Tina Rules Ch. 1

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Tina, the fiery redhead, is my wife. She has always been kind of bossy lately it has gotten much worst. Though I only have myself to blame.

I had been on the web and got distracted with a phone call and then got into making dinner. When Tina clicked on the computer the screen saver disappeared and there was this story. I had been reading about a guy who was so emasculated his wife put him in one of her old night gowns and sends him off to sleep in the guest room while she entertains her young stud lover in their bed.

I think my face was as red as her hair when she called me over and asked me to explain what this was all about. I tried to lie my way out of it but that didn’t work. She opened up the history list and looked at where I had been on the web.

She had me take off my clothes and kneel on the floor next to her as she randomly revisited sites where I probably should not have been. I tried not to get a hard on but ended up getting one anyway. A lot of stories I had skimmed through had the same theme of a male who willing serves his wife as a housekeeper/cuckold while she has sex with a steady lover or a stream of them.

My fate was sealed when she followed my trail to a chastity belt site. (Damn technology you can’t seem to do anything without leaving a trace).

I guess I was somewhat relieved when she slid her hands down into her panties got her fingers all wet and had me lick them off. She said maybe our fantasies are not so far apart. She told me that like many of the women in the stories she actually did enjoy me eating her out more than fucking her. She understood how I probably identified with the guys with small pricks who came quickly as that was me to the T.

She told me her promiscuous days were long gone but she saw no problem with finding a nice stud to be her steady. “Though I may need Bostancı Fetiş Escort to test out a few different guys before I pick one”. I tried to talk her out of it but she sternly said, “ Who am I to not indulge my little hubbies fantasy life”. Let’s try it for a month or two and if it doesn’t work out will figure something else out.

She sent me to take a shower while she looked for something for me to change into. She pulled the shower curtain aside and handed me my razor and shaving crème and told me to get rid of my leg and pit hair. She had brought a green nylon nightgown she had stopped wearing because she found cotton more comfortable to sleep in.

While we were in the bathroom she pointed out some things that needed to be cleaned admitting that neither of us had approached our household chores with the diligence that we should have. “Why don’t you take some vacation days and see if you can get this place into shape. When I have company over I want it looking really nice.”

I tried to explain that I wanted to save my vacation time as planned so we could get away for a few weeks at the end of August. “By the end of August I’ll be going on a vacation with a real man” I must have looked so sad. She pinched my cheeks and said jimmy don’t worry I have a couple of girlfriends that are probably more than willing to watch you, or should I say baby sit you while I’m away.

On our way to the bedroom we stopped at the guest/storage room. It was being used almost as a second closet for Tina’s excess of clothes and shoes. You will also need to fix this place up a bit if you’re going to be spending time here. If you would like some of my old clothes put them aside and if I don’t really want them anymore you can have them.

She grabbed a pillow off the futon we kept in there. It was a guest room but Bostancı Gecelik Escort we seldom had guests except for Xmas when her sister might stay for a few days. She threw the pillow on the floor by my side of the bed and found a clean sheet. “When I’m through with you for the night I want you to sleep here”

Now don’t be playing with yourself awhile I take my shower. She returned had me lie on my back as she mounted my face. I ate her out to like 5 or 6 orgasms. When she was through she remarked I think I’m going to like this. I tried to talk my way out of being sent to the floor but she wasn’t in the mood for my whining.

Now until we get your chastity device I don’t want you wanking off all the time. If you ask nicely I’ll let you jerk-off sometimes. I asked her nicely and she said yes I’d even get you started by telling you a story. I got down on the floor and she starts the following story.

When I’m on a date and can’t get you a babysitter I get you dressed for bed and lock you in your room. When my date and I get back I unlock the door so you can go to the bathroom and meet my date. Tom is this 24-year-old stud that I met at the gym. I’ve told him all about you and your little fantasy so it’s not really a surprise for him and he knows that it will be all over between him and me if he is mean to you.

You say I’m pleased to meet you Tina has told me all about you and I’m grateful to you for all the pleasure you can bring to her. If you take off her dress while I go to the bathroom you might find a nice surprise. You come out of the bathroom and I’m standing in a nice bra and panty set you bought me special for this date. You point out to Tom that you gave me a nice pedicure. Tom while undressing me has already seen the little gift tag you tied on to the waist band of my panties it says Bostancı Genç Escort To: Tom from jimmy Enjoy!

I ask if I need to lock you back in your room and you say no I won’t bother you two at all. You go and turn down my bed and light a candle. You stand in the living room while Tom and I are making out something fierce. I catch you staring and gawking at us and since I’m about to give Tom a blowjob I snap my fingers and say bed and you go scurrying off. I completely forget that you won’t be able to jerk off because in the heat of the moment I forget you need me to unlock your chastity.

At this point in the story Tina gives my cock a few strokes with her hand and I shoot a load of cum all over my nightgown. We say good night and drift off to sleep in our own little worlds. In the morning I serve Tina coffee in bed still in my cum stained nightgown. She explains she’ll be late getting home tonight, as she’ll be stopping at the gym. Something she hardly ever does during the summer.

We go over the list of chores that I’ll be working on while waiting for her to come home. She tells me that she will password protect the computer so I won’t be able to get on the Internet. I should concentrate on getting my chores done. When she gets home I’m glad that she’s alone. She assures me that she is looking but she may not rush into anything and then again maybe she will.

I had eaten earlier and sat at the table with her while she ate her salad. I shared with her what chores I had gotten done but admitted that I was over whelmed with the guest room. She told me think of it as my room. After dinner she helped by thinning out her clothes. She is taller and thinner than I am. Other than a few nightgowns and a few short alls and rompers that were not size sensitive around thee waist. Her old clothes were not all that good for me.

She explained that she had lunch with her co-worker Lydsay today and had told her the whole story. Lydsay is a young woman of 19 or so. I had met her briefly when I had stopped at Tina’s office. I asked what the fuck you go and do that for. I was severely Reprimanded for my language and attitude.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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