Toy Story

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I got home from the gym around 6 o’clock and flipped on the answering machine. You left a message that you’d have to work late, 7 maybe even 8. I let out a little pouty sigh. All day we had been sending raunchy emails and IMs and my pussy had been so swollen all day all I could think of was your cock buried in me.

I looked at the clock, 6:04, sighed again and went to take a shower. I was hoping the warm water would ease some of the tension, but the water running over my nipples made it worse. I toweled off and went into the bedroom and put on my mint green nightie. My skin felt a little dry from the tanning booth earlier so I reached for the Italian olive oil lotion I love.

I squeezed out a generous amount and smiled thinking how much it looked like cum, porno picture cum anyway, not too thick, milky. I started to rub it on my feet, up my calves, up my thighs. I was picturing it as cum and what that would do to you. My thighs were hot and my pussy ached again. I needed so bad to feel the relief of orgasm. I knew that you had purposely aroused me all day just for that purpose, but it would be another hour at least and I couldn’t stand it. I reached over the side of the bed and grabbed my favorite vibrator and let it sing. I fought the orgasm, trying to make it as long as possible, and just as I started to shake and quiver and feel electricity in my toes, you grabbed it out of my hand.

“You’re such a fucking whore. If you don’t have some guy’s cock in your mouth or dick up your ass, you’ve got one of those fucking toys in you.” You threw it down on the bed and pushed me down on my back. You unzipped your pants and shoved your cock up close to my mouth. “This is your favorite toy bitch. Understand?”

I shook my head and tried to reach up to your cock, but you pushed me down. “No. You can’t have it. You want toys. Get dressed. I’m gonna get you toys.” escort şişli I got up and dressed quickly and you nearly dragged me out of the apartment. We hopped in a cab and headed for 42nd street. There were plenty of sleazy stores there and you looked around for the sleaziest one.

“Whores shop here. Go in.” I walked into the store which was mostly filled with slimy old men and a couple of teenagers. I looked at you with half pleading eyes, but I could tell you were serious.

“Where are the dildoes and ass toys?” you said in a real loud voice. The guy behind the counter pointed to the wall. You pulled me by the arm over to the shelves. You started to look at the boxes. “Battery operated orgasm balls. That sounds good.” You threw them into a little hand held basket.

“Ah definitely that big ass black cock. How long do you think that it? 12″?” It was a rhetorical question and you didn’t expect me to answer. “Ah, mini-vibe with five speeds for your ass. That works. A double dildo. You can have a friend play too. Vibrating bullets. Assorted butt plugs. Two or three vibrating dildos of various sizes…” On and on. Into the basket they went.

“Oh and definitely these remote control eggs and panties so I can flip the switch at will.” You dragged me back to the counter and put the items out, loudly announcing each one. “She’s a horny slut and can’t get enough cock so I’m gonna have to stuff these up her when I’m not home.”

I couldn’t even make eye contact with the man, but I could feel my panties clingy to me. I’d never finished the orgasm earlier and I was so hot and swollen. You paid the man and out we went to get another cab. I felt a wave of relief that we were going home. But I was wrong. In the cab you started to rifle through the bag.

“No. No. Uh-uh. Ah, yes.” You produced one of the remote vibrating eggs. “Spread your legs and pull escort etiler those panties aside.” The cab driver, a Paki guy, watched intently in the rear view mirror. You reached down and started to insert the egg. “You’re awfully wet slut.” And you jammed the egg inside. Back to the bag for more toys. “Ah that little butt plug looks good. Lean over my lap.”

I moved over your lap and you pulled the panty aside again. Smack. Smack. You hit my ass. Smack. “Cum whore slut. Now take this toy.” You rubbed it on my pussy to get it lubricated and shoved it in my ass to the base. I let out a little cry. Smack. Smack. “You wanted toys bitch.” The cab came to the address. It was a small dance club, packed to the rafters. The music was so loud you could feel it vibrate you. You pulled me inside, bag in hand. We went over to the bar and you ordered us drinks.

“See that blonde guy over there. Go ask him to dance.” I walked over and asked him and we started to dance. It was a Latin song and he started dancing close to me. It was one of those grinding dances. He turned me to him so that his cock was pressing my ass. He could feel the end of the butt plug and I felt him jerk. He started to rub his cock against me hard now, grinding to the music.

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. You flipped the switch on the egg. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. You revved it up higher. I felt weak. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. The music was loud and his cock was grinding and the egg was vibrating furiously and you were sitting at the bar watching me. I leaned back into the blonde and rubbed him furiously and I came with a shudder.

I could tell the guy lost it in his pants. The music stopped and I walked back to you. Your eyes were glazed over. I could see how hard you cock was. You flicked the switch and the buzzing stopped. “Not bad for a slut. But I want you to be a major slut. Go into the bayan escort taksim bathroom and take out that plug and put this bigger one in.” You handed me the next size. I returned from the bathroom and you felt my ass to be sure I followed orders. You rummaged through the bag looking for new treats. You brought the black dildo to the top of the bag so I could see. You started moving your hand up and down it like you were jerking it off. I looked at you in panic.

“Naw, I think we’ll use this at home.” I was waiting for you to tell me to go get some cock, but instead you said that I couldn’t have any tonight. You pulled me by the hand once again to a cab. This time we did go home. When we got on the elevator, you hit the stop button.

“Pull your panties off.” I looked up at the security camera.


“You wanna be a slut so what do you care?” I slipped off the panties. You took them and stuffed them in my mouth. “Suck your own cunt juices whore.” You reached between my legs and removed the egg. You went into the bag again, this time producing the black dildo. “Fuck yourself with it. And make it good.”

I was so wet now that it slipped in easily, although it stretched me wide. I started to slide it in and out, faster as I got more into it. My breathing became labored and I was very close to cumming. Just then you reached over and pulled the butt plug out. I let out a scream. You reached over and pushed the button. The elevator started to move. There I was with a big black dildo and my panties in my mouth and the elevator was moving. Bing. The bell of our floor.

The doors opened, but luckily no one was there. You yanked the dildo out and pushed me out the door. Once in the apartment you pulled the panties from my mouth and kissed me almost savagely. You shook the bag of toys at me.

“You’re going to get used by everyone of these tonight slut. You’re gonna cum and cum until you beg me to stop. And then I’m going to masturbate all over you. You don’t get a drop. Understand?” I nodded my head and followed you into the bedroom. By toy number three, you were fucking my brains out…

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