Trio Makes Beautiful Music

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The following is based on a true story, names have been changed for obvious reasons.


“Thank you!” I yelled out, “The next song we’re going to do is one of our favorites by Stone Temple Pilots! This one is called ‘Sex Type Thing’!”

Oops. Maybe I should explain what’s going on here. My name is Scott, and I’m the lead singer for Riot Squad. At least I was. This story takes place back in 1994. The band was playing in the club owned by my friend Randi Elliott. At this point we were still a cover band, covering everything from 80’s hair metal to the Seattle “grunge” scene. We’d started writing our own songs and were slowly working them into our sets. We had about five original songs at this point, but our set contained mostly covers. Everything from Metallica to Soundgarden. Occasionally we mixed in some older stuff like early Kiss and Black Sabbath.

Allow me to introduce the rest of my band to you before I get back into the story. C.J and Mike were our guitarists. I’d known C.J since we were both six. We took guitar lessons together, and although I never got the hang of it, he was damn good. He’d never measure up to guitar gods like Joe Satriani or Steve Vai, but for a kid who had just turned 20 he was good. And he was a good looking kid too. He always seemed to have a lot of screaming girls over by his side of the stage. Mike was also a talented player, he and I looked almost like twins despite a two year age difference (I was 24 he was 22). The only real difference between the two of us was that his hair was a lighter shade of brown than mine was, and where I had been shaving since I was fifteen, he had yet to even sport so much as peach fuzz on his upper lip. Danny was our drummer. You hardly ever saw his face on stage as his long black hair was always swinging around when he played. And then there was Cyndi. Our bassist and my girlfriend.

Cyndi, like the rest of us really got into the music, anytime I would look at her all I could see was her red hair swinging wildly as she played the hell out of her bass. I wasn’t looking for a relaitonship when she joined the band. When she walked in to audition when we (C.J and I) were still trying to put the band together, and she caught my eye. Not just because of her looks, but because of the way she carried herself. She had a casual confidence about her that not many people had. We didn’t discriminate against her just because she was a female, and I’m glad we didn’t; when she played we were both mesmerized. She was damn good and we hired her on the spot.

She made the first move on me to get our relationship going. We finished rehersal one friday night and since I was without a car I was resigned to taking the lovely New York subway system home. She offered me a ride instead. I gave her directions to my place and we talked about what we needed to work on as far as expanding the songs we were going to cover and other musical matters.

“Well this is it.” I said as we reached my apartment in Brooklyn. “See you tomorrow at rehersal?”

“Sure.” she said. I leaned over to give her a hug as I had done several times before when suddnely, she kissed me. Not just a peck on the cheek, but right on the lips. It took me by surprise, but after we let go of each other I sat there and looked at her for a second.

“What was that for?” I asked, “Not that I’m complaining, but what brought that on?”

“I’ve wanted to do that for a long time.” she said, “I figured if I didn’t do it now I never would, and I didn’t know how to tell you that I’ve wanted you practially since I first laid eyes on you.”

I smiled at her, “You should of said something earlier. Because I felt the same thing about you.” We kissed again, this time with more passion.

We went out on our first offcial date a week later. A month later after we slept together for the first time was when she told me she was bisexual. This didn’t shock me in the least as I had several friends, male and female who were. I once joked with her about having a threesome. She just smiled at me and said “Maybe someday.”

This is what my little story is all about.


Which I now will resume.

As the song started up Cyndi came over to me and whispered in my ear “Check her out.”

She nodded with her head and I saw her. She was in what would be the third row of people extending back from the stage. She had long jet black hair that went down just past her shoulders, bright ice blue eyes, a small perfect nose, and nice full lips. I drank all this in before I had to start singing. I launched into the song.

“I am, I am, I am/I said I wanna get next to you…” I started singing, I kept my eyes on her for most of the song. She had on a tight white tank top and a black bra underneath (I only saw that after the strap on the shirt fell down twice), and she was going just as wild as the guys around her as we played. She was lip-synching and bobbing along with the music making her nice firm tits bounce around inside her shirt. Our eyes met as I hit the chorus, “I know you want what’s on my mind/I know you adıyaman escort like what’s on my mind/I know it eats you up inside/I know, you know, you know, you know.”

