Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

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What follows is a true story, though the names have been changed to protect the closest thing to innocence we could find.

Over the course of the 22 years that I have been alive, certain things have come to my attention. First off, I should point out, that people are cruel. They enjoy pushing the limits that other people seek to set for themselves, and while this isn’t always a bad thing, it often leads to someone getting hurt. Sometimes however, pushing the limits can be a great deal of fun as well.

Second, I should point out that anything that is considered an affront to a person’s pride is more likely to push those limits even further. This is why we learn, even when we are young, that “daring” someone to do something, can often provide interesting, an unexpected results.

The night in question, I was working. I had just finished closing up the store, and was in all honesty pretty pissed off. I’d spent a long time working with customers and yet nobody was buying today, and unfortunately, no sales, means no money for me come payday. It was a lousy way to start a Friday night.

I hopped in my jeep and drove home, making my way through the crowded streets with nothing save a hot shower and the company of a decent book on my mind. Little did I know what was in store for me.

When I finally climbed the hill and pulled into the driveway of the house, I was astonished to see that the place looked a bit like a used car lot. I recognized four or five of the vehicles, but the others were new to me. I shrugged idly as I parked my jeep in the garage and took note of the number of people there. Looked like my older brother was hosting another one of his drinking parties for his friends, it was nothing too out of the ordinary, so I said hello to the people that I knew and made my way inside.

About an hour later, my need for a shower was overwhelming, so I made my way upstairs. I could hear the cantor of voices floating in off the patio, and as I was standing at the kitchen sink, getting a cup of water, I listened to my brother telling stories to everyone.

“So, there I was on the eighth hole, ball sitting in a damned sand trap of all fucking places! I grabbed the wedge and took the shot. I’ll be damned if that mother fucker didn’t hit the pin!”

I laughed softly as he had told the story before…he loved to pretend that he was good at golf…although I guess for an amateur, he’s not too bad. I guess he noticed me standing at the window around then, and called up to me. “Hey, Chance! I shot a 93 at Afton today.”

My own sense of humor was a bit more sarcastic and witty than his, and despite his best efforts, he often found himself as the brunt end of some scathing remarks. This time was no different, save for the sadistic enjoyment that I garnered from doing it in front of his friends.

“Oh? Was that on nine holes? Or eighteen?” I quipped with a smile.

His friends hooted and hollered at the comment and started making jests of their own at my brother, who only sat there looking flustered for a moment before shaking his head in defeat. Two in particular seemed to think the joke particularly funny. Milissa, one of my brother’s friends from college, and a woman named Tyna, which I had only met once or twice, and didn’t know particularly well. Bill just flipped me off and tried to go casually back to his card game, but the damage had been done.

I stood there for a few more minutes, talking with people, not wanting to go outside because the only thing I had on was a pair of boxers and though I’m not the least bit shy about displaying my athletic body, the obvious bulge of my soft cock would surely draw attention.

After those few minutes, I retreated from the kitchen, listening to the sounds of whatever new game they were playing, and made my way into the bathroom. I pushed the door shut and turned on the water, letting it heat up as hot as it would go. That’s the best way to ease the tension out.

I sat down on the floor of the shower, letting the steam rise up around me for a few moments, stretching my legs a little and then stood up into the excruciatingly hot water, letting it sluice over my body. Second by second I felt the heat penetrate the muscles of my back and I luxuriated in it, letting out a low moan as I leaned forward against the wall.

Now, I’m not sure of the exact sequence of events at this point, but take my word for it, I was surprised, even if I didn’t let it show. There I was, in the shower of my own home and all of a sudden I feel the soft hands of a woman pressed up against my back and slowly working there way down my spine.

I think I would’ve jumped, if it hadn’t been for the hot water. My first response was to assume that I had imagined it, but as the hands persisted, they were accompanied by a voice that shocked my out of my over-relaxed reverie.

“Mmmmm…you do like it hot, don’t you?”

I turned my head over my shoulder and my body soon followed as I took Porno in Milissa’s naked form. She was physically perfect from most men’s perspective, I suppose. Her tits were nice and firm, with upturned nipples and a shape that drew the attention of even the most faithful man. Her pale Irish skin was decidedly free of freckles, save for one or two along her arms, and it gave off a rosy glow in the red light of the shower’s heat lamp.

