Too Awake to Sleep

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It’s been too long since we’ve seen each other. When I heard you knock on the door, I almost ran through the house to get there. You were standing on the porch, weary and sore, ready to be done with driving. I smile and reach out, hugging you. As we lean back from each other, I look over and see that your son’s still in his car seat — oblivious to the world at this time of night. I smile at you and tell you to go to the couch.

I shift to the side so you can walk through, and I can see the relieved smile fade into the dark as you get farther into the house. Making sure that you’re okay, I stride out into the driveway and pull the little guy out of the car. Cradling him, I walk back to the house and go into the guest room. I put him down and make sure he’s taken care of before I close the door and walk out into the living room.

You’re lying back on the couch, your shoes already thrown to the side. I’d swear that you were sleeping, but I know your habit of downing energy shots and Coke whenever you have to drive. I quietly move up to the cushions and squat down, crossing my legs and sitting on the floor near you. Somewhere in the motion, I make enough sound that you turn and look at me. “Hi, you.”

I can’t help but smile and I lean forward and kiss you gently before I sit back and answer. “Hello to you, too. You look tired.” Even as I’m saying it, I can see the glint in your eye and the quick glance away from my eyes and down my face and body. I can almost make out the smirk you make when I can tell that you’ve noticed how much weight I’ve lost. Your hand slips out and you lift up the bottom of my shirt enough to where you can look and see how much ‘less’ there is of me.

I laugh and you can tell I’m a little embarrassed — but pleased that you noticed. I stand up, forcing you to let go of the shirt and it drops back below my beltline. You keep watching my eyes and I can tell that you want to razz me, but instead you reach out for my hand and I pull you up off the couch.

Suddenly standing up in front of me, you wrap your arms around me and kiss me again. I stop turning and instead hold you against me. I’m normally the goofy one, but this time, you’re the first one to open up. When our lips part, you lower your head and rest your forehead against my shoulder. It’s quiet, but I can hear the emotion in your voice when I hear you say “I’ve missed you.”

I put my finger under your chin and lift up, kissing you softly before pulling back and smiling at you. “Come on, you’ve got to be tired. Let’s go lie down.” You smile and nod, and we let go of each other and walk back to the bedroom. I sneak a look into the guest room, then smile reassuringly at you before closing the door.

You sit down before I finish closing the door to our bedroom. The light coming in from the window is the only way we can see, but I can tell that you’re still smiling at me. I step up and keeping your eyes with mine, I undo the few buttons of your shirt and then reach down and pull up. You’re relaxed enough that your arms almost fall through the sleeves. I set the shirt down on the chair near the wall and raise my eyebrow, smiling when I notice that you aren’t wearing a bra. Still smiling, I lean in and start kissing.

I push hard enough that you let yourself fall back against the mattress. I stop kissing you because I don’t want to end up falling on top of you. Putting a hand out, I hold myself up for a moment before dropping back down and kissing you again.

I stand up straight and kneel down near your feet and pull your socks off. Throwing them out of the way, I stand porno and slide your jeans down off your legs. They end up with the shirt, and when I turn back to you, I grin because I notice that you’re not wearing any panties, either.

“Were you in a hurry?” I joke. Your knee rises up against my groin and I gulp as you say “Not yet, but you’re behind.” Taking the hint, I pull my shirt up and off, not even noticing where it ends up. A moment later and my pants and socks are pushed off and left resting on the floor. Your fingers tease at the top of my underwear before I slide those off as well.

I walk around, pulling at one of your legs so you turn with me. As you straighten out on the bed, I climb up from the foot of the bed and crawl over you. Even in the dim light, I see your eyes glance downward before you smile a little wider. Your knee lifts up again and I can feel the pressure as you push up against me.

I put my knees on either side of your hips and lower my lips to yours. As I kiss you, I slide one hand through your hair, brushing it softly. As I lift away, you smirk. “I’m not _that_ tired yet …” and your voice drifts off, leaving the suggestion in the air.

