Tricked Into Love

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I was looking through the internet personals to pass the time, although deep inside, I was actually desperate for a date. My name is Mike, and I was a 21 year old guy in college studying sociology. I wasn’t bad looking or anything but just a little shy.

Usually, the personals were just full of kids putting fake postings or unattractive women who couldn’t get any, but today, I actually found one with a picture of a very attractive girl looking for some kinky sex. The ad read:

24 year old asian girl currently in a relationship. I’m currently going out with my boyfriend Brad but I really want to have sex with a SAM with my boyfriend watching. He’s really into watching while I’m getting pounded by a stranger and calling a sissy who can’t satisfy me.

I laughed out loud thinking what a wimp her boyfriend must be, wanting to see his girl getting fucked by someone else while he just stood there like a dork. As unrealistic as I thought this was the picture of her was breathtaking and I had to respond. She looked around 5 5, 5 6, skinny, long black hair with blonde streaks, B cups, cute face, the whole package. So although I’d be one of hundreds responding, I sent a clever and funny email with several pictures of me to her.

A few days later, I got a response. Her name was Karen, and she worked as a secretary. After a few more email exchanges, we decided to meet just to get acquainted and see if we’d be mutually interested.

We met at a coffee shop and talked for a while. Karen came dressed conservatively but looked absolutely irresistible. She wore jeans that accentuated her hips and skinny legs, and a red tank top showing off her sexy arms and figure. We had lots in common, and decided to hang out more. After coffee, I decided to take her shopping for something sexy to wear when we were going to have sex. We went to Victoria Secrets, where she chose on a sexy red lace lingerie that she tried on and displayed for me. She looked like a goddess as my heart beat like an African drum. I didn’t want the day to end, so I took her to other shops. Normally, I’d think it would be foolish spending all this money on a girl I just met but she was just so bubbly and charming that I wanted to spend as much time with her as possible. I ended up buying her some new clothes, a pair of shoes, and a new watch, all totally almost 800 dollars. I was running out of money in my checking account so I had to say goodbye, but not before sikiş izle she gave me a heavenly kiss on the lips and an appointment for next Friday when we would have sex with her boyfriend watching.

The whole week, I was fantasizing about Karen in her red lace, thinking about her legs, her boobs, her lips, and of course her pussy. She told me not to jack off, and wanted the first nut to come all over her face, where her wimpy boyfriend would lick it all off.

When the magical day came, I dressed in a snappy black suit and blue shirt and met her for dinner, where we talked and laughed. Soon, I realized I didn’t want to just have sex with her once, but I wanted to be with her and marry her. I was falling hopelessly in love with Karen, and I thought she was doing the same with me. After dinner, we started to drive to her place.

In the car, she said, “You know mike, I thought this would be just a one time thing, but you’re so cute and funny that I’m kinda thinking about leaving Brad. I mean, he’s fun and all but its nothing real serious.”

I managed to stutter out “ye… yeah. I think I’m falling for you too. Maybe we should just forget this whole watching thing and just go out on a real date.”

“Ok, let’s do it now. Let’s just tell Brad tonight that this whole thing is off and I’m dumping him for you. He’s gonna be pissed but what the fuck is that pussy gonna do?”

So we got to her apartment. I was excited as hell that I hooked up with this beautiful girl, and she was dumping her current boyfriend to be with me. Brad was waiting in the bedroom making the bed, putting condoms and toys on the dresser for us when we got in.

“Brad, we have something to tell you. I’ve fallen in love with Mike. He’s my new boyfriend now.”

Brad was obviously mad. “What the hell! You’re leaving me for him? He’s your new boyfriend now?” He went right to Karen’s face and was yelling at her. I thought from the ad he’d be some skinny little wimp but in fact, he towered over me at 6’3″, and was much more muscular than me as well. I tried to get in between them but he just threw me down to the floor.

“Yeah that’s right, I’m in love with Mike and he’s my boyfriend and that’s final.”

I was on the ground but I couldn’t be happier. Then things started turning the wrong way.

“Ok then” Brad responded. “Hey, didn’t you put on the internet that your boyfriend liked watching you getting fucked while brazzers he just stood there stroking his little pecker?”

“Yeah I think I did.” Karen said. Then, as I sat stunned on the floor, Brad started feeling Karen up and started kissing her neck, while Karen started moaning in pleasure.

