Together at Last

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My breath catches, my eyes catching sight of you. Stunning eyes stare back at me, your skin glistening in the moonlight. Not a scrap of clothing to cover your beauty. Naked as the day you were born, all for me. The urge to take charge, to dominate, surges but is pushed aside. Remembrance of the one stipulation helping to suppress the urges; the first time must be slow and special. In the end it is all worth it to be with you.

The months of longing. The long distance phone calls. The empty space in the bed beside me. All of it culminates in this moment. This perfect moment between two people that love each other deeply. A love I have never felt for anyone else. A love for the special person in my life. The person I never want to let go of, ever.

You saunter towards the bed, hands at your side yet I can see the urge in your eyes to cover yourself from me. You fight the urge, and I am happy. Nothing should ever be hidden between us; open books. I feel myself standing at full attention down below as I move up to sit comfortably in the bed. The bed sinks down as you crawl ever so slowly towards me. Hands meet bare skin as we slowly begin to explore one another. We have all night, all day, no need to rush. There is just you and I. The rest of the world fades away.

Hands slide down your back as I grasp the object of my desire. So firm yet so juicy at the same time. I pull on your ass, bringing you closer as our lips come together. I taste your saliva as our tongues begin the dance they know so well. I wish I could go on kissing you forever and ever. My teeth lightly bite your lower lip, as my hand trails down between your legs slowly teasing the moist area between your legs.

The finger swirls around barely entering before retreating. I can feel your excitement at the touch and your disappointment as it ends, just by the way your body moves towards and after my fingers. I slide a full porno izle digit into your warm inside stroking it in and out slowly as I grip your ass tightly to pull you deeper into the kiss. The finger pulls from your body to only be replaced with a finger from the other hand. The original finger, still wet with your juices, travels up trailing along your sensitive rosebud before pushing stiffly right into your ass. You gasp into my mouth as you squirm upon me. I can see it in your eyes, begging me for more.

My fingers are pulled from your body as I grasp your ass tighter and flip you over. Straddling your body quickly, I move my head down and grab a nipple in my lips. My teeth bite down upon the sensitive nub as I suck and nibble upon it roughly. The other hand slides up and grasps the other ignored nipple and begins pinching and twisting it.

I feel the shivers and moans as they move through your body. Your breathing increases as your pleasure grows. My lower body moves along yours, my penis sliding across the wet and sensitive lips driving you even crazier. I bite down harder on your nipple, hearing you cry out. The hand and the lips switch and restart the same motions once again. Harder and harder my penis slides across your lips coating itself in your flowing juices. I can feel your body shake as orgasm after orgasm wracks your body. Your eyes roll back in your head as you gasp and sputter for breath.

Moving down your body I lay kisses upon every inch. Your lips. Your nose. Your neck. Your breasts. Your stomach. Finishing just above the treasured area, I glance up to meet your eyes. Breathing in your scent deeply I move down and slowly slide my tongue across the lips collecting every drop of your juices. A pause to savor the taste so long desired before delving in for more. Eyes never leave yours as the tongue slides deeper within, pushing the folds apart to reach the core that amatör porno is you. Your hands grip the sheets tighter as our eyes continue to meet. Your head shoots back, breaking the eye contact, as you cry out another release. My hands grip your hips tighter as I feel your juices gushing out around my tongue. I try my best to catch every last drop, not wanting a single drop to go to waste.

Hands slide slowly up warm flesh, feeling every crevice and nook and cranny on their journey. Crawling off you I slide up the bed and kiss your forehead tenderly. Moving over you I turn my body over yours, my face over your moist crevice once again. My tongue shoots out to gather your juices again, as my throbbing penis pushes against your lips and I groan as I sink into your warm mouth.

I feel your tongue sliding around and caressing my manhood as I push ever deeper into the warm opening. Fingers slide in to join my tongue as they thrust deeper into your pussy, feeling the contractions rippling through your body. You gasp and moan, slightly muffled by the object within your mouth. The shivers run up our bodies as our sweat and juices mingle from body to body. Hands grip your waist tightly, pulling your legs up and bending your knees to allow access to the earthy scented hole between your succulent cheeks. My tongue slides across the puckered hole, watching it flex and shiver from my touch. Slowly I push in with just my tongue watching the hole flex and expand to accept the intruder.

Thrusting the digit faster, fingers find the wet clit and roll it between them. Your body shudders beneath mine, your sucking mouth pulling more upon me. A shudder runs through my body as I feel the telltale sign within my body. Thrusting tongue and cock harder, I groan as my release explodes through my body right down your greedy throat, your body tensing around my invading digits as your anal porno own release explodes. We groan and shudder together as we come down from the orgasmic highs.

Our bodies collapse into the bed, your wet and warm skin sticking to my bare skin. Rolling over I turn back around to stare deep into your eyes. Hands roam bodies indiscriminately as they explore every feature, remembering every detail of the other’s body. Simultaneous gasps occur as the most private of places are found by roaming fingers. Fingers spread your moist lips apart and delve in, as a delicate and soft hand moves up and down the slowly hardening member. We groan and moan together, our lips finding each other in the process.

The heat rises between us becoming almost unbearable. Finally at full strength again, I roll over again between your legs. Trailing my hardness up and down your wet lips, I stare into your eyes waiting for it. The words roll off your tongue as you beg me to fill you. Beg me to complete you. With a push I slide in, feeling your warmth and tightness gripping at me. I can’t help myself as I groan at the feeling. Gripping your hips tightly I begin to thrust faster and harder as I slip ever deeper into your churning depths.

A wince crosses your face, betraying the discomfort and pain, as the barrier that once was is broken. I slow within letting you become accustomed to the intrusion. Slowly hips thrust back up meeting the thrusting item within. Eyes never blink as we stare deeply into each other’s. Your legs move up to lock around my waist, pulling me down closer and deeper within. Moans and whimpers dribble from your lips as you beg for more. Barely inside the clutching warm walls push the feeling of bursting within me. Tiny pink nubs call out to me, my teeth encircling and biting pushing the button I’ve always known. You gasp and thrusts harder and faster back as you slide into release. Matching the thrusts I kiss you hard as suddenly you are filled with my seed. Slowing to a stop we embrace gasping for breath. Sweaty bodies joined together at last. Pulling back eyes meet again and words that didn’t have to be spoken are spoken. “I Love You.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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