Tiffany’s Suprise

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It was a nothing out of the ordinary Saturday summer afternoon.

I was sitting in the chair watching the Cubs game, Tiffany my wife was downstairs taking care of the laundry.

After the sixth inning was over I had to go take a leak. As I started to go I was wondering to myself how long I had been holding it, I hadn’t went this much since the drinking days of my youth.

Just as I finished going and admiring how much I went I looked to the side and noticed in the dirty clothes hamper a pair of Tiffany’s panties.

I remembered just a few minutes ago she had just changed her clothes to be more comfortable to do our laundry. The panties after taking a closer look appeared to me to be wet.

I had not put my penis up yet as I just realized it getting rock hard while I admired the silk see through panties. The wet spot would glisten when the light hit them just right.

Now, tiffany was a beautiful woman, light brown shoulder length hair, green eyes that just screamed fuck me at every glance. She had a light complexion, that made her nipples look so delicious especially when they were hard. When her nipples were erect they turned into the darkest pink and stood up about a quarter of an inch. Her pussy was always neatly trimmed on top, on her lips she Bostancı Esmer Escort went bald. She was always tight, so tight even when wet while penetrating her it felt as if you could tear your skin off. While inside her, her pussy grabbed and squeezed your cock so hard that when you came she got every last drop.

With all that being said Tiffany was a very modest shy woman. She would hide while getting dressed and undressed. She had commented on several occasions that she was “ugly”

This I grew to overlook, as I am madly in love with her no matter what. However, it was hard at times because I was always looking forward to wild sex, and she was just to shy to deliver.

So, with my dick hard as a rock and throbbing I proceeded to pick up her panties and take in a big breath of them. I was sent into what I would call a sexual vertigo, the sweet smell of her pussy I knew so well was right there in my face.

I began to stroke my dick, all the while taking in her sweet smell. I began to visualize her wearing these panties, bending over in them, and when standing up the panties going into her sweet tight firm ass. I began to fantasize about her walking up to me and shoving my face deep into her wet pussy, and holding it there while she Bostancı Eve Gelen Escort fucked and grinded and came all over my face leaving it wet and sticky and smelling of her.

My body began to quiver, the head of my penis began to swell and tingle so much to the point that I was ready to explode, when in my lustful dream like state I was awoken out of it by “what the fuck are you doing”

I instantly went red, I wanted to die. I had never done anything like this in my life, what was I thinking. I apologized. “is this what takes you so long in here” “how long have you been doing this” I tried to push my way out but Tiffany stopped me.

“You might as well finish” I was awestruck by this comment. I lifted my head up and saw those sexy green eyes staring at my dick, and her lips wet like she was starting to drool. I didn’t move.

She grabbed her panties and started to rub them over my dick, the silk of them gave me a even harder erection then before, with every stroke of the fabric I could feel my cock jump and bounce uncontrollably. “looks like you’re about to cum, look how wet you are getting”

Upon saying that she got on her knees grabbed my penis pulled the skin back and held it tight. Slowly, very slowly she began to Bostancı Evi Olan Escort lick all the pre-cum off the head of my dick. Letting out a moan, she looked up at me with those green eyes and told me to cum in her face.

Instantly I started to shoot, big thick streams of white cum began showering on her pretty face. She tried to catch all she could in her mouth. The rest began to trickle down off her face onto her breasts.

She began to wipe all that she did not swallow up with her hand, I was thinking she was going to swallow that as well, however she stood up and drooped her sweat pants and rubbed the remainder of my load into her pussy.

I was shocked, Tiffany said, “I have never been so turned on by anything so much until I saw you sniffing my panties and stroking your cock”

After saying that she began to shake and breath very, very heavily, “stick your cock in me” I was still hard so I lifted her leg up and shoved it in, it was tight getting in, however her wetness and my cum made it a bit easier this time. As I slid in and out of her she started to cum and with every twitch of her cumming pussy I could feel our wetness dripping off my balls. She went lipm, she was flushed, I was speechless.

We both let out a gasp, parted and looked at one another “if I ever catch you doing that gain, you’ll be sorry” “what do you mean”

Tiffany put on her sweat pants grabbed a towel and left the bathroom. All I could do was stand there and think “what the heck does she mean”

I flushed the toilet, resumed watching the Cubs game, they lost of course.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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