Turning into His Stinky Butt Hog Ch. 03

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Double Penetration

I did everything he said and texted my Dad that I’ve moved into a new apartment and was going to stay there for the night. Then he took my phone away and put it in his pocket.

“You’re not going to be allowed to use your phone anymore without oversight, understand?”

I looked down at the floor. I felt a slap across my face and looked up at him with my mouth open. It wasn’t insanely hard but it was enough to shock me. “You answer me when I talk to you, say yes sir.”

“Yes sir,” I said through my teeth.

“Open your mouth,” he commanded.

“Yes sir,” I winced. I really hated myself for obeying his orders. He grabbed my chin and spit in mouth. I was so shocked I made a look of disgust and was met with him grabbing a fist full of my hair, bringing his face down to mine.

“Say thank you sir,” he said with an evil grin.

“Th-thank you sir,” I gave in. He spit in my face again and I felt it run down the side of my nose.

“That’s a good piggy,” he said ruffling up my hair. “You’ll get the hang of things soon enough. Might take you a while since you’re the dumbest cow I’ve ever met but I’m sure I’ll pound it into you, one way or another,” he said chuckling. “Alright, I’m going to lay down some ground rules, but first you can crawl that fat ass to the couch, and move fast because I am really losing patience with you. He got behind me and began kicking my ass. “Go, piggy, go.”

I crawled as speedy as I could, feeling utterly humiliated and made my way to the couch where I went to get up but then felt him flick my forehead.

“Literally the dumbest pig I ever had to train. Pigs aren’t allowed on the couch. Kneel before me piggy.”

I knelt before him as he sat down, a knee on either side of me and my back to the coffee table.

“You really don’t want to be here do you?” he asked

I looked in his eyes and shook my head.

“Well that’s okay piggy, I don’t really care what you want.”

My lip began to tremble.

“You’re really embarrassed, aren’t you?” he cooed, wiping away one of my tears.

“Save your tears butt face, because it’s only getting worse from here,” he said with a devious smile.

“What do you mean?” I asked, adding quickly “sir?” at the end when I saw a dangerous flash across his eyes.

“Like sinop seks hikayeleri for starters, I’ll make it very clear I own you now and your new name is piggy or whatever I decide to call you. If I hear you mention your old name you will be punished.”

“You can’t do this to me sir!” I grabbed his thighs and shook him, “please!”

His hands grabbed my wrists and held them above my head, he clasped his hands around both my wrists and brought his face close to mine.

“You want me send that video to your whole family? I took another one of you crawling and getting your fat ass kicked too. You should see how pathetic you look piggy, it really is fitting. Do you want to walk free? Last chance and then you have to submit to me.”

I was quiet.

“Say it,” he said.

“Say what sir?” I asked, tearing up.

“Say you’ll be my piggy slave and do what I say when I say it.”

After a long stare down, my heart dropped when I saw his hand twitch.

“I will be your piggy slave sir and do what you say when you say it.”

He patted my head. I felt a bit better.

“Cool, so that is that, no talking back no matter how much you want to. I feel good about telling you what your main purpose is, what you’re existence will be. Remember if you talk back, there will be consequences.”

I waited with bated breath.

“Your main purpose will be to clean and worship my ass.”

My eyebrows raised, I was not expecting that. What did he mean clean?

“Your tongue will be the only way I keep my ass clean. You will lick, kiss and sniff my dirty ass like your life depends on it every single day. You will sniff my farts, eat my farts and then lick my asshole sparkling clean until you can eat out of it, and you know what? You just might end up eating out of it anyway.”

As he spoke, my face got redder and redder and I felt like I was about to burst.

I lashed out and tried to slap him but he moved away from me. “I will never!”

As soon as I said it, he got up from the couch, threw me over his shoulder and charged down the hall. I kicked and screamed the entire way as he slapped my tender ass hard. He tossed me on the bed and held me down with one arm as the other searched his nightstand for something. He pulled out a rope and began tying my arms to my side. Then he moved to tying my feet. I squirmed and tried to fight him the whole time but he was too strong. Finally I was lashing about the bed unable to move my arms or legs. He loomed over me, panting heavily and looking vengeful.

