Training Room Passion

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Turning off the alarm, Ann couldn’t help but groan, because today was yet another day filled with hours of training for work.

Going to her closet She picks out her clothes for the day, white button up… almost hinting at the black lace bra underneath, no panties, black flowing skirt that flirted around her thighs, just below the thigh high silk stockings. Hair up in a slightly messy bun a few loose red curls here and there, red lipstick, and a slight dusting of honeysuckle flavored powder to finish it off. She slips into her black stilettos, grabs her keys and She’s off.

Traffic wasn’t bad … there was once that it slowed to a crawl. She turned up the music, rolled down the window of the car and looked over at the car next to her. A good looking guy and a cute little blond… wife? Girlfriend? Sister? Hmmm… curiosity had always been her weakness. They must have felt her watching them and so when they made eye contact, she slipped her finger into her mouth… in and out. Keeping eye contact she pulled her skirt up and slid her fingers into her wet pussy and gasped softly, smiling mischievously as she saw the shocked understanding register on their expressions. She glided it in and out then brought it back to her mouth. Ann licked and sucked her pussy juices off her fingers, never losing eye contact. She could see his blatant lust and the cute blinds jealous outrage and sexual denial, so Ann grinned and winked as she drove away, then laughed as she noticed the car hadn’t moved with a long line of cars behind it honking horns and the blond throwing a fit of jealous rage… definitely not a sister.

Soon she arrived at the training center, grabbed her reading glasses, notebook and placed the pen behind her ear. Walking in, she looked around to find the best seating.

There was a seat next to some of the ladies she worked with, but a seat next to John caught her eye. John worked in a different department than Ann did, so She didn’t see him that often. He had a calming, pleasant and controlled air about him. VERY CONTROLLED and the air around him practically became electric with sexual energy when he came around. No one else seems to notice it, but She got wet every time She saw him.

Smiling, She walked over to him and whispered against his right cheek,

“Mind if I join you? Is this seat free?” She grinned as She heard the change in his breathing.

“Please…” and he motioned to the chair at the table beside him.

“Thanks” She smiles again as She placed her things on the table in front of her. Large Plastic Ümraniye Escort table cloths with the company logo covered every table, such a waste of money. She looked back over at John and sighed as She realized he wasn’t paying her any attention… at all. He never seemed to notice her, never flirting, not even a lingering glance, yet she noticed how his breathing always changed when she came close.

The training began and the presenter droned on with his monotonous voice. Same training they took every year and She was pretty sure they always use a script as She felt she had this class memorized.

She put on her glasses to glance over the handouts that were provided, and glanced over at John as he gave her a bored smile. She noticed that ironically it was her breathing that changed this time. He looked away going back to listening to the instructor. She could feel an ache start between her thighs as She pictured crawling under the table, unzipping his pants and slipping his cock out of his pants and into her hot mouth to see if he could ignore her as his cock hit the back of her throat and She swallowed him whole. She smile secretly as She tried to refocus.

About an hour later, she started shifting, uncomfortable with sitting for long. Looked at the clock and almost groaned out loud as She noticed they had awhile yet before break. Ann started taking notes hoping the process would help time to pass. She just didn’t think She could stand another minute of this boredom as She felt a hand slide between her thighs, causing her to gasp in surprise and pleasure.

She looked over at John; nothing but that same bored expression on his face, not even a glance in her direction as he dipped a long strong finger into the entrance of the clutching wetness between her thighs.

John used his fingers to brush her stiffened clit, massaging the sweet wet folds of her tight cunt. He was doing every thing within his power to stare forward and use his other senses to enjoy her and her reactions. The scent of her arousal was intoxicating. He deftly moved to find her sweet spot and press harder.

The presenter was oblivious as was everyone else. The tender morsel had been edged and edged and John knew she couldn’t concentrate on anything but the sensations between her thighs. He rubs his palm harder on her clit as she was asked a question by the Presenter and almost smiled she had to request it be repeated. Increasing the pressure on her mound, his eyes flick the barest movement as he saw her sweating. He had Ümraniye Escort Bayan to have her. Such a gorgeous creature and so responsive. A thing that cannot be taught, natural behavior that called to his hunger.

Ann looked around her, surprised that nobody seems to notice and the presenter hadn’t missed a beat.

