Tough At The Top

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This story was written in collaboration with a fellow erotica writer whom I am hoping to introduce to the site in the near future. Her handle is Lulubelle, keep a lookout for her.


It was with mixed emotions that Bryce entered the very familiar elevator that cold June morning. He had been with the company for fifteen years, slowly working his way up through the ranks into the upper management levels until, finally, the break he had been waiting for, his boss died. He knew it sounded callous to put it so bluntly but it was a fact of life, everyone knew that he was the best person for the position but that the only way he would get the promotion is if Old Man Jenkins were to retire or die, he died first.

Same people in the elevator as every other morning, each greeting familiar faces. It could have been an ordinary day in every way up until now. Here was the level that he always got off at, but not today. Everyone in the elevator shuffled out until it was only he left in the little cubicle. He reached out and pressed twelve, the level he was going to be working on in future, the top floor of the building and the top floor of his career. At forty Bryce hadn’t done too badly for himself, he was fit, well trimmed, smart in his tailored suits and now at the top of the food chain, well, almost. He was yet to meet his new boss as his was not the only promotion within the company recently. His superior was from out of town, an import from an affiliated company and, from what he had heard, and an absolute ball breaker. Bryce was aware that you didn’t climb the corporate ladder by being nice and he was expecting this new executive member to be somewhat of a challenge. All he knew about the guy is that his name was Watson.

The elevator doors whispered open and Bryce stepped out with a sigh into his new career. There was cheerful Sally, the receptionist, “Good Morning Mr. McCleary.” she smiled as he strode in mock confidence past her desk.

“Good Day Sally, how are you this morning?” he smiled back, not expecting a reply.

Bryce knew exactly where he was going, he had been there thousands of times before during his long career but it had been to go and see the Boss, now he was the Boss. Many more familiar faces smiled their welcome, all knew that Bryce had waited a long time for this moment, he was popular with most and they were glad that he had received his long awaited promotion. Last office at the end of the corridor, thick carpets dulled his heavy footsteps as he slowed slightly, the rich aroma of polished solid oak finishing had always been his favorite part of a visit to the twelfth floor. Portraits of past company Presidents and CEO’s lined the narrow passage at either side, and Bryce was proud, proud to at last be a part of this very old company in its old building. He was no longer dreading meeting the new boss.

He entered his office from the side door, not wanting to face his secretary just yet. It was just as Old Man Jenkins had left it, minus a few personal items. The huge oak desk and deep, black leather chair facing the window with its view out over the city and in the distance the sea. Bryce was about to step over to the window when the inter-leading door between his and his secretary’s office burst open and before him stood a stunning woman. Bryce was so taken by surprise that before he could say a word she reached out her hand and said:

“Jenny Watson, you must be Bryce McCleary, pleased to meet you”

Her hand was soft and warm in his, he stammered through the introduction trying to get over the surprise. So Watson was a woman, unbelievable. Bryce was not the chauvinistic type, he had no problem with a female superior, it had just taken him by surprise and he found himself staring.

Jenny had always been a head turner, long, straight, black hair down to the cleft of her firm ass, legs that seem to go on for ever and breasts that have made more than one man turn for a second look. Jenny’s eyes were as blue as the bluest oceans, eyes you could get lost in. Yet to Jenny these things were irrelevant, although they had come in handy in the past. She knew that she looked good in a short skirt and preferred to wear them, especially when wearing a suit. It made her irresistible to any man. Everywhere she went she radiated sexuality. On more than one occasion a strange man had whispered his desire for her. Jenny had not always granted their wishes but the men lucky enough to get her between the covers had had the best time of their lives with this vixen.

Jenny felt that today wouldn’t be any different and looking at Bryce she knew that she would like to get him between the covers. He was Adonis personified. Strong, athletic, gorgeous and in a powerful position. These are huge turn ons for her and today was no different.

“I wonder if he’ll let me seduce him,” she pondered.

Shocked by her thoughts she walked over to his desk. Jenny had heard things about Bryce that she wanted to find out for herself. Ladies lucky enough to have bedded him only spoke well of him; some went as far as to say; no lover they’ve ever had came close.

“Well, I’ll like to find out for myself.” she thought.

As brazzers Bryce spoke to her, his deep husky voice was sending shivers through her whole body.

