Twelve Hours Pt. 06

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Lily’s phone flashed as a message came through. Behind her on the kitchen counter, she was in no shape to take any notice of her phone’s light come on or the vibration sound. The message was short. It simply said, “On my way soon.” It was from Alyssa.

This reminded me that things would likely get even hotter in about half an hour — the twosome would become a threesome. My cock stirred at the very thought of that. I smiled — smirked, rather — inwardly to myself: yes, I was now probably “thinking” through my cock.

Before Alyssa arrives, I decided, one more thing has to happen. But the hard surfaces of the kitchen would not serve what I had in mind well. A bed or a sofa was needed.

Without letting her any more time, I pulled her arm, slipped mind hand into hers. She sighed — a contented sound. “What n—” she started, but then just gave up and followed my lead. “Never mind.”

I chose the bed upstairs in the end. It was larger and more comfortable. The bedsheets were still in disarray from an hour prior. Without uttering a sound, I simply pointed her to lie down on the bed on her back. She gave me a puzzled look; I didn’t react.

I crawled up to her and straddled her. Didn’t kiss her — well, not her lips, anyway. Went straight for the tits. Kissed the left one first — the nipple was still erect after the kitchen sex. She moaned as I grabbed and squeezed the both of her beauties and kissed and sucked her right tit. Shot her a look — she parted her lips and gazed back at me, moaning barely audibly. Not taking my eyes off her, I focused my attentions on her nipple and the breast, sucking harder, sucking it in. Her skin was salty, sweaty, sexy.

Now I was finally doing what I set out to do. Accompanied by her moans, growing louder and wilder now, I grabbed her right one with my both hands and squeezed it. Then, without any further ado, I switched from kissing and sucking her nipple to sucking her in. Slowly, but surely. First just her nipple and areola inside my mouth. I played with the nub with my tongue for just a second or two before sucking in more, letting her tit’s flesh fill more and more of my hungry mouth. She grabbed my head and raked her hands through my hair practically scratching my skull already. She gave out a husky growl-like whisper, “Fuck.” This certainly was a fuck feast. She arched her back just slightly pushing some more inside my wanton mouth. Straddling her, I sensed her legs almost convulsing as if she was trying to escape with her lower part of her body while pushing in with her upper part.

There certainly was no escape. I let her out for just one second, just to catch my breath, Acıbadem Escort really. Her tit emerged — shiny and wet with my spit and red from the pressure of my mouth and tongue. Her nipple stood up hard, ready. One quick look into her eyes made it beyond clear: she was ready for more. Her bust was heaving with erratic, short movements.

I cut her misery short the next second — locked onto her tit again. With insistent feral movements of my jaw and tongue, I was pulling even more of her inside me until it filled up my entire mouth. It was an incredible sensation — not just arousing, going straight down to my cock straining against her thigh. It also came with the sensation of power, of domination. She was there at my mercy. And it’s not like she didn’t enjoy it. I now applied strong, animalistic sucking, my tongue fighting with the flesh for space inside my wet mouth. In turn, she was back to having her mouth wide open, saliva trickling down her cheeks and chin. Her eyes shut tight, she was growling. One of her hands was back to going through my hair with rather involuntary, uncontrolled motions; the other was around her other tit, playing with her nipple.

I wished I could continue this exquisite torture into eternity. When I left, I did so to get some air, gasping for it, looking down at her tormented, moist, red tit. She growled in satisfaction, a sound of an animal who just got what it wanted. Sparked further by this, I slapped her tit. She laughed a frenzied, feral shriek and three more slaps landed on her. The sight of her reddened tits, drenched in my spit was—well, images of her tied up in the butter churner position flashed through.

She rose up slightly, supporting herself on her elbows. Pulled me into a short-lived, intense French kiss, then pushed my head onto her other tit. “Suck!” she ordered, firmly.

I was so glad she wasn’t just a romantic type. Soon, I was repeating the attack on her other tit. The room was brimming with groans, f-words and sighs by the end of it, and just like the first time around, her left tit got slapped.

This was satisfying — was my first, ridiculously underestimating, thought as I half-sat up, continuing to straddle her body. She licked her lips, cracked a wide smile, then curled her lips and gave a loud whistle. Very bitchy, whorish.

“I still haven’t come, mister,” she said, her voice faking criticism.

I took a few seconds before responding. “Help yourself,” I finally said, grinning. Her expression went from puzzlement to contentedness. “Tie me up first. I wouldn’t be able to stop myself.”