“Mmmm, that feels so gooooooood.”

I was getting mad at this obviously staged charade, when Brad looked at me and kicked me in the stomach.

“Sit down. You’re Karen’s boyfriend. The one that likes to watch.”

“Yeah bitch” Karen said. “Watch us fuck. You know you want to. You’re so in love with me. Don’t you want to go out steady with me and do whatever pleases me. You already bought me all those nice things, including that lingerie. Don’t you want to see me in it?”

I was stunned, but too hurt to do anything. As Brad slowly starting taking off Karen’s clothes, I could feel myself getting sick, but also very excited. She then orders me to strip and I was more then compliant. As I took down my boxers, they both broke out laughing at my 4.5 inch erection. Brad then took his pants off showing his 8 inch penis, which Karen immediately took into her mouth.

“Damn asian guys have small dicks. That’s why all your girls go after us cus we’re real men while you guys are all feminine bitches who just watch.”

Karen was deep throating the large member while rubbing her tits. I was so hard and horny I didn’t even care I was getting humiliated. I started to stroke myself when Karen said,” Uh uh, don’t be naughty. You better not cum until I say so or else I’m leaving you.”

Karen then went back to Brad’s dick. “Oh shit, that’s good. Ohhhh Karen, I’m coming.” With that, Brad whipped out his dick and Karen grabbed it with her small tiny hands, milking all the cum unto her cute face.

“Come on Mike, you know what to do” Karen said.

I immediately came over and started to lick off Brad’s seed off her face. It tasted sour and there must’ve been at least a pint of it on her face. As I was licking, she started to massage my dick with my dick and stuck her finger in my ass. I was in heaven, and was about to cum when she squeezed my penis, stopping me from getting an orgasm.

“Oh, so you like that in your ass don’t you?” Karen taunted. She then took one of the dildos that must have been a foot long off the dresser and just rammed in my ass, making me squeal. I was bent over on the fake taxi porno bed with Karen lying face up on top of me. Brad then jumped on her and started to fuck her missionary style. All three of our asses were lined up, and the dildo kept penetrating further as Brad thrusted into Karen’s pussy.

As painful the dildo was initially, it felt great as it kept penetrating into me. Karen was moaning in ecstasy, when I mustered up some courage and gave up the last of my dignity when I said “Please Brad fuck her harder… I want all 12 inches of this in me.”

Brad burst out laughing and said “Whatever you want bitch.” Karen then started calling me a wimp cuckold. “Oh you’re such a wimp… You buy me those expensive clothes, take me to a nice restaurant, and then let me fuck this real men and not make me suffer through with that little dick of yours. I love you mike.”

As brad started fucking her harder, Karen was getting close to her orgasm. She started to breathe harder and harder until she screamed in pleasure. Brad was close too, but before he came, he stood up and took Karen off me. Karen then pushed in the rest of the dildo in my ass, then took it out. My anus must’ve been huge as it felt stretched out and hollow.

“Stay doggie” Karen ordered.

She then took Brad’s dick and started to jack it off. She aimed it right at my ass, and shot the jism right into my hole. As Brad started to moan, I could feel his warm, slimy goo trickling into me.

“haha, now you’re pregnant” Karen laughed.

I replied with a moan of pleasure and said “Oh, that feels so nice.”

“Now reach in there with your finger and lick it off” Karen ordered.

I put in my small girly hand in my own ass and took it out. It was covered with cum, which I licked off like it was honey. Both Karen and Brad laughed and called me a sissy whore.

“Well that was a lot of fun” Karen said. “But poor little mikey never got any pleasure.”

My dick was still throbbing and hard like a rock. I was just dying to come at least once this night.

“OK lover, I’ll let you come.” Karen then gave me a slice of bread. “Here, wrap that little pecker in this and make sure you get all the cum in it.”

I must’ve stroked it twice when I felt my body shake with the best orgasm of my life. I came into the bread, and without Karen telling me, I knew what she wanted. I ate it all in two bites, while Karen and Brad were pointing and laughing at me. They threw my clothes at me and Brad just lifted me out of their apartment.

“I’ll call you and we could do this again. I know that’s what you want more than anything else.” Karen said. And as humiliating as that was, she was right.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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