“Man has the voice of an angel.”

Jenny was looking at Bryce and couldn’t understand what effect he was having on her and the fact that he wasn’t even aware of it was even more tantalizing.

“What the hell is wrong with me, I’m not like this. Pull yourself together girl, this is your colleague!”

Looking at him, Jenny hoped that he could not guess her inner thoughts.

Jenny got the pleasantries out of the way and got right down to business.

They were discussing sales figures in his division over the past quarter and Bryce was answering her in autopilot, all the while taking in every feature of this beautiful woman sitting across from him. He put her at about thirty; long slim legs disappeared under a formal suit skirt. The outline of her hips said that she was in good shape and her trim waist told him that she possibly worked out in the gym.

Jenny was squirming in her seat as she spoke to him, perhaps a habit or maybe she felt uneasy in his presence. She certainly didn’t strike him as a woman that would be easily intimidated by a man, in fact, quite the opposite. She seemed confident and self-assured but she looked uneasy sitting across from him now.

It was then that Bryce noticed that Jenny’s suit jacket had opened to allow him a view of her white blouse underneath. To his amazement, as he watched, two of the blouse buttons had come undone, exposing Jenny’s ample breasts for Bryce to admire. Bryce was not sure how to react, he was a bit embarrassed at first, he had only just met the woman and he was not sure how she would react to a stranger looking down her blouse. Jenny looked up at Bryce and noticed the direction of his stare; looking down herself she saw what was causing the distraction.

Jenny looked back at Bryce and he blushed slightly, should he look away or would that only make her more embarrassed. Her white lacey bra was clearly visible but for some reason her left breast was partially out of place and Bryce had a clear view of her protruding nipple. Perfectly formed dark pink in color and encircled by an equally beautiful dark areola. Bryce was mesmerized, Jenny had beautiful breasts and in the first ten minutes of them meeting he had seen one of them. He looked up into Jenny’s incredible blue eyes and saw no look of embarrassment, as he held her gaze she lifted her hand and shifted the offending globe back into its correct position and buttoned her blouse. Without the slightest hint of embarrassment Jenny continued her questioning for a few minutes longer before excusing herself and standing up from her perch against the desk, walked to the door. Bryce watched as her ass moved beneath the smooth fabric of her short skirt, no panty lines. She was either wearing a g-string or no panties at all. Hmm, nothing turned Bryce on more than knowing that a woman was pantieless under her skirt.

As she left she spun around, her long black hair forming a long arc around her shoulders,

” Possibly see you for lunch then Mr. McCleary?” she asked with a glint in her beautiful blue eyes.

“Possibly, Ms Watson” Bryan smiled back, not wanting to let on how much the flash of her boob had affected his normally stable composure, and she was gone, closing the door and leaving only her scent to bring back the memory of that soft pale breast with the dark tan lines and the just as dark nipple.

The rest of Bryce’s morning went by without event. He was kept busy with calls and e-mails of congratulations. He packed all of his personal belongings, which had been sent from downstairs, into his desk and laid out his collection of model cars. He found his mind constantly wondering back to the meeting with his new boss. Everything about her intrigued him, her long black hair and deep blue eyes were fascinating but what amazed him the most was her lack of embarrassment at him getting an eyeful of her boob. Bryce knew that it was against company policy to pursue any office relationship, he knew that should he even attempt to establish any sort of personal contact with Jenny that she would be obliged to take it further in accordance with company rules.

“There must be something there,” pondered Bryce. Jenny had acted as if it were an every day occurrence for her to flash her breasts to her subordinates; maybe she had also felt the electrifying magnetism, which he had felt. Bryce shook it off, he had known the woman for ten minutes and he was fantasizing about her, not only that, she was the boss. Jennie leant against the door as she closed it behind her.

“What the hell was that?”

She had never in her life been this forward with a man and what she did was against the company regulations. She flashed a smile at Sally and went on her way. During the course of the day she kept thinking of Bryce and wondered if there was anything there. Should she pursue this or let it be? She had a feeling she wanted Bryce. She could feel it all over her body. She locked her office door and sat down on her chair. She placed her hand on her breast cuckold porno and began playing with the little culprit that had tried to make an escape. It felt good. Her nipple became hard as she caressed it, round and round the tip until swollen.