Unable to resist, she spread her legs a little wider and shuddered as his fingers played along her clit.

She held her pen to her notebook, trying to appear as if nothing is happening. She felt his fingers brushing and dancing on her clit, skillfully arousing, as she tried to keep her hips from thrusting into his hand. Build, build, and then teasingly playfully dipped into the entrance of her dripping pussy, then back to her clit. The presenter called her name asking a question. She opened her passion filled eyes wider and cleared her throat, “I’m sorry… can you repeat that?” A warm blush spread across her face.

Ann glanced over at John to see him looking inquiringly from the presenter to her than back to the presenter, still looking vaguely bored… and she broke out into a sweat as his fingers never even slow down in their sweet torture.

She didn’t think she could handle anymore, he had to put her out of her out of her misery. He made her a bag of jelly, of white hot need, teased until soft sobs of aching want, desire and lust almost escaped her.

She begged him with her eyes, her pursed lips, beads of sweat upon her brow, the squeeze of her thighs, every droplet of her sex, screaming, pleading for release, but he did not relent.

Thinking about it, she made a choice. She grabbed his hand and pulled him out of the room, made it halfway down the hall and found a little nook … she bent down and freed his thick cock… sucking it into her mouth and swallowed him whole. He grabbed her by the hair holding her head as he thrust his cock into her mouth, shuddering with blind lust. He groaned at the heat of her mouth and then pulled her up to stand before him by her hair.

John burning with passion, spun her around, forcing her stomach to the wall. He lifted her blouse to expose her ample breasts and pressed them to the cold stone, as he lifted her skirt to see her naked ass and immediately entered her drenched pussy with a primal desire to possess her completely. She gasped as he slapped her upturned ass with each slam of his thick cock, working his cock deeper and deeper until he was balls deep into her. Ann gasped helplessly, her nipples scraped the wall, as Escort Ümraniye her pussy was rammed repeatedly by his invading cock. Her body conquered and plundered, with every stabbing thrust. His hand held her tight at her neck, his hips slammed her again and again into the wall. Sobbing uncontrollably with need, flaming hot desire coursed through every vessel in her body.

John needing to see the lust in her eyes spun Ann back around, lifted her up by her rounded ass and slid her onto his throbbing shaft. She groaned as her head fell back against the wall and her nails dug into the rippling flesh of his strong shoulders. Hearing a gasp over Johns shoulder, Ann saw the couple she teased in the car earlier. John looked over his shoulder at the couple, then back at Ann, smiling and plunged in even deeper than before. Ann was too far gone to stop and actually found it even more exciting than ever. John watched Ann as he fucked her harder and faster, as she saw the couple stare while she was getting her brains fucked out, saw how it excited her and he almost came right there.

Ann looked at the man from the car, saw as he watched, saw the lust in his eyes as he reached down to rub his cock and she groaned. Fuck this was hot. Then Ann noticed the cute blond. She didn’t look at her man at all, driven past the point of jealousy by desire, she stared at Ann…lust and animal primal need in her eyes for Ann and what is being done to her. John continued to drive himself into Ann, watching her come closer to orgasm, barely holding himself back from spilling his seed deep into her.

Ann continued to cling to John, her eyes on the couple standing there watching her experience the best fuck she had ever had and knew she was about to cum. The little blond licked her lips in lust and then slipped her hand down her skirt to play with her clit as she watched greedily. Ann arched her back and screamed as wave after wave of electric pleasure wracked her body and she came around Johns cock. Feeling her orgasm threw John over the edge as he roared in primal satisfaction, holding Anns quivering body tight. Johns balls tightened up, a hiss escaped his lips as visceral hunger required release, knowing he completely demands her and commands her body. One last thrust and he Spilled his seed deep in her womb, splashing her walls with white ropes of fertile cum.

Gasping for air, John and Ann clung to each other until the waves subside. Four pairs of eyes unglaze and began to focus, the shallow breathing and gasps seem cacophonous in the quiet hallway.

Gently, John set her back on her feet and helped to straighten her clothes. He then looked into her eyes, smiles quickly then took Ann by the wrist, and walked past the couple with a bored expression. Ann wore a slight blush but a well satisfied look as John leads her out of the building…

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