Traveller’s Tales – Venice

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Hi! Well I have just returned from Europe and thought I would relate some of my misdemeanors on that beautiful continent, hope you enjoy x x x

Having spent a long hot day in Venice Penny, my asian dorm mate, and I had returned to our little airconditioned (thank god!) cabin and thrown ourselves down on our beds only to wake up hours later . . .

“Oh my god it’s one in the morning!” she shrieked
“Whaaat, no that can’t be right” I countered still a little fuzzy from the over long nap “I wanted a swim and a cold beer before we went to bed . . . . OH but look at the stars, its beautiful out” I continued having pulled back the blind of the window above my bed.

Penny came straight over and knelt up on the bed beside me to peer out as well. Still in a slightly dreamlike state i couldn’t help but admire the outline of her breasts highlighted by the moonlight through her tight t-shirt, the nipples hardended by the now cold air of the room. I contented myself with reaching up to caress a silky strand of her long dark hair.

“I wish I had your hair” I half moaned
“Why?” She was surprised “I always wanted to be blonde like you!” She exclaimed and we both giggled.
“Lets go for that swim” I said quietly
“But the pool closes at eight, even the bar is only open for another hour”
“So?” I asked, and she must of caught the glint in my eyes because she got straight off my bed and began burrowing in her bag for her bikini. We had only met a couple of days ago when we had both arrived and were put in the same room but we hit it off immediately, already we had our own little in jokes and expressions that i was sure would make us friends for life.

Soon we were both changed and heading out the door and through the campsite towards the pool with our towels. We passed the bar on the way and waved to a couple of aussie guys we had met there the night before, both clocking there admiring looks and shaking our hips a little more in response!

The pool was indeed shut up but the gate was only chest high so climbing over was no problem. Penny was one or two inches shorter than me so I helped her over first, stealing the chance to run a hand along her long thigh as i lifted her in the balmy air, she has beautiful legs, long and honey coloured. Next was my turn and I found that all the walking we had been doing to save money on busses meant my body was extra toned and I slipped over easily.

We splashed around for a while enjoying the cool water and then lay on our backs floating, looking up at the stars . . .

“Don’t move or act surprised or anything” Penny whispered softly “But the guys from the bar are here”
I gaziantep escort reklamları grinned, enjoying the thought of the tanned torsos of the handsome australians.
Sensing my expression Penny continued “I know, aren’t you just so DAMN horny?”
I almost laughed but well a) it was true and b) Penny clearly wanted us to continue pretending we hadn’t seen them, still “Hell YES!” I murmured back.
“Then trust me” she said “I have a plan!”

And with that I felt her hand move onto my skin. I breathed in sharply and lost my balance, rolling so that i was upright in the water as she did the same. We were facing each other now and all I could think about was our proximity. Again she reached her hand out to me, pulling me against her as she smiled and raised her lips to mine. So soft and full they demanded my attention, my toungue brushing between them of its own accord. My skin prickled all over as i ran my hands over her taut little body and up to her perfect 32C breasts.

“I think we’ve got their attention” her voice was husky in my ear and I giggled as I nibbled lightly on her earlobe. Her hand had slipped to my crotch, her fingers stroking my clit through the thin material of my bikini as I gasped in approval. We had moved to the side at the shallow end as we untied the strings holding our bikinis when i heard a splash behind me, one of the guys, it was Arun, had got in the pool, his trunks cast aside while the other two stood at the sides with their hands stroking large erections.

My attention quickly returned to Penny however when I felt her slip a finger into my now sopping cunt. I moaned and writhed, grabbing at her and sliding my own hand down to her bald pussy. God she was hot, her mound met my fingers and I stroked it, I had never touched another girl like this before but I knew what I liked when I touched myself so I did it to her. I badly wanted to eat her out (it had been a fantasy for a long time) but at that moment she was still half underwater so I helped her push herself up onto the edge of the pool, not even minding that it stopped my own pleasure.

She lay back as I leant over her and burrowed my tongue between her pussy lips just as I felt Arun come up behind me in the waist high water and grab me. I moaned between Penny’s legs as I felt his erection graze my thighs and his hands trace the contours of my skin. She seemed to like it though so I continued fucking her with my tongue as the man behind me spread my legs and rubbed the head of his cock against my clit. I pushed two fingers into her cunt hard as my tongue roved over her mound and my teeth grazed gaziantep escort resimleri against her, she was bucking her hips against me now as one of the other men came over to straddle her and set his cock in her gasping mouth. Then Arun began to push the head of his penis into me and for a second I could concentrate on nothing else, it was huge! I hadn’t seen it but i could now feel every sweet inch as he worked his way inside, grabbing me to thrust harder. The pleasure was so intense that when he finally forced himself all the way in I moaned so loudly the vibration triggered Penny’s climax, her body bucking uncontrollably and her sweet sticky come covering my face.