A devilish smile crept over Jenny’s lips and she walked over to the copier standing in her office. Reaching up under her short skirt she removed her g-string, she lifted the top cover of the machine. A quick look behind her found what she was looking for; the chair was exactly the right height to use as a step. Stepping up onto the chair Jenny sat on the copier and made a copy of her ass. The light was warm on her naked skin as it passed beneath her, the heat like a secret hand caressing her exposed ass as she sat on the cold glass. Spreading her thighs slightly Jenny made copies of her clean shaven pussy and she was sure that her puckered little anus would come out quite clearly when she reached back and deliberately spread her cheeks, she felt her lips part slightly as the light once again passed beneath her exposed rear. Jenny smiled as she pressed the copy button one last time, she could feel her aroused slit release a small amount of slippery warm fluid and she was quite positive that it would be visible in the copy.

Setting the machine to e-mail, Jenny punched in Bryce’s inter office IP address and, after a moments hesitation, pressed send.

It took a great deal of self control to stop herself from running to Bryce’s office and sitting there watching him while he opened his e-mail. Jenny literally could not wait to see his reaction. She had made the first move and the anticipation was killing her. Fifteen minutes passed, nothing. Bryce would not know who’s pussy was so nicely framed on his PC but two and two were easily added when he read the senders IP address. Jenny could wait no longer and she hurriedly walked to Bryce’s office and peeked through the side door to see if he was there. Jenny heard him in the bathroom adjoining the office. She couldn’t help smiling, feeling like a cat who had just stolen some cream. She so wanted to see the expression on his face when he looked at those copies. Jenny listened at the door and heard him come out of the bathroom; she listened as she heard a ruffling of papers and the sound of his keyboard keys. She could hear the quickening of his breath and she imagined him looking at her most intimate place, the same place that was presently sending shockwaves down her thighs as small contractions caused more slippery juices to be released from between her swollen outer lips.

Jenny walked away and grinned. Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder and felt herself being turned around. It was Bryce, and the knowing look in his eyes told her he knew it was her who had sent the e-mail.

“Got your E.” his deep base voice reverberated in her chest. “Hope you didn’t send it to me by mistake.”

Again their closeness allowed her to feel his words. She blushed and he smiled a naughty smile.

“Fuck he is sexy! I’d do him now if he’d only ask.” She smiled back at him, trying very hard not to reveal to him the turmoil that he was causing in her head and between her legs.

Jenny turned and walked in the direction of her office without answering Bryce. She could feel the heavy fall of his feet as he followed her. She was embarrassed; she didn’t want him to find out this quickly. No, that wasn’t true, she knew exactly what she was doing and she could not help herself.

As she entered her office she turned around to face him, in doing so she immediately noticed the bulge in his pants. She couldn’t help staring, it was huge, and it wasn’t there five minutes ago. Was he really interested? She looked up into his face and saw him staring at her breasts again. She looked at him puzzled, what should she do next? Should she make the first move or wait for him? She walked over to him and coyingly asked if he liked what he saw, he only nodded his head but she could see that his breathing was fast and shallow. She breathed in his musky scent.

Jenny turned around and sauntered back to her desk, watching the look in Bryce’s eyes. She sat in her leather chair and kicked back from the desk. Suddenly she heard footsteps that had stopped in front of her door. Bryce quickly sat down and pretended to talk figures. Clever man she thought. It was one of the sales managers and he was looking for Bryce. As Bryce got up Jenny winked at him and placed her hand on her breast and squeezed it. She saw him swallow hard and smile, the thick bulge of his erect cock clearly visible. She was enjoying this, teasing the poor man, giving him something worthwhile to think about.

“See you for lunch then Mr McCleary”

“Most definitely, Ms Watson” was his husky reply.

