Top of the Class

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Libby sighed deeply as she surveyed her empty classroom. It had been a long academic year and she had had some tough groups to teach. Now it was all over, and she was eagerly anticipating the summer holidays.

The warm sun peeked through the classroom blinds and Libby swung her feet up onto her desk. She reached up behind her and shook her long blonde hair free of the ponytail she always wore when she was teaching. Her silken locks tumbled down, cascading over her shoulders as she raked her hands through it.

The school was quiet as the last of the students was long gone. In fact, everyone was long gone, apart from Libby, who had stayed to sort out her curriculum for next year. She’d lock her room when she’d finish and then…six weeks of whatever she wanted.

As she relaxed back into the leather chair, her eyes closed as she thought of her boyfriend and all the fun they would be having during the holidays.

Her blue eyes fluttered closed as she began to imagine endless nights and endless days of love making. So lost was she in her reverie, that movement of her hands to her nipples was almost unconscious. Biting her lip slightly, she brushed her hands over them, enjoying the electric current that seemed to flow down to her clit.

With one hand still circling her now erect nipple, she snaked the other under the waistband of her pencil skirt and her cotton knickers and downwards towards her now wet cunt. She moaned as her fingertips found her stiff clit.


Libby gasped and snapped back into reality at the sound of the voice. Hastily trying Üsküdar Escort to rearrange herself, she saw Adam standing in the door way. A tall, broad boy, he had been in Libby’s literature class. At nineteen, she had always found it slightly ridiculous that he should even still be at school, let alone in school uniform.

“Adam!” Libby was flustered. He had surely seen her wantonly touching herself, her head thrown back and her legs apart on the desk.

“Adam, I …” Libby was lost for words.

“Miss, I was just returning my text book. I forgot and thought I’d give it back to you before the holidays and I…”

He paused and looked at her, directly.

“Miss, I saw you…..’

“Adam, look, whatever you saw. It was not what you thought. You’re my student and I..”

Here he cut her off abruptly.

“Fuck off, Miss. I know what I saw. You had your hand in your knickers and your fingers in your cunt” and with that he strode purposefully across the room towards her.


Libby darted behind her desk, using it almost as a shield between her and the boy. She was ashamed and unsettled by her actions. And yet..

“Don’t worry, Miss, I won’t tell anyone. Just let me see you do it again and no one will ever know.”

By now, Adam’s face was very close to her. She could feel the heat of his sexual energy radiating from him. His brown eyes held her her gaze defiantly and it was then she realized that she was looking at a man rather than a boy.

“Don’t be ridiculous!” she stuttered. “Adam, I really think Üsküdar Escort Bayan you…” she started, but he moved too quickly for her to stop him and hungrily kissed her full, soft lips. His strong hands crushed her to him and his tongue invaded her mouth. He pushed her back over the desk, knocking over piles of papers and books.

Libby felt a rolling wave of desire wash over her. Crushed between the hardness of the desk and the weight of Adam’s body, she felt her own excitement rising at the thought of this young stud fucking here right there on her teacher’s desk.

Pulling away from his passionate kisses, she made a half hearted attempt to stop the onslaught of ardour.

“Adam…please…I’m nearly old enough to be your mother”

Her words, however feel on deaf ears as she felt his warm hand inched her way up her inner thigh. Gasping, she parted his legs slightly to allow him easier access. It was just so hot.

“You’re wet already,” he said as his fingers found her underneath the now damp crotch of her knickers. Deftly, he searched for and located her clit, which by now was engorged and standing out like a stiff little button.

Libby, carried away in the moment, gasped and threw her hands back over her head. Gripping the edge of the desk, she opened herself fully to him and rocked rhythmically as his thumb circled her clit while his fingers were buried deep, deep inside her.

“God,” Libby moaned “How do you know how to do that so well?”

Adam let out a low laugh. “I’ve been wanting to do that to you all Escort Üsküdar year,” he whispered.

With his fingers still stimulating her, he lowered his head to her ripe breast and took her hardened nipple into his mouth. He worked it slowly with his teeth, alternately licking and biting it.

By now, Libby’s breathing was becoming more and more rapid. Her head whipped from side to side and her stomach began to tense in anticipation.

“Not yet, miss,” Adam growled, removing his fingers. Libby’s eyes flicked open.

“Do it now, Adam, do it now!”

She was almost pleading with him, her orgasm was so tangibly close that she forgot the fact that she was begging her an ex student to make her come in her classroom.

With his free hand, Adam sprung his rock hard cock free from the confines of his trousers. Holding it firmly as its base, he plunged into his teacher, with all the longing of a whole year of wanting to do unspeakable things to her.

Libby clawed at his back and wrapped her milky white calves around him, pulling him deeper and deeper inside her. Skillfully, he maneuvered her to the very edge of the desk to allow maximum penetration and continued his almost animal like thrusting. He held onto her hips tightly as he fucked her wildly, the wetness of her cunt making his job an easy one.

“Oh…my…god…” Libby moaned “Fuck me harder!”

He continued to pummel her cunt relentlessly, grinding his pelvis against her at the same time.

“I’m coming..Oh my..god..I’m coming!” she screamed as her orgasm jolted through her body. Her nails dug into him viciously as her muscles contracted and that was enough for him to lose control. His body shuddered as he exploded inside her.

Still panting, the spent pair clung to each other, their bodies damp with sweat.

“So Miss,” Adam asked “I guess I graduated with honours?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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