We ran through the final three songs in our set after that, one original and two more covers and headed off stage. We spent a few minutes backstage talking over the high and low points of the set and then headed out to the bar to get some beers. Bands always got free beer, and despite the fact that only local bands were playing tonight, the place was packed to capacity as if a big name band was playing. I eased through the crowd with a few people complimenting me on our set, and finally shoved my way up to the bar. I started to drink my beer as the next band set up, and the girl I had spotted forced her way up the bar and stood right next to me.

“I liked your show.” she said, well actually she yelled to be heard over the music the dj played in between sets. “I’ve seen you guys before. I like the original songs too.”

“Thanks.” I said back. “What’d you think of the new one?”

We had added a new orginal to our set and played it live for the first time.

“It was great,” she said, “I’m Julie.”

“Nice to meet you.”

The bartender came over and took her drink order, and she looked back to me when she had her beer. “I have to admit something.” she said once she took a sip.

I said nothing, I just looked over at her and raised my eyebrows.

“Ever since the first time I’d seen you I’ve wanted to sleep with you.”

This was the first time I’d ever been approached by a “groupie”. Not that I was complaning, after all Julie was hot. Aside from the tight tank top she had on a pair of black leather pants that looked like they were painted on to her slim body. I didn’t notice Cyndi slide up behind me until she wrapped her arms around me and placed her chin on my shoulder.

Julie didn’t even seem to notice my girlfriend grab me.

“It’s a package deal.” Cyndi said to her, “You want him you gotta take me too.”

I looked back at her. She grinned at me.

Julie took another sip of her drink. “Deal.”

Then I grinned, “Remember how you always said you wanted a threesome?” Cyndi whispered in my ear. I nodded. “Well she seems to be into the idea, and I know you are.”

Indeed I was. Julie looked at Cyndi, “On the condition that once we wear him out, I get to go one-on-one with you.”

“I was hoping you’d say that.” Cyndi grinned.

The three of us sat at the bar and watched the other two bands that were scheduled that night. When the last band was done the club emptied out and we got paid. Cyndi and I found Julie waiting outside for us. We said goodbye to the other bands as well as C.J, Mike and Danny and then turned to Julie.

“You ready?” I asked her.

“Just lead the way.”

Cyndi and I jumped into her car and Julie followed us back to Cyndi’s place. “I hope you’re ready for this.” Cyndi said to me. “Because there’s no backing out now.”

“Are you kidding me?” I asked, “Back out? I’ve been waiting for this. Watching you two go at it when I’m worn out will be just as good as being able to fuck the both of you tonight.”

My girlfriend turned a critical eye to me. “Have you ever even been in a threesome before?”

“Once.” I admitted, “But we were all young and ineperienced and it took me forever to come.”

I quickly related the story how my friends and I were hanging around our friend Tim’s apartment one night, and I had gone to crash in his bedroom after I’d had too much to drink. I woke up to someone giving me a blowjob. Two of the girls had gone into the bedroom to get some music to listen to in the living room when they saw me passed out on the bed. They got the idea to “do me” as they put it when I woke up. We fumbled all over each other and eventually the three of us got off, but it seemingly took forever for me to finally blow my load. I was 17 when that happened. But now I was older and had 7 more years of bedroom experience under my belt. As I said before I was 24, Cyndi was a year younger than me and Julie (as I found out later) was my age.


We finally reached Cyndi’s two story house and after getting all the equipment back in the house, Cyndi grabbed three beers and we sat on the couch talking music for a few minutes. However the real reason we were all there soon came up as both women noticed the bulge in my pants. We abandoned the beers on the downstairs coffee table and made our way up to the bedroom.

I took Julie into my arms and started kissing her. Cyndi came up behind her and started running her hands all over both our bodies and started licking and nibbling Julie’s neck. Both women worked my shirt off and Julie’s hands ran over my chest and she leaned in and started to lick and suck on my nipples. I looked over Julie’s head and saw Cyndi peel off her t-shirt and toss it off to the side and then her bra followed allowing me to see her lovely 36B tits that I loved so much. She again grabbed Julie from behind adıyaman escort bayan and started rubbing her tits all over Julie’s back. She leaned over her back and kissed me. Julie stood back up and we shared a three way kiss. I slipped behind Julie as Cyndi worked her shirt off, and I pulled Julie’s bra off and my girlfriend took one of the 34B tits into her mouth while I worked the other one with my hand.

I alternately kissed her neck and lips as Cyndi and I stimulated her chest, then moved around behind Cyndi and started fondling her globes. I was also grinding my hard cock into her ass.

