.

“There is no clip,” she said, panting lightly.

“Now that’s inconvenient,” I replied cockily. I was prepared for this, I knew it’s of course not possible to remove a bra with her hands tied, even when it has a clip. This only made it better. “Then I think we’ll have to have another date tomorrow. Hope you don’t mind.”

“Why?” she asked.

“To go shopping.” I reached out and grabbed a pair of scissors that I knew I had in the drawer next to my bed.

“Why?” she asked again, unable to see what I was doing.

“Because you need new underwear,” I said, and immediately cut her bra in two, quickly followed by the shoulder straps.

“Hey, that’s not nice!” she said, trying to move up in protest, but her constraints were attached well.

I didn’t answer. Instead I bent forward and latched down on her exposed chest, sucking in first one, then her other nipple. I sucked them gently, flicked my tongue around, all the while using my hand to play with her other nipple. She quickly relaxed under me, and I heard her breathing getting faster again. Her boobs were big, too big to fit in my hand even when she was lying on her back. I didn’t mind. They were soft and round, with big firm nipples on top. Just perfect to suck on.

She started to moan softly under my ministrations. I left her breasts, and gave her a kiss on her lips, a kiss that was immediately answered. Her tongue invaded my mouth and we kissed deeply, deeper than we kissed before. I felt on fire, a fire that I hadn’t felt before with her. It must have been the fire of love, taking longer to ignite but burning longer and hotter than the fire of simple lust. It seemed she felt the same as her kiss was furious. I don’t know how long we kissed like that, but it felt like eternity.

When we broke our kiss I sat up again, massaging her lovely soft boobs with my hands, enjoying her beauty in the pale light of the street lantern outside my room.

“You are so beautiful,” I said softly.

“It seems you forgot something down there,” she murmured. “As we go shopping tomorrow anyway…”

I bent down to kiss her lips, then kissed her nipples and scooted down further along bursa elit escort her legs. I grabbed my scissors and carefully cut open her panties, removing them as well. Her panties were wet, and I could see the moisture in her slit. I gently slid my finger over her pussy, up and down, and she shivered. She was very aroused, and so was I. I could have fucked her there and then, she was wet enough, I was more than hard enough, but I had other plans first.

Bending forward I lay down on top of her, supporting myself on my elbows. My head next to hears, I whispered, “Now what was it that you went to look for the other day?”

She giggled. “A can of whipped cream.”

“And what were you planning to do with that can of whipped cream?”

“Have fun.” She giggled again.

“What kind of fun?”

She didn’t answer, she just giggled. I had my ideas on what one could do with a can of whipped cream, but I was more interested to hear it from her. I knew I was embarrassing her, that made it all the more arousing to me.

“Fun,” she said.

“Just fun?”

“Fun with you.”

“Me with a can of whipped cream? Doesn’t sound funny.”

“No, you, and whipped cream.” She giggled again. “Sounds tasty.”

“You going to eat me?”

“No, lick you.”

“All of me?”

“Maybe. Or just part of you.”

“Which part?”

“Well, you know. That part.”

“No, I don’t.”

It was fun teasing her like this. Maybe too much fun.

“Down there.”

She obviously wasn’t going to say it, so I had to.

“My dick you mean?”

“Yes. With whipped cream. Must be tasty.” She laughed again.

“You still want to try?” I asked.

“Sure, why not!”

“OK, then I’ll go get it now. Don’t you worry, I WILL come back.”

“Yeah, yeah!”

Slowly I got up from her, but not missing the chance to take both her nipples in my mouth for a quick suck. And then looking down at her pussy it just looked too delicious, so hot and wet, that I bent down for a quick lick and suck. She instantly reacted to my touch, and she tasted deliciously.

I got up from the bed, adjusted my rock hard dick, and quietly walked out of my bedroom, leaving the door slightly ajar. I walked down to the fridge and had to fumble around for a bit before I found the can of whipped cream. From the weight I felt that it was nearly full. All the better.

When I walked back to my room, I heard moaning. The moaning of Mandy, that was obvious. Why she was moaning I didn’t know. I had her tied down so she couldn’t have started playing with herself. I knew she was really horny and full of anticipation, but that alone is not enough for this. I slowly opened the door, and my mouth almost fell down to the floor.

There she was, still perfectly tied up, but rocking her hips and wiggling her body as if she was having sex. I had no idea what could possibly be going on, but I did know it was a hot sight. A very hot sight. I entered the room, put down the whipped cream on the bedside table, and stepped back just looking at her. All alone, moving as if she was being stimulated seriously by something. It was a situation I had no idea how to deal with, other than at the very basic level of being a guy: when you have a naked, horny girl at your hands, enjoy her.

Not taking my eyes off of her, I slowly started to undress. I didn’t want to touch her, not yet at least, afraid to break whatever spell she was under. She looked like she was having a lot of fun.

I was hard, rock hard. My dick jumped up when I pulled down my underwear, finally giving it the freedom it craved so much. Mandy’s moans became louder, I could tell she was getting closer to her climax. There is something indescribably hot about a pretty girl being sexually stimulated, even if the source of the stimulation is invisible. I placed my hand on my dick, slowly rubbing my hand up and down the shaft as I continue to look at her.

It didn’t take long before I saw her body tense up as she was experiencing what looked like to be a very big orgasm. The orgasm lasted for a long time, until she finally stopped wriggling and just relaxed, with a big smile on her red flushed face. It seemed the stimulation had stopped as well.

She now just lay there, breathing heavily, her legs spread as much as her constraints allowed. I couldn’t control myself any longer, and moved onto the bed and positioned myself above her. I grabbed my dick with my hand, aimed it down, and rubbed it along her wet slit. She again instantly reacted, pushing her hips forward, and I immediate plunged my dick deep inside her hot and very wet mound.

I started pumping immediately, and she quickly started to meet my thrusts. Soon we picked up on each other’s rhythm and we were fucking hard and fast. The whipped cream was instantly forgotten, I just needed a fuck and fill her with my man cream. We fucked so hard the gentle click of the door of the room closing barely registered in my brain, and I totally didn’t pay attention to this subtle sound.

Of course I didn’t last long. A few minutes, if that long. I was just way too aroused, and so was she. Moments after we started fucking I felt her vagina clamp down on me as I continued to thrust deep in her. I came hard and long, completely filling her with my cum.

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