Naturally my eyes took in much more than the shape of her tits and the glow of her skin. She stood facing me with her legs parted slightly, as if to let the water run along her bare pussy and get it wet for her. Not even a single strip of hair remained, and the skin looked so soft and smooth that I longed to reach out and touch it. From there my eyes traveled the rest of the way down the floor to her feet, admiring the turn of her calves and the overall curve of her body. She was truly a beautiful woman.

Of course, there is a price a man pays for seeing the beautiful body of a naked woman such as Milissa, and I was paying the price in spades as my cock sprang to life. I swear in the space of the three seconds it took me to admire her naked body, my cock went from limp against my leg to hard as steel and craving attention from this luscious beauty.

“What are you doing here?” I asked with obvious interest in the answer.

“Well, I wanted a shower, and you were already in here, so I figured that I’d just have to share.” She said, trying as best as a naked woman can to look innocent.

“Right…” My mind was working overtime to compute this, but it just wasn’t adding up. The only thing I could come up with somehow involved my brother, but I was missing a piece of the puzzle. I’m only human though, I was hardly about to complain when the girl climbed naked into my shower.

“Anyways, now that I’m here, make room for me…”

I smiled my best mischievous grin at her and moved aside, letting the metal rod that was my cock skim against her leg as I moved. It was at that point that she first seemed to take note of the effect she’d had on me.

Now, I’m a bit more than average in the cock department. To be honest, I’ve got friends that have seen me naked and taken to calling me a moose instead of a horse. Eventually it evolved into the naming of the monster Bullwinkle. At ten inches long and nearly seven inches around, the name is well deserved.

Milissa gasped and reached out unconsciously as if to touch it before pulling her hand back. She held her other hand to her mouth as the hot water turned the skin of her breasts a deep crimson. I could only watch in fascination as the excitement in her mind caused her nipples to hard, turning the little buds into pencil eraser sized nubs of skin just begging to be sucked on.

I couldn’t help but be tempted, but still I had to wonder. This was something far beyond the norm. A solid shove put, Milissa’s back against the wall without hurting her and gave me the opportunity to ask her at least a couple of questions.

“Milissa. Not that I’m complaining, but what are you doing in here?”

“I told you…I wanted a show-“

“Uh uh,” I shook my head, trying to keep myself from being distracted by the feel of her skin under my hands, but it wasn’t working very well. “What’d Bill say to get you to come in here?”

Her eyes widened briefly and for a moment, I was afraid she was going to slap me, but she settled down and finally spoke. “Your brother was just being a dick about something he knows, and when we started playing a new game, I guess he got a little upset about you getting the best of him and dared me to come in here.”

“He dared you?! That’s it?”

She looked up at me and nodded before continuing. “You see…your brother has always had a thing for me, and when I told him that I was more interested in you than I was in him…he got a little jealous. You embarrassing him out there just made it worse.”

It took me a moment to pick my jaw up off the floor, but after I did manage it, I was still at a loss for words. This hot bodied woman…the subject of countless men’s wet dreams had a thing for me? I eventually managed to voice the thought in a more polite fashion and Milissa nodded.

“I’m not sure what it is, but it’s more than just the looks.” She quickly amended the statement, when she realized how it sounded. “No no… you look great…” She admired my body just as I had admired hers a moment ago, “but it’s something more than that. Maybe it’s just the way that you carry yourself…”

I took my head in my hands and brushed my hair back out of my face, trying to think. “So…if Bill has a thing for you, why would he send you in here?”

“Well…that’s the thing. See, you embarrassed him, and he figured that he’d do the same to you. He said you’d be a coward about it and probably come out yelling and screaming at him or some shit like that… Look, Chance…I’m sorry… I didn’t want to, but Altyazılı Porno a dare is a dare, ya know?”

I smiled thoughtfully as I leaned in and took the opportunity to kiss Milissa full on the lips, my tongue sliding against the soft skin of her lips until she overcame the shock and opened her mouth pulling me into the kiss. Our tongues mingled for a moment, sliding back and forth across each other as our hands found a place to rest. Mine against the wall behind her head, and hers around my neck; it was a wonderful kiss.