“Mmmm, down tiger.” she said. “You’ll have plenty of time for that later. Julie is our guest and I think she should have the pleasure of the first orgasam.”

Julie was led over to the bed and within seconds was totally naked. Cyndi got between her legs and stuck her pierced tounge out and into Julie’s now dripping pussy. I was working over Julie’s tits with my tounge and mouth, and licked my way down her body and started flicking her clit with my tounge as I watched Cyndi slide two fingers into her cunt. Julie squealed as the digits entered her, Cyndi and I alternatley ate her and kissed each other.

Julie’s hips bucked as she moaned and squealed as we ate and fingered her. Finally her hips picked up off the bed. “Holy fuck!” she gasped, “I’m coming! Yes, yes, yes!” She let loose and her contracting pussy drenched Cyndi’s face and fingers. I leaned over and started to lick the pussy juice off my girfriend’s face as Cyndi licked it off her fingers. Julie cooed as we gave her a few final licks and then kissed our way up her body, pasuing to play with her tits. She kissed both of us deeply.

“Ladies,” I announced, “If I don’t get these fucking pants off, my dick is going to burst.”

“Well we can’t have that now can we?” Cyndi asked, and after kicking off my shoes and socks I laid in the middle of the bed as they both took off my pants, Cyndi left Julie to take my underwear off as she peeld herself out of her jeans and then her panties. Both were quickly tossed into a corner of the room. My cock was as hard as it ever was when Julie finally let it loose.

“Mmmm,” she smiled, “Nice and big.”

Now I won’t lie and say I had a huge ten inch cock sticking out from my abdomen. It’s only about 7 inches long, and two inches thick, and I was damn proud of what I had. No girlfriends of mine, past or present have ever complained about it. Julie started to lick the head as Cyndi brought her tounge along the shaft. I loved her pierced tounge, the first time she ever gave me a blowjob, the piercing had driven me so crazy, I thought she would have to peel me off the ceiling. (Years later I got my own tounge pierced and thought the same thing about some of the girls I’ve used it on)

Julie finally swallowed my cock and I moaned in pleasure as her warm mouth took me all the way in. Cyndi licked along my shaft on Julie’s upstrokes. Julie then let Cyndi’s talented mouth work over my swollen pole as she started to lick my balls. Between the two of them licking and sucking my cock and balls I knew I wouldn’t last too much longer.

“Fuck baby that feels good.” I said, not sure at this point who’s mouth was on my cock, nor did I care. “I can’t hold on much longer.” I could already feel my balls contracting as one of the girls licked my sac.

“Uh….ahhhhhhh!” I grunted as I emptied my balls. I looked down to see two hands stroking me as I came. The girls watched as I shot off and then licked the sperm off my stomach and cock before kissing each other and then kssing their way up my body to my face.

“Well, while you recover,” Cyndi said after kissing me, “Why don’t you and Julie eat my pussy, cause you’re still gonna have to fuck the both of us before this night is over. I’m gonna see to that.”

“I was hoping so,” I said sitting up and letting Cyndi lay down where I had just been. “Cause this night has just begun.”

Juile and I made our way down to Cyndi’s wet hole and we each worked a finger into her sopping wet pussy. We alternated between licking her pussy and playing with her clit. Julie pulled her finger out and started to tounge fuck my girlfriend. I glanced back up at Cyndi’s face. Her eyes were closed and her hands were rubbing and pinching her tits. She was moaning low in her throat, and I gently pushed Julie aside placing my tounge where hers just was. She rubbed Cyn’s clit while I ate my sexy woman’s honey pot. Juile then moved next to me and with our faces pressed togeher we finished Cyndi off as she screamed out her orgasam when it hit. On instinct I placed my hand on her stomach, cause I knew that when she came she came hard. I usally had to hold her down when I ate her out because she had a tendency to buck around on the bed making it impossible for me to keep my mouth on her cunt.

She finally finshed flooding our faces with her juice and Juile and I spent a moment licking each others faces clean and kissing.

I started looking for the condoms I knew were escort adıyaman around somewhere. I hadn’t used them because I knew Cyndi was on the pill but I had them just in case. As I searched for them, Juile said she was on the pill as well. This of course just made my fully recovered cock even harder as I looked to Cyndi who was still recovering from her orgasam.

“If she’s on the pill then fuck her.” she said, still somewhat breathless.

The words from Cyndi were more than enough to get me between Julie’s legs. Cyndi and Julie lay side by side as I rubbed the head of my cock along her still wet slit. “He’s teasing me.” Julie moaned.