She cackled. Still too aroused Acıbadem Escort Bayan to control her voice fully. I leaned against the back of the bed. “Hands up,” she said and used the sheets to tie my arms to the end poles on the bed. This is going to be good, I thought. If the previous was anything to go by, I am going to get a high quality porn movie for free in just a few moments.

She put a few pillows behind her on the other side of the bed. To my amazement, she ducked to the floor to fetch her bra. “What the f—” I started, but it was clear in seconds why. She did put it on but pushed it immediately below her tits, pushing them up, making them appear even younger, firmer and larger. “Ah,” I mouthed to show my understanding and appreciation.

Then she spread her legs. The show was beginning. I was wondering how much harder my cock was able to get.

She didn’t waste any time getting started. Her pink pussy was now the sole source of my interest and focus. I kinda knew she was occasionally looking at me, but my gaze was only at her young, wet, inviting pussy. Ok, and her tits.

She started by lowering her hand to rub her clit first. Slow up and down movements of her flat hand. She immediately added relevant moaning sounds to the show. There was something about her long fingernails that helped build the arousal in me even further. Her other hand was rubbing one of her tits. My cock was throbbing already.

The flat hand changed shape and a finger slipped inside her wet shaven pussy. Slow finger movements whilst it was clear that the inside of her hand was rubbing her pussy at the same time. I drew air sharply at the sight. Rhythmically, methodically, she was fingering herself. My pupils widened, entranced. Her fingers now slipped out and began circling around her clit, rather vigorously, pressing hard against it. Her pants and moans were getting closer together and louder. She laughed to herself, pleasure clearly beginning to get the better of her.

I tugged on the sheets in feeble attempt to try and jerk myself off. Had to lick my dry lips at the sight of this. She was back to fingering herself, but with doubled energy. Harder and fiercer. Hard enough that her hand was slapping against her body, producing wet sloppy sounds. Longer finger thrusts at first, they become smaller and harder within second; her hand was squeezing one of her tits. Moans were becoming groans now — her pleasure was growing with every second. I wasn’t sure she was aware of my presence any longer; if she was, just barely.

Struggling with my hands tied up, just wanting to jerk myself off at Escort Acıbadem the sight of this, I had to express my appreciation somehow. “Fucking hell, you slut,” came out. This was, of course, a compliment.

She didn’t hear me, really, busy with frenzied finger-thrusts. Eyes closed in a hazy state, she was focused on her pleasure only now. “Oh yaaahhh—” she gasped out. As her wrist was slapping against herself, I could see her body shrinking, reacting to the waves of pleasure running through her. Her tits, still wet after my ministrations, were reacting, too, and both her nipples were hard again. Her non-fucking hand was supporting one of them, pushing it upwards as if weighing it just for me.

Her hand’s movements now slowed down — it was clear that she was beginning to be overwhelmed by the sensations — I imagined she was coaxing all the satisfaction her pussy tunnel pulsating against her finger.

Involuntarily, my hips were circling on the other side of the bed. Let me fuck that pussy. Thrust into that pussy, ram in, unload into that moist, young hole…

It was not for me just yet, though. She was clearly intent on cumming. Her finger was picking up speed. Her other hand stretched upwards, wrapped around the headboard, she was picking up speed. Soon, those delectable, slapping wet sounds were back and so were her loud groans. Pre-cum was oozing through my own slit and I was panting watching her work on getting herself the ultimate arousal. I pursed my lips, blowing air, watching lustfully.

She added another finger now, pushing more tightly into that pussy. Hard, frenzied movements produced wet claps; her thighs were now visibly shaking. “Oh yesssss—” the arousal was beginning to overwhelm her. Her other hand slipped down, almost limp whilst she was only able to focus on the fingering. Her thighs came closer together, producing more friction. She started convulsing, thrashing and writhing now — hell, I wanted to grab her, hold her, fuck her, something! but was only able to watch as she completely lost control again that night, the sounds of pain and pleasure there again as she was cumming. She lost control eventually slipping down onto the bed. Her face took on that angelic expression again — how will I ever be able to figure out if she has been sent to be an angel or a bitch?

I was just watching her there, myself tied up, just letting my imagination roam all over her body. She was sprawled up right in front of me — in a position certainly not demure — wet pussy, wet glistening tits, slim, young body ready and willing to be possessed.

She opened her eyes at the sound of the doorbell. It sounded all of a sudden from downstairs. Alyssa.

She rose up, somewhat lazily with a wicked smile on her face. “My friend’s here. And look, you’re all tied up. Isn’t that special?”

The clock downstairs struck midnight as Lily was walking downstairs to open the door for Alyssa. New day – new sensations.

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