Toys and Strangers Ch. 02

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Ava Addams

They walked a few steps more, until they had cleared the side of the store and were now fully at the back of the building which was secured by what appeared to be a large garage door. Where that part of the lot ended was bounded by a gas station, separated from the back lot by some short hedges. Across the street from the gas station was a six-story hotel. Lisa felt electrically charged as she glanced over, saw a flannel-shirt-kind-of-guy get out of his pick up track, glance over quickly, then fill his pick up truck tank.

Bill pushed Lisa up against the closed garage door and covered her mouth with his. She yielded quickly, squirming to press harder against him. With one hand he reached for the back of her head, gathering up her curls and holding them in his hand. With the other hand he squeezed one of her breasts, pinching the hardening nipple through the flimsy fabric, then reaching for the strap of her dress and quickly moving it, pulling the top of her sundress down enough to expose her breast. He continued kissing her deeply, his tongue probing and seeking hers. He broke away to kiss her neck, running the tip of his tongue from her neck to first one nipple then the next. Lisa’s eyes were closed, she was moaning softly and aching for his touch.

He took a few steps away from her as she leaned against the door for support, her feet apart, her curls tousled, one luscious breast exposed to the day’s warm sun. She looked at him, wondering what he was doing, what he was thinking.

“Pull down your other strap, show me both of your tits baby” he commanded.

She reached for the remaining strap, slowly lowered it and with it the fabric that barely covered her. She summer breeze floated across her skin and she closed her eyes as if in a dream. Bill looked over his shoulder to the fifth floor of the hotel and saw the curtains open. Things were in place. His regulars from the store loved it when he set up one of these scenes. Hey, he thought, she doesn’t need to know yet that I own the store. Another quick glance told him his four buddies were there, Escort Çankaya each in the window, drinks in hand, all giving Bill the thumbs up.

She heard him approach slowly. He stood about two feet away from her, to her side, whispering to her as he pulled and pinched her nipples, knowing his pals were watching.

“You’re a very bad girl, aren’t you?”

Lisa nodded.

“Well don’t be ashamed baby, that’s just what I’m looking for. A sweet scented cunt like you who loves to be looked at by strangers, touched, used.”

As he spoke he saw her breathing deepen, quicken. Their eyes locked on each other.

“That’s what you want, isn’t it, hon?”

“Yes, it is,” Lisa whimpered. I’m not bad, I’m not trash, how could you understand? I just love it, love meeting a man like you. The way you talk to me, look at me, you make me want to please you, whatever you desire. I crave cock and sex every minute!”

“Sweetie, I know you’re not trash. You’re just a wet, sticky slut who needs a lot of TLC, am I right?”

She could only nod.

“What if I told you that you could have it all this afternoon? You can have my cock in your mouth, your pussy, your ass. You can even have two cocks if you want them. And you can have all the attention you crave, your very own captive audience. Are you ready for that?

She was puzzled. What in the world was he talking about? His words shook her out of her dream state and she focused, looking across to the hedge, seeing a man standing there, a man with a familiar face. Who was it? Her head spun around, her realization apparent. Bill feared for a moment his sweet catch of the day would run. She didn’t. She grinned then let out a throaty laugh.

“You pig”, she said affectionately, on recognizing the other guy from the store, the other one who watched her as she and Bill met up with each other.

“Is he a friend of yours?” she asked.

“Baby, when we’re in this store, we’re all friends.”

Oh I get it, she thought, it’s a guy thing. Fine with me. If they’re both gonna Ankara Escort fuck me, bring it on, I’m so ready right now I could take on anyone.

Bill motioned for the guy to come on over; he didn’t miss a step. His eyes were traveling from Lisa’s face to her nipples as he watched Bill stroke and squeeze these sensational tits. There were no introductions.

“Hey sexy, thanks for letting me join your party here” and he reached up, replacing Bill’s hands. A rush, a shiver, something flew through Lisa like an electrical current, that this guy could just walk up to her while her tits were exposed for another stranger she had just met, that this second stranger could just say hi and start squeezing and sucking her like this. Lisa could almost not stand the pleasure of it and let her head fall back against the door, eyes closed again. She felt the fabric of her sundress being gently pulled, tugged, as it moved lower and lower. Bill’s hands were gently pushing the dress down.

“Baby, judging from how you’re keeping your feet apart, I’d guess you’re pretty anxious to open those legs up, hm? Is that what you’re ready for, ready to show us your hot pussy, show us how it’s dripping, probably wetting your inner thighs right now? Let’s see, shall we?”

The new stranger joined in, asking “you naughty slut, ready to show us that slit? Ready to spread and give us a taste?”

And in one more movement the dress was at her ankles. As Bill suspected, Lisa was completely naked underneath the dress. But he was not prepared for the splendor of her silky smooth mound, enhanced by only a little tuft of dark curly hair just above her clit.

He knelt down and reached up to the folds of her pussy, swollen and very wet, slippery. He parted the lips and danced his tongue along the inner lips. Doing so caused Lisa to moan loudly and Bill guided her feet away from the fabric pooled there. Now she stood before them, naked in just her sandals, wanton like nothing they had ever seen before.

As both men stood to one side, without any coaxing, Sincan Escort Lisa reached down between her parted legs, spreading her pussy lips apart, stretching them, talking like a dirty street whore about her empty hole and how it ached for hard, stiff meat, how she wished more of Bill’s friends were watching.

The two men looked at each other, shrugging and grinning, then directing her gaze to the fifth floor hotel window and she realized she was putting on a show for four men standing in the window. A cell phone rang. Bill answered.

“Yeah, I know man, she’s cool, no problem. Look at this bitch, she’s ready to walk over there naked just to fuck all of you. Just wait for me to call you back. She’s not going anywhere.”

Hm, that last sentence excited something new in her. Not going anywhere? What were they going to do, tie her up? She knew to be careful but what a fantasy this was! Strangers, all of them undressing her, looking at her naked body, examining it, tasting it.

The other stranger was tired of waiting and unzipped his jeans, motioning for her to bend over and open her mouth. She did it as if it were the most normal response in the world. Hey, go out for a new toy, suck a few cocks, fuck a few more, oh yeah, that’s the way to shop!

Bill moved up behind her, his finger sliding easily into her cunt. He moved his wet finger into her ass and she moaned. She continued sucking and heard Bill’s zipper, then felt him rubbing his cock along her slit, along her crack. He held her by the hips and slid into her fully causing her to gasp but she recovered quickly and resumed her mouth fucking on the very thick cock she started with. The guy put his hands on her head and moaned, signaling sweet sexy release.

He fucked her face harder and Lisa was gasping now, sucking hard, and just as he let his load burst into her mouth and down her throat, Bill pulled out of her cunt quickly and slid easily into her ass. She was swallowing hot creamy cum and being filled in her rear. She drank greedily, grunting like a pig with every thrust into her small hole. Bill reached out and grabbed her hair.

“You fucking pig, picking up strangers like this. You fucking dirty slut, you love cock in your ass, don’t you” and with that he filled her with more cum, pumping hard until his knees were weak.

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