“He does it to me too.” Cyndi said, reaching over and playing with Julies nipple.

“I don’t want to be teased, I want to be fucked!” Julie said. Well who was I to refuse her? Looking into her eyes, I slid my cock into her. She moaned as I slowly slipped inside of her. Cyndi leaned over and kissed Julie as I started working my cock in and out of Julie, slowly at first and then faster as our exitement built.

While I plowed into her, she alternated between kissing me and Cyndi and screaming and moaning in pleasure, urging me to fuck her harder and faster. Cyndi had started playing with herself, rubbing her clit with one hand and slipping two fingers inside of herself. However she soon got tired of fingering herself and told Julie and I to roll over. Once I was on my back and Julie mounted me, Cyndi sat on my face facing Julie, and while I fucked and sucked the two women, they kissed and played with each other’s tits.

“Oh, God.” Cyndi gasped, “I’m gonna cum baby! Eat me! Make me cum Scotty! AHHHHHHHH!”

She tossed her head back as her orgasam shook her and Julie held her body in place to keep her from sliding off my face. She let the last of her orgasam rip through her body and then fell off my face and lay on her side on the bed as Julie leaned in and licked the pussy juice off my face, and I grabbed her ass cheeks and started to pump into her faster. Julie looked into my eyes and said, “I’m about to fucking come!”

Seconds later I felt her pussy contract and she sat up and planted her hands on my chest and screamed. I hadn’t noticed that Cyn had crawled around behind her and started licking my balls. As I felt Julie’s juice running down my cock and my girlfriend licking my balls I let loose. “Goddamn!” I yelled out as I flooded Julie with my second orgasam of the night. As usual, my second orgasam was more intense than my first.

Julie pulled herself off of me and Cyndi dove into her still throbbing cunt, and licked my semen out of her.

“Mmmm, that tastes good.” she cooed as the combination of my and Julie’s juices went down her throat. I lay there as my cock went limp watching my girlfriend lick out another girl for the first time. I’d thought about it many times, but actually seeing it was even better. I finally got the urge to move and leaned over and started licking and sucking Julie’s tits.

“Your girlfriend has a great tounge.” she moaned, “I like the way she eats pussy.”

I leaned up and kissed Julie, “She likes licking your pussy.” I looked down and Cyndi looked up at me and raised her face away from Julie’s pussy and smiled at me. “Eat me while I eat her.”

Julie was laying lengthwise across the bed and as a result, Cyndi’s ass was hanging over the edge of the bed. I slipped off the bed, got on my knees behind Cyn and used my fingers to pry apart her lips and dove in tounge first. Cyn’s hand came down between her legs and started rubbing her clit as I licked her juices out of her. Julie started to shake and scream as yet another orgasam wracked her body. Cyndi climbed up onto the bed and lay on top of Julie and the two kissed each other as I alternated between their two sweet pussies.

Cyn climbed up on Julie’s face and let Julie eat her as I started to tounge Julie’s clit. The two moaned and groaned as thier cunts were teased by talented tounges. Julie pulled away from my girlfriends dripping snatch long enough to announce she was going to cum. I had an idea to push what I called the “panic button”. That litte piece of skin between the pussy and the asshole. I pressed down on it with my thumb as I covered her snatch with my mouth. Julie screamed “HOLY SHIT!” as her body started to convulse with yet another orgasam. I sat up and kissed Cyndi after Julie’s orgasam subsided. Julie continued to eat her after coming down from her orgasam.

Cyndi looked at me. “I need to be fucked right now.”

I pushed her down on the bed and off Julie’s face and moments later was buried balls deep in my woman. Cyndi wrapped her legs around me as I pounded my cock into her. Eating the two women out had gotten me hard again and I knew Cyndi liked to be fucked hard and fast. Julie’s hands and mouth were all over the both of us as I fucked Cyndi. I eventually turned Cyndi over and started ramming my cock into her doggy style. Julie was on her knees next to me and urged me on.

Not that I needed any encouragment to fuck the living daylights out of Cyndi. Between my talking dirty to Cyndi, Cyndi screaming at me to fuck her harder and faster, and Julie also urging me to slam my woman’s cunt I had a hard time holding on. I finally threw my head back and nearly blew the roof off as I bellowed out my third orgasam of the night. Seconds later Cyndi screamed and her body bucked and writhed as she came.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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