Tom had a Problem

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Tom had a problem. His daughter’s roommate, Sarah, was coming to stay for a few days. Sarah was in a situation where she used Amber’s room during occasional weekends while Amber remained back home. The pretty, sweet, beautiful, innocent (or so he thought), young woman was coming for a visit. And Tom had recently begun having some impure, taboo thoughts about Sarah. He told himself it wasn’t all his fault. She wore those tight tops showing her wonderful rack to advantage. Short skirts showing her beautiful legs and which occasionally showed her pretty panties. Once he had even been able to spot a distinct wet spot in them over her pussy which also outlined an obvious camel toe. The sight held his attention long enough that he thought she might have caught him looking. Tom’s smallish, aged cock stirred at the memory.

He thought about his cock and what his father had labeled “old age shrinkage.” He had actually had a nice sized, but not huge, cock when he was younger. It was also more dependable and got rock hard whenever he went to use it. The good old days!

He really started to lose it after Sarah’s last visit. She had gone home and while he was checking over the bedroom she had slept in, he found a wadded up pair of simple, white, cotton panties. And they were damp with her juices! When he brought them up to his nose the aroma was heavenly. He had stored them in a plastic bag, hoping to retain that aroma. A few times he even pulled them over his head so that the gusset stretched over his nose while he masturbated, inhaling her scent as he did so.

Tom knew that he should know better. He was 70 years old and should know what is inappropriate. However, even as he reprimanded himself for this he started picturing what Sarah would look like naked. His cock stirred again.

Finally Sarah arrived. She looked stunning in a short, white skirt with a blue silk blouse. He could see she was bra less. Her nipples pushed against the silk. This was not going to help his Haramidere escort bayan problem.

Tom met her at the door. She dropped her suitcase and wrapped her arms around him in a big hug. He felt her perfect breasts pushing against his chest. That did not help his problem. Neither did her quick kisses.

In the afternoon they watched a football game sitting next to each other on the sofa. All he could think about was the pressure of her thigh against his. Once she turned towards him and her breast grazed his arm. Even this little thing kept him going.

They made and ate dinner. They resumed their seats on the couch to watch a movie.

After a while Sarah turned to him and said, “Can I sit on your lap? I really need to feel close to someone.” He knew he should say no, but he gave in to temptation. She stood and sat crosswise on his lap, her luxurious booty right on his cock and balls. Very stimulating! When she started to slip and slide off his lap he reached to catch her. His right hand grabbed the outside of her thigh, accidently slipping under her skirt. She reached down and covered his right hand with her left to keep it there.

“I don’t want to slide off,” she explained. Tom reassured Sarah that it was fine. He slowly began to massage the outside of her thigh. Her grip became tighter and she gave a slight moan. “That feels nice.” Her hand guided his hand down around her knee to the inside of her thigh. She let go but he continued rubbing her inner thigh. When he almost reached her panties he stopped and reached for her right knee. He rubbed that inner thigh, but this time when he got to the panties he laid his whole hand over her pussy area and just left it there, applying pressure. When he stopped moving Sarah moaned in protest and began squirming on his prick.

He said, “We shouldn’t be doing this. I’m sorry. It’s my fault. I should know better.”

Sarah replied, “Please Tom. None of that matters. Escort İkitelli It is feeling so good!”

He answered, “Your ass does feel awfully nice on my lap.” He began rubbing over her panties. She began unbuttoning her blouse. He then slid his hand into her panties, cupping her pussy with his palm and stroking the area between her pussy and her rosebud with his fingers. Her breasts were now out from her unbuttoned blouse. She moaned and pulled his head to her chest. Taking a nipple into his mouth he began sucking as he moved his fingers up to her cunt. The nipple grew and hardened between his lips.

As Tom sucked Sarah’s breasts, alternating left and right, he ran his fingers lightly up and down her pussy. His middle finger stroked the middle while the index and ring fingers stroked the outsides of her labia. He could feel her wetness increasing. Sarah pulled away. Tom said “I suppose we should stop before we go any farther.” He took a long sniff of his fingers and then sucked them into his mouth. “Mmmm,” he thought.

Sarah replied “Over my dead body” as she stood, reached under her skirt, and peeled off her panties. She then stepped up onto the couch.

She threw her left leg over Tom’s right shoulder with it hanging over the back of the couch. “Grab and lift my ass” she ordered. As he did that she swung her right leg over his left shoulder to match her left one. Tom was now staring directly up her skirt into her pussy. She said, “I’ve seen you sneaking pussy peeks at me. We both know you want this.” She lifted her skirt and dropped it over his head.

He savored the sight in front of him and also the aroma. She had a lovely pussy. Full labia on each side. An excited looking clitoris. And a nice tuft of hair at the top. He couldn’t help leaning in and putting his tongue to work where his fingers had recently been. He ran it up and down on and around the labia. Then he planted his mouth firmly over her pussy and sucked Çapa escort and ground his face into her pussy. As he did so he kept his tongue working in her slit. Sarah moaned and writhed above him. Eventually he moved his mouth up to her clit and kissed it, then licked it. He then enveloped it in his mouth and ran his tongue over it as he sucked. Sarah gave out an excited shout and, without other warning, Tom’s face and shirt were drenched in her squirt. He licked up as much as he could catch and licked her pussy clean.

Sarah dismounted and pulled off Tom’s pants and underpants in one good pull. He took off his shirt. She reached for his prick. She was disappointed that he had lost his erection as she wanted to impale herself on it and feel his hot cum shoot into her. Seeing her disappointment Tom apologized and said, “One problem with being older and taking certain meds. Sorry.”

Sarah dropped onto her knees on the floor. She took his small cock into her mouth and ran her tongue around the head. She found she enjoyed easily taking it into her mouth and tonguing it around. She let it go, lifted his balls, and licked the underside. He had very sizable balls. Even so, she took one into her mouth and played with it. Then the other. Then both. That was a mouthful.

His cock was a bit firmer now. She ran her tongue up the underside from base to tip. Holding her thumb and forefinger around the base like a cock ring she licked some more. First the shaft, then the tip. She spent some time licking the head like licking an ice cream cone. Then she sucked it into her mouth and played with it with her tongue. Tom especially enjoyed it when she ran her tongue around the ridge of the head.

Tom had a better hard-on now so Sarah straddled him, bunched up her skirt, and guided his cock into her cunt. He could feel her tighten her muscles around him. Her wonderful breasts were right in front of him peeking out from her open blouse. It only took a few bobs up and down before he exploded and shot his warm cum into her pussy. At the same time she squirted and the fluids gushed down around his cock and balls and thighs. And of course the couch.

Sarah relaxed onto Tom and they enjoyed the feeling of their naked bodies against each other. What more adventures might they have?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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