I kiss you again, but instead of pulling away this time, I kiss your cheek. Then your neck. I bite on your earlobe, then lick down the side of your neck as you sigh. I keep holding myself up with one hand, but I use the other to squeeze your breast.

Shifting, I lick down your neck to your chest. My hand that was touching you moves farther down the mattress and my other hand, now freed up, goes to your arm. My fingers slide down your skin, then to your side and back up. I know that at other times, if I brush my fingertips along your side, you may giggle — but right now, you’re focused on other things and you continue to sigh and adjust, getting even more comfortable.

My tongue licks between your breasts, and I tease your skin with it. Licking playfully, kissing in spots, I move in circles around and over your body. You continue to relax, your legs spreading apart, your weariness disappearing … the only sudden moments coming as I bite down on your nipple hard enough to make you gasp. My teeth squeeze on you, then after a moment, I close my lips around your breast and slide my teeth off of you. Each breast gets this special treatment, but I surprise you each time.

Moving around and licking down, you barely noticed as my hands kept going farther, but after what might have been three minutes — or thirty — I lift up on your thighs and slide my arms underneath your legs. I let my body rest on the mattress as my tongue finally gets to your other lips … and I slide my tongue between them before flicking it over your clit.

You gasp again suddenly, then again … and only on the third time are the gasps gone. Your breathing is heavy now, and I can tell your entire body is tight. Your arms squeeze the bedspread, trying to find something to hold onto, before I feel your fingernails tighten on my scalp. You tighten your grip as I lick again, then you put your palm against my hair and just hold me. I glance up quickly and I can see that your other hand is reaching up over your head and is squeezing the pillow like it might fly away.

I keep licking you — between, over … in — and at one point, you let go of the pillow and put both of your hands on my head. I know you want me to just hold my tongue hard against your clit — but I was waiting for this chance. I reach up with both of my hands and grip your arms. I pull down against your shoulders and I can feel the resistance anime porno in your body as you arch your back. You want to move, you need to react — but with my mouth over your pussy and my hands holding your arms (and therefore your shoulders) down, you can barely move.

It only takes moments more before you cry out. I know you can be very quiet when you want to be, but you also know that I get more excited when I can hear you. I stop licking when I hear you, when I feel you orgasm under me — but I hold my mouth over you. Carefully, I let go of your arms and my hands go to your sides.

My tongue barely touches your lips, not even teasing, just reminding, when I see you lift your head and look down at me. We make eye contact and I lift up, pulling my hands out from under your legs. I crawl up your body, kissing you again — teasing your stomach, your breasts and your neck before stopping directly over you. I know you’ve been watching the entire way, and you lift your head up to kiss me as I move my lips toward yours.

As the kiss continues, you can feel my cock touch you. You know I’m excited and hard, and I know just how wet you are. I raise my hips and then lower them again, letting you feel the head graze over you — the worst teasing yet.

You don’t let it go unanswered, though. As I play with your mind, I fail to notice as you reach down — until you squeeze my shaft. I lift up, as you easily have my attention.

“Roll over.”

I rest on my side, then slowly move onto my back as you gather yourself. Now it’s your turn — and I know you’ve been waiting for this. You move your legs away from me, then force me to turn so I’m almost lying diagonally on the bed. You put your hips on the bed, close enough for me to see — but not close enough for me to do more than reach and play.

I push with one hand and the pillows all slide off onto the floor. It’s not like we were ready to use them. I rest my head on the covers and lay flat. It’s all I can do to remain calm as you start to put your tongue against me.

You start by teasing the head, licking around it, over it. Then your tongue goes down the length of my shaft and back up. I know you like playing, but each time you do something, you hear me gasp.

You keep at it for a few moments before deciding that you’re done teasing. Licking, playing — and then I moan out loud when your lips wrap around me and you take me completely into you. You feel my hips lift up for a moment then rest back down. It’s all I can do to just enjoy the moment.