“You dumb pig,” Using his foot he flipped me over on my stomach and slapped my ass with his foot. I cried out, it was still so tender from my spanking earlier in the day. He put his foot on the back of my head and shoved it in the pillow as he began spanking my ass mercilessly. I cried but it was muffled by the pillow. After what seemed like forever, I thought he was going to allow me to get up when he flipped me over.

“I’m sorry sir,” I breathed, tears staining my cheeks.

“You will be.” Suddenly the ceiling light was eclipsed by a round, pale ass, I went to scream but as soon as I opened my mouth he sat on it.

His cheeks buried my face deep until my nose was up his sweaty, grimey crack and my mouth squished open against his burningly rancid anus.

“Eat up butt hog!”

I cried as he grinded his sweaty, painfully smelly asshole against my nose. “Open your mouth little brown noser, if you don’t it will last longer.” He hovered over me as I reluctantly opened my mouth.


A quick, airy fart hit the back of my throat and I choked. It tasted exactly how anyone would imagine-like stinking shit.

“Say thank you, butt hog.”

“Thank you sir,” I sobbed.

“Soon you’ll be begging for my farts piggy, they’ll sustain you.”

Just as I inhaled, I felt a sharp, hot air hit my nostrils, a silent fart violated my senses and I gasped. Before I could react another long, juicy fart vibrated along my face and I was hit with a heavy, damp pressure.

“Thank you sir,” I said without thinking.

“Don’t forget to do your job and clean it.”

I stuck out my tongue and stared at his puckering bum hole, it was pink and wet and hairy and definitely hadn’t been washed in a couple days. I licked around his hole to make him happy and panicked when I heard his stomach rumble.

“Ohh that’s going to be a bad one. But that’s you we have to blame, because I had to get beef shawarma plate with a lot of garlic, potatoes and yogurt dip and did I mention Im slightly lactose? Okay here we go, eat up piggy!”

I opened my mouth for a ten second long, wet, burning fart.

“Clean it piggy!”

Quickly I went to work licking up any residue left behind.

“Kiss my poohole when you say thank you, kiss it like you mean it.”

I wrapped my lips around his puckering pink hole and smooched away, “thank you sir,” I sniffled.

“I’m so happy your finally understanding your purpose. Don’t worry, I’ll train you for where you need to be.”

I didn’t doubt it in the slightest.

“You should really see yourself haha. Okay, now lets turn you around and fuck your little hoggy hole.”

I winced as he flipped me over and heard him spit in his hands. His sloppy finger slipped up my anus and I gasped. He began fingering my bum, adding two fingers, then three until I was moaning. He reached around and stuck those fingers in my mouth at the same time as sliding his rock hard cock. I squealed loudly.

“That’s right piggy, squeal for your master” I felt his foot hit my head, he was inside me so deep, balls slapping my rear as he rode me like an animal. His foot pushed my face into the pillow as I was made to hold my ass high in the air. The butt plug had prepared me for this slightly, but it was the first time I ever had someone fuck my bum hole.

“Oink bitch!” He said as he thrust inside of me at a rapid pace.

I couldn’t manage myself to oink. He had degraded me so deeply but this was too far. His hand slapped my ass so hard I screamed out. “Oink piggy!”

I did as I was told between rough slaps on the rear.

Finally he got off of me, flipped me around again and stock his cock in my mouth. Like habit, I sucked it hard, I could taste myself on me but it didn’t matter. If there was one thing I knew I was good at it was sucking cock. “Wow, good piggy.” After ten minutes, he pulled out his cock and I felt his warm cum explode on my face, some in my eyes, nose and mouth. He grabbed a bit of my hair and wiped my face off leaving most of it still there.

“Good, you can wear that all night. But first, my ass got all sweaty again and I need it cleaned. Don’t want to see that look on your face, this is your new home, get used to it.”

I pouted as his ass hovered over my ruined, reeking face and understood that this was the beginning of a very long night.

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