I broke the kiss after a moment and looked at her for any sign that she had or hadn’t enjoyed it. She leaned back against the wall, eyes closed, with hands trembling slightly as licked her lips.

“Mmmm…” She let a soft cry escape her lips. “So much for being a coward?”

I laughed for a short moment as I looked at her. “Did you expect any less?”

She smiled softly and leaned forward as if for another kiss, but instead she moved the water spout down just a bit, so it wasn’t beating on the two of us quite as much. “Actually, as soon as I stepped in and you didn’t jump, I knew that this was going to be a fun dare.”

I balked for just a moment, wondering about the final piece of the puzzle, and decided at least to ask the question. “Milissa, I’ve got two more questions, then I’ll shut up. Promise. First off…if you’ve had a thing for me, then why didn’t you ever make a move before? And secondly…if we’re going to do this, I want this to be done because you want to, not just for some dare.”

“The only reason I never said anything was your age. You’re five years younger than me and I didn’t know how you’d react. None of the girls I ever saw you with seemed…well…like me. So I didn’t think I was your “type”. And as for the second…” She leaned in and kissed me solidly, standing on her toes and pushing me back up against the wall. “That’s the only reason I came in the first place. The dare just gave me an excuse.”

I grabbed her under the arms and lifted her into the air, putting her up against the far wall of the shower and kissing her, hard, letting my tongue roam into her mouth more and more as she moaned against me. She lifted her legs off the floor and wrapped them around me and I pressed her against the wall grinding my cock into the wetness of her pussy.

“Take me…please…?” She asked in a quiet voice.

“Not here…come on.” I said, setting her feet back on the floor.

I led her out of the bathroom, listening to the hoots and hollers of people outside, and then opened the door to the basement and guided her down the stairs. We dropped the piles of clothing on the floor as soon as we made it into the bedroom and within a second she was attached to me again, wrapping her legs about me and pulling my head towards her for another kiss.

Time passed very slowly as I kissed her. It was strange, feeling each and every stroke of her tongue against mine. I didn’t know what to make of it, but I figured at the very least she would appreciate the idea of what I had in mind.

I tossed Milissa down in the bed and moved to open the window. It led right out into the patio. She looked at me strangely for a moment and then smiled broadly, nodding emphatically when she realized that I intended for my brother and all his friends to here my response to his dare, since it had been aimed at me just as well as her.

I joined her on the edge of the bed, and for the briefest of moments I considered that I really didn’t know anything about what she liked and disliked. I mentioned it to her and she leaned over to me and whispered in my ear, dropping her voice to a sultry whisper that I couldn’t forget it I tried.

“Don’t worry about the specifics…I like it rough…that’s all you need to know for right now. Hair pulling, heart pounding, fuck me until I can’t stand, ROUGH. I’ll warn you if you go too far.”

Milissa didn’t even wait for a response, instead she leaned in grabbed me by the back of the neck and kissed me again, forcing her tongue into my mouth and giving me one of the most passionate kisses of my lifetime. When I came to my senses, I took control of myself and stood from the bed and instead settled into a huge armchair. I spread my legs and pulled her to her knees in front of me, wrapping my fist in her hair and pulling her pouting lips down towards my waiting cock.

Her only response was to smile, the flick her tongue out over the head of my cock and whisper to me. “Mmmm… I love a man who learns quickly.” And then without any other warning, she plunged her mouth down on my cock.

I was more than pleasantly surprised to find the Milissa was a talented cocksucker, and she seemed to love it too, which made it that much more fun for me. She moaned against my cock and took me as far into her mouth as she could, unable to deepthroat something of my girth.

After the initial shock of her skill and the pleasurable tongue lashing Brazzers that she was giving me had worn off, I tightened my grip in her hair with one hand and began to guide her up and down the length of my cock, fucking her mouth with each stroke, loving it as the sounds got louder and louder, and her moaning right along with it.