At first it was with utter amazement that Bryce stared at the screen of his PC. The first attachment opened and he found himself looking at a colour copy of a perfectly round pair of ass cheeks, the thighs closed tightly, fumbling with the mouse Bryce managed to open the second attachment, this time the thighs were parted and this presented a smooth shaven pussy, the czech porno deep cleft between the lips closed, hiding their secret treasure. The next attachment was much more erotic. The ass cheeks had been parted to reveal the soft pink puckered ring of her anus, the pussy lips too had parted to reveal the thin wings of her inner pussy lips and a deep pink opening into forbidden depths. Tell tale traces of shiny wetness covered the length of the open groove, a sure sign that the owner of this perfect pussy was highly aroused. Peeping seductively from beneath the velvet fond of its hood was the swollen tip of her erect clit, teasing. Bryce’s cock was now uncomfortably hard, his pants restraining any further upward movement of the now thick rod it was throbbing uncontrollably. One look at the senders address told Bryce exactly what he wanted to know, she had made the first move and now the gloves were off.

Time to retaliate, as he opened his door Bryce saw Jenny turn to walk away. He reached up to stop her, so soft; her hair brushed the back of his hand. Jenny turned to him and she could see in his face that he had seen the pictures. She turned again towards her office and he followed. Once inside she turned and her eyes dropped to the front of his pants where his erection was very obvious, she approached him and asked him in a whisper if he had enjoyed what he had seen, all he could do was nod his head. Maybe it was his imagination but he was sure he could smell her aroused pussy. Jenny turned back to her desk and sat down in her chair, kicking away from the desk she lifted her thigh slowly when suddenly here were footsteps near the door. Bryce sat down and pretended to be having a conversation with Jenny until one of his junior sales clerks excused himself for the interruption but would Bryce mind helping out with a problem. The clerk left and Bryce stood, preparing to leave, trying to devise a way to hide the outline of his hardon, Jenny winked at him and again asked him about lunch, then placed one of her hands on a breast, squeezed gently. Bryce had to get out of there, he turned and fled.

Jennie watched as Bryce fled her office, and shook her head, laughing. She was enjoying this game she was playing with Bryce, but she was getting bored. Jenny was horny and Bryce was not taking the bait. She looked at her watch and saw there was about half an hour before lunch. She went into the adjoining bathroom and made sure that Bryce would not resist her.

At precisely one o’clock Jenny walked into Bryce’s office. She could see the look in his eyes and knew, just like herself, he also wanted this. Jenny walked over to him, swaying her hips as she walked. Her, now braless, breasts moving up and down against her blouse as she moved. Stopping at his desk she leaned forward, making sure that he could see into her blouse, deliberately exposing her breasts to him.

“Well Mr Cleary, ready for lunch?” she asked as she stood up, turned around and looked over her shoulder.

She noticed that Bryce was looking at her, running his eyes over her figure, he looked up at her and in his husky voice

“I’m ready Ms Watson”. They walked together out of the office towards the lifts, close proximity allowing them to smell the presence of the other. They got into the elevator and no one followed. They were alone.

Jenny looked at Bryce and he looked at her, neither saying a word, the sexual tension so thick it could be cut with a knife. Suddenly it went dark and the elevator stopped between floors. They were stuck. Bryce managed to contact one of the maintenance guys on his cell phone and was told that the blackout had affected the whole city and that because the building was so old there was no way of getting them out until the electricity supply had been restored. He was also told that because one of the substations was faulty, they would be stuck there for a minimum of an hour. Bryce explained the situation to Jenny and she just smiled.

Both Bryce and Jenny were well aware of the consequences should they be caught having any sort of office relationship. These possible repercussions seemed to make the attraction that they felt for each other more alluring, the “forbidden fruit syndrome”. Bryce stood with his back against he wall of the elevator; he was determined to keep the situation under control.

Jenny stood with her back against the opposite wall, her jacket covered all but the very front of her blouse and from where he stood Bryce could not see more than the buttons of her white garment. He knew, however, that beneath the thin white material was a pair of firm, pale, matching globes. Pert and round with matching pointed nipples, stiff and erect from the friction of her blouse. Bryce knew that the fine little bumps that encircled each tip would be standing out proudly, framing the swollen pink buds. He tried to keep his mind off of the fact that he knew that she was standing there in front of him with nothing her skirt covering the smooth split mound of her womanhood. The hood of her erect clitoris visible between the narrow gap in her outer lips where they nestled between her closed thighs. Bryce tried to keep his mind from imagining that a little deeper between those fleshy outer lips lay the soft wings of her inner pussy, folded protectively to close her secret opening where the heat of her passion was brewing, slowly bubbling to the surface in a slippery trickle of warm lust.

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