I start to lose focus, but I’m still able to move. You keep sucking, licking … and then I can feel the moment’s hesitation when I move my fingers up and touch your pussy. It feels like I can’t even compare with what you’re doing, but I start moving my fingertips into you, over you. I move it between your lips, then down to your taint. Back up to your pussy and in … never enough to fully distract you, but I can tell that you’re getting even more turned on as you suck harder.

Using your hands and your tongue … wrapping your lips around me … you keep moving up and down. The more you play, the less I can focus — and as hard as I am, it almost feels like I’m getting harder. Finally, to push me over the edge, I can feel your fingertips squeeze my testicles and that extra touch is enough to make me literally cry out as I cum.

You hold your mouth over me, drinking, licking me up — and when I’m finally done, you lick your lips and turn, moving over me. You rest your body on mine, your legs tangled in mine. Holding your arap porno head up, you watch my eyes as I become more coherent.

“Nice.” You say, smiling at me. “Want a few minutes?”

I roll, being careful not to twist your arm, but now you’re beneath me. I spread your legs apart with mine, and I rest on one arm with my body. Before you’re ready, I’ve grabbed your free arm and I’m holding it over your body with my hand — the one between me and the mattress. I put my free hand down at your pussy, teasing a finger into you.

As I slowly slide my finger in between your lips, I can feel how wet you are. I lean my head closer to yours, and as I start to slide my finger into you faster and deeper, I whisper into your ear.

“Since I let you play, I DO need a minute.” … slide. “But it depends …” slide again. “Do you really … want … me … inside you?” My finger slides into you between each word, almost like I was emphasizing the point. “How much … do … you want …” and I slide a second finger in with the first. “… me inside you?”

Your breathing has gone crazy again, gasping each time I pushed into you. With two fingers in you, but resting, your eyes open wide and you look directly at me. At another time, I’d almost think you were mad — but I know that you are just too needy for words right now.

I let go and lift up, over you. I keep my fingers inside you, teasing slowly … and then I pull them out of you, moving them up to your mouth. You close your eyes and lick my fingers, knowing that it’ll get me harder. As your tongue comes away, you feel the head of my cock move against you. You open your eyes because you want to watch my eyes — just like I want to watch yours.

I barely hesitate before I am inside you.

You want to close your eyes, but my look stops you and you can focus.

I start to move — pulling out, then back in. Slowly moving between your lips, filling you up. You’re enjoying watching, but after only a few moments you just close your eyes and ride the feeling. It’s just like the first time we were together — hard, deliberate … over and over again. I move my body over you, near you, wanting to be sharing every single moment. I lower myself down onto my elbows, moving my hands under your arms, then out to your hands. Resting on my elbows, I’m now holding you so your arms are bent up and I’m holding you down — preventing you from moving to much without actually tying you down (even though I know you like that from time to time, too).

My mouth is near your ear and you can hear my breathing get slower, deeper — ragged. You get more excited and you bite down on my shoulder.

Faster, harder into you — I keep fucking you. Filling you. Pushing deep inside you. You’re pushing back with your hips, not caring, not worrying — just enjoying the feeling as my hard dick moves into you.

I let go of your hands and move my palms together under your head. Holding them together, cradling you, I lift up and kiss you. Just as we break contact, your fingernails dig into my back and I cry out. Your legs wrap around mine.

The sudden shock is enough and I jerk harder against you. You can feel me explode inside you, cumming again, my body seizing up. My orgasm is enough to push you over the edge, too. Your lips are against my skin in another attempt to be quiet, but I can hear you almost scream before your body collapses back against the mattress.

We’re both sweaty and out of breath …

I rest your head back on the mattress and lift up just enough so that I can look down into your eyes. Smiles across both of our faces, I move to kiss you again and your hand moves to my head. As we separate, you brush your fingers through my short hair. You smile again and I can hear your heartbeat slowly returning to normal as I say quietly “I love you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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