“Mmmmmmm…” I moaned softly, letting the feelings wash over me. “That’s it…right there…God you are something else, Mi…you’re such a great cocksucker…”

She unwrapped her lips from my cock (that’s the best word I can come up with for the movement) and smile wantonly at me. “That’s right…call me names, Chance…just like that.” And she bent back towards my cock, but this time descended further.

As Milissa took my balls into her mouth I nearly jumped…her tongue was working wonders in a way that had never been done before. She pumped my cock with her petite little hands, not even able to wrap them all the way around me, and sucked on my balls like a pro, washing them with her tongue and the even daring to go so far as to run her tongue from the back of my balls…up the shaft of my cock and then taking me as far into her mouth as she could.

I, in the meantime, capitalized on the clues I was being given. “Come on, you little slut…I know you love sucking my balls like that. You were born to do it. You’ve wanted me this long, surely you’ve got all sorts of nasty ideas in that pretty little head of yours. Come on, my slut, take that …”

A deep moan escaped my throat and echoed around the room as I felt the head of my cock bottom out in her throat. I couldn’t believe the blowjob that I was getting from this girl…it was fucking unbelievable.

“Unbelievable you little bitch, un-fucking-believable…” I moaned as I felt the familiar stirrings of an orgasm.

“Come on, Chance…fuck my face. Grab my head in both hands and fuck my face…I want your cum all over my face…”

Who am I to argue?

I grabbed a fistful of hair in either hand and proceeded to do exactly what Milissa had told me to. Each stroke bottomed me in the back of her throat, and each time she moaned in pleasure. Her hands were otherwise busy, pinching her nipples ( I still wanted to suck on those…so badly) and fingering her wet pussy. Soon though, I was ready to blow my load and told her as much.

“Mmmm…come on you little slut, up on your knees, I’m gonna cover you in cum you little bitch.” I muttered the words with vigor as I grabbed a fistful of her head and tilted her face up so she could look at me when I came all over her. I was surprised to see no pain, or even the look of someone being humiliated, but wanton lust…she wasn’t kidding when she said she loved this stuff.

My fist was a blur as it flew back and forth over my cock. I could feel the orgasm building, but the last stroke was what did it. Milissa leaned forward and rammed her tongue up against my ass, sliding it forward to suck on my balls and then back again to actually push its way into the tight hole of my ass.

A guttural moan ripped through me as I came. The ropes of white cum spanned the distance between us and painted her beautiful face with my juice. It was the sexiest damned thing I’d ever seen. I watched in awe as a tiny bit of the jism dripped off her chin onto her tits and she wiped it with her finger before sucking the finger dry.

I couldn’t take it, and I did the first thing that came to mind. I dropped to my knees beside her and ran my tongue the length of her cheek, licking my cum off of her face and taking it into my mouth. She cried out in pleasure at the feeling and her fingers flew over her clit while the other hand locked itself around my cock again.

I leaned forward and pulled her head up to meet mine, kissing her tenderly and letting her suck the cum that she so loved out of my mouth.

After a moment of this, her own orgasm thundered through her and she sucked my tongue into her mouth and squeezed my cock so hard it hurt. But my god was it worth it.

“That was the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever seen…” She whispered as she stroked my cock, a bit more gently now. It had been a few minutes before she came down from her plateau, but now she was back and seemingly ready for more.

“I’m not sure what got into me…but seeing you kneeling there with my cum all over your face…I just had to…”

“I’m not complaining.” She said, her hand trembling as it hung near her pussy. “I swear to god, I could fuck you for hours… but that’s next time I guess.”

I looked at her incredulously as if to say “What do you mean, next time?” and then I grabbed her hand and placed it on my already hardening cock. “Next time? What about this time? Haven’t you got the strength to go for a few more hours?”

She squealed in glee and leapt at me, knocking me flat back on the bed and kissing me soundly, not even bothering to break the kiss as she spoke. “Ohhh…it’s been so long since I’ve had any fun, and now I find a man who can keep up…” She moaned loudly as I began teasing her, sliding my cock along the wet slit of her pussy, allowing her to ride against me as it pressed against her soaking wet slit. “Ohhh…fuck me, Chance…please…fuck me…now.”

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