I wanted to lick her clean but the guy, I think his name was Greg, who she had been sucking off swivelled her around on the slippery poolside so that her head was just over the side and she could taste herself on my lips as we kissed passionately. Greg was now kneeling, his ass high in the air as he used his tongue to clean up her come when his friend (Ben maybe?) approached him from behind, pulled his shorts down and drove his rock hard cock into Greg’s ass. I was kind of surprised cos I hadn’t known they fucked each other and it looked so masculine the way Ben drove into him, not at all how I would have imagined gay sex. In fact the sight really turned me on and soon the combined sensations of Penny’s tongue caressing mine and Arun fucking me so hard began to push me right over the edge. When Arun slipped one hand down to my crotch to rub against my clit I gasped and came harder than I ever had, waves of pleasure flooding through me, my pussy spasmed with delight making Arun shoot his load deep into me with this extra squeeze of my tight cunt. After what seemed like forever he pulled out and turned around so that his back rested on the side of the pool. Gently he took me in his arms and kissed me deeply, pulling my slim body right against his muscular chest as I melted at his touch.

“Oh no you don’t!” Laughed Penny, grabbing me away from his embrace as Ben moved over and also lifted me away.
“Yeah mate” he said eying my naked body “I wanna piece of this!” He pulled me up on to the side while Penny told Arun to sit on the edge. I was a bit jealous when I saw her slip into the water and gulp Arun’s now only semi-hard cock straight into her mouth but then I realised I now had the other two boys to play with!

I didn’t know if Ben had come in Greg but he had a massive erection still (it must have been ten inches at least) so I knelt and took it right down my throat. I was glad it wasn’t as thick as Arun’s as I gaziantep escort sitesi might not have been able to get it down but as it was it fit nicely and Ben was clearly enjoying it. I couldn’t see Greg so I was surprised when Ben lay down, holding my head firmly onto him so that I ended up still kneeling with my ass high in the air. I have quite a talent at giving head so Ben was soon having difficulty not coming when I felt Greg’s penis pushing at the lips of my pussy. I started to moan straight away as he fucked me hard magically hitting all the most sensitive spots with his thick shaft. I was pushing back against him as he drove my face further onto Ben’s dick. I was completely trapped between them and I was loving it. At exactly the same time I felt them both thicken and the sensation was so incredible I came right then, only just managing to swallow as come squirted all over my face.

Penny, who must have finished blowing Arun and been touching herself as she watched came straight over and slid herself underneath me as Ben moved away. The sight of her licking the come off my face as we kissed and writhed our now sweat soaked bodies over each other was enough to get the three men back up, though we figured it would probably be the last we got tonight, they were young and fit but it had been quite a workout!

“Take her ass” Penny commanded suddenly. I was shocked, I had never done that before and wasn’t sure I wanted to either but Greg was still behind me, his dick slick with my juices so he grabbed me before I could wriggle away. I was nervous but the feeling when he swirled a finger in my pussy to get it good and slippery then worked it into my virgin asshole was incredible! Soon I was moaning again and I barely noticed when Arun swapped places with Penny, that is until he pulled me down hard onto his stiff cock. When Greg adjusted his position behind me and stuck two fingers in my ass I came so hard I thought I would pass out from the pleasure. But it only continued as eventually satisfied I could take him I felt the head of Greg’s dick pushing its way in. I was gasping with delight despite the slight pain as his shaft edged further into me. God it felt good!

From next to me I could hear Penny in the throes of ecstasy as Ben hammered her ass hard and reaching out I found her clit with my fingers. The men who were fucking me now had a rythm that had them moving in sync in a way that drove me wild and it seemed only moments before I was coming again harder than ever the pulsating walls of my cunt and my ass squeezing the cocks inside me so hard I thought they’d be there for ever when they finally emptied themselves into me, thick ribbons of come coating my insides until we were all finally sated.

We all spent the next hour in the pool playing around and finishing off the beer the guys had brought down for us when they had seen us heading for the pool earlier, but when Penny and I got back to our cabin after that the party continued all night!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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